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  1. No, he is a turd biscuit. Frick Moash my dude. He ain't cool.
  2. I wonder what mizzy would end up doing... Maybe like, singing her heart out cuz she just loves music and has a crazy awesome voice and everyone's shook and like, "holy cow you sound amazing!" but it turns out she can't act for the life if her.
  3. Very true When Faile is already jealous and Berelain decides to show up on their traveling party when she knows she's not wanted. When Rand freaking banishes my dude Perrin
  4. Every time Elayne tries to boss around Mat
  5. Every time Olver gets in trouble for flirting with girls like 3 times his age
  6. Okay, first off, I'm only on crown of swords rn so I'd appreciate it if no one spoiled stuff after that... Anyway, if you've got some facepalm moments you saw in the books, post them here! My first one: Nyneave: *slaps Lan like 15 times and punches him in the stomach* Also Nyneave, .5 seconds after: "We'll talk about this like adults"
  7. Roses are red, Fairy tales usually have happily ever afters, Is it bad, That I kind of only want to skip to the mat chapters? Roses are red, Empanadas need filling, What in the heck, Is wrong with Queen Tylin?! Roses are red, Burning wood makes char, I can't flipping wait Till Lan gets to Ebou Dar (and finds Nyneave) Also as a side note: Roses are red, I like blue cheese dip, I just really really love Mat and Birgette's friendship!
  8. vines

    YOU GUYS I FOUND MORE! Look up "Stormlight Characters as Vine's" and there are 2 compilations!!! AAAAAAND there's a Wheel of Time compilation too!!!! (A side note: some of the Vines are a little bit inappropriate or have language. They're okay for the most part but a few of them I skip for that reason oof. Just FYI. Most of them are pretty true to thr characters tho haha :-)
  9. They don't yo no mo Lol I bet Abraham would get super into his character. Like he'd play the villain or a character with a tragic past and he'd get like super deep and take it really seriously
  10. *in a gruff book cover 7 Rand voice* I don't care about my haters, and if you wanna fite me, then fiTE MeH (Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference)
  11. Haha yeah. Honestly I was pleasantly surprised when mine got answered cuz so few people I know have read these books or are reading them.
  12. YES. SO MUCH YES! I vote yes
  13. Proof: Sadeas is more vile than the stuff on the bottom of a sewage worker's boot. He be naaaaasty so yeah faking his death and going to be evil would probably be in his ballpark. Theory: inhaling Stormlight actually makes you high
  14. Dang that's a good rename hahaha "Back at it again with Mike and Susan" kinda sounds like a TV show hehe
  15. So recently I have been checking out the wheel of Time books from my school library I just can't get over the fact that all these covers really, really, really, suck! Especially book 6! It looks like a really bad pulp romance novel and Rand (or at least I think it's him, but he looks like a 40 year old man) has a chest that is three times the ratio of his waist. and what's with the Chuck a Rama wagon on the cover of Shadows Rising?! Anyway, the point is, it looks way weird for me to roam the halls of junior high with a brick of a novel that looks like gone with the wind gone wrong. And idk, it's funny to show off such a bad cover hahaha! Most people in general who I've shown it to get a kick out of them, including me. And so in honor of these art monstrosities, I have renamed book six (with help from those who have never read it) to be "Back at it Again with Mike and Susan" just cuz the names got the people on the cover too well. And since I just started book 7, I have renamed the cover: "Home Fitness Routines with Chuck Simmons" The person in the front looks like Chuck Norris. You're welcome. Now you can't unsee it. (Also what's with his crazy wide 90 degree angle elbow?) Reply below with your cover renamings!