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  1. "Yes I can." Savannah reaches into her robes and pulls out a small badge and holds it out, similar to a police badge, "I hope this satisfies your curiosity." @AmazingGoob @Sorana @eltruT Julian steps back into the room, "Oh! You got your wand! That was quick. Well that makes this easier. Before we start on lessons though I made some dinner if you want it." @Negative_Null
  2. "Alright, I can explain this now then. Aurors act as... a sort of highly trained law enforcement. We hunt down the big bad wizard that normal Ministry law enforcement can't handle." She leads them down the path to a black carriage that, depending on what they've seen, may or may not be horseless. Savannah opens the door, "Once we pass through the gates we can speak more freely." @eltruT
  3. "Well that makes this easier. We can jump straight to the main briefing, not here though." She starts walking, "Come on, we need to get inside the Hogwarts grounds before we can talk." @Sorana @AmazingGoob
  4. "Glad you asked! My name is Savannah Strix. I am the Auror that has been assigned to be your... contact in the wizarding world."
  5. The battered and damaged hogwarts express pulls into hogsmead station. One person stands on the platform, a women in flowing robes stands on the platfrom, "Well, something didn't like you guys." She says to the exiting Demigods. @AmazingGoob @eltruT @BringerofShadows @Negative_Null
  6. Is that a Catra profile picture!!! I might have to go change my profile picture.

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      Blessing of Potency

      Idk, just some cool art I found.

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      Blessing of Potency

      There, I have joined you with the She Ra profile pictures.

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      YESSS! Glimmer and Adora are both my second favorites. 

  7. Quick question. Why is Roman staring into my soul whenever I go to your profile?

  8. Smurfing is when someone with a lot of experience in a game makes an alternate account so they can play at the lower ranks and - wait. Thats now what this thread is about? Oh... Okay never mind.
  9. I am here! I need more information than just Assassin though. Before that though, here are some quick suggestions One Hell of a Team by AmaLee and Divide Music All Eyes on You by Smash Into Pieces Widowmaker by Night Argent This is Gunna Hurt by Sixx:A.M. I know you said you already had one but I'm not giving up a chance to give music suggestions. @Condensation
  10. The door swings open, standing inside is a man who appears to be in his mid 30s. He has short blonde hair and his green eyes are crinkled at the edges from his beaming smile, “You must be Alex! It’s a pleasure to meet you! Come in, come in!” @Sorana @AmazingGoob @eltruT
  11. @Negative_Null