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  1. For a longer while I was only reading the forums. Today as was to be expected I found those posts about the results in USA. I'm not from the USA but I am afraid. Your 'shared' post, Kaymyth, just hits the bull's eye (the nail on the head, whatever :) translating idioms is not that easy) and one passage I'd like to *steal* if it is okay for you, Kaymyth. This passage: This because I'm afraid I will have to use it here in Germany, especially Bavaria, soon also. I hope for all of you in USA -- and for the rest of the world -- that it won't get that bad as it seems from what this person told during the events prior to the choice told.
  2. I admit that I didn't read the thread but honestly that "editor" is an imposition. I've written a long answer then at first the preview only showed a part of it ... okay, I thought, try it: I click submit and get there is NO answer but a "message" near the submit button "this field is required". Also there is no save button or automatic save as it had been in the previous version. Quoting itself is most bothersome as for one has to scroll up to the text, highlight it, click quote, scroll down. I'm sorry, I do respect the work and your time you are investing in this forums but I'm very unhappy with those changes.
  3. Honestly, I'd rather pay and have the possibility to order and get the book than to be teased by knowing it exists and seems unreachable.
  4. Did Mr. Sanderson give any hint whether he would allow discussion about the prose version after the graphic version is released (the first part)? I've to admit that as of yet I didn't think about differences. A compromise might be that on the upcoming White Sand forum a spoiler requirement is stipulated as in "everything regarding the prose novel is to put in spoiler tags". I honestly don't think it viable to indicate the prose novel readers to private messages when the graphic novel is released. Also I can imagine that one would unconsciously type a post without thinking of where the source comes from (prose or graphic). Spoiler requirements shall be easier to be enforced than full prohibition. If any discussion about the prose version will be prohibited after the release of the graphic novel, I really don't have an idea aside from intense moderating.
  5. I'm not sure this is to find on Theoryland, though I'm a search-engine-sucker. I only found these two quotes that seem to be a little outdated if you are recalling this correctly, Oversleep.
  6. Can you please give sources for the "bits we've known"?
  7. I'm worried. As of yet Mr. Sanderson said (plainly) that the shades on Threnody were cognitive shadows. Some examples: or: and a last example: But now he's differentiating: Do I misunderstand the older statements? Or is there some discrepancy? Another uncertainty of mine. In the same transcription there is a question about "lithium" used "to charge". I take that this question also meant "Is lithium Ettmetal?" I'd appreciate help. And merely related: I understood the answer to the Iyatil-question also simply as for that she is a descendant of some Southern Scadrians. I think I recall that Mr. Sanderson also said that she wasn't born on Roshar (see here and the following posts there). Oudeis post made me wonder if the Southern Scadrians took to were masks to protect their faces from the sun and the heat post-TLR-Ascension and pre-Catacendre?
  8. At first I honestly apologize to everybody who might feel bad because of my wording. I didn't want to make anybody sad. On the contrary my insistence comes from my view (that might be screwd up a bit?) on some terms. I also apologizes for the impression I gave apparently, that somebody with such issues schould be forced to receive therapy. I didn*t want to imply that they must change. On the contrary. But there also might be ones around who decide for therapy on their own record. Also it might be a lingual problem as well as one of my own perception. As I tried to explain, my insistence is caused by my feeling about some words. Honestly, if somebody calls me ill, that comes right for me: I am ill, so why shouldn't that be said? On the other hand "Insanity" has a bad connotion for me, it's devaluing and makes me think of former mad houses. Thus I for myself prefer "ill" over "insane". Though reading those posts I get the impression that in the English language its otherwise around? On Autism being an illness or not I'd add that it is listed in ICD-10 also, which seems to be standard while the DSM-V is rarely used. "The other person"? Is that me? Anyway that differentiation you're making eludes me. I'd appreciate an explanation. I'm sorry for once again straying off topic. Probably a mod might split that thread?
  9. That runs actually along my thoughts: I'd guess Wax is jealous. We don't know how he behaved around Lessie. But then, she had a 100% contrary character than Steris has. I can imagine that Wayne just wants to have Wax only for himself and doesn't want to share him with others, at least not with somebody who'll get very close to Wax. That feeling of Wayne's might be subconscious but I'm rather sure it is part of his behavior. As about insanity: That seems to be a sore spot for me but I have to repeat myself: Steris is not insane, she is ill, not insane. Also Wayne isn't insane. Both of them have issues that might be cured with the applying therapy (so a soother or rioter wouldn't be such IMHO). If anyone is insane that might apply to TLR or Uncle Edwarn/Mr. Suit. At least my comprehension of the word "insane" is connoted very negatively.
  10. It is exactly this: "a crazy woman" what makes me like Wayne less. That might be obvious from my first post in this thread. He himself being "crazy" (if one wants to put having some issues that way -- I myself don't approve of such terms) IMHO makes him even less capable of judghing others' "crazyness". Funnily that term ("freedom of speech") struck me in Aeromancer's post. Throwing in fundamental rights in a discussion about a fictional character is way off on such forums. Also, one shall not forget, each fundamental right has its limits!
  11. I would not say I hate Wayne but he surely isn't my favorite character. I have to admit that I kind of refused reading Alloy of Law for a long time though I had the book. This partially because of the "Wayne hype" I saw in some threads. When I finally started with AoL I was instantly caught by Steris. And one of the first things I got to read from Wayne was him calling Steris insane. Hence he had a bad bad start with me. Now, three books later I just feel mostly indifferent in regard to him, though -- no, because -- he himself has a lot of flaws, I still loathe his early comment about Steris. I might have been biased against him because everybody else seems to love him.
  12. @ The Young Bard: I tried another browser, but it doesn't work. Seem to be a problem with mobile devices probably or with Android OS? @ Joe: I know that there is no access aside from adding interviews. Either way I'll stick to PC when I need something from Theoryland. Thank you anyway. edit ... now all is fully broken. I crashed it all O_o Okay, that looks better than with break-tags and an img-tag for a smilie.
  13. Steris?
  14. I had a similar question in mind concerning Nightblood. Or is that one already answered? Though I'd have asked whether Nightblood would dissolve as does an Elantrian. I am not "up to date", though. A follow up question would be if the same would happen with the *pool* on the Horneater Peaks. A question out of curiosity: why is your question about Adolin's Blade?
  15. Though I don't have same the error as Alfa has I add my question here: I have bought a tablet, and tried to search on theoryland. Without success Neither when I click on a tag in the list nor when I use the search, I get any results. On the contrary I's always get the main page. I've never had that problem before though using different computers and different browsers. On the tablet I tried the default browser as well as chrome. Has anybody an idea? edit: It's an android tablet which I am not in any way used too yet.