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  1. Honorblades have 2 distinct advantages over SB. 1:No Oaths 2: They can fueled by their Shard. Limitless Investiture to fuel Surges. Can you imagine? Not Lashing rocks. Lashing buildings. Not "blocking" a High Storm. Steering it into the enemy. Not SoulCasting to repair the wall around Thaylena. Raising THE Wall from Game of Thrones. I'm terrified of what Moash may end up doing.
  2. I'm surprised no one has pointed out Stormform yet. They literally shot Adolins horse out fro!m under him with lightning.
  3. I'm of the opinion that 5th Oath SB were only around until Feverstone keep. IMO that was the reaction of the SB instead of renouncing all Oaths.
  4. Kaladin vs. newborn child. "As I hold my knife to an innocent child's throat, my hand trembles and I falter, knowing the whole world wish's I let the blade slip."
  5. Leras and Ati created Scadrial from scratch. Presumably they would have the power to destroy it in the same capacity.
  6. Let's not forget that fire and heat are 2 different things either. Fire produces heat, yes, but its a chemical reaction and not an atribute that can be stored. I'm not sure even a fire ferring would be immune to the effects of standing in a fire. They'd be able to store plenty of heat but they'd also be burning just the same.
  7. She does indeed feel the slow pulse of copper. I get the impression that the Inquisitors were always burning copper around the TLR anyway, if only to negate his giant Soothing.
  8. "Anger is more useful than the spear." Motivation is everything.
  9. Thanks for the clarification and the quick responses!
  10. I wonder where that tradition ever came from anyway. I don't see the listeners killing each other off much in the last thousand +years, and I definitely don't see that being the case during desolations.
  11. Another thread about bonding multiple spren sparked a question in my mid that I should have asked after the AoL. The Lord Ruler was a full feruchemist and a mistborn. Theoretically he has at least 16 Resonances. Not only do we not have a clue what 93% of those are, do you suppose that his Resonances have blended to create something brand new and unique? Anyone care to theorize what that could be?
  12. We have proof via Bands of Mourning that Shardic magic systems can be hacked by another Shard, I see no legitimate reason why Odium couldn't do .the same. Jezrien being knownn as the Stormfather is definitely a matter of Mythology; I however point out that he alone of the Heralds gathered this misnomer title. To me that is indicative of an event or events that stuck in he minds of the people. Finally Vyre won't gain any special "storm powers". He has access to the Wind Runner Surges and, as you agreed, the honorblade can be fed Investiture directly. By who, for who are the only things up for interpretation.
  13. My very real concern about Vyre is Odium. There is a WoB floating around that the Herald's Surges were powered directly by Honor, now Vyre is in control of that conduit of limitless Investiture. Even if it's not Stormlight, Voidlight appears to serve as an analog. Jezrien has been known as the Stormfather for a very long time. I have a sinking feeling we're going to see what happens when one decides to create a super low pressure system above Azir or another populated city. Anything from suffucating a city to redirecting highstorms to massive decompression effects are possible. It'll be Ashyn written small all over again. Don't get me started on Gravitation; I'm not ready for that.
  14. I want to know what language theyre using to define the names. What ancient language is the ancestral root?
  15. Whew. I feel like every Sanderson book has it's wow moment. Prof crushing allies. The birth of Harmony. Larimar's confession to Lightsong still makes me tear up, years after reading it the first time. The obliterating moment though? Wax and Lessie on the roof. I denied it, right up to her last words, and couldn't read a thing for a week afterwords.