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  1. Do we know that the nightmares are cognitive shadows? I assumed they were an invested entity like spren or seons.
  2. Could the black piper be Hoid?
  3. Happy birthday my fellow Truthless

  4. Radiants would have shardplates.
  5. I could be wrong, but I think that taking oaths to gain magic is unique to surge binding because it was created by Honor, I think that on Yolen they had similar magic but they gained access to it with different methods. I do agree that they could probably create nukes with microkinesis, which is why Honor put limits on surgebinding.
  6. In the Arcanum Unbound Khriss says that Roshar is the planet where humans can get the most investiture. I think in general due to the radiant's healing ability they would win most fights. The ability to regenerate from basically any injury would trump anything that scadrians could do, the only exception would be a full mistborn feruchemist, like the lord ruler.
  7. This theory makes a lot of sense and I could totally see that happening.
  8. I think that this is a great theory, I think it makes total sense that the first gem is a dawnshard.
  9. Stormlight is called light, but i read it as being a form of mist.
  10. We know that Trell has a god metal meaning Trell is a shard. Thadikar is Kelsier so tell is not him, and Odium is probably trapped on braize. I assumed that Trell was either Autonomy or a different shard we have not seen.
  11. theory

    Adhesion is the surge of bringing things together. it is Honor's purest surge because it is the surge of oaths. Oduim and his forces cannot access it. This is why i don't think Odium could have a bondsmith.
  12. I think that on Scadrial the mists are the counterpart to the lights of Roshar, we know that they are both gaseous investiture. This would mean that there are similarities between the different sharworlds but none are exactly the same. One thing that is important is that solid investiture is always metal, this is true on all sharworlds.
  13. I dont agree with everything in your theory but this makes so much sense!
  14. theory

    I think that it is totally possible that Odium has spren on the same power level as the Sibling or Nighwwatcher, but a bondsmith is a surgebinder drawing power from honor and cultivation. I don't think Oduim's spren could become bondsmith spren, because they are not connected to Honor and Cultivation.