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  1. Hi

    Fair enough. When I began, I started by looking in the theories section, and briefly then tried some of the RP, but my favorite section is a subforum in the Roleplaying area. It's called Sanderson Elimination, and It;s like Mafia, but online. If you have a decent amount of fair time, I'd suggest checking it out. New games start every few weeks, and are extremely fun! But Like I said, the theories section is really fun if you want to formulate or speculate on your own or other theories, and RP is just fun in general, and most of it is based on Cosmere magics or other Sanderson Magics!
  2. Hi

    Welcome! What type of activity are you looking to delve into? Theories? RP? Fanfic? Browsing?
  3. Andrew Andrewson finished wiping and promptly left the outhouse. In the few measly minutes he was gone, the group had nearly tripled in size, and two zombies had been killed, and promptly dismemebered. "Ahh man! You had all the fun without me." He said.
  4. I'll sign up as Andrew Andrewson. A Man in his young twenties that used to work at a call center prior to the zombie apocalypse. He also happens to have the same memories and experiences that I've had. (Yes, this character is based off me, including the name, though, it's not my exact name.)
  5. Sounds good.
  6. For now, I'll ask for a spec doc link once the game begins. If there are any significant increases in my availability to play, then I will change to player before the game begins.
  7. @Lumgol thanks. I'll put in a third vote for Bard and hand it off to lumgol.
  8. everyone, I apologize sincerely for my inactivity, life just is really hectic rn. I honestly dont know how much time, let alone energy I'll have to check on here in the next few months. I'll try to not ruin the game, but no promises, and it might just be better to count me as inactive. If someone posts a vote count I'll try to do something to break a tie or ensure a lynch. We need to start somewhere, right?
  9. Hey all! Checking in. I just got back from camping, and its 11:30 at night. I'll try to get on tomorrow.
  10. Well. I've totalled my car, so I will no longer be camping this weekend. (Or at least until tomorrow) I dont know how much analysis I'll be doing though. I've got insurance stuff to do.
  11. Since I might not sign on again, and I'm fairly certain I know how this lynch will go, and I want to make it so the elims can't hammer, maill, steel. Sorrsawy your last game had to end like this. You can speak to us from the dead though, through Joe
  12. When will this game be starting? Edit: Nevermind, I found it.
  13. I just realized I didn't retract my vote from Coop, so just In case I have to do that Coop, Maill For the reasons I explained in my huge post above
  14. I don't get how from D4 to D5, we go from 7 living Elims to 2. Shouldn't we go to 4?
  15. Sorry for the double post, but does my quote format come across as messed up to anyone else? I would have just edited this in, but my edit button isn't working either.
  16. First off, @Lumgol, I suggested that you vote on me, But there are also other options. Maill and Coop for example. Now, I've taken excerpts from posts that I believe are important from this cycle, I'll also do a TLDR at the end of the post for those that prefer light analysis. True, you have been focusing on Serial Killer analysis. One possibility is because you wanted to figure it out. Another is because you have wanted to be able to lead or push the discussion away from you. Vin as lum? That's an interesting claim, as what they've done seems pretty in line with what they claimed. Figuring out Zane by D4 means that already 9 out of 21 or 22? people have died. One cycle of incorrectness means it's up to 12. That leaves 9 or 10 people left. Then by that point, it takes three separate kill actions to get rid of the Unstable Mistborns, not including their own, that's another cycle and a half. By that point, The elims would have likely won by being able to pull off an elim hammer if none of them are lynched or killed. Elan claims Rioter. Later they've claimed willingness to prove it. Informed us of desire to riot coop. This also seems reasonable, as he wasn't voting on the main suspect by the end of the cycle. Also lays out the basis of the argument that everyone is going off of. So, after Elandera claimed it was Steel , Maill votes Rath. This is important, for reasons that will come up later. Of course L could be steeldancer, but there's no way of verifying that. L could be me too. This was a pretty quick vote on steel. I know that earlier I said that this post threw up some red flags for me, however, now I think that Coop would have either waited to see how it went or even tried to defend steel if they were teammates. Instead he jumped on the lynch immediatly. This doesn't necessarily mean that Coop isn't evil, just less likely to be on Steel's team. *Ninja'd by Rathmaskal* This is steeldancer's first post this cycle after the accusations. He responds to all the claims, that had been brought up so far. Since I've already expressed how I believe it is unlikely that Coop and Steel are teammates, I'll point out what steel says here, that it would be such a long shot to try to frame someone of being evil based on the small chance that someone else tries to riot their vote. Coop was simply rioted. I fully believe that he just did it to solidify the lynch on me, as it is important to solidify a lynch. In fairness, At that point, I was fairly certain that I would be lynched, so even though I wasn't dominating, it seemed most people suspected me, and it was a fairly good guess. I am less and less convinced that Steel is a Mistborn, which was the main reason I believe many of us were trying to lynch him. I don't think the evidence is very conclusive that he's an Elim either. His reasoning seems fairly Village to me. I am getting the feeling that this the first piece of hard evidence thrown out about anyone, and even though it isn't necessarily indicitive of alignment, we are all so trigger happy, that we our vision is skewed by that. Reasonable. Check the thread real quick, find votes on the person that was leading the lynch when you checked, and secure votes on that person. I think it's smart. It's possible that the time was just made up, but someone trying to do that would have more likely just given out "It happened about 6:20" instead of a specific time. I will point out that my vote on Rae wasn't really self defense. My previous vote on coop was in part self defense, this vote was because I felt like Rae hadn't put forth as much substantial thought as he could/should have. But that is unrelated to my analysis of you, steel. I had actually considered voting on myself to help secure the lynch, but I still personally felt that my role was too valuable at that point, so I ended up deciding against it. Steel was very chill when I said that I would get him my list when I could, but that it would be a while. This is true. He also told us in thread that he would be doing that, so it wasn't very much of a surprise, and I happily obliged. I did give him a list, but it was without reasoning, just the people and their levels of suspicion. I mean you are very well suited for the task, but I think anyone who has played in a fair amount of games with SKs is also fairly well suited IMO. Sure you have experience, but so do many others. But I do think that you are in my opinion one of the best suited. I have difficulty using objectively. But this is semantics. I hope you can share a bit on your break! Finally Maill votes for Steel. Granted, this is his first post in a while, so he may not have been on since the lynch started developing, BUT, It took him a while to vote on Steel, including placing another vote on Rath after Elan already started the Steel discussion. Best I can assume is that this is L that was mentioned earlier. Could Maill's PM contact confirm if this is the case? If Steel shared his smoking targets each day, that makes it nearly impossible for him to be Vin. He can't be Zane, because Zane doesn't have access to that role. Could he be an Elim, yes, but it's not guaranteed, and I think that the Mistborns are more of a threat at this point. This is a good analysis post. Devotary excellently explained that it's more likely that if Steel is evil, he's Elim, not Mistborn. Yet, now, we are having Elandera prove themself this cycle, while at the same time, lynching the person she claims is evil? I understand we are desparate to prove everything as well as go on any lead possible at this point, but Lets take a moment to consider everything objectively. Steel has explained that their vote on Rae was to hopefully push Rae to come back and post more. Unfortunately, they didn't make it back, and Rae was lynched. Rae, when Steel left, wasn't really even being considered. We can't just look at the vote, because it is entirely plausible that it was made up. I personally believe Steel on this. *Ninja'd by Stick* You definitely seem angry by this time, but you are still willing to vote on yourself. I know some elims have done this in the past, but it hasn't happened in a while, so It seems as if you are still genuinely trying to help. Yes Stick, Yes you did. On another note, Thank you steel for posting your possibly final thoughts. I do hope to hear from you again before the end of the cycle. But if we don't, We will be sure to use this no matter how you flip. TLDR Alright, now I'm here to the TLDR It seems unlikely that Steel is Mistborn. If anything he's Elim, but I don't see Elim!steel pushing so hard to get rid of the Mistborn publicly. I know mistborns are the biggest threat to the Elims, but I just don't see steel doing that. @Mailliw73 and your PM contact, could you confirm if Steel is "L" I think that Steels recent actions sound like an overly frustrated Villager more than anything else, especially his vote on himself. For that reason, I will not be voting on Steel for now. If, when I get on last, I see that his lynch is inevitable, but not with enough votes to safeguard from an Elim hammer, I will switch, but for now, I still suspect Maill *Ninja'd by Maill- Not sure what to make of that post yet, as it seems like "L" might not refer to Steel*
  17. Steel! Don't go! I haven't done my analysis of you that I want to do! It's possibly condemning, but it's also possibly going to be saving! (Except getting 6 people to remove their votes sounds relatively difficult.)(Unless my evidence is foolproof.) Anyway, I'm beginning that analysis now. Also, Don't worry, It sounds like the dead doc this game still will give you a chance to help us figure this out! You will just have to speak through Joe. May I suggest me as an option?
  18. Correct. You were incorrect. Aaaand, I just realized that I'm camping this weekend, and I just checked a coverage mp for my phone provider, it looks like I wont even have service, let alone 3 or 4 G. I will try to get on tonight to submit an action, but I doubt I'll be able to.
  19. I also asked someone to scan me. I performed an action specifically so someone could scan me. Did anyone scan me? Edit: I'm actually starting to suspect steel (and, by association, Coop)less and less. I hope I'll be able to explain it (and analyze it)early-ish tomorrow morning to determine if I want to change my vote.
  20. @Mailliw73, can you confirm what steeldancer said? Has he told you both cycles who he has smoked?
  21. That threat-joke felt more of a town style threat-joke, not a Zane style threat-joke. A Zane style threat-joke would be more like "Or should I gather my coin sacs?" My argument that I made on you from that post was due to the fact that you were voting on steel at all, not with the joke you made at the end. I'll admit it was completely ikyk, because a village Coop would do the same thing as what I suggested the Mistborn coop would have done. However, your reaction after I brought it up has made me a bit more suspicious of you. So if anyone else soothed Lum, it would be good to come forward now to claim. Or if anyone else smoked Coop as well. I don't doubt Elandera's claim, however, It would be good to verify the source of the information that she got. Luckily this is happening early in the cycle, so hopefully if something needs to come up, it has plenty of time to do so. *ninja'd by rath*
  22. This is a fair point, and one that I considered. I just forgot to bring it up when I actually wrote my post, so thank's for bringing it up. I ended up telling myself that it's possible that they got on just to put in the kill, and didn't post, due to time restraints. That is also one of the main reasons that I said that the case against steel is a bit stronger, however, it's more likely that if they are a mistborn, that they are vin. (that must be a confusing character ark.) That seems to be the reason Elandera voted steel. However, I chose to go with the less probable, but higher potential payoff option. @Furamirionind, what are your thoughts on the steel lynch after I shared my thoughts? I see after Elandera's thoughts that you are confused, but do my thoughts on the issue change anything for you? Edit: I guess I should correct my last statement. *You are unsure if you are interpreting it the way Elandera intended to get across.
  23. I was reviewing Bard and Xino and wasn't really getting anywhere. Looking at Stink could be interesting though, so I'll try that later. First I want to address this post. I really like it. Possibly more than Fura liked my post I definitely agree with a lot of the analysis in this post. I want to try to offer more thoughts on it. But all of what I'm making is based on Coop being Steels teammate. Xino said they trusted me, so and voted on someone other than me, and they are village, so it's unlikely that Xino is the one that smoked coop's vote, so it couldn't be manipulated from me, which does make it seem more likely that it was someone else, thus increasing the likelihood that it is Steel . Now, what I'm having trouble agreeing with is the part about the soothing on Lum. Originally I thought that the soothing could have likely been to stop from finding out the identity of an elim or mistborn, and my primary candidate was soothed lum to stop reveal on Maill. Now we've got more information out though. Smoker 1 is a role that vin can have. Steel admitted to not being able to get on for the rest of the cycle. At the time they that was said, Coop had 2 votes on him, just like me. He was in a real position to be lynched. One of those votes was Lum. So Steel could have smoked Coop's vote, suggesting that Steel is Vin, and that's all they could do to hopefully help the lynch. Then when Coop got on, he would have soothed Lum due to his vote(He would have to be Zane) *stick ninja'd me here* Coop's last post was before Lum changed his vote though, so it would make sense to soothe Lum's vote. It would have been a better option than mine since lum is a scan role. Steel can still understandibly be mad at a Rae lynch, if they believed Rae to be village, because the mistborns want the elims killed. This sounds just like Zane. Ruin is whispering in his ear to abandon Vin for his own survival now.Coop Edit: Depending on the vote trends, I will likely switch to Steel. As I believe the case against Steel is a stronger case, But I believe Coop is Zane now, so, that's why I've voted for Coop. Additionally, I think it could be wise to keep Vin alive for at least a little bit, because she will still want to kill Lekal's subordinates, and would therefore, be able to help us locate them with her powers.
  24. Currently, there are 15 people left in the game, and we are losing people at the rate of three people per cycle (one to the lynch, and two to night kills. Essentially the only way to slow that amount long-term is to Kill Zane. However, he is also a thug 2, which makes it take us twice as long to kill him. That makes it so that of the mistborn, Zane is the more important one to kill. At the rate of three people per cycle, that makes not lynching Elend harder and harder. I think that there are either 4 elims, or three elims, with one having thug 2. However, either way, I think that at the time of rollover, there will rarely be more than 3 eliminators on at a time, just due to the possibility of time restraints. Assuming all of them have voted on the same person, which is also unlikely, we need to have at least 6 people on a single person to avoid a possible elim hammer. I would say that for now, 6 is the safe number, however, with less and less people, that is getting harder and harder. Killing one eliminator can help us to lengthen the game as well. I want to go through Bard's and Xino's posts to determine their suspicions, as I feel that the mistborn could be eliminating people who found them slightly suspicious, so that'll be next on my to-do list, and then I'll vote.
  25. Alright, So the lynch against Rae may be partially my fault. I wish I was more active later on in the cycle, because an HH, or Straw lynch seem very good to me now. In my opinion, an there would not be more than 3 elims on this lynch, and I’d actually argue only 2, but also it’s likely that at least one of the SKs is here as well. I’m going to look at the people who did vote on Rae First was steel, but that was relatively early in the cycle, so I doubt there’s much we can read into on that one. At least not yet. Regarding Steel leaving his vote there. We don't know what his role is. He could be a tineye. He could be some other role that manipulated his voter's role. There's various different possibilities there. CadCom was second. Seeing that my vote on him was during a time when a lynch was being consolidated on myself, but instead I switched to Rae, instead of Coop, who was still under suspicion at the time, in my mind would clear me. However, having all the votes follow mine suggest that a team was also trying to manipulate the votes with mine. I can understand why this might put me under suspicion. Elandera was third. Their vote is interesting, as they defend Coop, who had 3 votes, then defends me who had 4 votes at the time, despite, prior to their vote Coop and me both being the major lynch candidates. However, Rae had the next most votes. I might say that they were trying to defend one of Coop or me, but since I haven’t had any communication with Elandera today, I would lean towards Coop, Maybe the Mistborns? Because other than this vote, both of them seem rather villagey. Anyone have any thoughts on this possibility? This vote is where it started to look like the lynch was becoming a valid option Xino’s vote itself doesn’t have any reasoning, If my math is right, this was just an hour or two before rollover, so that doesn’t look good. Later, he goes onto explain that he trusts me, and didn’t want to lynch coop, Kindof similar to Elandera’s vote, However, this moves Rae from 3 to four votes, therefore moving Rae to be tied with me. This is the point where it was confirmed to be a valid lynch option. As Xino expressed, they were trying to avoid an elim hammer. (meaning an elim hammer on Elend) However, this vote takes place exactly where an elim hammer vote would be placed in a game without an Elend. I don’t really like this vote very much. Xino is higher on my suspicion list than Elan or Coop as of this time. Rath removed their vote from Coop due to coop claiming to have gotten the exact same message, but reversed that Lum got. Which I believe is a valid reason to remove their vote from Coop. Their vote on Coop was at a point when I had a higher vote count than Coop, yet in that post, they didn’t even mention me as being a viable option for the lynch in that post. However, he did express that Coop would give us more information, and this was before or about the same time as Coop checked in, so we hadn’t gotten any info directly from Coop, so at the time, Coop did seem like a good vote, because of the Whispers saying Coop is Evil thing. When they Switched to the Rae vote, they did mention more about me, but said that they didn’t think there was enough to lynch me. They ended up voting on Rae over me, because …Rae’s original vote seems sloppy, and they haven’t done much else? Probably similar to my reasons to voting on Rae, but I wasn’t really a valid option for myself to vote for, whereas, I think to village!Rath, I would have been a more valid option. I still don’t like Xinos vote more, but Rath is probably up there a little bit. Fura was busy near the end of the cycle, and ended up switching their vote off of me and onto Rae because Rae had the most votes. I read this as a bit of a village!Fura who was really having a hectic evening. Thank you for the vote Fura, unfortunately, I think it was misguided, but it was a good effort on your part. Devotary was the last vote right before rollover. It probably wasn’t needed, but was probably done to remove or minimize any chance for a last-second elim hammer. This reads as fairly village to me. So out of these, I think that the most likely eliminators are Xino, Rath, then Elandera, in that order. I also want to put my thoughts out there regarding Lums vote being soothed. I know there are mixed opinions regarding that soothing, but I don’t see a village soother soothing Maill’s vote, as we all know that it would give us information. That makes me suspicious of Maill. I would highly recommend that Lumgol, or any other Tineye 2s vote on Maill again next cycle. If Maill is being framed, like he suggested, the tineye would be able to determine that.