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  1. Well, when she did have Illumination, not having hair meant not having to hide it when being disguised as male, or short-haired, or possessing hair of a radically different texture. As of now, she may still be bald, and if she lacks Illumination, it might just be because she is used to it or that it became part of her identity.
  2. Given that she can Illuminate, I'd say she has a shaven head to facilitate more disguise options.
  3. I will try to find those foods Wayne mentions.
  4. I personally always eat shrimp shell, and find them quite delightful, so I planned on doing similar things with Horneater recipes as a general rule. Sadly, I cannot test this as making fist batches requires more ingredients to test variations - and I cannot afford to make things such as any of the stews, nor anything involving expensive ingredients such as shrimp. Currently trying to get on my feet. But, if any of you support me on Patreon, I will put it towards researching food. I am currently using brown rice as the basis for taloo. I might do what you suggest with fridge-dulled white rice, trying to mimic the soulcast taste (to remind you, soulcasting makes bland and potentially revolting food. mentioned when Kal goes drinking). The flatbread I plan for is store bought, as I know how difficult it would be to make an all new flatbread. Maybe later I will do so. For now, I have four store-bought options, each with it's downsides and with research needed for it.
  5. Yes, mined gems can hold stormlight (edit; I have no WoB). They are rarer and it is hard to predict where they might appear, unlike the pupating habits of greatshells, but they are usable. But I don't know if I would say that makes them non-vegan. Some people say beer is non-vegan, for it utilizes animal byproducts in the process. Those are not ingredients in the beer itself, never intended to be a part of the finished product, but rather is a method - so I do not consider it animal-derived myself. Moreover, with this specific moral conundrum, it is more distant, I believe. It is like buying a vegan product from a company known for its animal derivatives. In any way, it will have a vegan version, as will many of my recipes. While I am not currently vegan myself, my father, whom had introduced me to Sanderson (via Mistborn), is. So are many in my family, and many of my friends, which is not surprising considering Israel is very vegan indeed. I do not know what I will incorporate (vegan ground meat or making a custom vegan alternative).
  6. When you actually try to trick your brain to make you more alert or to not freeze using feruchemy. I had a year or so when I actually tricked my brain to think I can and do store them, and so I could tap them (using Placebo-inducing psychology)
  7. Yeah, you're right! The name itself is derived from Korean history, and it is backed by some of the culture. Thank you!
  8. 2) No, not croutons - they grow soggy and have too much of a bready taste in my personal opinion. But I have a much better idea for how to do that. I would have to zero in of a regional analogue (West Africa or Southeast Brazil) and make my own version to calibrate the taste (I am not using a recipe, but rather synthesizing different concepts and ideas), then I will both present Rock's actual stew (in vegan and carni forms) as well as an actual horneater stew (to remind you, I think Rock was never allowed to add in any horns or shells, and so used different ingredients). 3) Is child food ungendered? I thought it was gendered but milder in taste overall 5) I don't remember this name... When was it mentioned? I'll see what I can figure out about it The meat, I have not heard of. Or maybe I did but do not remember as I read WoR long ago and OB isn't out in audiobook form. Would love any reference you find or description you remember. I did, after a short research, conclude that the most prevalent type of (non-soulcast) meat is greatshell or crustacean meat, followed by fish, and only then (beef,) pork and chicken. As such, I will try to write greatshell steaks or some analogous mainstream food. In the feast, both Dalinar eats chicken medallions and notes there is also a women's dish with the same medallions. These are already a part of my to-do list, with their full descriptions. Thank you! Five are described in your reply. I can try making them, but frankly they are lower on my priorities as they are barely described. Some do need their own recipes - the fluffy one, or the vegetable pancake - so I will take care of those. Maybe one day I will make recipes for all ten, but then I might go to Brandon and try to convince him to make the heralds have 'tastes', like that each is associated with a style in the cuisine. I'll work on both! Oh, btw, chouta's vegan. Those meatballs are literally imitation meat, as they are soulcast (which also makes them taste different to actual meat) And thanks! All of you guys are really helpful!
  9. I want to dissect it a bit. TL;DR!!! Step one: we are talking of religion. Specifically, Shu-Dereth. There is something interesting about Shu-Dereth. It is an offshoot of a religion named Shu-Keseg, and is differentiated by it's preoccupation with hierarchical power. The entire culture is predicated on the idea of ownership, of power over others and their direction in life being to be the best to you specifically. They are not emotionally devoted to you. Hrathen is not devoted to the religion, to the teachings. He is merely respectful to its logic, believing it to be magnificent in organisation. The religion itself, is devoted to dominating people and places. And as such, I would consider it devoted to dominion. What did Hrathen think Jaddeth (the god of the religion of dominion) accepted? Devotion and ambition. Both of these are reasons to be better than a master may expect from you. Devotion is the shard opposite to Dominion, its complement, and the two are mixed in the Dor. Devotion, by the way, is greatly analogous to Shu-Dereth's sibling and counterpart: Shu-Korath. And so, I believe the quote should not be taken at face value, saying that Jaddeth's empire is devotion and ambition. No, Jaddeth's empire is not that. But it relates to both heavily. Dominion would gladly accept devotion to their causes. I can argue that Devotion would gladly accept subservience for the furthering of their causes. The two are not as hostile as Preservation and Ruin, it seems. The latter two are too general, too at odds, to be associated other than by their conflict. They have a tiny bit in common, like both being more universal constants than anything else, but the only thing that makes the two intertwined is their conflict. But Devotion and Dominion - they are united in uniting others. They are related, both are very much about people. They are emotional. While opposites, they complement each other and synergise, instead of negating each other, only wasting energy. They both are great motivators for action, specifically for accomplishment. Devotion making others' accomplishments and helping them, Dominion accomplishing themselves using others. Both fuse exceptionally well with ambition, and they are driving forces for ambition. I would say that Dominion and Devotion are the Ambitious Shards. And so, displaying ambition is actually the pure form of their synergy, it is the parent of both (might be related to Keseg) and is just as good as displaying either one. TL;DR end I think Dominion and Devotion are synergic, they fuse well. Each can utilise others feeling it's counterpart. And each is a driving force for ambition. Moreover, each is directed to affecting others and the world (just like their religion) and would utilise the other, but mostly to motivate, as ambition would. (everything makes more sense in the longer thing but still)
  10. What book, and maybe chapter, were the pancakes mentioned? I am rereading all books, but considering I own audiobooks, and they tend to be long (WoK 45h, Mb:FE 24h, and so forth) - any clues will be extremely helpful. And in the case of Oathbringer, it comes out as an audiobook only in more than a month, so I cannot guarantee my Chouta matches all descriptions, but there is some sort of recipe I made.
  11. Not much of a plot spoiler - it barely influences the plot. It is emotionally significant, and as such I did remove all information but what the pattern actually is and why it is unsavory. Still, be warned. Non-spoiler: Sanderson breaks with things he said earlier, many times in unlikely ways that just leave you feeling that characters are protected from consequences and his writing becomes less real and less meaningful, at least to me. This happens in many other books, including Stormlight 2, Mistborn 5, and so on. But, the worst offender is definitely Calamity, as it is even less plot-significant and the plot points undone are even farther back than in other books, and done only to get the 'Merican happy ending.
  12. So, I am working on an unofficial recipe book containing fan-favourite meals from Mistborn, and other books. To make the best dishes I can, I need to choose those that seem appetizing to most readers, and gather all I can about them. Are they skaa? Noble? Elandel high society? Who described them, as what? And so on. What do *you* want to eat, and what do you remember about it? Descriptions, reactions, anything. Quotes greatly appreciated! Also if possible, I would love your support on Patreon. So far, I have only the baywraps requested.
  13. So, I am working on an unofficial recipe book containing fan-favourite meals from stormlight, and other books. To make the best dishes I can, I need to choose those that seem appetizing to most readers, as opposed to the overcooked slop of grains provided to Kaladin by Tvlakv before becoming a bridgeman. What do *you* want to eat, and what do you remember about it? Descriptions, reactions, anything. Quotes greatly appreciated! Also if possible, I would love your support on Patreon.
  14. So far, only skeleton recipes. Which means, I have them in my head, with most ingredients and steps figured out, but I did not calibrate and measure amounts, check all variations, and so forth. For example, the Chouta is described (according to the forum - I have not read the book yet) as a fried flatbread wrap, with a (grain/)vegetable+meat+batter deep-fried balls, and gravy. My skeleton recipe calls for either Malawach or Tortilla, seared somewhat, the balls may be cornmeal, undetermined meat (I want to say vegan substitute, but cost is driven up), and chickpea batter, flavoured mainly by baharat, and gravy that is flavoured similarly and mixed with browned almond stripes. That being said, I do not know more than what was mentioned in the coppermind, so I may be missing signifcant descriptions. Chouta seemed popular among fans, so I am trying while lacking information. As for the Rithmatist, how do you know that? WoB? Hadrian... I do not recognise the name. What book is it from? Thank you for your ideas! I will check what I can. Any quotes or explicit in-universe names for the foods will be helpful.
  15. Hi, everybody! My name is Kat, and I recently decided to make fictional foods a reality. I am gathering all mentions of appetizing foods (Sandersonian or of other favourite authors) that I can find, and trying to construct the closest version I can. But t will greatly help me if you mention any foods you would like to try, like Joel's Stir-fry Spaghetti and Meatballs (the Rithmatist) for example, or the beloved Chouta (Roshar). Or we can talk about what you think is typical of a certain cuisine in a fictional world, what you think a certain dish should taste like, and so on. Any input you give me will make the result better and quicker. And if at all possible, it will help me greatly if you could support me and this project on Patreon. Hope I can make things that you will all enjoy! Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me!