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  1. From the album Doll Customizing

    This is made from just cheap Daiso (Japanese dollar store) UV resin, but the mold-making material is top-of-the-line. Not all of the fingers came out quite right, but that's because of bubbles and can be fixed with the proper technique. Now I just have to figure out how I'm making the wrist joint. Still, crystal hands! I'll probably make longer nails from clear bits of plastic straw and glue them to the tips to make them even more like claws.
  2. From the album Doll Customizing

    Because I like to make things hard for myself, I'm playing around with casting Maya's hands out of clear resin, to make them look like they're made of crystal like in the books. This early test run came out much better than I had any reason to expect!
  3. From the album Doll Customizing

    Party in the front, business in the back.
  4. From the album Doll Customizing

    I really like how it came out.
  5. From the album Doll Customizing

    Renarin's hair from the side. I like to think Adolin takes him to the best barber in the war camps and talks him up and this is always the inevitable result.
  6. From the album Doll Customizing

    The poor boy. He's doing the best he can.
  7. From the album Doll Customizing

    Starting on Kaladin's wig! Gotta glue those wefts underneath the cap so I can pull the hair back enough to show off his brands without revealing the underside. I think he looks very bishonen atm. Eat your heart out, Adolin.
  8. Thanks! I'm kind of working off these images by beanclam for inspiration.
  9. This is the video I'm mostly working from: This woman makes the most incredible shoes for Monster High dolls, mostly for girls. Check her out~!
  10. You should see the tutorials on YouTube that I'm working from! I stand on the shoulders of giants.
  11. Thank you!
  12. From the album Doll Customizing

    Adolin's wig is almost done! I might try taming it a bit so he looks less like an anime character, but that's pretty accurate to how I picture him, personally.
  13. From the album Doll Customizing

    I made her a little dress so she wouldn't be all naked lol. It's just a placeholder for now, but the cloth's a really good texture and with some painting and detailing it should look pretty great. I'm so happy with the way the new crystals look. The sharp geometric lines contrast nicely with the organic forms of the body and when I add more vines it should look like they're growing out of her.
  14. From the album Doll Customizing

    I really like the way the paint job brought out the texture of the body; it goes a long way to making it easy for me to make her look organic.
  15. From the album Doll Customizing

    They look like rocks rather than crystals, even though they're real quartz! XD I think I'm going to just go with some tacky crystal beads and really play it up.