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  1. I had issues when reading Edgedancer as well. Guess WoR Lift is not my favorite person. But I am happy to have finished it as it provides depth to Lift and to Nale as well. Though I wouldn't place it at the same level as Emperor's Soul and I will not reread it as often as the other Stormlight books, I encourage you to read on.
  2. Yeah. Unfortunately only in the US and Canada
  3. rhythmofwar

    This is great news! I'm very much looking forward to to August. Also, thank you for linking the reddit update. I somehow missed it...
  4. I was thinking about the same question. I don't think Pattern et al. would be that interested in chairs. I think Brandon confirmed that the flute is Hoid's. The one Kaladin lost in Sadeas' camp after the tower incident. And one more thing: Are we absolutely sure the nightwatcher is a bondsmith spren. I know, it's common "knowledge". But is there 100% confirmation either textwise or through Wob?
  5. And it’s the 33rd day of the year with 333 days to go. Yay . I think Vorins count the weeks as well as years, months and days. What year are we currently in? 1174? There are 5 days a week, 10 weeks a month and ten months a year. Well...
  6. Where do I find the information on the website? Seems I haven't visited for quite some time. New design... Hm.. (phew, I'm such a slave of habit )
  7. Yeah. And Brandon released the first two chapters in his newsletters. Guess those are the same as the above mentioned. I'm really looking forward to reading the whole thing
  8. Yes I did after some Sharders convinced me that I will enjoy it. And they were absolutely right!
  9. Is there any way to read those chapters online? For someone who didn't want to read Skyward in the first place, my Starsight hype is way too big
  10. Found another WoB:
  11. I haven't found any WoB regarding Parsh Worldhoppers, but I'm not very good at digging up WoBs. But I found this one: I always thought that the 16 original Vessels were from Yolen. The WoB would support my assumption and implies that there have been no Parshendi on Yolen (the three races were humans, dragons, and Sho Del).
  12. "No, he'll never forgive me." I have to agree with @Karger and @aneonfoxtribute. I always read this line as Amaram speaking of himself in third person. But @Pathfinder might be up to something. It is at least strange that Amaram starts to refer to himself in third person. The tapping of the chest explains this only after Dalinar asks. At least Amaram seems to think he is irredeemable and that he, the Amaram who stands opposed to Dalinar right now, is somewhat distanced from him, the Amaram who he used to be. Oh Amaram... I wish we had a POV. Such an interesting villain. Where would you be, if Adolin hadn't killed Sadeas? That's actually a bit off topic. I will stop discussing Amaram's scene now. But speculating how the connection to Odium works is relevant in a possible Moash redemption arc.
  13. I like your reasoning. It is very much possible that Odium has a hold on Moash. Did Amaram really mean Odium when he said "he won't let me"? (I don't have my book with me to look up the scene). Might he have referred to the Unmade he swallowed? In general, I hope Moash has some free will left. I don't root for a redemption arc, but I think it should be possible for him to try this direction (though deciding against it and going fully team Odium is also fine for me).
  14. I second that
  15. The Heralds should have some knowledge regarding the Unmade and Yelig-nar's effects. They would be crazy to swallow a gemstone and allow Yelig-nar in. Oh, wait...