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  1. Lepidus rammed his knife into the Executor's head. The meter-long length of steel cracked the thing's face armor, cutting into the soft flesh beneath. The beast went limp, its body no longer receiving nerve signals from its pulverized brain, and Lepidus let it slide off the blade before sheathing it. His mind was already moving on. The vermin he'd killed were small bio-forms. The Dark Alley only sent those to hunt down fugitives or non-threatening Anomalies. Which meant that the people with memories were somewhere nearby. He had to find them before the bigger, more lethal combat forms hunted them down. Picking up his bolter from the ground, Lepidus set off through the alleys. @kenod
  2. Lepidus slams his fist into the first Barghest mid-air, pulverizing its head into mushy tar. The other one rakes its claw across his helm, actually managing to damage the ceramite casing. He grunts, warning runes flashing across his vision. Lepidus swings his blade down, but the beast dodges behind him, a scream like rattling chains coming from its maw. He shifts his footing, turning to face the thing, and draws his sidearm. Before the Barghest can dodge, he's put a bolt round into its head. When it collapses, he walks over and crushes its chest beneath his boot, just to be sure. @kenod
  3. The big one charges Lepidus, a weapon sprouting from its hands. At this point, other warriors would have dropped their gun and met the beast head on, steel against bone. Some would have done it out a misguided sense of honor, or an idiotic love of combat. Others would have given in to their bloodlust, or even darker desires. Lepidus, battle-brother of the Dark Angels Chapter, shot the Executor in the chest. When it staggers, armor momentarily broken, he shot it again. He hammers the Executor with three-round bursts of fire, pounding away at its exposed innards. The thing drops to its knees, its chest utterly destroyed, and he finishes it off with a bolt to the head. Unfortunately, that gives the Barghests enough cover to close the distance. Lepidus throws the bolter aside just as the first one leaps, and pulls out his knife. @kenod
  4. A small shape flips through the air, clattering to a halt right behind the Executor. The resulting explosion shreds the Barghests in a storm of shrapnel, leaving them scattered and bleeding. The Executor merely stumbles, barely scratched by the frag grenade. Bother. Brother Lepidus steps from the shadows and carefully lines up his shot, pulls the trigger. His bolter roars. The first round strikes a bleeding Barghest in the head, reducing it to a bloody smear on the ground. The second is a gut wound that excavates the contents of a Barghest's stomach. The third, a clean hit that cores out another's chest. All of this has taken place in the span of less than a second. By now, the crazed beasts are beginning to orient themselves away from the fools inside the library and toward Lepidus. Which was just fine by him. He'd make them all bleed, one by one, until his vengeance was satisfied. @kenod
  5. ...I don't like the way she stares into my soul. Are we sure this is a real human, and not some daemonic abomination made flesh?
  6. Now, I never said they weren't canon. Just erased from history. @Nohadon, if you want to play a character that calls people heretics (I.E., a 40K character), PM me.
  7. How goes life in the apocalypse, dear queen? @Queen Elsa Steelheart
  8. I, personally, plan to be in space when it all goes down.
  9. era 4

    The woman snorted. "Do you even need to ask?" she said. "We're going to kill her." A beam hit the giant square in its eye, setting it on fire. It stumbled away, cursing in some foul language. "Oh, come on," said a voice from behind the one-eyed marine. "Do I have to do everything myself?" Intercessory stepped forward and lifted Golda from the cage with his claws. He dashed forward, climbing the stairs with unnatural speed. He looked down and smiled at Golda, warp-flames crackling around his exposed skull. "Miss me, darling?" he said. An massive, armored hand scooped up Compile. "Time to go, little one," said Brother-sergeant Pietr, as he looked at the swirling maelstrom of energy around Crow. "Our part is done." He turned around and dashed down the street, holding on tightly to Compile. And from the nearby shadows and hidden places stepped a dozen Dark Angels garbed in robes. They walked slowly towards the purple fog around Crow, encircling it.
  10. era 4

    The door creaked, before slowly falling off its hinges and hitting the ground. Honerva glanced towards Freedom. She was standing next to one of the walls, by an opening where the rotting wood had given way and fallen apart. Another space marine stood behind her, armored in massive bone-white plate. "Good," she said. "You're on time. The situation has escalated. Three minutes ago, there was firefight within the manor. Bolter fire, and not from the Dark Angels." She breathed out. "But before that, Crow left the house. Which can only mean the trap is sprung." A crack echoed through the air as Crow's knee exploded into a fine mist. On a tower overlooking the playground, battle-sister Vera let out a breath. Crow was stumbling, her leg not quite destroyed by the bolter round. She thumbed the rifle's magazine, hoping the strange bolts it carried struck true. She looked down the scope again, aiming for Crow's chest, and fired. @Arcc1002
  11. era 4

    The sound of gunshots echoed through the walls of the basement. Deep and throaty, unlike the sound of conventional firearms. The screams came moments later, before being cut off by roaring bursts of fire. Then everything fell silent. Minutes passed. Then, suddenly, the cells opened again. Light, bright and vicious, poured in. And looming over Golda was a spectre of death, glaring at her with a single, glowing eye. @Silva @Arcc1002
  12. era 4

    "We move." The skull wobbled towards the window. "Meet me at the abandoned warehouse in the manor district. Bring weapons." With that, the servo-skull flew out of the window. @Silva The smile faded from the woman's face. "Right," she said, sounding serious. "Forgot you spikey lot had the humor of bloodletter." She sighed, leaning forward and fidgeting with her hands. "I... I might not be supposed to say this, but- we were going after a traitor in our numbers. A demi-god named Crow. You know, the one behind the Den of Thieves. And, well, apparently she was going to be meeting with some Black Crusade higher-ups. Some kind of hush-hush negotiations. They were going to meet at... Dove Manor? I think it was?" @kenod