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  1. “All went dark around Dalinar, and he entered a place between his world and the visions. A place with a black sky and an infinite floor of bone white rock. Shapes made of smoke seeped through the stone ground, then rose around him, dissipating. Common things. A chair, a vase, a rockbud. Sometimes people.” “”What was that place” Dalinar asked. IT IS NO PLACE.” “I IMAGINED IT, the Stormfather said more softly, as if he were admitting something embarrassing.” “Dalinar had never heard anything so philosophical from the Stormfather. He hadn’t imagined it was possible that a spren—even a mighty one of the highstorms—could dream in such a way.”
  2. Yay I found it! It’s chapter 34 in Oathbringer.
  3. Which chapter does the stormfather talk about his “no place”? What do you think about this idea in relation to the visions that Dalinar sees that the stormfather didn’t send? Maybe it’s something similar.
  4. Because it’s COOL... Sorry that’s not very helpful.
  5. Welcome Truthwatch3r , love your topic title.
  6. How did you guys take anything Argent said seriously while he’s jingling? Also congratulations!! @Chaos
  7. I don’t know if this is what you mean but intent and expectations are important in cosmere magic. Questioner Why can Stormlight heal Lopen's arm, but can't heal Kaladin's scars? Brandon Sanderson Because *photo pause* a lot of the healing in the Cosmere works on principles of expectation and how you envision yourself. Questioner So Kaladin has accepted the scars. Brandon Sanderson Kaladin has accepted the scars, and Lopen never accepted the one arm. It's a good question, it's one I am hoping people will ask. [...] It's one of these ties when I built the magic systems that I wanted certain threads to run through them, so when I eventually have them being used in the same books, that there will be consistency among them, that so they won't feel like everything's just thrown together. So, for instance, the intention and expectation, for instance, in Warbreaker-- What you want to have happened influences what does happen, the expectation, the way you are thinking about things. Very important for most of the Cosmere magics. Also tangentially related I think Vasher came to the point that he actually could mentally command without speaking. With at least some of the commands.
  8. I noticed on the star chart for the threnodite system that all of the names are types of songs or poems. (I think they might all be lamentations also.) The only outlier is the name purity. If I would have seen this before I read forests of hell, I would have guessed that the magic system had something to do with music or something similar. But there’s no indication of that in the story. Perhaps the names have religious and historical origins? Does anyone have a theory?
  9. Hey, what’s up. Here is a wob: Questioner How big are the beads from Shadesmar? Brandon Sanderson ...Bean-size, not as big as spheres. Questioner Spheres are the size of your thumbnail, right? Brandon Sanderson Spheres are a little bigger than that. They're like a big marble. Not quite as big as a shooter
  10. I wasn’t even considering plans that go past Roshar... that would be awesome.
  11. @Xardan Ta'Caran I like that part about Honor acting selflessly. I was thinking more along the lines of Odium using some sort of after effect of splintering as something he could shape/manipulate into a weapon. Sort of like the unmade. He might not have complete control over the unmade considering that .
  12. I wonder if he gains some sort of power each time he splinters a shard.
  13. Hi, what’s your favorite book? And what’s your Hoid theory?
  14. Kelsier j/k. I think Goradel’s death was pretty brutal. The guy was just trying to be brave and got himself killed.
  15. Yeah, it could definitely just be a sculpture without any significance. I thought the waves were an interesting detail though.