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  1. Going off of that, as Kureshi said, does the origins of the power need to be examined? Is it important to the plot that the power be examined in detail, its dynamics and why it has them impacting the plot? One possibility is that it is like oil, or nuclear power - either something left over from something before and a limited resource that they are accessing without realising it is finite and possibly damaging, or another branch of physics which they understand or make use of without understanding.
  2. I actually posted a topic a while ago about a verbal system on Sel - see here if you would like to read it - which addressed the idea of being able to do commands verbally. The main thrust of that and how it relates to this, however, is that as I noted earlier, each system seems to be unique in how it is done, and there is still a geographical component to each. There is a body movement system, a drawing system, an anatomical system, and three stamp systems, plus others which we don't have information on. Combining them all together would mean a loss, so if all became ChayShan then there would be no more drawing systems. If the Rose Empire spread and all became part of it, then there would be no more body movement systems. Unless the entire planet becomes homogeneous, then there is little chance a single spoken language could replace all of them while remaining consistent in expression, but there could be a way for a supplemental system to enter into the existing dynamics. And again, we are assuming that the relationship isn't hierarchical, that geography isn't the deciding factor, but instead that cultural perception is at least as important. Theoretically, all the systems do contain a programming component, its just that the syntax is very lax normally, but there is no reason someone couldn't formalise a method of using one system or a combination that isn't rigidly structured, it just wouldn't be the only way to use it.
  3. It probably would be convenient, but would it become a system in its own right? I suspect yes, but that is the main point of the question though :-P Or would the systems push back, making people only able to speak or use on language? That is the question - how far can cultures affect the magic and how far can the magic affect cultures?
  4. Sorry for taking so long to respond, its been a very draining few days emotionally. @Karger I'm not quiet following? I assume that it might be possible for one land to assimilate another, but I don't know if the entire planet could be combined into a single cognitive area with a single languages and expression. Is that what you meant? @Calderis I like your example, basically its the Eval expression in a sense, or a macro. That definitely would be cool, and I'd like to see that. However, I don't think the objection necessarily applies to what I presented. The example you provided is mainly focusing on AonDor, and we are assuming rules for the other systems would be the same, which could well be the case, but isn't necessarily so. Though if it is hierarchical, then yes, no amount of cultural perception is enough to make a language into a magic system which isn't tied to the geography ahead of time work.
  5. I read a bit, but life has been very busy so I wasn't able to go too far - I only recently got enough time to send an audition. I was planning on reading further if I got a role, but I did read part of it. This is encouragement to read more though :-P
  6. No problem :-) this is kind of fun, and even if I don't get a role, it was still an experience :-P Side note, but when I was recording for Windshear, I kept thinking at that last part, about honour: "Hmmm ... no Surgebinding for you." :-P
  7. @Silverblade5 I've submitted audio for three of the parts, so if you are interested you can give them a listen. I'm thinking of sending in for Firefly as well, as even though I'm a man my voice is normally a bit high pitched and I'm fairly often called "Ma'am" on the phone ... so I practiced a much more clearly male voice. With regards to that, I was debating about sending this in for Captain Typhoon, but decided against it - I don't think this is the voice they would go for :-P Captain Typhoon 03.mp3
  8. Edit the first post. That will be five rand, please :-P
  9. Interesting setting and idea - what is the nature of the Oort cloud colonies though? Are they stations in that region, or built into the materials that make up the cloud? Also, when you say the inner region, do you mean just inside where the cloud starts, or in the cloud, but closer to the system it orbits? If I may offer some advice, for a non technical audience you might want to give some context to the significance of the particles you mentioned, so what forces they tie to or possible applications, etc., otherwise it just seems like random names devoid of a guiding context.
  10. I'm glad we could be of help :-) what might be a good idea is if we give you some examples off the cuff of some world building, so quickly do some world building on some new settings in this thread to show as examples at the retreat, along with the world building from published authors such Brandon and others' work? @Invocation, @Kureshi Ironclaw, @Eagle of the Forest Path, what do you think? I'll start, and I'll do this stream of consciousness style with a new setting. Seed ideas: Initial: Refined: Thats it for now - I'll add more to this later, but as an example as the ideas came I hope this is helpful.
  11. @Elandera I'm guessing you've watched Brandon's videos and listened to Writing Excuses, so I'll say my own take on the topic :-) :-P In order: First, decide if you are world building to make a setting, and based on that setting make a story, or are you starting with the idea of a story, and from that making a setting for it? It doesn't have to exclusively be one or the other, but decide where you are beginning. One might require more world building than the other, but deciding on this helps with answering the next question. Second, when you world build, first decide how much you are planning on doing, and how much you need before you start writing - it is too easy to get wrapped up in a cycle of figuring out new elements. Instead, choose how far you need to go on vital parts, and then focus on them - focus however doesn't mean ignore the rest. Is the politics of the world important? Then focus on that. Is the geography of the world unimportant? Then don't focus on that, but you can still have elements of that involved as well when you plan, and it might partially support the politics, or allow you to spark off a subplot. Which leads to the next point. Thirdly, once you start world building, for any given section you world build, think in three ways - how does it tie to the past (as in, what in the past could have caused this), how does it tie to the future (as in, what are its implications), and how does it tie to the present (as in, how does this element interact with other current elements). Most importantly, how do they come together to produce inevitable outcomes where two current events lead to an inevitable third in the future, or are both the result of something in the past, and so on and so on? Considering how they interact might also allow you to realise areas which need to be changed or given more explanation or support, or which could actually drive the story. Fourthly, even if you are world building for the sake of the story, its okay to make a section of the settings background independent of the main story. There is no need to shoehorn it in, but you can also use it to hint at the greater depth and complexity the setting has, even if it doesn't directly contribute to the main plot - but remember the second bulletpoint above! Fifthly, it doesn't have to actually be as deep as it looks, but as long as you have a general idea about what isn't being shown, that can be enough - but if you like, then go deeper, but not at the expanse of not telling the story, if you want to tell a story. Sections of world building I enjoy usually varies in a story, but I like technologies and how they impact a society, different cultures interacting and being confused by one another, or just accepting that it is one of those things those crazy foreigners or aliens do (especially when that is an attitude both cultures or species have for one another). Symbiosis, culturally or technologically or biologically, robots, etc. are what I like, as well as colonies starting to form or having to support themselves while dealing with dangers. Wars where the complexity and issues are shown, where the heroic side - if there is a clearly heroic side - has its own evil men fighting for it, and the villains have their own noble warriors who fight to protect a home that doesn't deserve their loyalty. Hope this is helpful!
  12. @Silverblade5 It looks interesting, and I'm looking more into it now. I would possibly be willing to help, but I don't have a professional microphone, though doing voice work is something I've wanted to do for a while now. Do you know if not having a proper mic would be a problem?
  13. In a sense, considering how Leras gained the shard of Preservation ... he actually is a murderer. Its also possible that knife is the method used - maybe every vessel has one, or Leras once was a killer but turned his back on it - aside from the shattering - and this is why his attitude matches Preservation, though he kept his knife.
  14. This isn't a discussion on reforging Honour, but rather the final state Honour or the new shard formed from Honour and parts of the others will end up. In a sense, if the topic of Honour is like discussing ice cream, then this topic is about how Honour will be a ten-layer cone with each layer its own flavour. You are discussing the merits of the flavour of ice cream being chocolate over vanilla, and there being only one layer. They are related, but distinct, and discussing the one can touch on the other, but shouldn't overshadow it. There actually is precedent for this, which I have addressed earlier, but to recap the Cosmere reasons for this, I will place it in spoilers
  15. @LerasiumMistborn I appreciate your frustration at what seems certain to you will happen, but perhaps you should address that issue in another thread. It might be better if you make a topic addressing what you think will happen with Kaladin becoming Honour, or fixing the shard, rather than Dalinar, and let this thread remain mainly about the idea of Honour being held by a committee. I appreciate how you feel, I really do, and it might be best if you did that to allow the conversation you would like to have about Dalinar and Kaladin to develop in a thread focused on that topic.