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  1. Ok, so I'm trying to wrap my head around how fabrials, spesifically conjoiners work. To look at spanreeds, I understand that each twist or notch ,probably puts it in contact with a different metal, makes sense, but I'm not sure what metals those would be. Now at first I figured it was Peter with a gravitation spren, but since most conjoiners are Ruby's with flame spren I assume this is not the case, so what metals cuase a conjoiner to flash, move and recive? My second question is how kaladin "glove that flies" , I get that aluminum,can prevent a plane or vector from being transmitted, but I'm not sure how that allows for translating one force vector into another, specifically "down" into wherever kaladin points" Thirdly painrials what are they, I thought it was a tazer, but apparently it supresses pain and can have it polarity changed by steel and iron rather than zinc or brass, so can someone explain that? Also I'm a second year physics student so dont hold back if the answer needs to get technical
  2. My best guess? His arrivals on Sel, Roshar and Scadrial were during a point in time when the active shards were in some way indisposed, like waiting for someone to go on holiday before breaking into their house
  3. So I was listing to the Overlady reads and they mention a box the Set used to communicate, assuming it was some kind of radio But then I thought, a metal box that transmits voices? We've seen that before, specifically on Roshar, used by the ghostbloods to communicate with Shallan I checked it out (end of chapter 16 and beginning of chapter 17) and sure eanough a mid sized cube that produces voices! I'm not sure what to do with this information nesiseserly but it implies to me some connection between the set and the ghostbloods and perhaps the source of there knowledge of hemalurgy, given Thaidakars nature XD That's basically it, I leave it to you arcanists to make sense of this information and any hints it might bring or tell me its just a radio Either way, please let me know if I'm onto something or not.
  4. This might have been asked elsewhere but is there a way to undo sja-asnat corruption/let the oathgate transport people to kholinar again?
  5. Can the Lightweaver who created an illusion of shadesmar in the elsecaller quarters please dispel it three of them have already gotten lost looking for a door that exists in another realm.
  6. The shard of Ambition was mortally wounded there
  7. damnation, didn't think about the spren, kinda voids my whole argument Oh well guess I was wrong
  8. Stormlight is raw investiture and there for can be fueled by any of the "More advanced " forms
  9. Thats literally what a shardblade does, its why people eyes burn when u kil them with it
  10. What I mean is that what makes surgebinding so god is that you can use it anywhere gain a one shot kill partial invulnerability and a one shot kill Also metal n mistborn acts as a filter that lets investiture in from the spiritual realm to create an a effect, that effect wouldn't happen if it was raw investiture i.e stormlight but the investiture let in by allomancy could fuel surges
  11. Beheading sure , having your soul seperated however is a slightly dififfrent story Fair enough but but in mind what im saying is that wax could be the shardbearer and fuel his surges through allomancy but allomancy could not be fueled by stormlight
  12. What im trying to say is that any surgebinding is probably the most powerfull form of investiture as it can be used basicaly anywhere like allomancy and hemalurgy but has mutch larger 1 hit potential and the only pre-requisite is obeying a certain oath, rather than a genetic component
  13. Fair enough, but Then I doubt a fullborn could heal from that either meaning and it means that shardblades are even more deadly that I previously stated so that kind of proves my point