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  1. Wish I had parents that started me reading SA at age 13. But I can't blame them. I was already in my late 20s when WoK was published . But I love that age doesn't matter at all here. The discussions in this forum are high class - thanks to you all whatever age you are! Edit: Thanks @Dalakaar for the poll. It's interesting to see the statistics.
  2. If you want to make sure that you can read the finale of a book series, you would have to wait until the last book is published before you start reading. In this case, many book series - especially from young, less known authors - would not be finished as publishers won't bring the second book to the shelves if the first didn't sell. After what happened to certain other series, I can fully understand that people hesitate to start an unfinished series. But I trust Brandon Sanderson that he doesn't just abandon his fans. Also, SA is a 2x5 books series. I expect some closure in book 5, which is not decades away. And most importantly: as @Philomath already said, the single volumes contain many interesting story archs that can stand on their own. Journey before destination indeed.
  3. On my phone, I can't see the drop-down button, but it is right there on the top. A click on Spensa's forehead does the trick. (Though it was just a bug on my phone specifically. Otherwise I would have explained it right away.)
  4. @Xavier Iriarte check out https://brandonsanderson.com/ Right on top you can see the progress bars to his current projects.
  5. I don't know. I just love the books he writes and I don't care, if I die before I get to read the Cosmere's conclusion. And I also can live on, if Brandon Sanderson decides not to write the conclusion. I simply enjoy the world he created and the characters he gave life - with or without final ending. And: The progress bar of the SA 4 Outline just jumped to 25%. Even if I can live without having full closure, I love how open Brandon Sanderson is with his fans!
  6. I sometimes get the feeling, that Adolin presents himself more "simple" than he really is. On the outside, he shows the cool prince in fancy clothes, but he can be quite thoughtful and smart. He brings books to Shallan to help her getting a grasp in politics, he has a keen mind for tactics in battles... He is like this kid in school that is part of the cool in-group that doesn't want to show his intelligence to his peers. BUT: He also avoids responsibilities sometimes. He needs to overcome this if he wants to proceed with Edgedancer oaths. But the same applies to Lift... All in all, we are not often enough in his head to really understand him.
  7. theory

    I am not sure. As far as I understand this, not everything has a spren, although people on Roshar tend to believe this is the case. Those beads in Shadesmar are not spren, right? They are souls of objects, some kind of manifestations of physical objects; whereas spren are ideas given life (could some Cosmere expert please explain this in more detail, I'm not up to the task). I expect the bead of one of the statues to have about as much mental capacity to speak as Stick (::insertstickjokehere::).
  8. Yes. You have to read Oathbringer soon and then join the discussion here in full. Otherwise spoilers are a big risk. Btw. If you did not spot the above mentioned character, no worries. I didn't make the connection on my first go neither.
  9. Yes, he is on Braize. But Braize is part of the Rosharan system and he is clearly invested in Roshar (the Fused, the Voidspren, the Unmade).
  10. Wisdom might very well be a Shard. I thought I read a WoB about that, but could only find that one (guess I read a discussion and not a WoB): However, I don't think that another Shard is invested in the Rosharan System than Honor, Odium, and Cultivation:
  11. I guess she fled. If she is still close enough nearby to observe, Shallan would feel her presence. She might be hiding in one of the caverns, if she is still licking her wounds. But I guess we still don't know enough about the Unmade to understand how they really operate. Does Odium give them direct commands? They must have at least a certain amount of free will as otherwise Sja-Anat could not act as she does...
  12. She definitely identified Cryptics given her familiarity with Pattern. She could have mistaken Honorspren for windspren. Ahhhrg. Now I want to go and explore this hall myself... *pullinghairdesperately*
  13. I also just thought the woman in the shape of a tree would be Cultivation as in Dalinar's visit to the valley, she was described as a woman who's clothing seem to meld with the plants of the forest. The Nightwatcher, on the other hand, was seen asdark mist. But I have never considered the cloud, which seems to depict the Stormfather and not Honor. My bad.. But well.. Incredibly vague indeed Edit: One more question. If the Bondsmith Spren are on the artwork of the walls, why are there ten Spren depicted on other murals?
  14. @Kon-Tiki sorry for the misunderstanding.
  15. This. I didn't see why Ishar, Binder of Gods, Founder of the Oathpact shouldn't get a second, more central picture.