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  1. Pretty simple, do we know if those with enough breaths would be able to hear the Rhythms on Roshar?
  2. Could an isolated group of people who are all completely colorblind become completely grayscale because of how perception works in the Cosmere?
  3. It would be somewhat interesting to see a magic system dependent completely on chance, where its something similar to those assorted flavor bags of jelly beans, but each looks exactly the same, and instead of flavors they come with different effects, good and bad.
  4. Iirc, it hasn't been confirmed that Sazed has actually harmonized the two shards, just that he is a single vessel handling both at the same time. He frequently has difficulty actually acting on anything because the Intents are too dissimilar. He took the name Harmony because he managed to balance the Intents so they wouldn't tear him apart, but it is a very delicate balance, and he could break given a big enough push. WandW spoilers
  5. As far as I've read into it the cut only matters with the efficiency of the fabrial, which is why I left it out, but I could be wrong about that.
  6. I wouldn't focus so much on the body focuses and divine attributes, but I think that the essences and soulcasting properties would be important things to consider in the cosmere going forward. I'm thinking that people with enough cosmere knowledge could create some creative magic system combinations using the gems, metals, breaths, etc. I mean fabrials on their own are an incredibly complex magic system, given that there are three variable factors in the wire type, gem type, and spren type.
  7. If a windrunner/skybreaker got skilled enough, gravitation could become a form of severing. Think windrunner/skybreaker grabs your arm and thinks to lash your lower arm to the left and upper arm to the right, with the same hand. Just because they haven't thought to do/practice such a manouver before, doesn't mean it isn't possible.
  8. I don't know if y'all have watched classic speed racer but I'm thinking mammoth car right now. throw some levitation fabrials on there and you're good to go
  9. Since the color of gemstones is "paramount" per the coppermind in powering the transformation surge (at least when it comes to soulcasting), if an awakener were to use the gems of a soulcaster/knight radiant to power an awakening, could it stop them from using the gems to soulcast? And in general, besides diamond, could they prevent gems from holding stormlight?
  10. I am leaving this out for arguments saying that this type of transportation is elsecaller specific. The argument is just that assuming transportation involves some sort of realmatic transition, whatever form that may take, because that is literally all we know about the surge, I don't think we can say that the Fused is using transportation. There is no transition of any kind, as the body is left behind, and the cognitive aspect is always seen in the physical realm.
  11. Fabrials definitely have the most potential for growth and complexity, maybe even comparable to the aon system. In the long run I see Fabrials being very important in the future development of the cosmere as a whole because of just how open-ended it is.
  12. That is the thing Im wondering about really, would it be possible to lash a large number of objects at the same time, assuming they are all of small size and minimal environmental interference i.e. the particles are gathered in one place and are not moving prior?
  13. Pretty simple, could a Windrunner/Skybreaker lash a certain amount of a ground-up powder? We've seen them lash singular objects before, so I'm just wondering how something like this might work, where it is a large number of small objects? Maybe an anti-reverse lashing, i.e. making a singular object repel all others, but I'm not sure such a thing exists.
  14. To quote Navani, "What lay before her was an impossibility. Gavilar Kholin couldn’t simply die like other men."
  15. Given that transportation is the surge that specifically allows "realmatic transition" per the coppermind, its hard to say specifically what that means. However, also given that the Fused in either physical or spren form never seems to leave the physical realm, in that he can always be perceived by Kal during the fight, its kind of hard to argue that he is using the surge of transportation. IMO it is much more likely that it is the surge of regrowth, compounded with normal spren movement, and perhaps the Fused with bulky carapace in OB were utilizing transformation or one of the Stoneward surges, considering we haven't seen them fully either. That's the most likely option if this fused isn't capable of bringing clothes/weapons with him. I can't say much abt the other arguments about why husks are left behind, but the conflict of identity theory makes the most sense to me, and the mechanics are similar to shardplate regrowth.