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  1. The essence of Life calmly floated above the giant pool and watched the proceedings with great interest.
  2. The cookie that I started eating dropped through the ghostly figure and settled on a chair since currently the spirit of Life had no character to embody. “I’ve missed so much” I sighed.
  3. I walk in grab a cookie and sit down.
  4. era 3

  5. Mr Amber broke the wires as the attempted to ensnare him. Scales quickly covered his body, protecting him from the bullets.
  6. era 3

  7. Granted, you no longer have feet. I wish for wings.
  8. Mr Amber nodded distractedly to Tena. “Yes” @Sherlock Holmes
  9. Mr Amber raise one eyebrow. “Intresting”
  10. Granted, but you instantly are transported to FE era and killed by a raging koloss. I wish for a healing factor.
  11. food provided

  12. Mr Amber sat in his appointed seat and watched intently.
  13. “Indeed it is. Unpleasant business this is, but it must be taken care of.” Mr Amber nodded at this newcomer. “Welcome.”
  14. “I have been quite well. How have you been?” @Sorana