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  1. Cool, thanks
  2. Can u post a vine scene like ur talking about or point me to a chapter? I thought that was just a peculiarity of Roshar. I wasn’t connecting it to the spren theme. That’s a cool idea
  3. Right, that’s part of why I’m like is this a thing?
  4. Well there goes my theory... thanks a lot @Calderis nice catch on that Shallan POV @Rakei
  5. I think that because there are 9 that it’s a hint they come from Braize. Or Ashyn (I’ve been trying to find a wob that tells what number Ashyn is associated with) which could mean they are the gods the voibringers brought with them maybe??
  6. Welcome to the land of endless speculation
  7. Best sentence ever
  8. I had totally forgotten this until someone brought it up. @IllNsickly Kaladin managed to do SOMETHING to the Spren tormenting Gavinor in the throne room scene with Syl as a Shardblade. I can’t quote the scene, but I recall Syl saying that she didn’t think that even a Shardblade could kill a Spren, and it disturbed her quite a lot.
  9. Stick.
  10. What would ur planet look like?
  11. Omg ur landlord is a world hopper. He also owns property on other planets
  12. wiresegal [PENDING REVIEW] What color is stick in the Physical Realm? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] STICK #2 wiresegal [PENDING REVIEW] Why did Rashek leave two sticks at the Well? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] STICK #3 CrazyRioter [PENDING REVIEW] Would Stick have wanted to bond with Stick if she were alive? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] I think stick. #4 Lightweaver Gaz [PENDING REVIEW] At one point in Shadows of Self, Wayne goes on a stick ride with a boatman named Stick. Any chance that could be the same Stick that works for Stick? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] STICK
  13. @i’m in the details I’m going to sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about because I dont know what I’m talking about but... what do u think is happening with the shapeshifting as far as the aspect of identity? I was just thinking about Kaladin and how he can’t get rid of his slave brand. Sick name btw I laughed out loud
  14. I would have done the same thing if I had thought of it. Interesting. It sounds like from the wob that Brandon wants to keep the possibilities open to do something like this.
  15. that is a very misleading name for ur topic... but also clever.