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  1. The Heralds should have some knowledge regarding the Unmade and Yelig-nar's effects. They would be crazy to swallow a gemstone and allow Yelig-nar in. Oh, wait...
  2. Oh yes, I did and upvoted you for it. Thanks for the lough! I hope though that this restriction is not necessary anymore, now that Shallan and Adolin are married
  3. So they may not have Patterns full experience, but are able to observe. Right.. I completely forgot about the observation part. And this may even be enough for a Cryptic. They seem to think in numbers anyway. Feelings and personal impressions should be less important for such rational beings...
  4. In this context, I am asking myself how the Spren communicate with each other. Is Pattern able to send information "home" to the other Cryptics in Shadesmar via some linkage? Or is he able to go back to the CR every now ("off-screen") and then to report? Otherwise he would die for nothing as he leaves the other Cryptics no wiser...
  5. Off-topic: @Winds Alight Your picture is great. I love that cat. Reminds me on our old family cat. My sister cares for him now and I don't get to see him much... On-topic: I don't care much for Rysn either. But I didn't care for Lift - until I read Edgedancer. So I am looking forward to all the novellas .
  6. Yeah! I don't want that for them to happen. But Maya would be close to him locationwise in the CR, right? Or how does it work with the deadeyes again? They have to be actively held in prison to not seek out their swordly remains? I mean deadeye Maya is close to Adolin (not like the other deadeye on the ship in Shadesmar) and would be transformed to a living Spren still close to him, but in the CR. They might find each other with Jasnah's help.
  7. There's a new reading from one of Brandon's signings in Germany. Haven't seen it on the shard by now, so here it is: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/388/#e12676 I am excited. And even more sorry that I missed him in Munich
  8. I don't do FB/Twitter. But thanks for mentioning the "events and signing" section. I haven't ever checked that one before, but I will do so from now on. Regarding the implications of "Child of Tanavast", I'm confident, Brandon Sanderson will come up with something much more intriguing than the descendant story. Though, my brain won't come up with an idea right now. Ah... Can't wait for RoW
  9. Would it get more difficult or easier to hold more Shards together? Sazed has some problems holding two of them. But having Dominion and Devotion might even help to balance Ruin and Preservation...
  10. Now that I think about it, I really hope Kaladin is not a direct descendant from Tanavast. I would prefer a more metaphorical meaning as I do not care much for the "special person is a secret/hidden descendant from another special character" thing. But it's really great you got to ask this question @Winds Alight. Only.. Now, I want to know more about it!
  11. Brandon was in Stuttgart? Why didn't I know this? Btw. I think it's never a waste of time to think about such things. I love theorizing, even if the resulting theories are shot down by WoB or the next book...
  12. I got the impression that the Skybreakers did not hunt Radiants the whole time... From Edgedancer ch. 9: Thanks though for your answer. I wish we knew more about Spren societies and their motivations.
  13. Disregarding the Skybreakers, we know that Jasnah was a proto-Radiant the night Gavilar died. Shallan probably knew Pattern even before that. And Gavilar himself was on the Bondsmith-path receiving visions. Do we know of any earlier Bonds? Anyways.. Honor "died" centuries before all that. Taln returned from Braize much later. So what triggered the new rise of Radiancy during these past few years?
  14. The Heralds could sense and find each other in Way of Kings Prime. To be more precise, they could find the other Honorblades. But this mechanism doesn't work in current SA (WoB). However, they seem to feel Jezrien's death, so there must be some connection among them. I guess..