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  1. amazing!!
  2. it's true tho haha
  3. From the album The Wheel of Time Fanart

    some Perrin fanart! He's the man of my dreams.
  4. omg this is awesome! So detailed
  5. Thanks! I think so too haha
  6. From the album The Wheel of Time Fanart

    She's firebending.
  7. Thank you! She's plotting something I think lol
  8. Thank you!
  9. dude those clouds are amaaazing
  10. Thank you! My artstyle is not very consistent lol I'm trying to move away from line work these days so any artist who uses flat shading/not a lot of lines inspires me. I really love heikala's art!
  11. Thank you. I thought a lot about the colors haha. It's Rand from the 1st book when he goes to Caemlyn with Mat and covers up his 'heron marked blade' with the red cord thing!