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  1. This looks so good, and the fact that it could be used in games/animations is really cool aswell, since you’re model could come to life if the right person sees it. i don’t think it should have a bright colour scheme as in words of radiance it was supposed to be really hard to see in the dark. Also it looks a bit glossy on the picture, but I’d always imagined them with tougher shells. thanks for posting edit - you’re first picture of it is the glossy one, but the second one looks almost perfect
  2. I don’t really think he’s got anything to do with the plot. much like how sazed, despite being an important character and the only keeper throughout most of the trilogy, I think his main purpose is to give Vin wisdom and support from time to time, at least in the first book. in the same way, I think ham is there simply to pose philosophy so we can see different characters viewpoints whiteout it feel in like Brandon is just dumping exposition on us. also the fact that he has a family makes the whole crew seem more grounded and puts more consequences behind their actions.
  3. Cadmium probably. Steel/zinc/Gold/atium if you can compound. but by itself allomantic cadmium is by far the best
  4. Yes but the set knows about Hemalurgy. They’ve got access to Trellium so they can grant one power at a time. Now while a nicrosil compounder may be rare, a Nicroburst should be relatively easy to find, as we know they have leechers in the contabulary, so microbursts should be pretty similar in rarity. Then you only need to spike one soulbearer, do what was mentioned above, boom, fullborn
  5. Bands of mourning spoilers ^^