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  1. Kind of a one-off thought, if I was going purely off of name, I’d wager that the Ire are planning something either in conjunction with or in opposition to Odium. Both names essentially mean anger or hatred so there are some thematic connections there.
  2. Why would it have to be one or the other? I believe both are influenced heavily during the bond process by the other. The human learns knowledge of the immortal, and the spren learns knowledge of the mortal. They can reach the same end product through two completely different lines of reasoning, so long as they value the same things in the same ways at the end of the day. Thats an interesting thought on hemalurgy, I hadn’t given it much thought. I think in attempting it, you might just kill both, or at least harm the spren greatly.
  3. You might have a chicken/egg thing going on here, if a radiant pair reaches the fifth, and they are merged completely by the bond, both have been changed enough by the bond that I doubt there would be a difference in opinion between the radiant and their spren. At that point they would think about things in the same ways, and maybe it’s that there would be no need to forcibly end a bond, because either both would recognize the need to separate or both wouldn’t want to. If it got to the point that the two had that large of a gap in thought processes that the spren felt the need to leave, the radiant probably would’ve regressed in oaths.
  4. Also, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” -Confucius Sounded very familiar the first time I read it.
  5. Still, though, you kind of have to understand Odium’s mindset in this stuff too, while he is a god of absolute hatred for everything around him, and goes out of his way to attack and kill other shards, he is a coward. He saw one of his victims nearly rise from the grave in front of him, after splintering the guy in the new and improved method that should not have allowed for such a thing. Seeing this would surely rattle him, as his plans all require a way to permanently sever a shard from the physical realm.
  6. Since this is all speculation I’d like to throw out “prismspren”
  7. To be fair, Stonewards would not have too much trouble either, being able to shape and reshape objects. As a fledgling radiant, it could be manifesting as a little stretching here or there in a handcuff.
  8. On this bit, we’re still not sure having more intents makes it any easier on a vessel. As we can see with a certain combined shard, he is finding difficulties in making any decisions whatsoever per the third oathbringer letter. He does keep his personality mostly intact, but it hasn’t been very long that he has held the two shards, and at what cost to his freedom to act?
  9. Anyone else getting stoneward vibes from the herdazian general? In first WOB Lirin mentions that the herdazians are fighting a losing battle, “In Herdaz, men could claim to fight for freedom, but how free were the corpses they left to bleed into the storm waters?” and Brandon says the guy will be important?
  10. My question is, would a voidbinder, Connected to that magic system in the normal way ie not Renarin, be able to summon a living magical blade that cuts through *almost* everything made of a god metal? I’d assume that would require a type of spren bond, but idk that’s not the point. My question is if a run of the mill voidbinder gets a magical weapon.
  11. Can voidbinders summon shardblades? Gut instinct tells me no, and for the purposes of this chat the Fused are NOT voidbinding, and Renarin is hacked into the system, or at least one of the surge variations associated with the system.
  12. Could Renarin use one of Shallan’s idealistic drawings and change someone’s spirit web accordingly? Could Roshar create an alternative Forging process using a combination of progression and lightweaving?
  13. Maybe he’s in league with Hoid, and Hoid provides him a constant glamour via a recent development in his magical abilities.
  14. I haven’t read up on those metals too much, so give me a little leeway for my ignorance. But if chromium and nicrosil only target kinetic investiture wouldn’t investiture stores still be safe? In that case, a knight radiant might not be completely depleted so long as he had some charged gems on him. On the flip side, can these metals target breaths in the same way?
  15. Bridge four “Stand behind us”