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  1. The 5 scholars researched this extensively which resulted in Nightblood’s creation. I think even more would have been discovered if Nightblood had not been so terrifying.
  2. Welcome! I had a similar experience. I was like “there is an entire site full of nerds just like me!!??? I want to go to there...” And it’s awesome, but I mostly just read. Otherwise known as stalking.
  3. Nice! I like your chart, it makes me think of Unordinary. The writer will sometimes include charts, and it’s super cool to see how the powers interact.
  4. That was awesome! Every time I reread Mistborn I wish this elaboration was in the series. Thank you for sharing. This was my favorite line, so so good. Perfect name for the story by the way!
  5. Hi!

    Hi! You should link to your album when you finish it. I’m always interested in hearing new stuff. I’d love to give it a listen. Welcome to the shard, have fun!
  6. Congratulations to the Shard, yay!
  7. I agree. It’s not totally clear what Brandon means by there’s some fuzziness. That could mean afew different things.
  8. That’s interesting, I haven’t seen that unmade theory before. The most persuasive thing you said was tying Taln into it. Cool theory
  9. @RShara do you think perhaps her parents knew more than what was commonly known at the time?
  10. Hello!
  11. @Mage_914 Welcome! Have you read the 2nd era mistborn books?
  12. Although I don’t want that to happen, I still kinda want to see it... My apologies to the OP I’m not very good at staying on topic.
  13. Ha. Yeah how bad could that turn out?
  14. I’m speaking more to the relationship she has with Vasher. What could he have possibly done that isn’t similar to the way she operates herself? I mean she’s carrying around a new awakened blade.
  15. @R J that’s it, I’m changing my username to ZombieBugsBunny