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  1. Some of my favorite quotes for so far from part one! "They are your legacy. Treat them with care. They will define how you are remembered." (Yessss Navini. Also Hamilton vibes?) "On and on she went, until each smile made her face feel as if it would crack." (NAvini noo) "Heroism is a myth you tell idealistic young people–specifically when you want them to go bleed for you." (oof) "We showed him." He almost killed me twice. "I didn't say what we showed him." (Syl is precious) "Like he was a painting hanging in a hallway, watching life stream past." (Kaladin Noooo) "You've held yourself together in rougher winds than this. Breath deeply. It will pass." (Kaladin bb imma get you out of there) "Freedom, if she was to seek it, would require ambition–in the right place." (Venli has facts)
  2. hmm i guess I imagined everything taking place in a medieval-like time.
  3. From the album The Wheel of Time Fanart

    Aviendha fanart from the wheeeeeeel of time by robert jordan and brandon sanderson.
  4. From the album The Wheel of Time Fanart

    I wanted to finish this book series by the end of this year but I'm still only on book seven of this series. It's slow going.
  5. amazing!!
  6. thank you dude!
  7. it's true tho haha
  8. From the album The Wheel of Time Fanart

    some Perrin fanart! He's the man of my dreams.
  9. omg this is awesome! So detailed
  10. Thanks! I think so too haha
  11. From the album The Wheel of Time Fanart

    She's firebending.
  12. Thank you! She's plotting something I think lol