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  1. Huh. I think your account is glitching, Woodrack.
  2. To be fair, not everyone liked Lopen's level of silliness. It got in the way of telling the story sometimes. And I distinctly remember one person leaving the RP because of it.
  3. Dude, he's a mod. He doesn't have to ask your permission
  4. main plot

    Azrael nodded. "It's decided, then. Stormbreaker goes down, the assassins go up, and the Dark Angels will go both ways. We can cover the most ground that way." @Vargo Seldon @Sorana
  5. main plot

    Azrael strode forward to the threshold of the elevator. "We go down," he said, kneeling and looking over the edge. "My Librarians--what's left of them-- can sense something below this building. The problem is going to be getting enough of our forces down there in time." He gestured towards the darkness below. "This shaft is a choke point. My brothers and I can barely fit inside, let alone climb down it at any reasonable speed. We don't know what's down there, so falling isn't an option." He stood up, and turned back to the group. "So- assassin, Sister Rey: What do we do?" @Vargo Seldon @Darth Woodrack @Sorana
  6. My initial reason for getting involved in the plot was only tangentially related- one of Ark's characters, Crow, had fought with my dudes in the past, so I came back for revenge. And then started bombarding PlasmaCore when the red mist showed up. Things, uh, escalated quickly Warhammer 40K and Sanderson's mesh together surprisingly well. Power armor becomes Shardplate, Warp sorcery can be reflavored Epic powers, and guns are, well, guns. Albeit really big guns.
  7. main plot

    Azrael pushed past them and kicked open the door to PlasmaCore. The sound echoed through the empty foyer. Bodies, shrouded by shadows, were strewn across the floor. He could smell fear in the air, old and stale. The people here had not died well, and their killer was still about. Something rustled in the back, but otherwise did nothing. Azrael lowered his sword and strode into the wrecked building. Robed veterans followed after him, spreading throughout the room. Members of the Deathwing followed them, clad in bone-white Terminator armor. They spread out in a loose circle around Azrael. Finally were the guild leaders from the Invincible Reason. He looked towards the elevator and frowned. Something had torn off the doors and thrown them to the side. The shaft was lit by a sterile blue light, dust drifting through the air inside. He turned around, looking at the other leaders. “We have a problem,” he said. @I think I am here. @Vargo Seldon @Sorana A cavernous chamber faced Crow, hundreds of meters wide. Strips of yellow lights hung from the ceiling, casting an even glow over the bay. Oddly, the wall at the far end was segmented, divided into multiple overlapping parts. A slab of bright metal slid out of the doorway with a crash, slamming it shut. The remains of the door Crow had sliced open flew away with a spray of sparks. The sound echoed through the chamber, gradually falling away into silence. “Normally, this is the part where I start torturing you,” said a voice to Crow’s right. An Astartes in black armor walked towards her. She wore robes of dark green, with a golden skull for her helm. “But you’re not like the traitors I usually deal with.” @Ax's Boyfriend
  8. main plot

    "Forget infiltration," Azrael said, straightening. "If those shields flicker again, we can teleport in." His voice acquired an edge that hadn't been there before. "Assassin, Stormbreaker- get your forces down to the teleportarium. We can end this right here, right now, if we plan this correctly." @Vargo Seldon @I think I am here.
  9. main plot

    "Master Gadriel fights against the bird-things to the west," the Space Marine said. It slammed a clip into its bolter and started firing over Zokora's shoulder. "We saw the shields flicker too, assassin. The Council is already preparing to take advantage of it." @Sorana
  10. main plot

    Psychic lightning burst from the ranks of the Astartes, the surviving Librarians of the Chapter driving the spren back with their combined might. The lightning disintegrated the spren wherever it touched down. The Space Marine Xena had tapped stepped in front of her, raising its massive bolter. "Daemons," it growled. It fired its weapon into the ranks of the spren. "What else could it possibly be?" @Ark1002 @Gancho Libre
  11. main plot

    The Invincible Reason fired on PlasmaCore. It was a pinpoint bombardment, conducted with all the skill and precision of an Astartes. Lances of energy burned through the sky. Burning slugs of metal the size of small buildings plowed their way through the atmosphere on a trajectory towards PlasmaCore. These were weapons designed to slay monstrous bio-titans and pierce hundreds of meters of armor plating. They were the most horrifically powerful things on the planet. PlasmaCore’s shields activated, absorbing the Reason’s punishment with barely a flicker. But the sustained bombardment forced them to stay on. They couldn’t lower the shields, even to allow passage in and out, without risking total annihilation. They were, in essence, trapped. It was then that the real assault began. Drop pods fired from the Invincible Reason, streaking through the blue mists that covered the city. They impacted in an abandoned district unmolested, one with radiation levels too high for normal humans to survive. Columns of green-armored Space Marines marched from the ruins even as more drop pods rained from the sky. Massive Dreadnoughts marched among them, along with teams of heavy weaponry and assault squads equipped with jump packs. The Dark Angels had finally arrived. @Ark1002 @I think I am here. @Sorana
  12. The space marine flew through the wall with a crash. It fell into a roll as it hit the road, coming up on its feet. Pentagramic symbols slowly faded from its undamaged armor, having absorbed the aonic energy of the blast. The giant stood up fully and raised a hand. The boxy shape shape attached to its hand suddenly roared to life, firing a hailstorm of light into the tavern. The bullets tore through the wooden walls, flying towards Bel. @Nohadon