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  1. Pretty stoked about this! I have my pledge in!
  2. Really wish I could have been there for this one. I just recently moved from ABQ.
  3. Very cool information!
  4. Good write-up. That saved me some time and I am surprised you got everything so well off of my recording!
  5. Wow, I expected there to be a ton in NYC! I know that because of the book (being a YA novel) I did expect to see less at each signing than usual and the fact that we were not necessarily bringing in the Dragonmount-esque peoples. Should be a bigger turnout when we go to the Words of Radiance Signings.
  6. I think there could have been anywhere from 80-120 people there. I was up front and it was somewhat difficult to gauge from there as many were out the door waiting in line by the time I saw them and you left out the back door....
  7. Yeah I have been wondering what the prize was as well. I assume it is some kind of signed piece of paper. I don't know what else can hide easily in a book...
  8. He did the same reading posted yesterday and gave some additional information. I will post it in a better format shortly. Maybe throw it up on Youtube. Give me a few.
  9. I went to the Rithmatist signing yesterday and was able to record Brandon's opening (in audio format). I have the introduction and readings below now, and will upload the Q&A shortly. Lots of good stuff in there. Enjoy! Early chatter and readings - Q&A - *Edit 1 - MP3 format now available. *Edit 2 - Added Q&A
  10. I am going to take back my "hate to say it" part. Glad to say it. Glad to see the opening release is in a real city.
  11. Thanks guys. I will pursue it later this month when I am slightly more freed up. This video game is not going to write itself.
  12. I started working my way through the book this weekend while at the beach. Very good book so far. I will add more thoughts later as I finish it this week.
  13. I absolutely love it. Cannot wait until the prints become available.
  14. I do agree with that. I feel that drawing on a tablet is much easier than PC.
  15. Wait, wait, wait..... Hoid is not dead?