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  1. era 4

    "Unacceptable." The word hissed through the air, low and rasping. A human skull, stuffed with exposed wiring and a single robotic eye, floated through the window of Freedom's apartment. "We cannot afford delay," the voice continued. It appeared to be emanating from a tiny speaker jammed in the skull's jaw. "If we wait until morning, we will find only the Wereds' husks. Alive, or not." The skull wobbled closer to Bob, glaring at him. "But, as for you, feel free to sleep peacefully while Crow tortures those children. If you cannot inconvenience yourself to even raise a hand to aid them, then you have no place here." The skull turned away, back towards Freedom. "This is Chaplain Honerva speaking," it said, the tone softening. "Are you and Pry safe?" @Silva @Chasmfiend#1 @Truthless of Shinovar
  2. era 4

    Asardin lowered the pict-seers from his eyes. "And you're absolutely positive," he said, "that Crow is hiding out there?" "I have not a doubt in my mind," Naum whispered, leaning on his staff. "The signs all point to here." Asardin kept looking at the manor. He and the sorcerer were in a ruined apartment complex left over from the last war. The room they were in overlooked the most remote part of the city. There weren't a lot of people here anymore, not after the blood mists came. The ornate mansion decorated with ivory statues of doves stood out like a sore thumb. He nodded. "Yeah. I can believe it. Get some of the chattle to keep an eye on the place. Make sure we know what Crow is doing, every second of the day." @Ark1002
  3. The man stared at her, mouth gaping open. The space marine, meanwhile, burst into laughter. It boomed across the courtyard, startlingly deep and resonant. "Blood of the Lion," he said at last, still chuckling. "I haven't been that amused since one of the cleaning servitors turned out to be an inquisitor!" "Ma'am," the robed man said, staring at his feet, "I'm just an Adept. I'm civilian clergy. No combat experience whatsoever." He grimaced. "My boss, though, she's a real nutcase. Hyper conservative, prone to shooting first, thinks she's the Omnissiah's gift to humanity. She claims that this compound is, well..." He shuffled awkwardly. "Heretical, ma'am. Since you don't recognize the Lord of Machines in your pantheon." "And unfortunately," the space marine said, his face growing stern, "she is the only tech-priest in this city with enough skills to install the plasma reactor." He growled. "Martians. Bah. I will speak to her, but the awakening rituals will have to wait until tomorrow. The heart will have to remain here until then." @ShadowLord_Lith @Sorana @Silva @Voidus
  4. era 4

  5. The space marine led her to the front of the complex. A hunched figure in red robes was just outside the threshold, pacing back and forth. It caught sight of the professor and turned towards her. Up close, it seemed to be more metal than flesh. A faceless mask stared at her from behind the robes, its eyes glowing softly. "My Lord," it said, turning to the space marine. "I, uh, regret to inform you that, er...." It coughed awkwardly. "MagosAdillianhasstormedoffohOmnissiahpleasedon'tkillme-" The tech-priest continued to babble incoherently, cringing away from the space marine. @ShadowLord_Lith @Sorana @Voidus @Silva
  6. "You are, as they said on ancient Terra, 'preaching to the choir'," the space marine grumbled. "Nevertheless, the tech-priests of Mars are the only ones who can awaken the defenses we have planned. So if you want your void shields, you'll have to go to them." He stepped out of the room, pushing past Lena and Alask without a thought. @ShadowLord_Lith @Sorana @Ookla the Maybe-Existent
  7. The space marine grunted, his eyes drifting away from Lena. He stomped past her, entering the room. "Professor!" he said. "We need to discuss the plasma reactor. After your... interference, the tech-priests are refusing to enter the building. They want restitution for your 'blasphemy', or some other cogboy nonsense. Come to the entrance with me." @ShadowLord_Lith
  8. era 4

    Asardin arrived, minutes later, to find Intercessory stomping up and down the street. "The absolute nerve!" he shouted. "I swear, when I get my hands on her-" Asardin swung his axe, burying it in the daemon's face with a spray of gore. He stepped away, opening the warband's vox-link. "Nuam," he growled. "Intercessory failed. What's your situation?" ------------------------- "All goes as planned," Nuam replied, watching a squad of cultists be torn apart by an abomination of flesh and metal. "I have learned much from the slaughter of our cattle." Asardin sighed across the vox. "I hate you," he said. "I don't even know why I bother. Retreat back to the Palace of Ice and go into hiding. Me and the boys will return through another route." "As the Architect demands it," Nuam said, closing the vox. He looked longingly at the force-shielded woman- such glorious powers she had!- but dismissed the notion. Gathering all his powers, he slammed his staff into the Oathgate floor. In a flash of light, the forces of Chaos disappeared, leaving the Woodwyrd echoing with the cries of the damned. @kenod
  9. "So." A massive figure loomed over Lena. The space marine wore the bone-white plate of the Deathwing, the elite soldiers of the Dark Angels Chapter. Somehow, he'd managed to sneak up behind her, even with his extraordinary size. And right now, he was staring at her with unmistakable suspicion. "You are the medical team?" he said. "The ones from the city, looking for tools and supplies?" @Sorana
  10. era 4

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    Intercessory looked at the harpoon protruding from its chest and snorted. "Clearly, you haven't been listening," it said. It grabbed the harpoon with both hands and pushed. The spear went through its body with a loud squelch, and the chaos marine stumbled forward, the hellish glow in its eyes going out. And then it straightened, its flesh growing and twisting to fill the massive hole in its chest. Its eyes reignited, burning with unholy fire. "Let's dance, skinny boy." @Ark1002 @Darth Woodrack