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  1. I'm interested in a test read, I would love to help.
  2. When you start telling the story of the Girl who looked up to your little brothers and sisters as a bedtime story.
  3. Granted, but it's an ugly pineapple. I wish for someone to recognize the quote I just made.
  4. Granted, but now your next wish will have to be for potato's. I wish for a mini elephant that can fly (like dumbo) and grant's talents like aviar's.
  5. "Ah Syen your back. From what my reports say you did a fabulous job with the illusion it works well to hide our troops, thank you." Tevarah turned around anxious for what he was about to ask. "I want- no I need you Syen to take over my army? Just for a little bit, I must go, I have things to be about, things I cannot speak of." Tevarah sped up wanting to get it over with, hoping not to give her enough time to say no. "Here are the passcodes and security phrases for the army <Redacted> <Redacted>. You may look at it as a test for positioning in the Ghostbloods, do what you wish with the army, but your actions will be examined when I get back. Thank you so much. I wish I could tell you more, sorry and goodbye." With that Tevarah stepped out of the tent and lashed himself away from the city he would be back soon... @Sorana
  6. "Ok, it's fine really, I can do it I just have to find time..." Tevarah looked to the maps, all the paperwork stacked up. "Storms I need an assistant. Anyway I will have a servant fetch your me, they can get the stormlight you need, also keep me informed on how the illusion works thank you." Then Tevarah gave the order to begin the march again. @Sorana
  7. Tevarah looked up hearing what Syen had to say then he smiled. "Yes, we would love your help and that's a great idea about the illusion, the stormlight you ask for can be acquired with little cumbrance. As for your safety I would assign three of my personal guard to escort you, if that's ok? Their names are Mio, Casner and Zidren. Also if it's to much to ask then dont worry about it, but could you compose a message to the villagers? Tell them there is safety and good food here and that we will help them get to a safe place. @Sorana
  8. [Whatever time Rashan gave his speach] Beautiful words he had heard Rashan say. Tevarah turned to Syen. "Thank you for your help, you may leave now if you wish, but I could use your help." Tevarah didnt let her answer before calling for a servant, a young man popped in through the tent flaps. "My lord?" Tevarah sucked in a breath. "I want you to get all of the spikes that we have stored humanity in and give every lifeless soldier you can a spike, then brake their commands, if they choose to stay or go let them, but everyone of them will hear Rashans final words then make this oath they will only protect never attack they will be the healers, surgeons and medics.of this war and will save not kill. [Present time] Everyone was busy working, the hustle and bustle around the camp was chaos, but an organized chaos. They did a marvelous job these lifeless- no not lifeless Tevarah thought. They were truly alive, and turned out a surprising number had done the work of surgeons before they died, then had helped the others who were not learned to understand. They were all extremely talented moving fast healing burns, splinting broken bones and even some complicated surgeries were done. Currently Tevarah was pouring over the map using his tactic skills to move through the city trying to get to the Canton the safe haven, he could help there, he had food and all of these medics, but he needed to get there fast the storm was coming the one that would save them all. @Sorana
  9. Tevarah followed the girl to the tent. "If I am correct you are one of the more recent members of the GB's and of the messages I have received you must be the one called Syen." Tevarah moved into the tent further looking at the outstretched map, then turned his head to face Syen. "I dont know how much you've been told or how much you know, but you can tell me, I am Tevarah, Over Lord and Councilman of the Ghostbloods and I need a to know what's happening in the city."
  10. "Yes. Where is Solace? how many troops do we have?" Tevarah looked around, at the other troops that were looking at them. "Come girl we must talk somewhere less populated, where is the Strategy tent?"
  11. "We're late storm it!!" Tevarah said riding up to the wall of the city then circling back to his command post ."If only we wouldn't have had that mishap with the cannons." "Tevarah." Tessi said calmly. "Dont be so hard on yourself, there's still time to help." "Right," Tevarah sighed. "but it would have been better to be here for Solace and the other council members, but now it's time, All of this preparation" he looked to the thousand some odd lifeless soldiers they had been spiked perfectly. He had started with one thousand five hundred lifeless, yet perfection is key to hemalurgy, set a spike in the wrong place and you mess things up. It was very messy work and yet he had been chosen to be the Overlord of Hemalurgic Constructs and Research, it was his job and he was amazed at what you could do. He turned back to face the wall. "prepare squadron three, seven and one, load the trebuchets first knock down that archers nest, then send the-" "Comander" sounded a deep masculine voice right into Tevarahs head, it had a slight accent of one well educated. "My men are ready." Tevarah turned around, looking to the Meeker genaral, "prepare your men for launch, get with squadron seven they are going to send you in there with tbe trebuchet just like we practiced. Did you get the armor I sent to you? "Yes my lord" the meeker replied. "Good, you and you men are very valuable, your going to make the path safe for my men to go through, we must gain and hold some of this ground, be safe my friend, now on your way." The meeker nodded then scuttled away. Tevarah studied the map for a few minutes then looked up just in time to see the first boulder hurled at the archers nest crashing into it, the second and third going over the wall and landing in the city. Each of those special boulders will be carrying about fifteen highly intelligent Meekers who have been spiked and trained, ready to kill. "This is it what we have planned for it's not like we imagined, but we prepared nonetheless." He mounted his horse took the remainder of his troops and started for the Ghostbloods Command tent.
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  13. Tevarah was kicked back if he was damaged he couldn't feel it. With adrenaline and stormlight coursing through his body he decided not to catch himself, he cancelled his lashings and started to fall toward the lake until he was about ten feet above the water he then lashed a hard lashing at an angle leaving him soring about five feet above the lake.
  14. Tevarah ran through the hallway coming up to the group of people kneeling over a body. It was Solace, he was glowing, but nothing seemed to be happening yet. He did not know if he would survive. This cant keep happening. He snapped into action. "You there servant. Send for our Regrowth healers! Go now!!" This was the last time something so damaging would come to the Ghostbloods, we will not have one persons death control and disorient our great Guild, and this one will not either, not while Tevarah had a seat on the council.
  15. @5ith Ideal