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  1. I'll just be discussing what I remember instead of rereading---or more likely lurking vicariously to be extra sure I won't spoil anything.
  2. Some of y'all might be interested in Sylas K Barrett's "Reading The Wheel of Time" series on tor.com, which shares his thoughts, reactions and theories as he goes through his first read of the series. Unfortunately I suspect you will soon overtake his pace---he spent about four and a half months on The Eye of the World, and is now approaching the end of The Great Hunt. Edit to add: They seem to be pretty successful keeping the comments to those posts spoiler-free, or at least hiding any spoilers in the comments.
  3. This sounds similar to the Political Compass, which supplements a left vs. right "economic scale" with authoritarianism vs. libertarianism on a "social scale". The earliest example of this sort of thing that I've stumbled across (from the '50s) is in Robert Daniels's The Conscience of the Revolution: Communist Opposition in Soviet Russia, which used for its two axes "hard" vs. "soft" and "mass-interest" vs. "[ruling-]class-interest". Edit to clarify: My intent in this post is not to explain or advocate the Political Compass or similar approaches, but just to point out the site and refer those interested to the extensive explanations and FAQs it provides. For those hungry for more scholarly approaches to this sort of thing, the site cites Wilhelm Reich, Hans Eysenck and Theodor Adorno as influences.
  4. Hello and welcome to the Shard! We're happy to have you. I'd say you should feel free to go ahead and plug the Tolkien forum you mention. It's been many years since I've actually read Tolkien, though I had fun over the past few months recalling The Silmarillion through tor.com's Silmarillion Primer.
  5. Hello and welcome to the Shard. We're happy to have you. Although I've never gone down the Reddit rabbithole myself, I'm still familiar with the GIFT. What Sanderson books have you read and what was your favorite among them?
  6. I think I've heard this discussed in interviews, and managed to find a mention in the Brief Cases Reddit Q&A from June:
  7. Do characters with seven different names count seven times? Asking for Silmarillion.
  8. The delay is unusual, both because Jim has historically been very quick and because of how optimistic he's been about finishing. At Dragon Con 2017 he was forecasting that Peace Talks would be done by the end of 2017 ("six to eight weeks after finishing Brief Cases") and in the Brief Cases Reddit AMA this past June he was aiming to finish Peace Talks before his wedding this autumn. So it doesn't seem to be like the Ghost Story delay, where the issue was artistic rather than logistical... Ah, this thread inspired me to check the Jim-Butcher.com Upcoming Works page, where just yesterday they added a "Why’s Peace Talks Taking So Long?" explanation, which does go all the way back to the divorce and The Death Of Frost in 2015. (I believe this is the first 2018 update of that upcoming works page.) They have also posted a new DF short story, Christmas Eve, as a gift for fans. Anyway, I remain optimistic that future waits will not be so long now that these issues have been worked through. Jim was a marvel when alternating between Codex Alera and Dresden Files volumes, so hopefully something similar will develop with Cinder Spires. I'm not aware of any other novel besides The Olympian Affair planned in between Peace Talks and Mirror, Mirror, but I haven't been keeping very close watch.
  9. Hello and welcome! Have an upvote or two and some links to threads dedicated to book recommendations and related discussions: What Are You Reading, Part 2 Supernatural Books? Having Fantasy withdrawal symptoms The best author Please recommend me fantasy novels with Female protagonist as main character Looking For Good Books Strangest Book You Have Ever Read? Recommended Stuff You Didn't Like I hope I'm not going overboard with that list...
  10. There were never any "good old days"
    They are today, they are tomorrow!
    It's a stupid thing to say
    Cursing tomorrow with sorrow


  11. Get some sleep---it will help you more than cramming.
  12. It's So Meta, Even This Acronym
  13. Taking the plunge to change my display name to something other than my IRL name... We'll see how it goes.

  14. "Egwene" rhymes with "pain"... a missed opportunity? Roses are red Spoiling's a sin But I have to mention I can't stand Gawyn That there's the limits of my poetical capabilities.
  15. Here's hoping for a Dresdenful 2019. Well, it will be for me in any event, since I still have Brief Cases to read. I'm also very much looking forward to more Cinder Spires in the years to come.