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  1. Yeah, that's one of the selling points for 750words.com. Although I pay for that site, I think it's over-priced---free alternatives include writehoney.com and 3pages.fr.
  2. I am enjoying Derry Girls. I think this is the article that brought it to my attention, describing it as "hysterically funny and occasionally profoundly moving".
  3. Wiggling buttocks enliven existential hell of Brexit debate: Semi-naked protest in [House of] Commons was no weirder than anything else that goes on there these days
  4. Welcome! Are you already listening to Writing Excuses?
  5. I have a vague recollection of people talking about "Disco Rand" in Sweet's provisional cover art for The Gathering Storm. (His final cover art was significantly improved.) Warning: The provisional cover art features a minor spoiler (another reason it was changed). I like the ebook "covers" they put out after Brandon started working on the series. These even helped me overcome my initial reluctance to use an ereader back in the day. (No spoilers here, just reducing the size of the post.)
  6. According to the signs, the narrow street in front of my new apartment in Liverpool has been closed for almost a year due to still-ongoing construction. Despite this, whenever I'm at home I can spend my time watching one car after another venture down it and awkwardly reverse themselves back out until they find enough room for a three-point turn. There is probably some bleak philosophical metaphor that can be made out of this. I leave it as an exercise for the reader.
  7. Immigration unlocked: I am back in the western hemisphere.
  8. It's not just you.
  9. @ZincAboutIt I don't know whether this might be useful, if you haven't read it already.
  10. Hoo boy. Looks like I get to star in a new episode of Shouldn't Make Promises Ya Can't Keep, Jackass. I think the next few days are gonna be stressful.
  11. Listening to this song (from 1987) I enjoyed how the march of time has added some new shades of meaning. Kick the door until it opens, what you have you cannot hold We are young, forever hungry, you are fat and growing old And every day you try to build a higher wall Every day you try to build a higher wall But your money cannot stop us And your fury cannot stop us No you will never stop us with your higher wall
  12. Roses are red Violets are fine Should we help Asmodean Find some decent wine?
  13. Well, I'm still... following along. Perhaps certain posters' ardor for a certain Diademed Battle Lord might have scared off some of the more bashful participants? I definitely agree that Jordan had a gift for description. On the other hand, I never got the sense that the Green Man and the Eye "suddenly found each other by accident." He says: +++ And also plenty of false Dragons who couldn't channel. Fain mentioned in Chapter 3 that Logain was the only one of the three false Dragons in the past 5 years who could channel. While I'm sure being ta'veren could help smooth a false Dragon's path, the only true 'requirement' seems to be a well-developed sense of self-confidence egomania. Y'all can post your answers here (but beware of series-spanning spoilers starting in the third post of that topic)! Really? ...oh, I see, you were saving Ents for the Green Man. I still think there's plenty of overlap between Ogier and Ents, even though the former are not physically tree-like. I'm pretty sure that at least in The Eye of the World Jordan deliberately made Loial to be like Treebeard with his long-windedness and complaints about hastiness. (Similar to how he deliberately made Moiraine to be like Gandalf, with her staff and mysteriousness.) There's also independent inspiration for the Green Man. Clearly he's not the Messiah! Sorry, I'll stop now. Yeah, this world has been in my head longer than I care to admit. I might not have the time and inclination for a full reread, but I do enjoy revisiting it.