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  1. Arun finally make it to the top of the stairs and is met with a terrible scream and a bright light. Once it clears she looks around, “what the mists was that!”
  2. *Dies of laughter*
  3. Arun uses the piece of wood to support her injured leg and limps over to the wall where the other two where standing.
  4. horror

    I third it (is that a thing?)
  5. horror

    Yes, we are in the basement still.
  6. Arun takes the piece if wood, “Oh, thank you.”
  7. “Alright.” Arun says, her voice starting to get shaky now. If I pull it straight out it shouldn’t hurt me more right? Without thinking about it anymore she yanks out the piece of glass with a slight cry of pain. The wound quickly starts to bleed, but not as much as Arun had thought. She quickly cuts out a peice of her shirt and tightly ties it around the wound. ”Alright, umm, could you perhaps help me up? I don’t want to put more weight on this than I have too.”
  8. “Do you have something to bind the wound with? Cause I have the feeling it’s going to bleed a lot.” Arun responds.
  9. Arun watched as everyone crowded around the door, “uh, guys, still can’t walk over here.”
  10. Arun nods, not trusting her voice to not come out extremely shaky. She sits, staring at the piece of glass, not able to take her eyes off of it.
  11. Arun nods, then try’s to push herself to her feet, but falls down with a cry. Looking down at her legs she notices a shard of glass sticking out of her thigh.
  12. Arun slowly regains consciousness and the first thing she feels is a splitting headache. “Ow...” she groans, pushing herself into a sitting position.
  13. I like it, I’ll add you to the PM if you haven’t been already.