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  1. I get the feeling it will kind of build upon the fourth ideal. The fourth is him accepting he can't protect everyone. The fifth is him going into more of a leadership role helping people to protect themselves. So stepping further away from him personally protecting everyone and instead teaching others to protect themselves.
  2. Crazy idea I don't know if I've seen posted anywhere yet but what if one of the dawnshards is PROTECT. That would fit as one of the divine commands of a God and as well I think of how Hoid once held a dawnshard and that is what makes him unable to hurt living things anymore... Wouldn't that make sense if it was because he held the dawnshard devoted to protecting all life? Just a crazy little theory here.
  3. My brother, we must not discriminate! Any who wish to replant themselves and take up roots in this holy church are welcome! Firebringers most of all!
  4. While this seems accurate, I think what some people are trying to say is that Kaladin’s interactions with the Stormfather have been unique in the way Kaladin has sought HIM out and then challenged him. Even Dalinar seems to more often than not simply back off from a topic or conversation when he gets the sense that the Stormfather doesn’t want to talk about it. Kaladin did the opposite, pressing him until he had to respond, even if it wasn’t in the way Kal wanted... just my two cents
  5. I pledge my allegiance to the cause once more in this latest branch of the Great Tree. I. AM. A. STICK!
  6. Strong work my brother. The Sapling is crucial to reviving the branch of the Trunk. Edit: Fellow Sticks, it grieves me to report I cannot find mention of the true names of the final four branches of Stickbinders: TrunkSmiths RootWards WillowShapers Conebearers SeedRunners SapWeavers *Autumn Branch *Winter Branch *Spring Branch *Summer Branch
  7. The Oaks are spoken once more. Stickbinders walk among us. I hereby declare the division of the Autumn Branch has been reinstated with myself at the helm! Together with the other 9, we will lead the charge to reclaim the Tranquilline Trunk!
  8. Your wish is granted but you also have the bane of uncontrollable fear of heights. I wish the ability to convince Brandon to kill off one of his main characters.
  9. You asked no boon yet still I will grant you the identity of Stick. This is both a boon and a bane dependant upon your enlightenment. I wish to see the master plan for the Cosmere from Brandon’s mind.
  10. I don’t have the WoB on hand but I remember there being one that it is technically possible for someone to bond two spren at once. What if, rather than Kaladin passing on his bond to Syl, Dalinars bond to the Stormfather gets passed to Kaladin and our favourite flying Bridgeboy becomes the true master of the sky and storms?
  11. My Brethren Sticks, I have encountered new revelation while pondering the tale of Stickbinder Prime. As all are Sticks and a manifestation of the Tree Realms, wouldn’t this mean-pardon my blasphemy-that even the Matchendi are our brothers in Stickdom? Consider it, a match is nothing more than a stick that has been corrupted, growing a carapace skullcap in direct revolt against the teachings of this mighty church. Fellow Sticks, we must band together, not in oppression, but support of our fallen brothers. These Matchendi are lost, they have forgotten what it truly means to be a Stick, and in their confusion and instability they have been corrupted, seeking change, to make all Sticks miserable like unto themselves. The Order of the Stick must return, spreading once again the gospel to our lost and fallen brethren. Join me, and together we will usher in a new age, one that will STICK to the hearts and minds of all who hear it’s precepts.
  12. Kaladin and Syl definitely. But I also really enjoyed the relationship between Shallan and Stick
  13. Alright, to start this off I feel the trapper’s only chance against the mistborn is to avoid notice and employ a wide variety of traps. In almost every scenario where the trapped and mistborn directly interact I see the mistborn easily dispatching him with just a few shot coins. The only way such a direct confrontation could really hurt the mistborn is if this engagement distracts them from some other danger of Patji (deathants eg.) and then either both die or the island kills the mistborn before they can finish off the trapper. This leads to the main contender in this scenario: Patji itself. I really do not see any surefire way for the mistborn to come out on top. His lack of knowledge regarding the dangers of the local fauna and flora alone will probably be enough to ensure he doesn’t make it the full 24 hours. This is what I see as the biggest threat. Even if they survive the many predators and the trapper himself, 24 hours on an island designed to kill everyone who sets foot upon its shores is too long for any ignorant person to survive. Even with tin to enhance the senses and warn of insects, many of the plants are poisonous as well. Of course, then there are the predators. This is where the mistborns allomantic abilities would become the most useful. Their best bet would to be to use their copper sparingly, stretching out its usage by only burning it when predators approach and then using iron/steel and coins to escape to a different location. Unfortunately even this approach will run out before the 24 hours are up and they will have to resort to fighting. Pewter, plus the coins at their belt, could likely kill these beasts if they come in small enough numbers, but then we run into the problem of these pained and dying creatures attracting a larger horde that would overwhelm even a prepared mistborn. This is where we might see some value in emotional allomancy: by suppressing the dying beasts emotions of pain and vulnerability and perhaps rioting emotions of strength it is possible the mistborn could stall or even stop the formation of such a horde. Of course this is all assuming their steel and iron have lasted all this time. In conclusion, I think that this becomes a war of attrition of sorts between the island and the mistborn, the more metals the mistborn runs out of, the more perils they have to face. With a goal of 24 hours I really see no way the mistborn could hold out and survive. Next Situation: Infiltration. The arena will be an isolated castle in Arelon (elantrians have decent access to the dor without the overwhelming boost of being within the city itself) The objective is a cylindrical gem filled with void light (to make it distinguishable to both teams) Team one, remaining within the castle grounds, will be given 30 minutes of preparation within the caste before having to protect the gem for 24 hours from team 2. Team 2 wins if they can escape the premises with the gem within the 24 hours. Either team also wins if they kill all their opponents before the time runs out. Both teams also have a knowledge of the layout and design of the castle before the match begins. Team 1 (defenders): Raoden Awakener barely of the 4th heightening (as soon as they awaken anything they will be back to the third heightening and will lose their perfect life sense) with combat training and an invested sword (not awakened like nightblood but invested enough to stop a shard blade and resist allomantic pushes and pulls) Forger of med skill with a soulstamp that provides increased combat training (knows some history of the castle itself) Five Koloss guards with obsidian swords Team 2 (Attackers): Kelsier (from Final Empire) with his typical number of vials of the 10 basic metals (except atium, of which he has only 5 seconds worth) and two obsidian daggers Windrunner of the fourth ideal (blade and plate) filled with storm light and carrying a few infused emeralds (can also retreat to replenish storm light at a location a few miles away)
  14. Isn’t that simply because the heralds haven’t gone back to Braize themselves to renew the oathpact? I thought that was what happened in all the desolation’s until the heralds were ready to return.
  15. I agree with this Shardplate idea. Especially since in addition Shardplate and shardblades are supposed to be made of the same metal, which is the physical manifestation of spren. I also like this theory as it could fit with the fact that Radiants do not hear the screaming of dead spren when touching plate like they do with dead blades. I think this could either be a case of the lesser spren that make up plate not having sufficient sentience (as opposed to the higher spren that are bonded and form the blades) in the first place to react in such a way to being trapped in the physical realm or in that the Nahel bond is only made directly with the original higher spren and thus it’s breaking does not have as much of an effect on those spren that, while trapped/killed, were not directly linked to the offending radiant