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  1. Bird poop works too. If they can figure out electricity, they can make a Ozone generator which will produce Nitric acid as a biproduct which can be used in the manufacture of nitrocellulose (smokeless powder).
  2. Arrows are not the best choice, a cannon full of grape shot is. Just keep firing until to see cracks, then use shardbows to hit the weak spots. Also, the goal is to wear out the stormlight available for self-repair, hence death by a thousand cuts (or impacts).
  3. Death by a thousand cuts. Use slings, bows, crossbows, and guns to pelt the shardbearer with a bunch of high energy projectiles until their plate either cracks or runs out of stormlight. Unless you are a shardbearer your self, the best option is to buy time and wear out the shardbearer with out getting too close. Try and pin them down so that more of the shots hit the armor.
  4. There might be a physical limit to how much material you can push through a perpendiculary at a time before something bad happens. That might be why they start developing FTL, maybe one of the perpendicularys gets shutdown for a long period of time and they have to build ships to go off world.
  5. I have a pet theory that the Ardentia will excommunicate any Ardent who becomes a Radiant. One of their main shticks is calling the Radiants evil. They begrudgingly accepted Dalinar and the rest of the Radiants but then turned on them. I think we will see this get worse as the Vorin church falls more and more into the grasp of Odium. They will either become spies, start an inquisition, or banish any Radiants they find.
  6. Given that external temporal allomancy is really just stretching and contracting spacetime, I think that you will avoid having to eat your hat.
  7. Well, he could in theory hack his Surges with Nicrosil, since we know that can store Surges. If he was an Elsecaller, then he could not only open full perpendicularies, but also transform entire continents given enough time.
  8. I concur. Kel is willing to spend months or even years planning things and has no problem killing anyone who gets in his way. We know that Ink Spren are drawn to people who plan, not just scholars. Ivory bonded Jasnah, who is a very cunning, backstabby, lets commit genocide type person. If they are willing to bond the Queen of Alethikar, they should be willing to bond the Survivor of Hathsin.
  9. I like this, I like it alot. It is similar to something I theorized about the Stormfather holding Honor and giving the Bondsmith Honor's abilities and the ability to share Honor's powers with the other radiants.
  10. All cosmere spoilers:
  11. I say "Cultivation!" when irritated.
  12. Well, according to Mr. Ts deal with Odium, its people from Kharbranth and their families. Do you know who's from Kharbranth? Kaladin's mother. Thats right, the big blue boy scout of Roshar is technically from Kharbranth. Kaladin fits the bill of being the champion of Team Radiant. Strong connection to Honor: Check. Hero complex the size of a Reshi greatshell: Check. Technically protected by Odium's deal: Check. There we have it folks, Kaladin will be our Champion to defeat Odium's Champion.
  13. Anybody have a good pairing for Horneater white?
  14. I am not sure the Gold nanites would work, mainly because F-Gold is just a gateway/storehouse for your spiritual aspect to heal your physical and cognitive aspects
  15. Jasnah is the most dangerous Radiant, but not because of her powers. She sees what the others do not and is willing to act on it, even if people like Kaladin will not act on it. She does not have the same moral and ethical limitations as the other Radiants, combine that with high intelligence and you get someone who is next to unstoppable. Sure, Kaladin could beat her in a 1v1 fight, but she will win the long term conflict because she is willing to wage total war and Kaladin is not.