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  1. From the album My Stormlight Artwork

    A concept piece of what a shardplate helm might look like if a full radiant was wearing it.
  2. This is awesome!
  3. I actually really like the Mistborn secret history. But it's hard to choose a favorite
  4. Thanks :). That's a tough one, I love them all but the first Mistborn book has a special place in my heart (not hemalurgically speaking) as it was the first time I entered the cosmere and boy was that an experience! I love the dark feel of the first Mistborn books, haven't read wax and Wayne yet. I really love stormlight too!
  5. Thanks. I always imagined them with wicked smiles. Hard to get it just right.
  6. Since Christmas, I've started reading again and I decided to start with Mistborn since I never finished it. Now I've read the first Mistborn trilogy, and the stormlight archive and the pertaining cosmere stories to those I've read. I've also read Elantris. Just wanna say I love everything about this universe.