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  1. Radiants would have shardplates.
  2. I could be wrong, but I think that taking oaths to gain magic is unique to surge binding because it was created by Honor, I think that on Yolen they had similar magic but they gained access to it with different methods. I do agree that they could probably create nukes with microkinesis, which is why Honor put limits on surgebinding.
  3. In the Arcanum Unbound Khriss says that Roshar is the planet where humans can get the most investiture. I think in general due to the radiant's healing ability they would win most fights. The ability to regenerate from basically any injury would trump anything that scadrians could do, the only exception would be a full mistborn feruchemist, like the lord ruler.
  4. The Unmade are some of the more mysterious of Odium's forces, there are many theories about their true nature, this is my take. There are 9 Unmade each has a unique name. Ashertmarn, Ba-Ado-Mishram, Chemoarish, Dai-Gonarthis, Moelach, Nergaoul, Re-Shephir, Sja-anat, and Yelig-nar. The problem with identifying the Unmade is the large variety among them. Some are mindless while others are intelligent and able to make plans, even to counter Odium's goals. This seems to imply that the Unmade are not all the same thing. We know that the Unmade were originally made, then they were unmade. This means that some of them may not have been the same thing before they were unmade by Odium. My theory sets the Unmade into 3 groups based on what I believe they were before they were Unmade. Group one is Ashertmarn, Chemoarish, Moelach, and Nergaoul. I believe that these are the mindless Unmade. We know definitively that Ashertmarn and Nergaoul are mindless unmade and while we don't have on-screen appearances of Chemoarish and Moelach, we can safely assume that Moelach is also mindless due to the similarity of his powers to Ashertmarn and Nergaoul, both of them have regional powers that bring some sort of effect to people within their general vicinity, which is exactly how the death rattles, produced by Moelach, work. I believe that these Unmade are pure splinters of Oduim, created similarly to the Nightwather, who was created by cultivation. Group two is Dai-Gonarthis, Re-Shephir, Sja-anat, Yelig-nar. These are the Unmade with minds. We know for a fact that Re-Shephir and Sja-anat both have minds because Shallan talks to both. We don't see Yelig-nar speak on screen but it is possible that he is capable of doing so. One interesting note is that Amaram has to swallow a gemstone to bond with Yelig-nar, this is similar to how singers have spren enter their gemhearts to gain forms. We also know that voidspren can communicate with the spren they are possessing and because Yelig-nar is basically a big voidspren its possible that he can communicate with the person he is possessing as well. In Hessi's Mytchica she says "Yelig-nar, called Blightwind, was one that could speak like a man, though often his voice was accompanied by the wails of those he consumed." Assume this is accurate we can place Yelig-nar in the category of Unmade with minds. Unfortunately, we have not seen Dai-Gonarthis on screen so far but this death rattle "Let me no longer hurt! Let me no longer weep! Dai-Gonarthis! The Black Fisher holds my sorrow and consumes it!" Shows a similarity from Dai-Gonarthis to Moash, and I think it is likely that Moash is under his influence. While we can't use this to prove that he has a mind, it is interesting. I belive that these Unmade were originally powerful spren like Cusicesh the Protector but they were unmade by Oduim. We do know for a fact that powerful spren can be unmade by Odiums forces because the Sibling is almost unmade by the fused. Group three has only Ba-Ado-Mishram who I believe is unique among the Unmade. Ba-Ado-Mishram is interesting for a multitude of reasons, during the false desolation Ba-Ado-Mishram was able to grant voidlight and forms of power to the singers. Another point is that Kallak calls Ba-Ado-Mishram simply Mishram which may show that he once knew Ba-Ado-Mishram before Ba-Ado-Mishram was an Unmade. However, the most important fact is that when Ba-Ado-Mishram was trapped in a gemstone all of Roshar was affected, singers became parshmen, spren could become dead-eyes, and the Sibling lost the ability to produce towerlight. This is troubling because to be able to affect so much you would assume that Ba-Ado-Mishram had a powerful connection to Roshar, this is odd because Adhesion is Honor's purest surge. The only surge the fused cannot use is Adhesion because Odium cannot use Honors purest surge. This is why I believe that Ba-Ado-Mishram was specifically linked to Honor, similarly to how the Nighwather is linked to Cultivation. We know that the Stormfather is older then the shard of Honor itself. I believe that originally Honor had his own child, similarly to Cultiviations child the Nightwather. Odium then Unmade that child and Honor was forced to co-op the Stormfather because he needed an heir.
  5. This theory makes a lot of sense and I could totally see that happening.
  6. I think that this is a great theory, I think it makes total sense that the first gem is a dawnshard.
  7. Stormlight is called light, but i read it as being a form of mist.
  8. We know that Trell has a god metal meaning Trell is a shard. Thadikar is Kelsier so tell is not him, and Odium is probably trapped on braize. I assumed that Trell was either Autonomy or a different shard we have not seen.
  9. theory

    Adhesion is the surge of bringing things together. it is Honor's purest surge because it is the surge of oaths. Oduim and his forces cannot access it. This is why i don't think Odium could have a bondsmith.
  10. I think that on Scadrial the mists are the counterpart to the lights of Roshar, we know that they are both gaseous investiture. This would mean that there are similarities between the different sharworlds but none are exactly the same. One thing that is important is that solid investiture is always metal, this is true on all sharworlds.
  11. I dont agree with everything in your theory but this makes so much sense!
  12. theory

    I think that it is totally possible that Odium has spren on the same power level as the Sibling or Nighwwatcher, but a bondsmith is a surgebinder drawing power from honor and cultivation. I don't think Oduim's spren could become bondsmith spren, because they are not connected to Honor and Cultivation.
  13. I don't think that all of the shards have lights, I was under the impression that the lights and pure tones of Roshar are unique to Roshar.
  14. Sup, what is the purpose of this thread?
  15. I assumed that Bleeder was using hemalurgy combined with the power of a different shard (tell), I doubt that Hoid would use hemalurgy.
  16. I think it is possible that endowment was bluffing, I'm also pretty sure that there is a WOB that Hoid does not use hemalurgy.
  17. What bothered me the most is that it appears as if cultivation meant for Taravangian to replace Rayse, this seems like a shot in the foot to me unless she still has something else planned. I don't think that we have seen the last of her plans.
  18. I don't think that it is an important story detail but I agree that it is probably a reference to something that happened in his past. We probably wont know exactly what he was talking about until Dragonsteel comes out.
  19. This scene bothered me a lot, and I was very confused about why Hoid would open himself up to Odiums attacks after being so careful before. But after reading this topic, I think that it may have been intentional, I agree with AquaRegia that he probably had just enough breaths to gain the second heightening to he would know if anything was changed, it would explain his rant about misdirection and why he decided to risk so much to talk to Odium.
  20. It's important to remember that in their current era of medical knowledge, they don't know what clinical depression is. You can"t blame Lirin for not knowing modern-day medical practices that are unknown is his society. Additionally, you should look at this from his point of view, he thinks of his surgery room as "sacred", the fact that Kaladin killed someone in it would have been very painful for Lirin.
  21. Brandon Sanderson I'm just curious what the theories are. Book 3 the black sphere is-- Everyone who reads the books will know what the black sphere is by the end of Book 3. Firefight Chicago signing (Feb. 20, 2015) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jofwu Gavilar's black sphere. What was inside of it and how many does he have? Brandon Sanderson Well, it is what you think it is. And he had-- yeah... He had access to several. Did we canonize this Karen? Karen Ahlstrom *shakes head* Brandon Sanderson No, we haven't canonized it. I'm going to say RAFO on the number, but it is what you think it is and what the third book implies that it is. JordanCon 2018 (April 21, 2018) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not sure about you but when I read the third book I did not get any implications of it being anti-voidlight. WOBs are secondary cannon, Brandon can change his mind or even purposefully misdirect us. Additionally, there are many WOBs where he just misspoke or misunderstood a question, especially in the case of the WOB you used, it was paraphrased, which allows much room for error on the part of whoever he told it to.
  22. I agree that some of them are pure splinters of Odium but we don't know that all of them are. In Rythm of War, the Sibling flat out says that if the fused succeed in corrupting it, then it will become one of the Unmade. If a corrupted spren can become one of the Unmade then how do we know that Odium has not done something similar in the past. it is totally possible that Odium created new Unmade by corrupting preexisting spren.
  23. I agree, we know that the unmade were originally spren who were unmade by Oduim, and we know that the fused tried to unmake the sibling. I would not be surprised if the other unmade were also children of Honor and Cultivation.
  24. I think that while Lirin is by no means perfect he is doing the best he can, he does not like killing and shaming him for that is a little silly.
  25. It’s going pretty good we are still wearing masks but they are letting us sing now.