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  1. Dalinar goes through a list of empires that over expanded and crumbled. What if the leader of each had received the “unite them” visions
  2. Yeah maybe he has a blade similar to Azure/Vivenna’s that can speak, but won’t be able to change form until the third, kinda vice versa to the ordinary radiants.
  3. It was actually more deeply, with softer tones becoming harder and darker while he wielded nightblood. Probably has something to do with corrupted breaths.
  4. On re-read I paid attention specifically to renarin. Every passing comment is foreshadowing, and its great.
  5. This is the precise reason why I believe it cannot be sprenblades. The back blurb has been confirmed to have been written by a sleepless, who are known to be at the very pinnacle of information gathering. They surely would have known that sprenblades still exist and are being used by every generation of skybreakers. Further just because “it was at the beginning” does not mean it couldn’t be something we’ve never seen before (ala dawnshards) as we’ve seen this type of twist before, particularly in another prophecy-esque way (See Mistborn Era 1).
  6. Make the Lord Ruler less petty. Mistborn would have to be completely rewritten.
  7. I mean bloodsealing must come pretty close right? If not there, there could be workaround potential through unknown commands on Nalthis. Awakening is veeerry broad in scope/potential.
  8. Could you link WOB I don’t think I’ve seen that one. Pretty interesting theory.
  9. Thanks, I was wondering what I had forgotten about.
  10. I’d have to disagree fundamentally with this take as Honor would not have built that caveat into the blades to be wielded by his top generals, and the blades are not hacks, but the original system that the spren based their orders on, but that’s beside the point because if you are unable to combine the swords, I don’t think you would even be able to use all of the surges at once because I’m pretty sure you can only use the surges of a blade you’re carrying at that moment ie it can’t be dismissed, but I may be misremembering that.
  11. Better yet viagra fabrials via unmade Edit: also Augury can be found in warbreaker through paintings in Court of Gods
  12. Yes, because Honor died and invested the Stormfather with his cognitive shadow. This changes the Stormfather fundamentally as a spren both from what he was before and what he is in comparison to the other Bond smith spren.
  13. I like this idea for the second thing kal saw in the storms walking with a storm strider, the alien and sleek one? And remembering that spren are only partial manifestations in the physical realm, could stormstriders have another more true form?
  14. Sin16 Has the Nightwatcher ever changed anyone's eye color? Brandon Sanderson Yes, she has. Good question. Skyward Pre-Release AMA (Oct. 31, 2018) Anyone think this sounds suspiciously like Hesina/Asuedan? Theories abound about Kal recognizing Asuedan’s song, and Hesina has always acted more like a lighteyes than most. It has even been confirmed that Kal has lighteyed members of his family tree. Go nuts.
  15. Ahhh sorry, returned capitalized when I did not want it to, just meant that Cultivation was already in the process of giving Dalinar his memories back, and those came in visions/dreams that behaved very similarly