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  1. @Frustration The breaking of gemstones obviously had happened when Shallan had soulcast the Wind's Pleasure. I've edited my first post above with the quote. Maybe this was because he didn't "work" with the Stormlight rather than unconsciously use it for healing? Also he had Syl's help. You're right but isn't this the kind of Lashing that uses the least amount of Stormlight. When he did the feat with the shield he also certainly had more than one sphere on his body, IIRC.
  2. As far as I understand it, the tuning forks don't "instantly remove all Stormlight" from a gem. At least I don't read the following passage from Rhythm of War, Chapter 69, first two and a half paragraphs, this way: Also earlier in Rhythm of War when the Sibling sent Navani and the others to fill the first node, it didn't seem like a instantaneous transfer of Stormlight -- the need to hurry wouldn't have arisen. edit and adding: I've seen or heard it theorizing that when Shallan soulcast the Wind's Pleasure in Words of Radiance (almost at the end of chapter 7) the "cracks" she heard were gems breaking. I don't recall, though, where I'd heard/read this but I will add the quote from Words of Radiance. This seems rather distinctly told?
  3. theory

    In advance: My English still isn't very good (even given all the English -- mostly Brandon's -- books I've read since I stumbled over BS :)) also I've never been good in physics. :) When I read this I recalled this scene from Words of Radiance: What those spren do, I don't have an idea. :) Anyways sticking objects together is something windspren -- and Syl -- can do themselves, without "human" intervention. That was my impression also -- with the added effect that the ground drained them of Stormlight what might be caused by Ishar having combined the "Physical Adhesion" with "Spiritual Adhesion" by "making their powers see the stones as part of their body". IMHO Spiritual Adhesion is creating a "spiritual" (or/and cognitive?) bond, as it was with Dalinar in Azir. Unfortunately Rock wasn't there to tell us whether there also were spren involved. I don't think that Kaladin even thought about such a possibility. Would he know about Connection? So for reasons of simplification Spiritual Adhesion is creation something that doesn't bind "things" together while Physical Adhesion it is when physical things get bound.
  4. I apologize for my wisecracking (especially because I had missed that Weltall already told :(). Also, even without dyslexia I also can easily make typos, so don't worry. Sorry, again. Thus: Don't be angry about yourself.
  5. Additionally to what was already said I'd like to throw in this WoB: So there is some connection happening even before Syl (and sorry, I can't help myself but mention this, her name is Sylphrena and her nickname is Syl, not Sly :D) and Kaladin consciously met and came together. I guess, though, that we should not forget that Kaladin did train hard after Tien's death. As to why he failed when he tried in the training grounds there already are answers but besides his mental problems at this time he also was recovering from a serious physical injury what (as I can imagine) messed up his balance.
  6. At first I like to steal The Cosmere Unaware's disclaimer. ;) I ... don't like Shallan very much. Though differently -- in fact diametrically opposite to The Cosmere Unaware's impressions -- I had more problems with Shallan in The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. Maybe that's because I'm kind of envying her: A young girl (16 years isn't quite mature, I'd say) coming from a secluded rural home, simply goes out in the world to "hunt" an important person and steal from that person. So I asked myself: Where did she get that strong self-assurance? For me, her behavior was just one big contradiction. Okay, we learn more about her in Words of Radiance, especially in her flashbacks. That she was confined to the family's house, without (too) much contact with other people. That she'd gone through at least three major traumatic events (killing her mother at age 11 and murdering -- even strangling! -- her father at age 15), breaking her bond with Testament (and with this losing her only special, understanding and helpful friend), and other rather drastic experiences. All the more reasons to lack confidence, IMHO. But no, she just grows and grows and learns in a speed that seems unreal for me. I see, that she was under a certain pressure to grow but anyways, it felt overstated for me. I see, that a lot of her achievements are from creating illusions (not only the lightweaving but also the different personas). Only later, especially in Rhythm of War, were some of her "mysteries" about her personas got resolved, and where I learned, that those are not (only) illusions but part of her mental problems, it was that I didn't mind her too much anymore. Maybe, over the course of four books, I just got more used to her, and I want to know about her childhood as there still are holes. Aside from liking or not liking Shallan in general, she (and others, like Kaladin, Dalinar, Taravangian and more) feels off to me because there (often) are no repercussions after having done bad or just dumb things. I apologize for blabbing so much but I wanted to tell. :)
  7. Like so many: Adolin and Syl. :) Having people like them caring and helping, that's something I can only dream about. Also as an "add on" Adolin's care for Maya and Gallant. ("Never be afraid to show a little respect to those you depend on.") The not-anymore-Blackthorn Dalinar even though he had to be "forced" onto this new way. Kaladin because he lives his motivation. Syl and Kaladin (except the sometimes too lengthy fight scenes), Bridge Four, Rysn, Lift, and last but not least, Renarin. ;) Confusing? Raboniel (she confused me because I wanted to believe here sincerity). Intriguing, hmm. Wit and Pattern (because I still don't get what I can take for true and when he lied, despite the lies he already admitted). Oh, Yalb, Syl, Pattern and Rock. ;) And: Kaladin in the chapter where they had to learn riding. ;) I literally "laughed out loudly" when I read this. :P (I like horses, as one might figure. :D) The "still-Blackthorn" Dalinar, especially about the way he treated Evi. Amaram, I hated him from the very first time he appeared on screen. Moash for his betrayal and going trough with his (petty) revenge. Lezian for his dumb tradition. And though I love Kaladin, I would like to give him some slapping, especially for being so dumb and naive to give the Shardblade and Shardplate to Moash. Kaladin though I feel that he's worse than I am but at the same time stronger than I am (but this might be because he has Syl and his powers which let him go on when "normal" people wouldn't be able to; thus his realization that he might have ended up in one of those "sanatoriums" would things have gone differently). There is the scene after Dalinar told him he'd be released from active duty and when Kaladin came to his rooms he just broke down. (I know this feeling: "He wanted to cry, because at least this would be a release. ... wishing he could shrivel away.") Navani and Kaladin (I can't help myself :) and Teft. Oh, that's hard. :) One might expect that I would say Kaladin but, no. I'd like to have him as a friend but not being in a relationship with him. To be honest, I can't say. Even though I love and hate characters they are just fictional, I can't talk with them, get to know them as people, experience them interacting with me. None.
  8. Are there "capital G" Gods (plural)? I mean, in one and the same culture or religion? I admittedly don't remember. So it is, IMHO? I agree with Wyndlerunner that I think it's intentional by BS that he doesn't talk about the Beyond. I don't get here whether you're talking of God or god, sorry. The definition of "god"/"deity" seems to go in this direction though this is not necessarily the definition of "God" (in real life, as here the "capital G" is an invention of monotheistic religions). For some religions on Earth: yes. Hmm, for each planet/culture/region a Shard can be "God" (for example as the Almighty is/was for the Vorins). In addition I dare hint that on some Shardworlds people worship the "God Beyond" or "Unknown God" though we don't know yet whether the "God Beyond" is related to the Beyond. Now there's a new reply to my yet unfinished edit. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. The only quote I remembered -- though it's rather old already -- is this from 2016: (source) This would bring the Beyond again into this. It doesn't help with the initial question, though, but would hint more at it the "sun" in the Cognitive Realm being a "sort of unreachable backdrop thing".
  10. I couldn't agree more Hahaha?? ... Is sarcasm a proper response here? I mean, I might misinterpret you, Frustration, but I feel you're making fun on a simple typo? Please clarify. Thank you.
  11. Oh my, indeed I maybe should have read at least the Coppermind article on Light before answering. I made good for this now. Re-reading the corresponding chapters in Rhythm of War might also help. :) It seems I was misleading Waffles. Thanks Leuthie for your post.
  12. I feel like the Investiture doesn't have an Intent(ion) itself. It's the Shards (and by extension Splinters etc.) that have Intents. Also the Shards' Vessels have Intents which not always fully align with their Shard's. People have to have a special Intent to use Investiture (it depends on the Investiture itself). That said, I don't think that being a loving person would be enough or the right "Intent" to create anti-Voidlight. Otherwise, I'm sure, a lot of anti-Voidlight would already be around on Roshar. Thus I'd say that no Investiture carries any Intent or anti-Intent. I guess you already read the respective articles on the coppermind wiki or looked through the Arcanum? If not, I strongly recommend doing it. *Disclaimer: I'm not up to date and rusty on my cosmere knowledge.
  13. Happy Birthday! 

  14. For a longer while I was only reading the forums. Today as was to be expected I found those posts about the results in USA. I'm not from the USA but I am afraid. Your 'shared' post, Kaymyth, just hits the bull's eye (the nail on the head, whatever :) translating idioms is not that easy) and one passage I'd like to *steal* if it is okay for you, Kaymyth. This passage: This because I'm afraid I will have to use it here in Germany, especially Bavaria, soon also. I hope for all of you in USA -- and for the rest of the world -- that it won't get that bad as it seems from what this person told during the events prior to the choice told.
  15. I admit that I didn't read the thread but honestly that "editor" is an imposition. I've written a long answer then at first the preview only showed a part of it ... okay, I thought, try it: I click submit and get there is NO answer but a "message" near the submit button "this field is required". Also there is no save button or automatic save as it had been in the previous version. Quoting itself is most bothersome as for one has to scroll up to the text, highlight it, click quote, scroll down. I'm sorry, I do respect the work and your time you are investing in this forums but I'm very unhappy with those changes.