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  1. Well. I think that if I feel like I’m a different person since the last time I was on here consistently I should probably change my username to reflect that. So yeah! I wanted to change it to something to that had an aspect of my old name but something that included the new me as well. What do y’all think?

    hmmm now the only question is how do I actually get back into the community. How did I even get into it the first time?

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    2. AonEne


      Hello Luna! 

      We necro V1 :ph34r: if you still want to. I need to spend more time on here myself lately, I dunno much of what's going on outside specific corners. 

    3. Experience


      Make a new 'im new' thread :P

    4. Lunar Blessing

      Lunar Blessing

      You know… I’d be down to necro it if we can get people onboard. It might need a bit of a soft reboot though depending on who we get.

      Ah yes. “Hello I’m new to the shard. Ignore the fact that my account is from 2018” XD

  2. mmmm hello friends. I keep coming back here and feeling nostalgic.

    I feel like I've changed so much since I was last on here so making posts in the grander part of this site feels like posting for the first time again and so now I'm nervous to do it. Po when she was posting on this regularly hasn't gone by Po/potency in what feels like forever and she's a very different woman now so yeah. I want to join this again I just need to build up the courage to actually do it.

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    2. Ed Venture

      Ed Venture

      *hugs* You are cool person. Am happy for seeing you. It's okay if you don't come back, do what's best for you, y'know? :P But we'd all really enjoy seeing you again. Good luck with things

    3. AonEne


      *sends hearts your way, whatever you do* 

      If you don't want to go by Po or Potency anymore, you could change your username?

    4. Nathrangking


      If you ever need a sounding board my DM's are open.

  3. My phone's charging so I'll say it here, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EAT SOME CAKE 

    1. Boomerang Guy

      Boomerang Guy


  4. Happy birthday!

    1. Ed Venture

      Ed Venture

      Stop beating me to the happy birthday wishes. :P 


  5. I hit the wrong bookmark on my phone and now I’m here. It’s been a minute since I’ve been here hasn’t it…

    1. Lunar Blessing

      Lunar Blessing

      Ah Hek it’s the stupid Ookla thing. Now I can’t figure out who anyone is either.

    2. Doomstick


      Welcome back, I guess 

    3. Wyndlerunner


      Well, this is certainly a surprise! Good to see you!

      (I'm Wyn by the way)

  6. It does? Well a mod told me I can so let’s give it a try Holy rust AP! You’re back!
  7. AP!!! I can’t swear on this site and my mind is too frazzled to come up with alternatives right now but hello!!! You’re back!
  8. Val looks up from what she was doing, "Oh hello Marie! I'm afraid I'm not sure where anyone is at the moment." She holds up the journal in her hands, "I've been a bit distracted for the past little bit. I can help you look though, if you want."
  9. “Never made pottery in my life, but yeah. I’ve got the gist. Gotta test someone before adding them to your world saving army.”
  10. Mira frowns but matches the hushed tone, “your sending us to watch this person cause you don’t trust them, but you also don’t trust us so your sending her?” She shrugs, “feels convoluted but sure. I can go.”
  11. Mira looks between the new person and her... employer? I guess... “you want me to go with? On a kidnapping mission?” Mira shrugs, “if that’s what you want me to do I guess I can go”
  12. Val stands. “So... the speed bubble is down, does that mean you want me to leave now or can I stay here?” She asks, adopting her own imperial accent, seemingly out of habit. @Kingsdaughter613
  13. “Oh geez. That got a little intense. I’ll be honest, I was scared you two would fight. I’m not good at close quarters combat, too easy to accidentally kill someone.” Val glances between the two. Hemalurgic creature are so often looked down on that seeing one respected like this by the survivor himself made her happy, even if he had threatened to kill her a little bit ago.