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  1. Neo looked back, noticing the cart. He saw Vesuvius as well however. And before Ronin went flying for Vesuviu's skull, Neo snatched Vesuvius' headband away. That could be useful... Neo thought.
  2. Neo was getting a little angry. He was so close to Vesuvius and then a storming spike fell out of the ceiling. Neo saw Vesuvius reach out his arm to protect his head from the spike. Neo used the spike like a pole, grabbing onto it and using his momentum to turn him around, making sure he was still on Vesuvius' side of the spike. Neo noticed the blade on his right hand and held his armguard moving it upwards and downwards. Then in a quick motion, he bestowed his left arm speed from his right hand, rubbing his hand across Vesuvius' chest. Getting this close was usually a bad tactic, but it seemed appropriate as Neo wouldn't have time to lift his legs. He was in a fight, and it wasnt a normal rub in the chest. Everybody always thought that an edgedancer could lose friction, that wasn't always the case. Neo infused a lot of stormlight and his hand gained friction. It rubbed against Vesuvius, meaning it would shred through everything.
  3. A whimsy roll wasn't going to stop Neo from advancing on Vesuvius. He had to be stopped from stalling, and that meant Neo had to attack head on. He was going to pay for those children. Neo didn't know why it bothered him so much, it just did. Neo saw the arm getting ripped off of him, that was good progress, now while w Vesuvius was still regaining balance Neo went close and did a careful and precise kick upwards, going to knock his headband over.
  4. Neo went back to work. He finished up healing Althea and raced over to vesuvius, he gave Ronin some stormlight before they attacked, giving them an additional boost. Neo noticed that Vesuvius had been lucky in dodging all attacks, but he couldn't be lucky forever. Neo wasn't particularly bright, but noticed that Vesuvius did not often go on the offensive and only dodged or counter-attacked at most. If that was his playstyle, it was likely he was planning on receiving backup, or escaping. Neo couldn't let that happen so he stormed towards Vesuvius, reaching for his headband.
  5. Neo saw Max charging in with his blade whilst Althea elsecalled away with the huge wound she had on her. Neo was ready for this moment. He immediately picked up momentum again, going as fast as possible. First, he breathed out a lot of stormlight, leaving only a manageable amount left, he gave that to Max, boosting him and healing his wounds, then he was heading towards Althea still full speed and going even fasting, pushing his boundaries. As he was just about to brush past Althea he bestowed all of his speed towards Ronin, slowing him down completely. Massive g-forces hit his body as he went into an abrupt halt, causing him to kneel to the ground with heavy nausea as well, while just barely being able to touch Althea and healing her.
  6. Neo saw Vesuvius doing a half barrel roll. He spotted a rat earlier in the sewers, now bestowing it all of his momentum with his Lense, resulting in a rat flying through the air and Neo being able to change course for Vesuvius again. @Gancho Libre
  7. Neo went towards him and realized that Althea was suddenly behind Vesuvius, ruining part of his plan. He didn't worry though. Neo breathed in stormlight, illuminating himself in order to make Althea's glow look a lot less visible. He then did a quad axle jump and then went on to slash Vesuvius' head in a roundhouse kick mid-air. Okay, I think I made myself look flashy enough for him not to notice Althea.
  8. Neo saw Hellbent break into a sprint. Immediately afterwards, Neo started doing his thing, breathing in some stormlight. He easily sped up and outran Hellbent, going directly for Vesuvius, giving him a bow to his aluminium headband.
  9. Neo looked towards the others, that horrid, melodramatic looking man. He noticed that he was wearing aluminium, he couldn't be affected by his bestowers' Lense. He thought, Guys, we need to remove the aluminium on him, it will give us an almost immediate win condition. He then shared that thought with them, using his bestowers Lense. Neo moved forward infront of everybody and then thought, Shoot, what are his abilities. "Guys what are his abilities? Might be a little late to ask." He worriedly stated.
  10. Rye patiently(ish) waited. He had been super bored over the past few months and he was not going to let an exciting opportunity slip away.
  11. "Hmm, where do I join missions and stuff like that?" He asked. Rye wanted to start working right away, no matter what he had to do. @Ark1002
  12. Neo followed along accordingly, not wanting to distract anybody further.
  13. "If it's relative, wouldn't it make sense for the specific point to be here considering this was Frob's hideout", Neo added