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    happy birthday, amazing, spectacular human being!!!!!!

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      Thank you Elf! You too are an amazing, spectacular human being!! I hope your week is going well :)

  2. Happy birthday Ixthos! Have a nice day!

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      Thank you so much Robin! :D I did indeed have a nice day, and I hope you also had a good one!

  3. Fair enough, and we all live and learn still, the general rule for working out where to post Cosmere stuff is basically to place things in the dedicated board for them (i.e. new released will have a section specifically just for them, and talking about them in any other board requires using the spoiler box - and a warning it is about them - if you absolutely must bring them up in that discussion, though its better to keep that entirely restricted to the spoiler boards), and if the topic covers the whole of the Cosmere then it goes in the Cosmere discussion section rather than that of a specific book or series. This is a general Stormlight idea, that of a cool reversal of the Knight-Spren relationship, so it likely would be best to post this sort of topic in the Stormlight board. Anyhow, I hope you have fun here and posting in the forum! (And I hope your potatoes turned out well! Were you making chips?)
  4. While it would contradict my "Silverlight is Ambition's corpse" theory (or at least require some reworking), it would be interesting if Mercy followed - or, if as I suspect, Mercy was physically somewhere else in the Cosmere while Ambition and Odium were in the Threnodite system and Odium, as the Shard of Conflict and Opposites, was able to bring Mercy into the fight in the Spiritual Realm as an antithesis to Ambition (as Mercy would be primarily selfless and focused on helping others at one's own expense, while Ambition is primarily selfish and focused on helping oneself at the expense of others), and afterwards Mercy tracked down the wounded Ambition while Odium was unable to do so, drawn by Ambition's pain - and then "mercy killed" Uli Da, and then picked up fragments to protect nearby worlds from the harm they might do - a selfless act that would change Mercy - then Mercy would be changed, and possibly pick up some of Ambition's ... ambitions, while still being "mostly" Mercy. Thus Mercy would be warped into the darker facet - wanting to "help" others, but in ways they don't want, and in ways that, at least slightly, help Mercy. Ruin didn't want to Ruin itself, but Preservation wasn't focused on self preservation, and indeed seemed to have planned for its own nature to be changed in the formation of Harmony, who would be better able to preserve Scadrial and possibly the whole of the Cosmere. I feel Mercy, driven to help others, would be one of the Shards least affected by the desire to remain "pure," and would be more likely to let itself be changed if it helped others - and once changed, but still at least mostly selfless, Mercy might be the most dangerous Shard after Odium to the status quo - a Shard unburdened by the desire to remain as it is, but fully prepared to change. Ambition likely would have sought out the other Shards to consume them, which might be why Odium feared her, but Mercy combined with traces of Ambition ... that Shard almost certainly would seek out more power, to "help" others, and to do so in a way that both "hurts" and "helps" themselves.
  5. Maybe this should be in the Stormlight or General Cosmere section, but I do like this idea. I remember reading somewhere on the forums someone had the theory that that was what Voidbinding is. RoW spoilers:
  6. Brandon has uploaded the SoS: https://www.brandonsanderson.com/state-of-the-sanderson-2022/ Reading through it now, but anyhow, for those who've been waiting, it's up
  7. That doesn't seem unreasonable to me - it also depends on whether it was recording all the attached media, the page logs and discussion, etc. so 3 Gigs probably is a fair representation of the coppermind, with most of that being the more admin and historically related stuff. If you can try again, see if you can instruct it not do download discussion pages, page histories, etc. Either way, I'm glad this worked out for you
  8. Strongly implied that most humans elsewhere in the Cosmere came from Yolen, with only a few exceptions (though see below in that those few exceptions might imply they made more): Interestingly, humans are stated to be on other worlds before the Shattering, though perhaps those are only relatively recent colonies, though he implies some believe they were separate creations: Which means Scadrial isn't one of the planet being considered here. And an interesting wrinkle, depending on how subtle Brandon is being in how he phrased this, but before the Shattering their was worldhopping, but "very very rarely": So that really would seem to depend on whether a few rare instances, followed by a massive exodus, would count as "a few instances," or if that completely rules out large scale travel, even if only briefly. Brandon is fond of carefully wording his responses to throw people off (remember the question of Kelsier joining the Ghostbloods, and how Brandon's wording implied a hypothetical possibility of joining them and then rising to become their leader, as opposed to the now implied reality that Kelsier founded them?) so some of this could imply he's just talking about Scadrial for the earlier quotes, but that last quote very much is subject to personal opinion on what would constitute a few instances, and if one ore more exoduses over the entire span of time prior to the Shattering would count or not - or if some force swept up a large group of humans prior to the Shattering and placed them on other worlds would count as well, if the humans didn't have a say in it or didn't know what was happening.
  9. Funny Mistborn reference
  10. It would be interesting if Dragonsteel involved, as one of the plots within it, humans fleeing Yolen because of whatever issue eventually forced the Shattering - so many people saw their only option being to flee or to kill their deity. I believe many of the planets were stated to have been named before the Shattering - I need to look that up again - but that could explain it, if there were worldhoppers prior to the Shattering, exploring the Cosmere either to escape or find a solution. Perhaps gathering the Dawnshards required travelling to other planets, with the Dawnshards originally being scattered throughout the Cosmere - so a quest plot that foreshadows many of the other worlds in the Cosmere, with primordial Roshar, for example, being visited, or Threnody scouted by Uli Da before she went to claim it, and Bavadin, as a mortal, inspecting Taldain.
  11. It might be possible using WinHTTrack to download the site and preserve the internal links, but I haven't used that program very often and I believe you have to do some wrangling to get it to work with wikis, though I could be mistaken on that. I'll give it a try in a few days, but if anyone else wants to give it a try that might be a good idea too.
  12. Hi Robin, or I guess Ookla the Cloud :P I suddenly had the urge to message you and check if you are okay or see how you are doing, but it looks like I can't send messages to you for some reason ... well, I hope this more public message isn't a problem then :) I hope you are well, and I hope you are having a wonderful day and I hope you also have a wonderful week and month. Take care!

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      Robin Sedai

      Hey Ixthos! I'm doing fairly well at the moment. Thanks so much for asking, I'm genuinely touched that you care :wub:You're a lovely person and I hope you're doing well too!

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      Thank you ^_^ I'm glad to hear that! 

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      (I pressed enter too soon) You're a lovely person too!

  13. Welcome back once again to the Flexiprompts! Today's list is smaller than last time, being only two prompts, but I hope to also use this time to give a brief summary of what I'd like to do with some of the future posts. If you're interested, read the spoiler box below. Otherwise, feel free to skip to the dice rolling section! So, once again once again, grab a d6, or use Google's dice roll function, and choose from the following: If you rolled a 1, 2, or 3, go to to Spoiler Box A If you rolled a 4, 5, or 6, go to Spoiler Box B Spoiler Box A Spoiler Box B I hope whoever is reading this is having a great day, and I hope you have a wonderful week!
  14. I did! And thank you, that was amazing!
  15. I only found out about this last night when I watched SFDebris' reupload of his review of Mask of the Phantasm, and saw he dedicated the video to Mr. Conroy. As soon as I heard, I remembered this clip: May the LORD God bless his soul and grant him rest and peace.