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  1. game

    Cynder. Sorry, I was off for a few days.
  2. game

    Devi. I would say Cynder for the other one.
  3. game

    I think that would be Sebarial Princedom and Revolar, and then we can guess Catacendre from last turn.
  4. game

    I'll bold Vin, and I suggest that the other one is Heightening because it's meaning is similar to ascend. @Will Arbit @Babilarian Darkeyes @Paragrin
  5. game

    I agree. Truthcall
  6. game

    Do we have a theme for this round or are we just doing a general cosmere theme? EDIT: Since no one responded, I populated the grid with a random cosmere theme. Many of the words are kind of obscure so we might want to change some of them.
  7. game

    Being that this was inactive for a while we probably need a new sign-up list.
  8. game

  9. game

    I think it must've been a mistake because I can't think of anything. We should probably just forget about it.
  10. game

    I'll start with Teleb and General Khal. I can't think of anything other than Shallan for Math right now.
  11. Though he wouldn't be able to see you.
  12. game

    Okay, Wikim and Pattern. @Rhapsody @Sariel
  13. game

    I would say Wikim and Pattern.
  14. I vote in favor of the following rules: 5,9,19,23,24,28,32,37,38,44,46 I propose The Fonz Rule: Every ten levels of coolness you reach you must post a quote from Henry Winkler. As per rule 15: