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  1. game

  2. game

    I think it must've been a mistake because I can't think of anything. We should probably just forget about it.
  3. game

    I'll start with Teleb and General Khal. I can't think of anything other than Shallan for Math right now.
  4. Though he wouldn't be able to see you.
  5. game

    Okay, Wikim and Pattern. @Rhapsody @Sariel
  6. game

    I would say Wikim and Pattern.
  7. I vote in favor of the following rules: 5,9,19,23,24,28,32,37,38,44,46 I propose The Fonz Rule: Every ten levels of coolness you reach you must post a quote from Henry Winkler. As per rule 15:
  8. game

    Okay, I'm going to guess Dominion for the Elantris clue. @Babilarian Darkeyes
  9. game

    Since our turn is almost up I'm going to guess Chayshan for the Elantris clue. @Babilarian Darkeyes @Scion of the Mists
  10. game

    I agee. Voidbinding and Awakening. We also need 2 answers for Elantris. I would guess Chayshan for now. @Babilarian Darkeyes @DoomStick
  11. game

    Ok, devotion’s perpendicularity. The other one is probably chayshan or dominion. @Babilarian Darkeyes @Scion of the Mists @DoomStick
  12. game

  13. game

    I guess I'll bold them. Spanreed and Aviar
  14. If you want world peace why don't you just nuke the whole world and end all the fighting?
  15. My three favorite are HoA, WoK, and WoR. WoR is probably my favorite. I remember when I read WoK I thought that no book could possibly top this, then I read WoR and thought hey, this on just did. I didn't really like HoA or Oathbringer very much the first time, but while both of them got better with the reread, HoA became one of my favorites and Oathbringer was just a little better. I like the way HoA brings things together in the end. I love the world building of SA, both the depth and the way it's written into the story. I also love the many epic moments throughout SA. And mostly I love Lift, I just can't wait for her book.