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  1. I run over to the table and sit down at my chair.
  2. I had some like a couple weeks ago.
  3. There are soft chips ahoy.
  4. My factories are conveyor belt spaghetti no matter what. I’m actually better at organizing in Satisfactory than factorio
  5. Mmmm satisfactory. It’s been a struggle to try and get my friends to switch off factorio but I’m slowly converting them!
  6. "I can create chaos. If it's what you will need is not something I can answer." She said, her voice soft and her eyes far away. She blinks and shakes her head, her eyes focusing on the room again.
  7. @Nathrangking
  8. At some point during there travels Chao had left, she couldn't remember exactly when. She approaches the group, her form now a teenaged girl. "I apologize, my powers are not always under my control. That and the old war god didn't like me very much."
  9. Black Desert Online was free to keep on steam, not sure if it still is. Anyone know anything about it cause I grabbed it.
  10. @Nathrangking
  11. @Darth Woodrack “Control.” Chao mutters to herself, just loud enough for Baalhan to hear, “control brings the best chaos of them all, chaos of the mind.” @Nathrangking
  12. “I cannot agree to join an organization. It will destroy me.” Chao says, still in her cat form, “However, I will not directly oppose you as I can smell the chaos that could come from a clash with The God Complex.”