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  1. Proof: adonalsium shattered like glass. Plus, snowglobes can be shaken. And the cosmere is being shaken ALOT (sorry that's the best I could do) Theory: Hoid is one of Steven Leeds's (I hope that's his correct name) hallucinations.
  2. Roses are red Perrin has Faile I just think it's so cute How Egwene is sort of an Aiel Roses are red Holy freaking rain Nyneave Al'Meara Just HEALED LOGAIN (AAAAAAAH WHAAAAAT?!?!)
  3. Ayt well I finished book 5 earlier and I forgot to make poems so here we go. (Book 5 climax spoilers) Roses are red, Morgase is dEaD Rand needs some sense Smacked into his head Roses are red, Melhindra was eViL I want to pat Poor mat on the back That didn't rhyme whatever Roses are red There's no hecking way Moraine is actually dead I say nay Roses are red A leg has a calf I think Moraine Will pull a Gandalf Roses are red A sheep has a lamb HOLY COW MOGHEDIEN IS IN A'DAM Roses are red I want to relax That was one Heck of a climax
  4. Idk, they're human right? I've only gotten to book 6. But I assume so... Would they experience their aes Sedai's period cramps tho?
  5. It's all in the title. Would this happen tho?
  6. So I've been thinking. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a Breath from a Returned heals you right? So since Lightsong gave his Breath to Susebron, does that mean that he could possibly be able to have kids with Siri now? The royal locks had to have come from somewhere, so maybe has this happened before? Can Siri have a kid with Susebron now? Hmm...
  7. Thank you so much!
  8. Ayt well I was experimenttinf with some new art supplies I got for Christmas, and I decided to do some skyward Fanart because I really loved it. Ayt well I know this is probably going to be crap but here we go! I'm going to do another big one of Jerkface and some minis of the other cadets. Anyway, here's Spensa and Rig! Yeet! Claim the stars my dudes, and post any skyward Fanart you did!
  9. Oh gosh this book was so good. And the character development was soooo good! I finished like, parts 2 to the end in one day because I physically just HAD to know what happened! It was so fulfilling. Now I've just got this empty space in my time that I don't know what to do with now. Brandon did it again gosh darn it
  10. My first impressions: --I was kind of weirded out by Spensa at first. She was a strange character and I sometimes got frustrated with her dumb decisions, like stealing Jerkface's power matrix. But I think that initial strangeness really grew on me and really helped me see her beautiful character arc. I was so honored to get to see her grow as a person, and it was amazing to get to see how she grew from being a naive teenager to a more mature and insightful young woman. Especially when I saw how she grew from someone who wanted to fly more than anything to someone who was willing to give up her dream for the greater good, I mean, wow, that was awesome! -- One thing I noticed that I really loved about the side characters is that when you first meet them, they all seem to fit into the classic stereotypes, like the Ray of sunshine, the bully and his cronies: crafty and muscle, as well as the rich girl, the athlete and shy kid. Honestly I didn't think I was going to remember them all, but I loved how he took those first impressions and then was able to reveal more about them and make them into relatable and compelling individuals that each stood out in their own unique way. FM, Hurl, Morningtide, Kimmalyn, Arturo, Bim, Nedd, and Jorgen were all awesome in their own special way. -- I noticed that as she matured and as her view if Jerkface evolved, she called him Jorgen instead of Jerkface gradually as the book went on. Idk it was cool to see -- I appreciated the fact that the events were realistic in battle. People died and people grieved, and it turned out that not everyone is cut out for that kind of stuff and it's okay. It's human. I really liked that. -- AAAACK I BLEW THROUGH 400 PAGES IN ONE DAY BECAUSE I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN -- I really liked Rig's little arc in this one, from someone who lets the dreams of others overshadow his own, into someone who found and pursued something he truly loved. -- Also I loved Spensa and Rig's relationship. "I'm an only child but somehow I still have a sister who gets me in trouble all the time" -- M-bot was great. Mushrooms!!! -- "We can talk all night! This is great!" I thought about normal subjects to talk about. "Like... Boys?..." "Stars no! Flight strategies!" I loved that part Okay sorry for the long post I just really loved that book!
  11. I don't really have many ideas cuz I can't think of any actors off the top of my head who could do it, but I think whoever plays Spensa should be small ish and good enough to show bravado and gutsiness without being annoying. And Meryl Streep would do awesome as ironsides I think. Also whoever plays Jerkface needs to be brown skinned and handsome. And I think Noah Centineo should play Rig, not Jerkface, idk he just fits better with the image I have of him in my mind.
  12. Callsign: Sing Or maybe Valiente or Emperatriz, (both Spanish, one of them a name my mom wanted to name me) Catalyst (my favorite word), or Fierce. (Though she be little, she is fierce) I'd probably end up doing something silly and get pegged a callsign I didn't choose but eventually go with it like Jerkface haha Actually just kidding my Callsign would probably be Yeet
  13. Roses are red, My favorite word is catalyst, Who would have known That Mat is a master strategist Roses are red The dark one's a threat I think I'm starting to like The character Birgette
  14. Questions for Moash: Are you a little turd biscuit who should go die in a hole?
  15. Questions for Kaladin: Does the medical field interest you? Would you say that you are the kind of person who would take a bullet for your friends? Do you put the needs of others in front of your own? Do you sometimes spread yourself too thing helping people? Do you put more stock in emotional sensing or cold logic? Do you feel like a failure when you can't help someone in the right way? Are you a natural leader? Do you tend to love working towards the goal more than getting it? Do you tend to love doing things that require physical prowess or skill? Do you have trouble letting people into your life and weaknesses sometimes? Questions for Shallan: Are you an artistic thinker? Are you introverted? Do you sometimes feel left out of the real action? Are you open with your feelings and emotions? Do you bottle up emotions? Are you a voracious learner? Do you love puns? Do you love inserting snarky commentary? Do you tend to need someone to lean on to help get back up again? Do you love learning? Do you like to see things from all different angles? Do you sometimes put on a different date for friends or in public than in private or at home? Do you sometimes feel like you are stick in someone's shadow? we Questions for our ol' pal Dalinar: Are you straightforward with people? Do you hate it when people talk circles and gossip? Do you prefer common sense? Do you feel regret strongly? Are you good at seeing the big picture I'm things? Do you try your best in everything you do? Would you say you're somewhat self aware of yourself and your actions? Do you love audiobooks? Do you break social standards in some way? Our buddy boi cinnamon roll Adolin: Do you have an infectious personality? Would you say that you're naturally pretty perceiving? Do you strive to be kind as much as possible? Do you sometimes feel like it's hard to measure up to people's expectations? Do you try to stay positive and optimistic as much as possible? Are you good with people? Do you try your best to please others and make other people laugh and smile? Do you make a point of saying hi to people? Do you worry that you aren't good enough for others? Are you an amazing cinnamon roll who deserves all the love in the world and literally all the fangirls evah? That's all I really have time to do so there ya go and I hope your quiz does well