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  1. Um, surprised this has not happened yet, but go ahead and drop some comments on your opinion of Avengers: Endgame. Spoiler Warning! Personally I'd put it at a solid 9.5 out of ten. Mostly because I 1. disagreed with a few scenes and wrap ups. Overall though really great. Leave your comments down below. GREAT WORLDHOPPING
  2. 3D

    Sparks! I hadn't thought of that! That would be insane. Too bad the Rithmatist isn't part of the Cosmere.
  3. While reading Calamity for the millionth time I grew confused at something. Why hadn't anyone discovered that Calamity was surrounded by a glass satellite? I know that technology had been crazily reduced but a telescope is common and had been around for years before. So if anyone had a telescope it would be Knighthawk or one of the other businesses. I feel like they would have been a tool for the privileged but why wouldn't they think to look at Calamity, the thing dominating their skies? Let me know what you think! Thanks and Good Worldhopping
  4. Stoneward. The order of Radiants whose traits reflected resolve, strength, and dependability. Their Herald was Talenal, the Stone Sinew. Herald of War. It is of my opinion that these were the strength that many looked for in the Radiants. Because of their dependable personality they were those who were always where they needed to be*. It is also possible that their second ideal is, "I will stand when others fall". This shows the fact they are resolute, and the last to retreat. I feel like within the militaristic ranks of the Radiants that these would be the officers on the front line. The Windrunners, Skybreakers, and Edgedancers, would flow throughout any body of assailants who would attack the radiants. The Stonewards would be those whose fighting style was very straightforward and defensive. They most likely would have favored stone stance as their fighting style. This allowing them to stand against many foes in even a small number. Thanks and good Worldhopping *Note there is currently very little known about the Stonewards as of current. This is purely theory based.
  5. Which radiant are You?


    Comment below.


    Thanks and good Worldhopping


    1. Archer


      I'd be one of the windrunners. You know that scene in 2001 A Space Odyssey when the girl walks on the walls of the space station? I always thought that would be super cool to do. Windrunning would be the way to go for that. (there's other applications, but reenacting classic movies is my favourite :D

      Happy Worldhopping! 

  6. 3D

    Maybe. But like I said, Food for Thought!
  7. 3D

    Food for Though: Rithmatists draw two-dimensional figures. Imagine what could happen if they could somehow raise the plane and draw figures within the third dimension. Leave me what you think down below. Thanks and Good Worldhopping
  8. How hard is it to draw a perfect circle? In front of you? It's hard. Then how hard is it to draw a perfect circle around the entire body? Harder. This is exactly what you need to do in order to be a decent Rithmatist. The youth of the United Isles are constantly learning how to do this, and they say practice makes perfect. The thing is though is that the students don't pay attention. Much like a normal high school students they don't care enough to actually learn the material. How do they actually do it? Are the people of the United Isles, evolved differently than that of the normal Humans on our earth? This could be the case as there are many Rithmatists who are able to do this with speed and exceptionally good accuracy.. Much like we do in a videogame. We practice very hard to be able to play videogames, to sight, reload, move, macro, micro, heal up, speed up and snipe. And all of this in a matter of seconds. The neural pathways allow us to do this. This is most likely how they are able to do this. But much like we are not perfect no matter how many times we play the video games, they cannot possibly be able to make a perfect circle well before their prime, and after it as well. Fingers grow old and slow and they fall with the times. Not to mention how at the tower the wild chalklings somehow are able to sense the weaknesses of a circle. Making you vulnerable. How do they do it? How are they able to draw circles with speed, and aim for impeccable accuracy? Let me know in the comments what you think and how I can improve. Thanks, and good Worldhopping!
  9. I'm not 100% sure. Is there perpendicularity within the gemhearts. If this is not the case then they should be unable to travel to different system. I'm not sure if the stormlight within the gemstone would change anything.
  10. My apologies for getting anything wrong.  Thank you for correcting me and please continue to do so in the future!  I'll be sure to remember your tips and bits of knowledge for future posts.

  11. So how do Radiants get their Shardplate, like seen in Dalinar's visions? Well in the Oathbringer Chapter 86 it says that, "...I will swear the Fourth Ideal soon, and in so doing, earn my armor..." This passage is basically saying that Radiants do get the armor, when or soon after they swear the 4th Ideal of their respective order. So how does this work. In The Words of Radiance, during Adolin's duel against 4 shardbearers Kaladin jumps in and eventually takes one of the helms of said shardbearer. Throughout the fight Kaladin discovers that he has lost most of his stormlight at an alarming rate. He observes that the helm seems to be sucking the stormlight out of it to repair it self. This poses a problem as to fight in shardplate you would give up your stormlight and render yourself unable to perform lashings, as well as other points of power of the radiants. A reasonable theory is that the shardplates lost their original power to work in tandem with lashings upon the fall of the radiants. Tell me what you think down below!
  12. Join my feed for updates on theories and other things about various topics.  Good Worldhopping!

  13. Is steel the eternal metal. I feel like for the most part steel and its metallurgic powers are a bit on the strong side. Steelpushing for one I feel like is very strong and a bit more practical then copper or bronze. It is also very forceful for the style. Steelrunning is also a very impressive power. Being able to be slow for a time then be very speedy. The downside of being slow for a time does not feel like that big of a sacrifice. Imagine the compounding capabilities! If one person was both a Steel allomancer as well as a feruchemist the results could be insane. The compounding to push and be going at the possible speed of sound ids amazing. Let me know what you think.