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  1. Hi, unsurprisingly by my posting here, I'm new. My name's Bill, I'm 19 and I'm from the Isle of Man, although I'm currently away at university. I'm studying Physics and hopefully get a career in the space industry eventually at some point.. I started reading Brandon's books about 3 years ago, and loved them to pieces. I couldn't help but be encapsulated by his magic systems, I've always had a love for fantasy magic, and I love the way authors are so incredibly creative in making them. I think the thing about Brandon's books that does it for me is how each series/standalone book has its own system of magic. I think my favourite system was probably that which was featured in the Mistborn Series, as it seems to be the most developed but I'm definately looking forward to seeing the sequel to The Way Of Kings exploring the magic in that. So I guess I'll see you around:)