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  1. Melody gets thrown back and lands on her back, throwing her out of the way of the sword. With a groan she sits up. @Darth Woodrack @Dr. Dapper
  2. Melody was ready for it this time. Stepping in and to the side she slashed at the mans side. @Darth Woodrack @Dr. Dapper
  3. @Darth Woodrack
  4. With a slight cry of surprise Melody drops under the swing, the blade traveling through the area she had been not even a moment later. @Darth Woodrack @Dr. Dapper
  5. Melody inches around Darkhold and slashes at his back with the serrated blades. @Darth Woodrack @Dr. Dapper
  6. Dodging around the swat Melody spins away. With a flick of her rist the blade retracts and a serrated one extends. @Darth Woodrack
  7. Melody extends the hidden blade on her arm and lunges at Darkhold. @Darth Woodrack
  8. Melody follows Walker to the transport. “After you.” @Darth Woodrack
  9. He’s not Kaachan though! He’s Todoroki!
  10. “Fine, just a lot of people in a small space.” Melody responds. @Darth Woodrack
  11. Standing up Melody stays near walker. Large groups still freaks her out a little. @Darth Woodrack