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  1. oh wonderful. Game master time. Here we go!
  2. Essek and Caleb? Hmm... idk. I’ve never thought of that before.
  3. hmmm
  4. Your profile pic is of my main, while your cover photo is of one of my favorite games. Love it! :D

  5. While you’re at the ethereal plane! Can you pick me up some ether? I need it to throw things into. 

    1. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      *never checks own profile*
      I’ll grab you some next time I go! I’ll be going this weekend, I need some stuff from there.

    2. AonEne



  6. Sam snaps out of her daydream, a little disoriented. "Yeah, I can do that. You want me to do it now or..."
  7. It's possible to change the pole after a thread has been made. @AonEne knows how.
  8. I still don't think it's working
  9. Can I have a waffle?
  10. Quote


    Space is gay. I am space. Any questions? 
    So this statement is gay? '                 '
  11. Why have you two named yourselves along this theme!
  12. Alright you freakin pessimist, I guess you win.
  13. But the fun is something you cannot control!
  14. Nope. Like I just said, in any competition or game the win means very little compared to the bonds made with friends and whatever fun you had.