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  1. Not completely true, Vasher/Zahel mentioned at the end of warbreaker that Vivianna/Azure could do far more than just change the hair. As we see in Oathbringer, she is able to completely change her appearance to look Alethi. It might be harder for her to change than a Returned, but she still has a massive amount of control of her physical form.
  2. Actually, Wayne being a time traveler would explain his behavior. Since magic seems to have a negative effect on a person's mind, using it to time travel it might cause insanity like we see in Wayne. Time travel would most likely cost a massive amount investiture, levels only seen in people and objects such and Rashek, Nightblood, Dalinar when summoning a perpendiculary, the Godking, or the City of Elantris. I can easily see that amount of magic warping a time travelers mind.
  3. I had only seen a few of those, but they are fairly similar to what I am working on. Despite obvious confirmation bias, these glyphs do seem to offer some support for my theory. @WeiryWriter, Thank you so much, I would not have thought to look up that page.
  4. Me and my family are into cosplay, specifically prop making and when we made Jezrien's Honorblade and I 3D printed the windrunner glyph, I noticed something odd: The center of the Glyph for the Windrunners looks like a stylized version of Jezrien's Honorblade from the end papers of Oathbringer. Once I noticed that, I started to think, so I started looking at the Radiant Glyphs, descriptions of the Honorblades we have seen (Jezrien's, Nale's, Taln's, let me know if there are others) and comparing the two. Then the pattern started to emerge. the centers of each of the glyphs looks like their associated Herald's Honorblade. Nale's looks like a stylized blade with two fullers, much like his Honorblade. The center of the stoneward glyph lookes like Taln's, which is described as being spike-like. I am working on mapping out potential blades from the other glyphs, but I wanted to share this while it was fresh on my mind.
  5. Yeah, that would be terrifying, but what I am saying is that despite the Highstorm having Honor's power being concentrated in the Highstorm, it is also Cultivation's Storm as well. While her perpendiculary is in the Horneater Peaks and she likes to hang out in the Nightwatcher's valley, she still puts a significant portion of her power into the Highstorm.
  6. Shallash has the abilities of a lightweaver, which means that compared to some like her dad, Jezrien, she is much closer to the Cognitive realm that you average Herald. Nale ont eh other hand is not terribly close to the Cognitive realm because his surges have greater usage in the Physical realm. It is very possible that the Heralds had a few early world hoppers in their ranks, most likely Shallash, the elsecaller lady, and the willshaper guy. For those Heralds that did not have any Cognitive experience, it is likely that Honor gave a metaphorical PowerPoint explaining where he and Rayse came from and just how powerful they each where.
  7. The Highstorm is Honor's perpendiculary, but it still has a good bit of Cultivation in it. Stormlight makes plants grow faster and produce more oxygen, it also enhances the immune systems and health of the people on Roshar. Which is why men like Dalinar can still fight, without Radiant powers, and not suffer too many health effects. It is also why you do not see a large amount of infectious disease on Roshar and why the common cold was considered a plague in the Pure Lake area.
  8. Given that the societal development of Alethikar is similar to that of medieval Europe, I think it is likely that boys where taught at least something of how to hold a spear. Also, given my experiences with my friends at that age, we would turn almost any long, reasonably thin item into a sword, spear, bow, or gun. Say what you will about cultures of violence, but given that Alethi society is built on war and conflict, I think it is likely that this is where Kaladin got his start with the spear.
  9. My problem with this is that there are Nine Unmade. Nine is Odium's number. Which means that Odium would have created the Nine Unmade before the Heralds left. We see this when Yelig-nar killed all of scribes. I think that Melishi was bonded to the Sibling and the Sibling sensed what he was planning to do to the Parsh. Sensing the war crime in progress, but helpless to stop it, the Sibling started to shut down Urithiru and became a driving factor in causing the rest of the Radiants to kill their spren. The Sibling had had enough of the fighting between the Radiants and the Parsh and so decided to allow Melishi to sever the Parsh's Identity and Connection while at the same time working to end the Radiants. The Sibling shut down both sides of the fight by removing their powers. I do not think it was able to estimate how damaging Melishi's actions would be, which is why once the act was completed, it had Nale and the Skybreakers stay around and kill any new Radiants to prevent the humans from acquiring Surgebinding once again. Given the lack of Shards compared to the amount of Radiants, I think it also commissioned the Shin, given their isolation, to store 90% or more of the Shardblades and Shardplate, along with most of the ancient fabrials as a second check on the humans. It thought the remaining Parsh would not seek out the Fused or Voidspren, so it felt safe in limiting the humans.
  10. It is mentioned that Kaladin looks like Jezrien, so it is possible that our now deceased Herald had children other than Ash and Kaladin is one of their decendents. Or Jezrien had a kid by accident while he was a crazy drunk and that kid was one of Kaladins ancestors.
  11. I checked that list and it has a bunch of Aons that do not have symbols and it does not have anything on modifiers. But thank you for the reference.
  12. Does anyone know what Aon modifiers look like? Such as the ones Raoden used to set the distance when he used Aondor to cross the ocean? Also, how do you connect Aons to get different effects. And is there a bigger list of Aons than the one in the 10th anniversary edition of Elantris? I am working on a connected Aon art project.
  13. Rashek was basically just playing problem wack-a-mole during his brief stint as Preservation. All of the rest of the time was spent playing catch up to try and negate the damage he did. Also, it is likely that due to the damage holding a Shard does to you, he was probably running on autopilot most of the time.
  14. I get the feeling that Vax is much more intentional about the magic. Sel is based around being devoted to something or from somewhere and seems to mostly happen randomly. Scadrial is a combination of genetics and trauma. Roshar is either mechanical or the sort of random attention of sentient magic. Taldain is heritage so far. Nalthis is inherent to natives. Which tells me that Vax is probably very intentional about acquiring magic, a if you must want it and seek it out to gain it. And if you seek it out, you will get it. Which also tells me there must be some sort of massive downside or limitation to the magic. Maybe it makes you become a savant quicker or kills you if you use it too much, or you get consumed/hunted by some eldritch horror if you use it. I do not know, but it seems a little fishy to me.