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  1. @Dr. Dapper
  2. “Well. I’m adept with firearms and have a pilots license if that helps.”
  3. @Dr. Dapper
  4. “I want to know how to help with whatever happened last night.”
  5. @Dr. Dapper
  6. I was hesitant to look at why I’d been mentioned on this thread. Now however I’m very happy I looked. *catches one of the flowers and puts it in my hair*
  7. “I need to talk to you, according to Rob anyway.”
  8. @Dr. Dapper
  9. Ashlyn waves back, then frowns at her wrist and the simple red band that was around it that hadn't been there before. Dropping her arm she decided to leave that for later. "Preferably not in the middle of the kitchen." She says to the person she assumed was Doc. @Dr. Dapper
  10. "Well in that case lets go talk to them. I can deal with some wet clothes for a little bit." Ashlyn says, starting to walk towards the house, "though you'll have to lead me cause I have no idea where I'm going." @Sorana