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  1. I like this theory would Sixteen be an agent of Trell only, or any or all of Bavadin's extensions?
  2. It still uses ettmetal. To produce perpetual motion it also requires constant tapping and storing into the metal, and it isn't clear if this does or doesn't cause wear on the metalmind. Also, I don't remember the airship floating being due to feruchemy, though I could be wrong. Either way, we still haven't explored the dynamics required - lets assume the airship's own mass can be stored. That would still require making metalminds which can do so, assuming mechanical feruchemy doesn't consume ettmetal each time it taps and stores, so assuming the metalminds don't start to lose efficiency or degrade over time and lose storage capacity, and that to even make that system doesn't require the excisors to kill a feruchemist. [Edit] It also assumes the power produced justifies the expense - if a hand whisk could turn indefinitely, the type with the crank and gears, how many of them would it take to power a single house?
  3. With respect, powering an airship, and ships which require the crew to decrease their weight, is very different from powering a city or even a building. This isn't to say it couldn't, but we also don't know how many airships they have, whether or not it consumes the life of an allomancer or feruchemist to make, and how much fuel it consumes - ettmetal is likely a finite resource. The key issues of cost, efficiency, power, resource consumption, haven't been addressed. While Scadrial is an Earth analogue, it doesn't follow that they won't deviate in some ways while mirroring in others. Metal production is likely to be even more significant on Scadrial than on Earth, especially aluminium. True, and I don't doubt Brandon will still do so. Still, Brandon may subvert the space opera utopian civilisation cliche by having an ash-covered future Scadrial. Brandon could make the Lost Metal end with a dance-off, though I think that would fit better in a Nalthian story. The things is Brandon doesn't subvert cliches because he can - if he did that he could have had Rashek choose to jump off Kredik Shaw at the end of Mistborn after Vin found his diary. Brandon does things which makes sense AND subvert cliches. Scadrial returning to being a broken planet, this time due to human hubris, would be poetic and fit the stories bookending. Of course Brandon may also choose not to do so, and it certainly would be hopeful if he kept the planet clean. Brandon could go either way, and he could indeed use the idea you suggested about using the Metallic arts to sustain the planet's industry. But he also could add any number of issues with why something wouldn't work when scaled up, or powerful groups actively working to keep the clean Metallic arts power generation and manufacturing - or any imported magic - out of general circulation. It could go any way, there are any number of reasons, the reason I suggest the planet will be covered in smoke later is for both in setting practical and ironic reasons.
  4. Fair point. Still, that is based on two assumptions: that using the Metallic arts to produce power is economically viable and easily accessible to everyone who wants to use it - i.e. that power stations using that method are cheap - as you say probably not for cars, etc., but still cheap enough to be viable in building a power station, produce enough energy, and can be mass produced, and doesn't have its own negative side effects, such as consuming metals that pollution mainly comes from power generation, rather than from waste products used in manufacturing - i.e. that even if you had unlimited energy the chemical processes used to produce various goods doesn't itself produce waste. As I recall making aluminium takes a lot of energy, and produces waste - even if you had free energy, the industry to extract aluminium and refine it would still produce smoke. From wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium I don't doubt there will be local pollution in some areas, but the main thrust of this argument is the irony of Scadrial being covered in ash again after all the effort to cleans the planet. Perhaps it will only be local to some cities, but I like to think Kelsier will look on the planet, after seeing it cleansed, and think of all the humans on the planet working together redid the damage Rashek inflicted. Perhaps it will be confined to industrial cities, but for both the irony of the return to ash, and the cyberpunk aesthetic, I wonder if Brandon will do this.
  5. Not enough to change the sky yet - that's why I said the 1980's or Cyberpunk, after there is enough industry going on for the sky to be clouded as though there were Ashmounts active again.
  6. I meant more in a "the sky was the colour of a TV tuned to a dead channel" kind of way, but fair enough what I'm referring to is the idea of Scadrial once again being a planet of ash and smoke.
  7. That's a good point. Still, it could be because there is some substance introduced into Scadrial's crust that is chemically similar to coal but which isn't coal as we know it, or, and I think this might be a fun idea, they made Scadrial as a normal planet is believed to be made, and then sped up time around it, possibly also affecting the star to make sure there was enough light falling on its surface, and allowed life to develop on it at an accelerated pace - so a localised speed bubble around the planet, as if any shards are time shards, it's Preservation and Ruin.
  8. Because those zombies would have killed everyone, soldier and civilian alike. Those zombies would have murdered children, women, the sick, the helpless, and begun another war. Idris may be backwards in many ways, but saving Idris wasn't just for Idris's sake, but for the sake of everyone in the region. Remember, Idris had allies - the attack would have created another Manywar. As for the Lifeless, it sucks for them, I do feel sorry for them. Yet if I had to choose between the survival of ten Lifeless and one child, I would choose the child. And we aren't just talking about one child's life for many Lifeless, but a few Lifeless for many children.
  9. Adolin singing to his shardblade, Maya:
  10. ... I can't even look at you right now. Take your up vote! Take it! ()
  11. A lot of it is from Brandon's signings and answering questions, yes, though the coppermind has a list of different sources. Most of what we know about Yolen comes from Brandon directly talking about it (most recorded at the arcanum website), as well as unreleased material like the unpublished and not canon Liar of Partinal, which is set on Yolen and is Hoid's origin story, though Brandon is planning on writing the canonical version in Dragonsteel, set on Yolen. The best places to check for more info probably are the coppermind and the arcanum website, though I do recommend you read Dawnshard and Row before diving too deeply, as they do have spoilers: https://coppermind.net/wiki/Hoid (Hoid coppermind article) https://coppermind.net/wiki/Unpublished_works (List of planned and unpublished books) https://wob.coppermind.net/ (Arcanum website) Good luck and have fun!
  12. Obligatory-Ambition's-corpse-is-located-at-Silverlight-statement. Good theory, but I don't think Whimsy fits for Silverlight, but might fit for the shardworld with kite magic - that seems whimsical to me. Of course, Whimsy might be affecting multiple locations, but it does seem that Whimsy would be a shard that wouldn't keep to consistent rules, and scholars focus on finding out how things work.
  13. Hi @matt1. Nice theories, though Hoid is actually from Yolen and dyes his hair, though it wasn't originally white. The reason the royal line on Nalthis can change their hair colour is because they descend from Returned, who can change their entire physical appearance. In theory, Vivenna could also learn to fully change her appearance, and there are hints of this when Azure's appearance slightly changes. I recommend reading the coppermind pages for Hoid and Vivenna, though they do cover material from books you might not have read yet.
  14. I wouldn't say it is my favourite, but Lady Hawk's soundtrack is amazing: It's a great film too.