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  1. You know what we need? Adorable Ozzy and Spook pictures. :wub: Thus you have been charged, forsooth and stuff.

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    2. AonEne


      I mean just LOOK AT THAT FACE Zath

    3. Zath


      No, no, look at this face:

      Okay, okay, that's enough looking.  It's nap time.

    4. AonEne


      CRAZY EYES :wub:

      Is this da pupper or da doggo? :wub:

  2. I named my puppy Spook, so I can attest to this. ^ "Dockson" has potential. It has those hard consonants that'll make it easier to get your dog's attention, and you can shorten it to "Dox" if you want.
  3. Belated response, but two things. First, Thank you! *weeps in gratitude* Second, regarding spoilers and the new Forum Games forum: Could we get a little guidance? Before, as long as the game was in the right forum, we didn't have to worry about spoilers so much. Since Forums Games is technically a sub-forum of General Discussion now, does that mean that the Brandon-related games should be using a lot more spoiler tags? Would including [Spoilers] in the thread title be enough? Should we do both? etc, etc. Basically, are there any hard-and-fast rules you want us to follow here, or should we just use our best judgement to keep to the site's spoiler policy? One way to avoid confusion about spoilers could be to split Forum Games into Brandon-related spoilery games, and generic non-spoiler games.
  4. This is fun idea. I absolutely believe that human flight powered by Awakening is possible. Like you mentioned... We also know that the strength/force of an Awakened object's movement is fairly substantial-- or it has the potential for that strength. So, at the very least, a skilled Awakener with enough Breaths could wear a piece of fabric over their arms and give it the Command, "be as my wings." Voila, human flight. I'm sure it'd take some trial-and-error to design functional fabric wings, of course, and a very clear Intent for the Command. Still, the wings wouldn't need any kind of apparatus to hold their shape, and the Awakener's flaps would be greatly strengthened by the Awakened fabric, so it's totally possible. And if that's possible, getting an Awakened object to do most/all of the work on its own as an honest-to-goodness aircraft is just a matter of figuring out a viable design and the right Command. You might be able to bypass the difficulty of a single, complex Command by making an airship out of multiple Awakened Objects with complementary Commands.
  5. That was so meta, loved it!
  6. Hear, hear! *gratitude toast* To our leet founder! That was perfect.
  7. Sweet Harmony, those were storming amazing. Paranoid King, Itiah... You both crafted some excellent song parody roasts. Simply superlative! Here's some more internet applause: Also... Let's all take a second and appreciate how Herowannabe set the hype for this last round. Thanks to you and John203 for stepping up and moderating the last handful of rounds to finish out this tournament! You deserve internet applause too. (Plus, I still have that tab of applause GIFs open, so why not?)
  8. Excellent, excellent roasts! @I think I am here., loved those rhymes, and the rhythm. So good. Such good. Words. Yes. Approval. (The "pad your book's word count," and "expositional dialogue" lines were great. ) @Herowannabe, so many great lines! Rhyming "Thaylenah" with "wailin', 'AAH!'" The "weird hate-triangle." "Inquisitor's eye-bling." Another tough choice for us voters...
  9. Granted. Your hands become enormous, so what was previously an absurd amount of hand sanitizer is now a perfectly reasonable amount. Your bane ('cause the above was just your boon) is that you now believe that mac 'n' cheese is actually a sentient alien race bent on world domination. Eventually, a reality TV show about conspiracy theorists features you in a double-length episode. ... I wish for igloo powers.
  10. Well! Well, well, well! Words. Wow. The semi-finals are off to a great start! Nice one, @Silva! (tangelo-- such a great word.) Storms, @Paranoid King, that was fantastic! Loved it, especially the Mistborn Modern Era roast, it fit so perfectly to the song. (I did have some trouble matching your Roughs roast to the music. *shrugs* Still set the mood well, though.)
  11. Granted. Your depictions are so lifelike that people are constantly trying to strike up conversations with your art, and they get miffed when they're inevitably ignored. Then they learn that it's actually artwork, and they throw heaps of money at you because, by Harmony, your art is just that good! Bane: Every time someone sneezes in your vicinity, your ears double in size. Thankfully, you can reverse this effect by donating a pint of your own blood to an orphaned fruit bat (of a compatible blood type, of course), causing your ears to halve in size. ... I wish for oodles of noodles.
  12. Thanks, glad you liked it! And thanks for coming up with such a fun character as Borio Singaldi and sharing him with everybody.
  13. Congratulations, @Silva! @I think I am here., you have bested me with your skill. *bows head* Well done. Actually, it still kinda feels like a victory to me since you were representing Sja-anat, the character I'd originally picked. Storms, this is a difficult choice...
  14. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.
  15. Ha, these are fun. I wasn't planning on writing a Borio Singaldi story myself, but... Creativity strikes unexpectedly. So I humbly present to you: Borio Singaldi and the Fate Worse than Death