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  1. It’s drought season for cosmere content, and with six months to go until the release of Rhythm of War, waiting feels like a never ending Desolation. Never fear, good adventurers, Brotherwise Games has just announced that their upcoming board game, Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive, will be available for pre-orders from Monday, May 25th, with full release on July 1st. The announcement was made by Daniel DeVita over at Winter is Coming and includes an exclusive first look at new card artwork, this time of Szeth, by Art Demura. Created by brothers, Johnny and Chris O’Neal, the Call to Adventure games are a hero building deck builder crossed with an RPG, within a fantasy setting. The base game focuses on fantasy tropes opposed to any specific world, however, through collaborations with Patrick Rothus and Brandon Sanderson, the indie company has expanded the game to explore the worlds of Name of the Wind and The Stormlight Archive. Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive transports player to the world of Roshar, where they begin their own journey towards becoming a Knights Radiant - a path full of challenges and enemies, successes and friends. The game highly encourages storytelling, while also providing you with the tools and structure that traditionally accompanies deck builders. Initially an expansion, Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive has grown into a fully fledged stand alone game. It was first announced during the Call to Adventure: Name of the Wind kickstarter, back in 2018. At the time, it was expected to be released in the second half of 2019 - unfortunately, delays happen and its release had to be pushed back. However, considering the game’s shift from expansion to a fully themed variant of the base game, as well as the dedication and care that the O’Neal brothers, the extra time has not gone amiss. I am pumped you guys. The last few months has seen a slew of card designs released, and they are gorgeous. With 22 community artists and 120 original card designs, you’re in for one hell of a treat. What’s more, the O’Neal brothers have worked closely with Isaac Stewart, art director of Dragonsteel Entertainment, to ensure that the card designs aligned with Brandon’s visions. Some cards, like the Herald’s Honorblades, have even been classed as canonical depictions of their in world counterparts (check out our update from earlier this month for a labeled version). For more card art, check out the Coppermind where the wonderful Rasarr has been cultivating a gallery of the released works. The game will be available as two editions: standard and deluxe. The standard base game is priced at $39.95 USD and will include all items needed to play the game including 150 cards, acrylic runes, tokens, and player boards. The deluxe edition is only five dollars more ($44.95 USD) and comes in a premium, bookshelf-ready, package, with two foil alternate-art cards, and an exclusive 48-page art book called A Worldhopper’s Guide to Roshar. For the amount included, this game is a steal. For more information, and to pre-order the game on Monday, head on over to the Brotherwise Games website. Journey before Destination, future Radiants. Happy adventuring! Image: Reluctant Villain by Art Demura
  2. The reference to 'dying storms' strikes me as almost an ominous suggestion about the storms disappearing from Roshar. With how much of Roshar's ecosystem, along with the reliance of the singers on the highstorm to change forms, it would be quite devastating if the highstorm was to, for some reason, cease to exist.
  3. It looks like you don't currently have permissions to create pages - I'll pass onto the admins that you need to be moved to the 'editors' group (all new accounts start in a restricted group to prevent spammers and vandalism). In terms of creating new pages - wob pages are fine to create whenever you come across them, but if there are content pages you think are missing then it's best to chat about them first either here in the forum or on the Coppermind Discord (if you wanted to hang there as well ), just in case they've come up before or would work better as a subsection on another page or as a category. Thanks for all your help so far! Very much appreciated.
  4. Hey! Those will just be wobs that haven't yet made it onto the Coppermind so the reference pages haven't been generated yet. There should be "missing reference description, click to import" printed under the wob references in red, in the Notes section at the bottom of the page - if you click on that and press save (no need to make any changes, it'll automatically generated and preview for you) then that should fix it.
  5. Aw thank you Nitpicking. I was actually very worried that I might get something wrong - transfusion is an area that I've worked in but not my main field of study, so I felt very much like I only had surface level information. This is super neat!
  6. It could just be defined that these things aren't from necessarily one donor and instead just exist as the universal types in separate forms and blood Soulcasting can just draw from these pools at the same time and combine them. In that case you could just drop the lymphocytes, they can do more harm than good. Fun fact, whole blood transfusions are occasionally still used if someone is bleeding out, as what they need, more than anything at that given time, is just more blood to stop exsanguination. It comes with a host of risks, but the alternative can be almost certain death so the risk of future complications are worth more than the immediate danger to a patient's life. Though, at least from what I've read, it's generally only recommended to give group to group whole blood transfusions even in these circumstances (A to A, O to O) and if the person's blood grouping is unknown (and there isn't time for crossmatching to find out) to give separated universal products because of the potential complications to try and limit known complications. I imagine that even in a hard sci-fi novel it would be difficult to get the science 100% accurate - the nice thing about fiction is that magic can be used to cover the blurry spots. As I mention in the article, I don't expect it to be perfectly accurate, and with it having an aspect of magic, I doubt it ever could be. I never intended this piece to be a criticism of Brandon's work, more a combination of my interests and a chance to share some extra understanding into the mechanics of how blood works (and to have something I can easily link to in the future when asked about this). Even if the scene doesn't work for me personally, it doesn't mean by any stretch that the scene is bad or needs to be changed - it works for most people and that's what matters. I think Jasnah mentions to Shallan later that she had to Soulcast her multiple times as well. I would agree with it being similar to hemodialysis - if she's putting in new blood she would need to be removing some as well to prevent circulatory overload.
  7. The body would respond eventually - a lot of the immune system isn't found directly in the blood and would probably react pretty quickly. It wouldn't be immediate but it would happen in short order. What it could be, is if everything is replaced - blood, tissue, immune system - then it could technically work (and this is just named 'blood' Soulcasting for simplicity), though if it all comes from a single donor (god I dislike that wob) then eventually everyone would die of disease as they could evolve to only have to avoid *one* type of immune system. I really like this analogy. I haven't thought about the distinctions between the two magic systems much and have been conflating them in my brain to be built in similar ways. But at the same time, I would say I have an inherent bias towards imagining Surgebinding like the Metallic Arts, simply because I started with Mistborn.
  8. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, it was pointed out on Shardcast that I am rather bothered by the mechanics of blood Soulcasting. Or more specifically, how it is used to save Shallan’s life during The Way of Kings. I have a background in molecular biology and have spent several years working with blood products, so to have some fun, I decided to put my nerd cap on and combine two of my passions. I would first like to preface this article to say that Brandon has been clear in the fact that he has limited knowledge of blood. The way he uses blood Soulcasting in WoK, for all intents and purposes, is perfectly fine for a book not about blood transfusions. I find for me personally, the scene in the hospital pulls me out of the story, but it shouldn’t be expected (and I certainly don’t expect it) of Brandon to write something supremely in depth and medically accurate. The basics will do. Besides there is an answer as to why this works and the answer is spiritual mumbo jumbo. After Shallan is poisoned by Kabsal, Jasnah saves her life by Soulcasting Shallan’s blood to remove the poison. In doing so, Jasnah is introducing new blood into Shallan’s body (in essence, providing a blood transfusion) that does not match Shallan’s system. This was a risky choice by Jasnah, not just because of the dangers posed by Soulcasting, but also by the dangers associated with mismatched blood transfusions. The probability of Jasnah getting the make up of Shallan’s blood correct and causing no reaction is very small. Blood is complex. Although we think of it as a homologous unit, it is made up of different parts, each of which perform different functions in the body. As well as this, the type of blood we have can be vastly different from person to person and if the wrong type of blood is given to someone they could have a severe reaction, or in the worst case, die. It is unclear what the exact nature of blood types is on Roshar, though I’m going to take the ‘eight types’ spoken of by Jasnah to be the eight major blood types in real life; O+, O-, A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-. Brandon has confirmed the existence of Rhesus factor (Rh) (which is denoted by the +/- on blood typing). Knowing that Rh exists in Stormlight, it’s logical to expand that the other main blood types also exist. Roshar has some knowledge of blood typing, although it is not extensive of modern day typing. Blood Grouping The two most commonly known groups, as well as the major groups when considering transfusion, are the ABO and Rh groups (+/-). Your ABO is particularly important when being given someone else’s blood; if you are given the wrong ABO group it can lead to a rejection of the donated blood by your immune system. When transfusing blood your ABO group is of utmost importance, however, it is not the only blood group that needs to be considered. Currently, there are 34 known blood group systems, comprising of over 300 molecules that could be found on the surface of your blood cells. Most of these systems give rise to rare blood types, where you either have a molecule that most people do not, or vice versa. While the specifics of each of these minor systems are not important, the variety of combinations that they give rise to creates problems when giving blood from one person to another. Except in life threatening situations, patients will almost always be checked before being given blood to minimise the risk of reaction. Most people when they think of universal donors think of O- blood. Indeed it is; but only in the case of red blood cells. Blood is not one substance, it is a mixture of different cells. ABO receptors can be found on red blood cells, while antibodies are found in blood plasma. ABO is less important for another component of blood, platelets, however, in this case HLA receptors need to be considered. HLA is also a factor for a fourth component of blood, white blood cells. Red Blood Cells (Risk: patient cells attacking donor blood) O group has no blood receptors on red blood cells - if transfused it won’t be attacked by the patient’s body, hence O group is the universal donor, as it can be given to anybody. Conversely, AB is the universal recipient because it has both A and B receptors - if given to a non-AB patient, it will always be attacked by the recipient’s immune system. Plasma (Risk: donor blood attacking patient cells) O group is the universal recipient - it contains antibodies against both the A and B receptors and will attack patient’s cells that have these receptors. Conversely, AB is the universal donor - it produces no antibodies and cannot attack patient cells. Platelets (Risk: patient cells attacking donor blood) ABO is less important when considering platelets as these receptors are only weakly expressed. Instead these cells strongly express HLA receptors, a crucial receptor that leads to an immune response, which may or may not be shared between donor and recipient. If they are not shared, and the patient has developed antibodies against these HLA receptors, the transfused platelets will be destroyed rapidly, leaving the patient at risk of serious bleeding. White Blood Cells (Risk: donor blood attacking patient cells and vice versa) White blood cells are immune cells. Their make up is also based on HLA receptors. If these receptors are not shared then the transfused white blood cells can attack the patient's cells. In modern medicine, blood is separated into components (red blood cells, plasma, and buffy coat [platelets and white blood cells]) which makes it easier to prevent reactions during transfusion. Jasnah, to remove the poison, would need to replace all of these components of blood at once. An exact ABO match would be needed to prevent an immediate reaction due to whole blood or plasma donor mismatch. Enough of a HLA match would need to exist to prevent platelet destruction and risk of uncontrolled bleeding. The white blood cells could cause a major problem if detected as foreign - if donor cells attack the patient or vice versa, this could cause a delayed reaction. This does not account for any of the other blood systems or blood receptors that could cause either immediate or delayed reactions. Blood is easier to make than other organics because it is an Essence, however, Jasnah also admitted that she is not good with Soulcasting blood which made the endeavour extremely dangerous. Replacing someone’s blood via Soulcasting seems like a difficult enough task for someone extremely skilled in this type of Soulcasting, let alone someone who has difficulty with it. How then, does Jasnah successfully do this? To inject our regular case of spiritual mumbo jumbo, it is likely the case that she is not just Soulcasting blood, but instead Soulcasting the poison to specifically be Shallan’s blood, based on her spiritual ideal. Hence negating all of these biological problems. This is an adequate answer that I have always disliked. But that’s just me. I am very excited to see how Brandon further explores interactions between human biology and his magic systems both in SA and also in the Silence Divine (fingers crossed that this is a story he gets to write). Did you like content like this? Consider supporting 17th Shard on Patreon!
  9. This biologically wouldn't work and I find this scene with Shallan incredibly frustrating because of just how many things would have to line up for what Jasnah does to be physically possible. I'm actually in the middle of writing up a blog post explaining my issues with blood soul casting it's just taking me so much longer than I expected. Hopefully I finally get it out this week. Suffice to say I find the whole scene problematic. It's enough that it pulls me out of the story.
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  20. It’s official folks - Stormlight Four has an confirmed title! First announced by Tor then retweeted by Brandon, the newest edition to the Stormlight saga has been confirmed to be named Rhythm of War. Brandon floated this as the tentative title back in February 2019 during the initial outlining of the book, and it appears it stuck firm. Like with previous Stormlight novels, Rhythm of War will also reflect the title of an in-world text. Brandon has confirmed that this text will not be written by human hand, which fits nicely with a Venli focused book. Will we see another piece from our spotlight character, like in Oathbringer? Or maybe we’ll see some historical singer writings? Like always, RAFO. Here’s what Brandon has to say about it: Along with a title confirmation, we’ve been given a sneak peak at what may end up being the end page art of either Rhythm of War or Stormlight Five. This gorgeous piece by Donato Giancola, depicts Talenelat’Elin, Herald of War, and has been described by Isaac Stewart, Brandon’s art director, as striking “...the right balance between realism and symbolism, and gives us a heroic, yet tormented, version of this beloved Herald.” This painting is the first in what seems to be a full set of Herald portraits, with multiple other pieces currently in the works. According to Issac, which Herald’s end up in each book will be depended on who best fits the novel’s theme and which artwork pairs well together. Isaac explains: Last, (but not least!) Tor's post has also confirmed that Michael Whelan will be designing, what we all know will be, a stunning art piece for the cover of the American edition of Rhythm of War. Many keen eyed fan’s have been quick to notice the symmetry in the book abbreviations - WoK, WoR, OB, RoW - and speculation has begun about whether Stormlight Five’s title will follow the same pattern and be KoW. Think this might be the case? Put your comments or title predictions in the comments below!
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  22. Quick follow up to Argent's post - just a gentle reminder for everyone keep in mind that people will define religious beliefs and lack of religious beliefs differently. There is no one objective definition to any of these beliefs and they can be highly personal depending on the individual. Please be respectful when discussing how religions are defined and remember that someone else’s definition doesn’t invalidate your own or vice versa. The different views and interpretations expressed here can be discussed and explored in regards to Jasnah without any one view being proven to be the most correct. My two cents on the topic at hand: I think the fact that the Vessel's of the Shard's can die would be enough for Jasnah to conclude that they're not the equivalent of God. Knowing that she's gaining information about the cosmere from Hoid as well, and likely will hear the story of Adonalsium and how the Shard's came to power, I think this would further her conviction that the Shard's are powerful but not divine beings. Overall though, I can see her not looking at the the Shards or Adonalsium in the context of religion and God. She's content with her beliefs and her conversation with Taravangian in WoK says to me that she isn't interested in engaging with the idea of disproving religion as she doesn't see the onus as being on her to do so. I think she'll be highly interested in the Shards from an academic standpoint, but not from a religious one.
  23. Chapter 45 - I think there is a 'the' missing from this sentence.
  24. horror

    Hey RAFO! From the looks of the article, Jofwu’s gone through and changed the wording, thanks for bringing it up! Both chapters five and six are now being referenced - there’s probably something in chapter five that’s also relevant to the sentence. There are definitely times though that incorrect reference are added - generally just a typo. It’s pretty easy to mess up the references by accident (I know that I’ve referenced the wrong book series entirely before.... whoops). If you come across any mistakes like this, as Karger said, feel free to edit the page yourself - we keep track of new changes so will see what comes through. A lot of the White Sand articles haven’t had much love due to the GN format being harder to search through and the series being less popular (though I know Jof is trying to right this wrong), so any help that can be provided for these articles is always deeply appreciated. I’ve seen a few of your videos and imagine they must require quite a bit of research - we would love your help with anything you come across that is missing or incorrect on Coppermind articles. Also just as a heads up - double posting is discouraged on the forums. If you could please edit your original post in future, if you have extra info to add, that would be great.