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  1. I think that the divine breath can only be used for healing.
  2. How do you fall into those? I always imagined the Shadesmar beads tiny.
  3. It's another book series by Marie Lu
  4. The Young Elites?
  5. Does anyone know how Nale gets Nightblood?
  6. Would Nightblood count as its own perpendicularity as it seems to cut through all of the realms?
  7. folklore fantasy

    Like, if you scratched someone on the throat, that could be lethal. Would the weapon then do more or less than a scratch to the wraith?
  8. Also, what is his definition of biotic and abiotic? Biotic should take less breaths, right?
  9. Imagine this with steel or iron. With steel you could do a lot in two seconds. With iron... could you have your own gravitational field?
  10. I always thought of them being tennis ball sized
  11. Are the two awakened blades even allowed? I feel like they would be too powerful.
  12. I like how the hotdog does as much damage as an elbow to the face.
  13. folklore fantasy

    Does the weapon's ability to hurt wraiths last forever? Also, how is lethality measured? What prevents everyone from creating a huge building with one room in which everyone, including children, lives? Otherwise, interesting system.
  14. King Galbatorix from the Inheritance Cycle
  15. I can imagine that as a weakness for an Epic, and the Reckoners just carrying a portable toilet to kill the guy.