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  1. To be fair, Stonewards would not have too much trouble either, being able to shape and reshape objects. As a fledgling radiant, it could be manifesting as a little stretching here or there in a handcuff.
  2. On this bit, we’re still not sure having more intents makes it any easier on a vessel. As we can see with a certain combined shard, he is finding difficulties in making any decisions whatsoever per the third oathbringer letter. He does keep his personality mostly intact, but it hasn’t been very long that he has held the two shards, and at what cost to his freedom to act?
  3. Anyone else getting stoneward vibes from the herdazian general? In first WOB Lirin mentions that the herdazians are fighting a losing battle, “In Herdaz, men could claim to fight for freedom, but how free were the corpses they left to bleed into the storm waters?” and Brandon says the guy will be important?
  4. My question is, would a voidbinder, Connected to that magic system in the normal way ie not Renarin, be able to summon a living magical blade that cuts through *almost* everything made of a god metal? I’d assume that would require a type of spren bond, but idk that’s not the point. My question is if a run of the mill voidbinder gets a magical weapon.
  5. Can voidbinders summon shardblades? Gut instinct tells me no, and for the purposes of this chat the Fused are NOT voidbinding, and Renarin is hacked into the system, or at least one of the surge variations associated with the system.
  6. Could Renarin use one of Shallan’s idealistic drawings and change someone’s spirit web accordingly? Could Roshar create an alternative Forging process using a combination of progression and lightweaving?
  7. Maybe he’s in league with Hoid, and Hoid provides him a constant glamour via a recent development in his magical abilities.
  8. I haven’t read up on those metals too much, so give me a little leeway for my ignorance. But if chromium and nicrosil only target kinetic investiture wouldn’t investiture stores still be safe? In that case, a knight radiant might not be completely depleted so long as he had some charged gems on him. On the flip side, can these metals target breaths in the same way?
  9. Bridge four “Stand behind us”
  10. Thx
  11. Saw a post in that interested me. It was talking about how crazy it would be if you could target the effects you wanted to negate with aluminum. One vein of questioning away, I want to know if Aluminum could be alloyed with other allomantically active metals to destroy just that reserve? Thx
  12. While the surges might seem to be behaving slightly different, I feel that it can be explained by a couple of things, specifically the difference in fuel and the Fused having carapace. I’ll leave the theorizing on the effects of the fuel to others on the site, the gist of what I wanted to talk about could be explained by a single word, aerodynamics. Because the fused have carapace they can kinda cheese their flight to move more smoothly by utilizing the air/wind to their advantage plus having a lower coefficient of friction than their surgebinding counterparts. Throw in a couple thousand years of flight experience, and I think the difference in flight speed and handling can be explained pretty fast.
  13. Ahh my bad I haven’t been on here for a while, got used to some other sites. Didn’t mean to confuse anyone
  14. Hey guy, welcome to the shard, but could you check out the last time someone posted in a thread before responding? This one died a couple months back. It’s an interesting convo, so you could easily start another thread yourself if you wanted to talk about this stuff. Thx
  15. A Stormfather honorspren combo wouldn’t be too bad. Father-child dynamic, with doubled adhesion surge.