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  1. You are on the right track. Here is how it works in my head. 1. starting over Elantris, an Aon is modified and drawn, most likely based around a modified Aon Rao and Aon Daa. 2. This continues until it reaches the upper atmosphere. Then the self replicating Aon takes effect and the Aon chain begins to move towards its destination. Al of this hinges on the cognitive realm. In the cognitive realm, the Aon starts pulling the Dor away from Elantris and extends the Identity interaction of the land and Investure, thus extending AonDor's usefulness. Once the Dor reaches a certain distance from the last Aon, that Aon activates the replication sequence and another AOn appears/is drawn/extended. That Aon also acts like a gate for the Dor and extends the investure-Identity matrix to allow the Dor to extend. The Aon that was already active powers the reaction until the Aon at the end of the chain can become fully established and activate. At that point, it powers the next Aon in the chain until that Aon can become active. it appears that the Aons act like a partial perpendicularly to draw power from the Cognitive to the Physical, that is what I am relying on for this to work. The Dor wants to escape and I would be giving it a massive hole in which to grow and extend into.
  2. Right, that is what I am saying. But the Dor is basically a storm in the cognitive realm made of the shards Devotion and Dominion. The Aon act like a gate that allow that storm to escape and do something. The Aon bridge would basically just be extending that storm into another region of the cognitive and physical realms. The population would eventually shape the cognitive realm so that the Aon bridge might not be necessary. The Aon bridge is basically a bigger version of what the Iri used to stay connected to Sel in Mistborn Secret History. That is why you would have to program a modified Aon to replicate its self until it got to the destination. That or you walk the route in the cognitive realm and pop back into the physical in a space suit to draw an Aon then go back to the cognitive until you get to the next Aon drawing point.
  3. The only ones that might and I am stressing the might are Ash and Taln. But not because Odium gets to them, but because Jasnah gives them the ax herself. She is definitely the "If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself" kind of gal. And I don't think Ivory would stop her.
  4. In a sense you are right, but what my Aon bridge would do is extend the Dor through the cognitive realm, with each Aon acting as both a gate for the power and an anchor to extend the selish cognitive realm. Notice that the Aon Rao in Elantris is a power amplifier, that means that it increases the power of the city. Even if the power deceases like gravity or light due to an inverse squared function, each Aon would have its own Dor field so to speak. Keep stacking these things and it acts like a coiled wire generating a magnetic field. The field is strong inside the coil of wire or stack of Aons but weak outside of it. That would prevent the Dor from damaging other planets but still allow for it to be used as a method of transportation. If you used the right modifiers, it could be self repairing and self replicating. Just activate the first Aon and set its destination and watch as it spreads through the cognitive realm and creates a path in the physical. This side steps the issue of it being tied to the cognitive realm because the Aonic portion of the cognitive realm would just extend with the Aon bridge.
  5. Now that's a show I want to see.
  6. I have been doing some research into the mechanics of how Selish magics work in the Cosmere. From what I have seen, Aon Dor's power slopes off at a linear rate as opposed to a exponential rate. A series of stabilized Aon Raos drawn on top of each other, stretching into the atmosphere, should allow for the power to be stretched in such a way that a station could act as a sort of Mass Relay* and move ships across the galaxy. What would need to be done is have a second relay at the other end and have a series of Aons drawn in space that stretch the power of the Dor to the other relay. Granted, this is a level of engineering that I do not think is possible without Scadrian FTL to build it, but it is an interesting thought. For those of you who have watched Stargate Atlantis, think of it as the cosmere version of the McKay Gate bridge between Pegasus and the Milky Way. Those of you who do not know what that is, please look it up. As far as none space based travel, I do not see a reason that the Oathgate network could not be extended to other worlds. All you would need is a way to keep the spren active off world or replace them with that worlds equivalent, and a tap into the planets investure to power the Oathgate. This would be easier on some worlds and harder on others.
  7. Yes, I do not see a problem with this. In fact you see this happen when the armor in the visions is soulcast iron.
  8. I think it is probable that the song is a Listener tune. I had a theory in my mind after reading Rlain's view point chapter. He mentioned that the humans sometimes acted like they could hear the rhythms. I think that the closer a human is to the cognitive realm, the more they can hear the rhythms. As far as Kaladin's heritage, it would make sense that he is a uncle or close to an uncle of the kid (I cant spell his name). I can see it as a sort of way to bridge the Radiants and the Alethi even more. Jasnah would probably adopt the kid as her son and marry Kaladin so as to keep both of them in the family. He would not be directly related to Jasnah so she most likely would not have a problem with it. Being married to the leader of the Windrunners would get the government and Vorin church off her back and would prevent scandals from popping up in the future. Also it gives legitimacy to her rule by having the current heir to the throne as her son. Also, having a kid to take care of and acknowledging his heritage might be the final thing that pushes Kaladin to swear the 4th Oath. Kaladin is already changing his views on lighteyes to the point where he is willing to judge by the person and not their eye color. It is part of being a leader to accept people based on what they can do, not by how they look, we see that is bridge four and with Dalinar when he is building his elites.
  9. It is. My best guess is that Endowment want a way to defend his/her? world against beings like the Heralds, Fused/thunderclasts, and beings like Kelsier. Thus the Returned. The Returned are limited and recycle themselves in what I am guessing is an effort to given Endowment a Herald like army. Given their large amount of investure in the divine breath, it is likely that their main purpose is to store breath and use it to make and power weapons like Nightblood.
  10. That is a good point. Or he could be using a different hack similar to the 17th Shards aging hack.
  11. Also, the Nobles and the Skaa did not have great nutrition, even with Rashek's modifications. In addition to that, the Skaa-Noble interbreeding meant that many of the people, Nobles included, where closer to Skaa height. Roshar has both lower gravity and Stormlight nourishes all life, meaning that Kaladin is probably twice or close to twice the height of Vin. The Era 1 Scadrians where mostly Caucasian looking and since there are no Caucasian races on Roshar, that would make him stand out to the Alethi who look Indian.
  12. I was thinking on shear amount of available investure. True, but we have not yet seen the ones above, only a few devices and mentions. Thus I cannot quantify how powerful they are and did not add them to the list.
  13. Order of most powerful to least powerful: Harmony Odium, Cultivation, all the other living shards. Hoid. Dragons Ascended beings like Rashek and Dalinar Kelsier and the Heralds Unmade Super spren like the Stormfather Returned/upper level Awakeners Mistborn and Full Feruchemist and Elantrians Knights Radiant and Compounders Hemalurgic constructs like Inquisitors Other Twinborn Sandmasters Mistings and Ferrings Kandra Lower level Awakeners Other Selish magic users Soulcasters Shades/Aviars
  14. I think you might be on to something. Why would the Returned be making their own shardblades and why did that Shardblade happen to become the cosmere equivalent of the Deathstar? I agree with all of your other points except one, the Returned are a rather recent development on Nalthis. Vo, the first returned was less than a thousand years before Warbreaker, which is most likely with in 300 years of Stormlight. I think that the person might be another agent of Endowment and they made the Returned at create items like Nightblood to deal with things like the Fused and Thunderclasts.
  15. The essences are a little bit of a problem, but I have a feeling that they are tied to how the Rosharians view the gems, matter, physical laws of the cognitive and physical realms interacting. On a different note, ever notice how heliodore and emerald are of similar compositions and both soulcast solid biological matter? I think that the mechanics behind polestones, their colors, and their chemical composition might be a little bit deeper than Brandon is letting on.