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  1. game

    I agree.
  2. What's this a bedroom or a goat? There's only one goat left but you'll love it, it was meant for you.
  3. This is actually one thing which I don't want. There are so many radiants around now, albeit much fewer than before the recreance, but it seems like everyone we know is becoming a radiant. If it's too commonplace it ruins the story, and who better than Adolin to be powerful enough without being a radiant.
  4. game

    Did you mean blue team's turn?
  5. The answer keeps changing so the results aren't very accurate, but just check if you're right when you guess.
  6. Late as [a] goat. A goat is never late, nor is he early, he always arrives precisely when he means to.
  7. game

    I think you're right, Kokerlii is better than Tyn.
  8. Is there a way to mark a forum as unread? (to undo accidentally marking it as read)
  9. game

    OK, just making sure. Anyway, in coppermind it says that Autonomy had interactions with the ghostbloods, so that could be a connection to Tyn.
  10. game

    I agree with those 2. Also, are we allowed to check things up in coppermind/arcanum?
  11. I think it might only be in the epilogues.
  12. The other ten portraits in the chapter headers are supposed to be the heralds, so who's this?
  13. Is there something for starving?
  14. First, I made a mistake the book says there was a short rack in the second room which implies that there weren't that many. Cobb says that cadets aren't allowed in there which implies that full pilots are (though he might've been referring to the first room). It doesn't sound like the second room was a collection of high security recordings, it sounds like contained all the earlier battles. It could've been set up that way so as not to draw attention that there was a secret in that recording. Jorgen was clearly a special case he knew a lot of secrets because of his family's high status.