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  1. Roses are red So is my spleen You freaking spoiled it How dare you, you're mean Roses are red, Violets are average Egwene in Dreamland Is a flipping savage
  2. Okay first off, I have just started on wheel of Time 5 (I think... It's fires of heaven) so please be nic e17 sharders and not spoil anything beyond that okay? Thanks. (And don't judge okay. If I say anything mean about a character, it's because I'm only at the 5th book and frustrated with them) Feel free to reply with your own dinky poems. Yeet Roses are red, Hair can get tangled, Nyneave Al'Meara Deserves to be strangled Roses are red, I like to eat bacon Morgase's lover Is a flipping forsaken Roses are red, Perrin has Faile, Avienda's confusing And so are the Aiel Roses are red Cheese is for grating I have no idea Why the heck I'm berating, But hey let's be prudential We all have that person Who has obvious potential And who seems to always worsen Before you can see them get better And that person is flipping Nyneave Al'freaking Meara The end
  3. My thoughts on Kaladin ships: Shalladin: I actually shipped them for a while, but I think that Shafolin works out best for all of them and their fundamental needs. Shallan is a really unstable person and I think she really needed somebody stable there to help her out and hold on to while she figures herself out. She needs someone who has their own stuff figured out so they can support her and I think as much as Kaladin could have tried, it probably would have been detrimental to both of them if they were together in a romantic relationship. So I actually really think Shadolin works. Syladin: As much as it sounds appealing, seeing as they have a really close friendship already, Syl kind of still acts like a child and it would feel... Weird to have them romantically involved with one another, so I'm just going to say that I don't think it's that great of an idea. And who says that just because you're friends with a girl means you need to be a couple. I think their relationship works just fine how it is, with Syl being there for emotional support, cheering him on, and dragging him out of his brood when necessary. Jasnadin: I think they could maaaaybe work but to be honest I think their core values kind of clash a bit too much. Kaladin values emotions and people and Jasnah values cold logic and the hard truth. And there's the matter of the huge age gap. Also, Kaladin isn't comfortable being a lighteyes, let alone king. Plus, I think Jasnah is fine being single for the time being. Jasnah doesn't really need a romantic relationship. Tarah- I actually would be pretty fine with this. She's probably a pretty stable person and seems chill. And it would be sweet to see the old lovers reunite, if a bit awkward. I really don't think Kaladin's love life would work out as a major plot point, so she'd do great. (Although if it does become one I'm sure Sanderson would make it awesome). Or maybe she got married while they were apart and that would be interesting to see them meet again with her having moved on. That would be interesting. Altogether I think Kaladin needs someone who is stable, is chill, shares some of his core emotional values, and also lets him have space and freedom when he needs to be a watcher at the rim. I don't think it would be that great as a huge plot point, but if he does get a relationship, I just really want it to work out for him.
  4. I would tell Sarene that Raoden was Spirit right away.... Or maybe I wouldn't idk. It frustrated me while reading but I also kind of loved it too
  5. Proof: idk but this reminded my of Amaram and Jasnah and how she roasted him so hard that one time. Anyway, yeah unfortunately not everyone is an adolin, so you can bet some salty guy made women not allowed to fight. Theory: Horses actually aren't native to the planet of Roshar.
  6. Proof: Hoid is a strange egnimatic stranger who once said, "I would watch the whole world burn to get what I need, with many tears but yes" (or something like that idk) and what other cause could he want than instant noodles. And that's why he's hanging out on Roshar, because they are technologically advancing pretty well. Hoid will get his noodles no matter what! Theory: Men aren't allowed to read on roshar because the lady who wrote that was trying to get back at her ex who loved reading.
  7. Proof: Symmetrical stuff is considered divine in the vorin religion, so that had to come from somewhere. Theory: Adonalsium never shattered, instead, all the shards and planets are just her many dogs and cats and other pets.
  8. Proof: May is a month. Roshar doesn't have the same months we do. Mistborn probably does. So therefore, she is kandra. Theory: the radiants are all insane and their spren all result from schizophrenia and hallucinations
  9. Okay guys, I know you all are in a state of distress since there's no cosmere (believe me I am too) but you guys SKYWARD IS COMING OUT NEXR MONTH! I could not be more excited! And he's already started the sequel! How cool is that!
  10. vines

    Okay so I was surfing YouTube a while back watching Vines and Percy Jackson characters as Vines and a whole bunch of random crap, when on an impulse, I decided to look up if anyone had posted some Cosmere Vines. I found this one (which is glorious) And it was amazing. I know nothing about video editing, but I know some of you do! So y'all, the world will be 1600% more awesome if you make these.
  11. Proof: these immigrants, or "peacebringers" as they call themselves, are the true desolation, and because of their pushy nature, they want nothing more than to invade other planets and try to make people become vegan and hippies. So, yeah why not come to roshar too? Theory: Adolin was actually part of the ghostbloods THE ENTIRE TIME!!!
  12. Okay, back on topic . Proof: Desert-y sand is orange, and I'm pretty sure a lot of roshar rocks and sand are orange. So, why would it be orange? Because the squid is orange. Adonalsium loved squid so her squid named Bloosh has been circling roshar ever since. Theory: Knights Radiant and the Knights of Crystallia are one and the same.
  13. *sniff sniff* that was beautiful.
  14. game

    I would fight a knight of Crystallia, because, A) I really want to see their cool weapons and armor. I have the advantage of knowing where their fleshstone is Would you rather watch a Way of Kings musical (but written by Lin Manuel-Miranda) or watch a slightly lower quality but still fairly good Mistborn Musical?
  15. Adonalsium?