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  1. I disliked Oathbringer so I was wondering about whether I should continue on with the series. I'm glad I did because I really liked this book! I felt it was a bit too long, but still epic. I'm writing a review mostly so i remember what happened in this book lol.

    Navini- Her arc was so cool. It was interesting to read about her past relationship with Gavilar and see her mourn her sons death. My favorite part was when Gavilar said she "wasn't worthy" and I finally felt like I understood her character and why she has this weird mix of confidence and insecurity that made her kind of off-putting to me before. When the Sibling told her she wasn't worthy and she was like >:|  love that for her. I think that too much time was spent on her and Raboniel discovering fabrials or whatever. It was a little interesting but mostly boring.

    Venli- I looooooooooooved reading Venli's pov. New favorite character?? Her character is so complex and her motivations feel so real. The flashbacks were beautifully written. My favorite moment was when she first tried out her radiant powers and heard the songs of the stones. When Eashoni got to ride the storm and see the world before she died? :'( 

    Kaladin- I think his depression was written well, and it was interesting to see him interact with his family. His dad is so annoying omg. The parts where he was learning to use the fabriel glove and setting up a better treatment for the mental patients was kind of boring, and maybe over written. I think the ending was so epic though it made up for it. All his fights with the Pursuer were so siiiiiick.

    Shallan- I've always disliked the way Shallan's split personality arch was dealt with, it was one of the main reasons I disliked Oathbringer so much. I'm glad she's working towards mending her personality and that Veil is gone. I thought it was boring how much time was spent on her being suspicious of her friends because like...obviously it wasn't gonna be one of them idk. I was surprised that Radiant killed Ialia and that Shallan has had 2 spren! Those were good twists. I'm so glad she didn't join with the ghostbloods.

    Adolin- My boi is too good for this world, too pure.

    Dalinar- I never really cared about anything his character did in this book lol It felt disconnected.

    Jasnah- Kind of cool. She's trying too hard, but I guess that's the point. Her and Wit's relationship was unexpected but I'm not mad at it.

    I want more Renarin content.


  2. Some of my favorite quotes for so far from part one!

    "They are your legacy. Treat them with care. They will define how you are remembered." (Yessss Navini. Also Hamilton vibes?)

    "On and on she went, until each smile made her face feel as if it would crack." (NAvini noo)

    "Heroism is a myth you tell idealistic young people–specifically when you want them to go bleed for you." (oof)

    "We showed him." He almost killed me twice. "I didn't say what we showed him." (Syl is precious) 

    "Like he was a painting hanging in a hallway, watching life stream past." (Kaladin Noooo)

    "You've held yourself together in rougher winds than this. Breath deeply. It will pass." (Kaladin bb imma get you out of there)

    "Freedom, if she was to seek it, would require ambition–in the right place." (Venli has facts)



  3. I'm glad there is a 'wheel of time' portion on this forum! I'm currently on book 4 of the series and I like it v much so far. It feels like the perfect kind of thing to read during quarantine lol. I made some Rand fanart! If anyone has favorite fanarts for WOT please share! I'm scared to go searching for fanart bc I don't want spoilers haha. This is a scene from the 1st book where Rand covers up his 'heron marked blade' with the red tassel thing.




    Hey all! I was looking for a place to put some of my mistborn/stormlight archive fan-art where poeple might actually be interested in seeing it lol I always love seeing fan-art of books I love. I've read all of the stormlight archive (what there is so far) and have only read the first mistborn book. No mistborn spoilers please! I'm still waiting on the second book. It's cool that Brandon has such a nice fan forum. I wish other books I liked had fandoms with such orginized sites so people can be nerds and fangirls in peace. Get ready for some mediocre fan art ya'll! Once I figure out how the gallery thing works...


  5. Hey does anyone know where I could find these additions at a regular price. Like are they out of print or something? Just curious if someone knows of a

    place where I could by these for like 20-ish bucks each? I'm poor but I love art and the only ones I can find are like 40 bucks each or something D: side note: Does anyone know the artist? Sorry for all the questions, but this is a Sanderson forum and I have no where else to turn lol. Thanks ^^

    If I post a picture of them it say's it's spam...they're like..the colorful ones? They're beautiful :'(