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  1. ...I don't like the way she stares into my soul. Are we sure this is a real human, and not some daemonic abomination made flesh?
  2. Now, I never said they weren't canon. Just erased from history. @Nohadon, if you want to play a character that calls people heretics (I.E., a 40K character), PM me.
  3. How goes life in the apocalypse, dear queen? @Queen Elsa Steelheart
  4. I, personally, plan to be in space when it all goes down.
  5. era 4

    The woman snorted. "Do you even need to ask?" she said. "We're going to kill her." A beam hit the giant square in its eye, setting it on fire. It stumbled away, cursing in some foul language. "Oh, come on," said a voice from behind the one-eyed marine. "Do I have to do everything myself?" Intercessory stepped forward and lifted Golda from the cage with his claws. He dashed forward, climbing the stairs with unnatural speed. He looked down and smiled at Golda, warp-flames crackling around his exposed skull. "Miss me, darling?" he said. An massive, armored hand scooped up Compile. "Time to go, little one," said Brother-sergeant Pietr, as he looked at the swirling maelstrom of energy around Crow. "Our part is done." He turned around and dashed down the street, holding on tightly to Compile. And from the nearby shadows and hidden places stepped a dozen Dark Angels garbed in robes. They walked slowly towards the purple fog around Crow, encircling it.
  6. era 4

    The door creaked, before slowly falling off its hinges and hitting the ground. Honerva glanced towards Freedom. She was standing next to one of the walls, by an opening where the rotting wood had given way and fallen apart. Another space marine stood behind her, armored in massive bone-white plate. "Good," she said. "You're on time. The situation has escalated. Three minutes ago, there was firefight within the manor. Bolter fire, and not from the Dark Angels." She breathed out. "But before that, Crow left the house. Which can only mean the trap is sprung." A crack echoed through the air as Crow's knee exploded into a fine mist. On a tower overlooking the playground, battle-sister Vera let out a breath. Crow was stumbling, her leg not quite destroyed by the bolter round. She thumbed the rifle's magazine, hoping the strange bolts it carried struck true. She looked down the scope again, aiming for Crow's chest, and fired. @Arcc1002
  7. era 4

    The sound of gunshots echoed through the walls of the basement. Deep and throaty, unlike the sound of conventional firearms. The screams came moments later, before being cut off by roaring bursts of fire. Then everything fell silent. Minutes passed. Then, suddenly, the cells opened again. Light, bright and vicious, poured in. And looming over Golda was a spectre of death, glaring at her with a single, glowing eye. @Silva @Arcc1002
  8. era 4

    "We move." The skull wobbled towards the window. "Meet me at the abandoned warehouse in the manor district. Bring weapons." With that, the servo-skull flew out of the window. @Silva The smile faded from the woman's face. "Right," she said, sounding serious. "Forgot you spikey lot had the humor of bloodletter." She sighed, leaning forward and fidgeting with her hands. "I... I might not be supposed to say this, but- we were going after a traitor in our numbers. A demi-god named Crow. You know, the one behind the Den of Thieves. And, well, apparently she was going to be meeting with some Black Crusade higher-ups. Some kind of hush-hush negotiations. They were going to meet at... Dove Manor? I think it was?" @kenod
  9. era 4

    Scene: A DA interrogation lab, deep within one of the many mind-twisting alleys. A woman lounged in the middle of an empty room with walls of silver. She was not handsome- the scar shaped like a pentagram on her face prevented that- nor was she frightening. She looked thin, malnourished and worn by the passage of time. She was also supposed to be shackled to the chair. The handcuffs lay on the ground, snapped in two. The door opened. The woman looked up, sneering. "Took you long enough," she said. "Do you want me to spill the beans, or not?" @kenod
  10. era 4

  11. era 4

    "Unacceptable." The word hissed through the air, low and rasping. A human skull, stuffed with exposed wiring and a single robotic eye, floated through the window of Freedom's apartment. "We cannot afford delay," the voice continued. It appeared to be emanating from a tiny speaker jammed in the skull's jaw. "If we wait until morning, we will find only the Wereds' husks. Alive, or not." The skull wobbled closer to Bob, glaring at him. "But, as for you, feel free to sleep peacefully while Crow tortures those children. If you cannot inconvenience yourself to even raise a hand to aid them, then you have no place here." The skull turned away, back towards Freedom. "This is Chaplain Honerva speaking," it said, the tone softening. "Are you and Pry safe?" @Silva @Chasmfiend#1 @Truthless of Shinovar
  12. era 4

    Asardin lowered the pict-seers from his eyes. "And you're absolutely positive," he said, "that Crow is hiding out there?" "I have not a doubt in my mind," Naum whispered, leaning on his staff. "The signs all point to here." Asardin kept looking at the manor. He and the sorcerer were in a ruined apartment complex left over from the last war. The room they were in overlooked the most remote part of the city. There weren't a lot of people here anymore, not after the blood mists came. The ornate mansion decorated with ivory statues of doves stood out like a sore thumb. He nodded. "Yeah. I can believe it. Get some of the chattle to keep an eye on the place. Make sure we know what Crow is doing, every second of the day." @Ark1002
  13. The man stared at her, mouth gaping open. The space marine, meanwhile, burst into laughter. It boomed across the courtyard, startlingly deep and resonant. "Blood of the Lion," he said at last, still chuckling. "I haven't been that amused since one of the cleaning servitors turned out to be an inquisitor!" "Ma'am," the robed man said, staring at his feet, "I'm just an Adept. I'm civilian clergy. No combat experience whatsoever." He grimaced. "My boss, though, she's a real nutcase. Hyper conservative, prone to shooting first, thinks she's the Omnissiah's gift to humanity. She claims that this compound is, well..." He shuffled awkwardly. "Heretical, ma'am. Since you don't recognize the Lord of Machines in your pantheon." "And unfortunately," the space marine said, his face growing stern, "she is the only tech-priest in this city with enough skills to install the plasma reactor." He growled. "Martians. Bah. I will speak to her, but the awakening rituals will have to wait until tomorrow. The heart will have to remain here until then." @ShadowLord_Lith @Sorana @Silva @Voidus