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  1. game

    Patji is a blue agent. @Rhapsody
  2. game

    Lastport is a blue agent.
  3. game

    It looks like Red Team's turn is over. Blue Team's clue is Threnody 1 @Ashspren @Babilarian Darkeyes @Turtle373 @Ashertliden
  4. Something like this. 1. Wayneisms 2. Inscriptions 3. Relativity 4. Gossipers 5. Family Trees 6. Astronomers 7. Meta 8. Makes the Man 9. Traveling Blues
  5. game

    Conventical of Seran and Luthadel are both red agents.
  6. game

    Elantris is blue.
  7. game

    Raoden 1 @Ashspren @Babilarian Darkeyes @Turtle373 @Ashertliden Spreadsheet
  8. game

    Purelake is red
  9. game

    Water 2
  10. game

    Jah Keved is a red agent.
  11. I think most people like Oathbringer better than TWoK and WoR, but I'm one of the ones that agree with you that the first two are better.
  12. game

    Ashyn and Obrodai are both blue agents.
  13. game

    T'telir is a blue agent. Blue team's clue is Planet - 2 @Ashspren @Babilarian Darkeyes @Turtle373 @Ashertliden
  14. I just saw this today and it reminded me of high imperial.