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  1. Granted. But now you can’t see the color blue anymore. I wish for a recipe for poppy seed muffins (do you @Kelsier'sGodComplex or anybody else actually have one they could share?)
  2. I really hope this information is correct. Amazon has already proven to provide false release dates regarding other series and I don't have other, more reliable sources. The ebook fits well in my bag - I have no problem there. But I own all Cosmere books in mass market paperback and it feels so wrong not to have OB standing next to them.
  3. There was some discussion whether a mass market paperback will be released for Oathbringer. The books huge size alone might be a problem. However, Amazon recently listed a new paperback version to be released on August 27 (at least amazon Germany). Book size: 10.5 x 5.1 x 17.1 cm.
  4. The outlining progress bar is still on 40% (Starsight 3rd draft is at 100% though - thanks that somebody here convinced me to read Skyward. Now, I have another series to wait for).
  5. What exactly did Brandon Sanderson spoil about the back five books? He is quite close mouthed in my opinion. Lift grows up. Ok. That's spoilerish. But also obvious. She needs to grow up - something she never thought would happen due to her visit to the Nightwatcher. Her book will be #6. Chances are very high she survives till then. Afterwards? No one knows. It fascinates me (in a bit disturbing way) that this discussion is still going on. I think many here try to help @LerasiumMistborn by showing that the too narrow perspective on WoB regarding Dalinar is flawed. But that's not helping. So what would? We can't convince you @LerasiumMistborn that the "waste of Dalinar Kholin" is not set in stone. You won't convince us that SA is unreadable due to Dalinar's imminent death. What is your goal in this discussion? Warning Dalinar fans? Or maybe seeking (deep down) a reason to still read on? (my question is meant totally serious, not to mock you)
  6. I agree that some things might not work perfectly for some people (I, for instance, don't like the Amaram conclusion), but in the long run it will be better that Brandon sometimes changes his mind. Eshonai was not able to tell the story that Brandon wants to tell. I liked her character a lot, but if Brandon had dragged her along, it may have been worse than killing her off. If you read e.g. Mythwalker, you will see why certain elements just did not work in the story, but became very interesting elements in Warbreaker, Mistborn and SA. I think it is premature to say a character is wasted, before we know how the story continues. We can discuss whether Venli or Eshonai serves the story better (I think that is already being discussed in other threads with good reasons provided by both sides). But Dalinar's story is not over yet.
  7. I don't think Brandon Sanderson killed off Eshonai because he wanted to twist the story. I think he has good reasons why moving on the story with Venli as listener Radiant fits better than doing so with Eshonai. On his website you can read chapters of some books that never have been published. You can see how some elements of the stories are reused in published books. Usually these elements are changed somehow. Before the change, the story did not work, but Brandon knows how to write and how to revise books. Maybe he will reveal his reasons for certain changes in the SA later on (although I'm not a writer, I find it very interesting to read these old versions and experience flaws and changes). Maybe not. But I'm sure they exist. Will Brandon Sanderson make mistakes? Well.. He is human after all (I think). Will he make huge mistakes such as killing of characters just for unexpected twists and shocks? I don't think so. Judging by other books, I'd say that's not his style.
  8. Yes. I really believe that there is more to death in the Cosmere as just being gone. Other books provide ample evidence. But it is not a question of believe, but of how to state your beliefs. I agree with @Chaos that you sometimes present facts rather than what you believe in prior comments, although you made yourself more clear by now. We can argue for hours on what we believe. For me it was just important to see that Dalinar's death is not a given fact. I love to read his story in any way, but knowing such things before the book is even written would be a disappointment for me. That's why I reacted quite strongly to your quite factual statements in this other thread (these postings have been hidden by now). I will read books 4 and 5 (if I have the chance). I can offer you to spoil Dalinar's survival for you after the books are written, so that you might be able to read them as well ...
  9. I'm really happy these WoBs are now out in the open. They have been the basis of much discussion in other threads. By now I do understand (though I don't share) your @LerasiumMistborn pessimism. Your emotional link to Dalinar is very strong and you fear his death. Instead of rafo, you really convinced yourself that Brandon spoiled his death already so that there is no need to read further. There is a chance that Dalinar dies. You are not willing to take that risk even if you miss the chance reading a glorious story. I get the risk aversion. I am OK with it. However, you should really avoid stating your perception as facts. In the other thread I really believed you that Brandon has outright spoiled a character's death in a private message. It shocked me. So please be more careful in the future and try to understand that there is a different way of interpreting these WoBs than yours. Same as others try to understand your disappointment and fear.
  10. Now I'm really hungry. And there's nothing in my fridge that could substitute for a chullburger. Thanks a lot
  11. Does it have to be Shin? Or just related to Szeth? I'm picturing him reading fanfiction and hiding it from the rest of the crew...
  12. Oh... Right! Thank you so much!
  13. Book 5 needs to be KoW! Ahhh... OB doesn't fit. Which letter was it again, that doesn't ruin symmetries in Vorin names? I guess we can't do anything about it...
  14. Also, I think the nationality (whether or not a nation fights the Desolation) or religious affiliation do not matter to Spren in their "Radiant selection process". We know many Radiants from Vorin Kingdoms as the story started there. But we've seen others (mainly in the interludes). Unfortunately, not all of them survived Name. I think we will see more of Roshar in the next books an meet new non-Vorin Radiants.
  15. We'll get a max of three Bondsmiths. I really can get behind the idea of a Singers'/Listeners' Bondsmith. Rlain is not a Voidbringer (I get what you mean, he is in the eyes of many humans). It won't be enough to unite the human kingdoms/countries. At least some of the Parsh will want to fight Odium. It would help if they had a Bondsmith. As much as I grew to like Navani, I don't want her to bond the Sibling. Although it is quite fitting, I am in camp "Please no Bondsmith Kholin Powerhouse".