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  1. He posted hourly updates on facebook and twitter yesterday. It will probably take a few days to update the progress bar.
  2. Only 11 starving months until we can read it.
  3. I'm having trouble switching pages in the Shardcast section (both on desktop an mobile). When I click on one of the pages it just jumps back to the top of the page.
  4. I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive:(
  5. Would you like to destroy some evil today?
  6. He probably found a major plot hole and discarded 2/3 of the book. Just kidding. I know I shouldn't make jokes like that.
  7. I haven't tried mobile, but the desktop version is all right. It's a little more confusing but at least they got rid of the drop list of all his books. Somehow the progress bars jumped back a few months.
  8. I thought you were asking what the anomaly is, which is a perfectly valid question.
  9. I went for a walk and saw a goat.
  10. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to quote John Finnemore I'll bring stressful, but not lonely or boring. Actually I'll bring all three.
  11. He doesn't need to teach in order to be headmaster. Also he can teach the stonewards and windrunners; there might be some differences in the specific usage of the surges, but they definitely overlap.
  12. When your professor talks about dividing by zero and you can't stop smiling.
  13. The opposite of love is indifference.
  14. When given the letters L-E-M-O-N-Y (in Wordscapes) the only words you can think of are Yolen and Yomen. (even after reading ASOUE)
  15. game

    @Babilarian Darkeyes @Will Arbit Can one of you put the keycard on the spreadsheet.