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  1. I think it depends on the type of leader. As far as pure leadership ability, it has to go to either Dalinar or Kaladin. The only reason that Dalinar edges out Kaladin is that Dalinar has experience and is wiser. Kaladin has the potential to be a better leader than Dalinar because he is learning good leadership at a younger age than Dalinar. I am around the same age as Kaladin and I can tell you that there is no way I would let someone my age, no matter the culture, run a country or an army. Kaladin has about the limit of authority that I would give someone under the age of 30. The character I would be most likely to vote for would be Elend. He is a scholar and a warrior, but does not let his ego get the final say in his decisions. He is not as decisive a leader as Dalinar, but I think that would have happened had he survived his encounter with Marsh and had Vin at his side after Harmony's ascension. He is loyal to his wife, he is willing to compromise with people who do not share his views, and he genuinely cares about his people. He is not just in it for the power, or the votes, or the prestige, he wants to make the world a better place for everyone. At certain times, he almost cares too much about the people. He is also self-sacrificing, during the final battle at the Pits of Hathsin, he is at the forefront of the battle, he fights even until the point where he can fight no more. Elend is the man that I would want to lead a country.
  2. I am 21 and actually read the Rythmatist and the Reckoners back in middle school and did not like them that much. About year and half ago, I read Elantris, SA, Warbreaker, Mistborn Era 2, and the Arcanum and became a fullborn Cosmere nut. I spent days reading the coppermind and here I am now, posting during Differential Equations class instead of paying attention to bacterial decay rates.
  3. I have been thinking about Hemalurgy and hemalurgic decay. I think that it does not decay in a linear way but in a logarithmic way, similar to radioactive half-life. That is why Wax's earring does not give him any powers, but still has enough charge to let Harmony talk to him. It would, in a strictly literal sense, give him something, but not enough to have a measurable effect on his powers or his resonance. In theory, the spikes would hold a small charge almost indefinitely, but at the same time not causing the huge amount of damage that a fully charged spike would cause.
  4. I just finished fully reading HoA. The Kandra are one of the least Hemalurgically warped death critters the Lord Ruler made, I assume their investedness is similar to an awakener of the 2nd or 3rd heightening.
  5. From what I have read, I don't think F-Chromium works that way. I think it is similar to Atium in its functioning, so it allows you to "see the future" in a weird sort of way. I don't think it would increase your chances of winning poker, but it might increase your chances of winning a game of Russian or Roughs Roulette. That or allow you to turn the world into your own Rube-Goldberg machine.
  6. What is Rock is one of the Radiants. He is hiding things and he does do many things that are in line with the Windrunner Oaths before he becomes a squire. What if he is not a squire, but in fact is a Windrunner who is actively suppressing his powers? The reason that he does not attract squires is a result of him suppressing his powers and because he sees Kaladin as the leader of his group. Granted, I can't explain the lack of his spren showing up, maybe it stays with his family or hides its self like Glys. Maybe his spren is a pacifist and does not like him using weapons. Also, his family seemed to have experience with surgebinders when they were attacked by the Fused.
  7. It also might be related to how Atium is based in the metallic arts and shardblades are not. Atium and allomancy are from Scadrial so that might explain part of it.
  8. As far as soulcasting goes, we see that the patterns existing in the original material carry over into the new material. So, hypothetically, that neural structures in the brain still exist if the person is soulcast quickly enough. They may not have the memories, but they would have the neurons wired together to preform certain tasks with muscle memory. Also, the spiritual aspect would make it much easier to give them some of their old abilities back.
  9. I suspect that Maya will be revived, maybe not to the extent of granting Adolin surgebinding, but at least to the point of healing from being a dead eye. Adolin is a very honorable person, even with his murder of Saedas (which I think was justified). That probably will change Maya, at least a little. One of my pet theories on this is that Adolin will only have access to Maya as a shardblade and not gain any surgebinding powers. He would effectively be a half Radiant.
  10. I am a Materials Science Student as well and I have been wondering something similar about Pewter. Could you use the lead free Pewter that we use here on Earth and how does alloy purity effect feruchemical storage.
  11. there is more than that. I think the sword was designed to kill cognitive beings, that or it was designed to destroy the divine breath of a returned.
  12. I want to see one of Darksider culture on Taldain, one about Nazh and how he escaped Therody, and one about how Viviana created her shardblade. I also want a buddy cop short story revolving around a Willshaper and Skybreaker hunting down a thief in between Desolations.
  13. I think Dalinar just pulled off something similar to Rashek when he used the Well of Ascension, only Dalinar did it on a smaller scale. Enough to summon a perpendiculary, but not enough to reshape a planet. I think the Unity bit is the formation of a sliver of Honor, one that is distinct from the Stormfather. That is why it would have a separate intent from Honor while still being able to use Honor's investure.
  14. Personally, I find Renarian irritating. I don't hate him, he is just annoying and that is why I want him gone. I actually hate the Heralds, they purposefully and with full knowledge sent their brother-in-arms back to face 4500 years of torture with out consulting him. Not to mention he was the only regular person in their little group before they became Heralds. They deserve what ever Jasnah and Odium have planed for them. A character I hate gives me someone to root against and someone to cheer for when the hated character is taken out. An annoying character does nothing but make me skip chapters and then have to go back and reread them later.
  15. Update from the Dean of Students: We are adding a couple classes in the Spren studies department: Spren 109: Intro to Radiant Spren societies and culture. Spren 115: Historical Spren-Human interactions Spren 313: Manifestations of Lower Spren in the Physical Realm