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  1. Thank you :-) I'll check it out!
  2. Thanks :-)
  3. I would like to read that :-) though I think most peoples' objection to his arc was his sudden change from "this is all about reviving the dominance of my religion" to "my religion betrayed me, and so I joined the side of the being that killed the one I worshipped."
  4. Both :-) first part is that if the Dysian Aimians are from Braize then where to the Siah come from. Second part is the idea the Dysian's are from outside the Cosmere
  5. Could be :-) and that does make sense, though that does then raise the question about the Siah Aimians. My own theory is that - because they are important in later Cosmere stories - they actually are from another star cluster, aliens to the entire region of space. Though that is very much off topic, and in the wrong part of the forum ;-) if they are from Braize and native to the Rosharan system, they would almost certainly have a strong link to Cultivation due to their own cultivation of their hordlings.
  6. That could be it, but if I remember correctly the noted thing about Singers is that their blood looks and smells the same as Chasmfiend blood, and so implying that Singer blood and native life on Roshar all have the same blood. I know many other creatures on Earth have unique types of blood, but I think the three types are to represent three different species from three different worlds. [Edit] Okay, looks like I might be wrong - Chasmfiend blood is violet. Though it still could be that Sleepless also have violet blood, as even though they probably aren't native to the planet they do breed their individual hordlings to match specific traits. Still, this does mean I might have that part wrong.
  7. To answer the question, Rashek was an angry bitter man. He did good things, and he did incredibly evil things. He did what he felt he needed to do to save the world from Ruin, but at the same time he also lashed out at his mentor when he rejected his offer to become a Kandra, and then had him hunted down and murdered. He took dissidents and turned them into monsters. He brutalised his own people to prevent them from becoming a threat. He did everything he did to save the world, and he did everything he did because he felt that he had the right to do it, and that no-one else's opinions mattered. He was vindictive and petty, and believed that the only way the world could be saved was his way. He did all these things because he felt he could keep control over what he made - Hemalurgy allowed him to dominate the minds of his Inquisitors, and Koloss were powerful tools. So long as he remained alive he could control what he made, and as long as he was alive Ruin couldn't break free, as he would take the power at the well again. He was a man who was cruel, but he was a man who also wanted to save the world.
  8. Another thing to note in the prelude is that there were three types of blood on the battlefield. I think they were red, orange, and violet. One clearly human, one clearly Singer, but the other was definitely non-native. And Sleepless are implied to be from beyond Roshar ...
  9. I guess you could say she ... made an arse of herself
  10. Fair enough :-) though I chose Vengeance to fill that grid because Mercy matched the other, with Devotion and Dominion being dynamics in a functioning relationship, and Mercy and Vengeance as dynamics in a damaged one. Yet they are not fully incompatable, and so can connect. Basically I think they match a grid based on the nature of their goals and how they go about them, compared to what and how they act and think. Though on Crafting, or Forging, I think that all the shards abilities touch all three, but Crafting is matching an ideal of giving of yourself, so both crafting and teaching, and so would be both physical and cognitive. Basically in the Chaos, the right way block I think they correspond to warm mentor and teacher roles, or motherly roles, wanting things to grow and move beyond them but taking a structured approach to helping. Ingenuity could definitly work as a "forge diety" like Crafting too, though, and fit that role.
  11. @phoenix2563 Those could work, though they mainly match the Honour idea rather than the grid. Still, those are some good examples. I will repeat my objection to Justice being a shard by itself though, as I think that Justice is Honour and Vengeance, just as Protection is Honour and Preservation. What would you say is the distinction between Scholarship and Ingenuity in your model? One focused on gaining external information, the other focused on expressing that knowledge through application, as scientists and engineers compliment one another?
  12. @Quantus It would get harder if one of them is steaming what they are seeing and hearing, so one is scouting an area and relaying everything they can see to another to lightweave into the image for everyone to see. They probably don't know about radio and lasers right now, but when Era 4 happens I doubt we won't see at least some of that. The Lightweaver sensing the waves, while the spren acts as a decoder or encoder. @Karger That is a possible issue, but the full extent of Lightweaving hasn't been shown, and so maybe a part of the surge lets them do it. Maybe voidbinding would let them do this, but otherwise I think Lightweavers and Truthwatchers can probably sense EM as well, especially if Truthwatcher's powers mainly manifest as sensing.
  13. This is a theory I've had about Lightweaving for a long time, and there is an important point that must be remembered: Cryptics (and maybe Truthwatcher spren) really like patterns, and are good at decoding them. Lightweavers should act as mobile radio transmitters and receivers, the spren encoding and decoding the message.
  14. On the whole Hoid and noodles thing - the real reason he wanted a bond with a Cryptic wasn't for Lightweaving but for Soulcasting! He will attempt to soulcast instant noodles, but it won't work because he isn't practised enough, and so will have to wait until someone else develops it. Sleepless originated from outside the cluster of stars called the Cosmere.
  15. @Halyo_Alex Thanks :-) if you do make a thread on that shard and system please let me know - I would like to read that! I imagine that a shard like that would probably cause the system to have at least a few magic systems due to the nature of differing beliefs about how the world can change :-) I hope you have fun writing that!