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  1. Happy birthday!

    1. Chasmgoat


      oh. just saw the amount of status updates you already have. sorry


    Adulthood's weird... 

  3. Happy birthday, my friend of two years!

    1. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      Thank you!

      (what is time?)

    2. Vapor


      Happy birthday!

    3. Honorless


      Happy Birthday! 

  4. Happy Storming Birthday! 

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy Birthday Dear Blessing of Potency!

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Have a good one! 

    1. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      Thank you!!! I’m already out of responses... uh oh :P

  5. happy birthday

    1. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      Thank you!!! (Still not my birthday over here for another 3 hours, but hey.)

    2. Aspiring Writer

      Aspiring Writer

      it's the thought that counts

    3. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      It really is though. Seriously, thank you!

  6. As someone who has played 20 hours of it, I haven't come across anything transphobic. In fact I found a well written trans character that I enjoyed talking with, and I had a lot of fun with her quest line.
  7. l3GS9Pt.thumb.jpg.6c34635b5d5900b8dde42b8ab8b54877.jpg

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    2. Tesh


      I would do that too... But then I wouldn't be able to breathe and would erupt in hives.



      But I shall appreciate the dog none the less, and shall smile from afar and be grateful for allergy medicine.

    3. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      This is one of my most upvoted status updates... I should post pictures of dogs more often :P

    4. Tesh


      (You totally should...)

  8. I exist to read status updates and make star wars refrences in PMs. This is my life now.

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    2. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      It looks interesting! I have no attention span right now though so idk how much of what I just read got internalized. But I would totally be down to join.

    3. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      so @Condensation(since you seem to be the one running this), how would you like me to do that? I haven't joined any RPs in a while other than D&D so... is there a character sheet format you'd like me to use?

    4. Condensation


      Each one generally has their own format, but as a general rule:


  9. Every time I’ve gone on this site in the past like... month. I’ve just been reading status updates... idk how to feel about this.

    1. AonEne


      That's a mood, honestly

  10. Oh my goodness, is that Luz?


    I love your pfp!

    1. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      It is Luz. She’s done with the BS of the boiling aisles and has acquired a gun. 

    2. Condensation



      That's hilarious. I love her, she's awesome!

  11. Oh, I just thought of something I’ve been curious about. Do the moderation/admin staff get payed? I would think not cause the shard doesn’t have ads to make money as far as I can tell and hosting a website already costs money, so the only income would be from the patreon they have. Regardless, I’m curious.
  12. Don't have time for that. I have shows to watch and books to read! and homework too I guess...
  13. Hello, this is a message to the RP Myths and Magi. I’m here to apologize, I have not been as active as I need to be while running an RP like that. I simply have not had enough energy to do the planning and writing necessary to keep it moving.

    I’m trying, and I have no shortage of ideas. I’ve just been out of energy recently.

    1. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      I feel that. You should've seen me during some of those Fellowship storylines...

    2. AonEne


      Don't worry about it! I bet you can recruit others to help; we all get like that. I unfortunately am no better (I haven't even had the chance to create a character yet...), but it's a fun RP, so I'm guessing someone will.

  14. Psychology Bold of you to assume I pay attention to the rep titles. Bold of you to assume I pay attention to the rep titles.