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  1. I don’t remember anything specifically, but could be wrong. The only plate instances I remember are the geometric shapes around Jasnah, and the Dalinar instances of plate in the visions.
  2. I’d think to encourage organization, the oaths gradually constrict in the ability to change them, but open in interpretation. I will follow Dalinar, a pretty straightforward oath with strict personal interpretation, becomes I am the law, a vaguer one with more open interpretation, but all members would have to say those four words with clear intent in mind.
  3. I apologize if I were not clear, it was not meant to contradict, but to supplement with a comparison to similar events seen elsewhere.
  4. Could also be that Honor just couldn’t talk to every radiant. There are some Mistborn tie ins here so spoilered
  5. And he could if he were a lightweaver!
  6. Not necessarily, so long as they and Rock agree that some lies are necessary to protect others, or a variation similar.
  7. In terms of electricity, I’m sure investiture engines could be created using fabrials, and given they have near infinite amounts of investiture, they would grow in that regard rather quickly and without pollutants.
  8. Full list Id guess Dalinar, Shallan, Nale, Renariin, Hesina, and Lirin Adolin goes depresso Kal learns to cope
  9. Don’t give the Bandersnatch any more of these terrible ideas! I would break seeing that rust.
  10. I think we can agree however that predictions do not always come to pass, as evidenced by a certain metal in another storyline, and this effect seems to occur more often when multiple people are trying to look at the future. Right now there are three powers at play, Odium Renariin and Cultivation. Two of these did not want that future to occur, and may have intervened accordingly. Granted Renariin has just come into his powers and so acts more as a neutral party, he does seem to obstruct Odium more than Culti. I do agree that taking the Heralds out of the picture is a plus for Odium, something I hadn’t considered at the time I thought up the theory, but the fact that the gem glows I feel does indicate more than just stolen investiture that will not be used again. That seems to be an interesting new Macguffin for the plot to come.
  11. OB spoiler Theory Time We saw Moash kill Jezrien and steal something from the herald while doing so. Odium would not kill the herald in this way if he did not have a way of utilizing what he stole. In Dalinar’s vision from the Almighty he sees a figure with nine shadows. What if this is not in reference to the unmade as the Stormfather says, and instead foreshadowing of the deaths of nine heralds for use by the enemy’s champion? What if by shadow, Honor was implying a Cognitive Shadow?
  12. Btw that was an excellent necro @Cephandrias, next time look at the date on the last post my guy
  13. Imagine the flight that could be achieved by a Crasher (Wax) /Windrunner combo
  14. Perhaps also the helm or knees, particularly if attacking from behind
  15. People believe them to be willshaper spren, as if you read between the lines Ico talks about a daughter who ran off to chase stupid dreams, and venli’s spren (timbre) matches her description somewhat