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  1. i need to know the page numbers please I can't find these in the book since its so large and i don't have the time to re read it and look for them the whole way through, thanks “Accept the pain, but don't accept that you deserved it.” quote 1 “You tried to break me as a slave. But you failed. They rescued me.” Maybe it’s time for someone to save you, Syl had said in Shadesmar. But someone already had. Amaram raised the Shardblade high. “Bridge Four,” Quote 2
  2. So I know that Wit is a World Hopper and his name is Hoid but I would also like to propose that Wit is actually from Warbreaker and is one of the returned. I mean at the end up the book he uses colours and he seems to be immortal. And on top of this I'm going to say that Azure is also from Warbreaker due to the fact that she doesn't act like a regular person from Roshar and asks for human like dolls to be made, although we never get to see the affects. We also see that the sword that Sezth has is really nightblood and it drains the colours from his arm and the sword also likes to scream "DESTROY EVIL"... so anyone else have any thoughts on this?