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  1. It counted as 2 important items.
  2. Welcome to the forum! What has been your favorite area to read in the forum? Have you done much RP or forum games? I would recommend those as good places to start if you don't already know! My personal favorite area is Sanderson Elimination!
  3. Welcome! It's a great community to become involved in! It's got a bit of everything! If you want theories, there's a spot for that? Role-playing? There's a spot for that. Cosmere-based games? There's a spot for that? Writing help? There's a spot for that. My personal favorite area is the Sanderson Elimination Sub-forum. It's a forum-adapted version of the classic party game Mafia (or Werewolf). And it is by far the funnest (and one of the only super fun) forum-based games I've ever played. If you have nothing else to do, come kill us, and we'll kill you too! Great times!
  4. Hi! You're in the right place! This forum is great! Ditto on where to avoid, but also I just want to let you know that there's plenty of RP forums available if you're interested in that sort of stuff. It's a spoiler risk but, definitely fun. My personal favorite is the Sanderson Elimination Subforum. It's a Forum-adapted version of the popular party game Mafia (Or werewolf) and it sounds kinda weird, but I thought so too, and I actually love it! Everywhere else on the 17th shard is fun too!
  5. I hate to do this, but Spec doc please. I will be busy due to another vacation. However, after this vacation, I'll be available to add to player totals for future games. Edit: I will actually change my sign up to Pinch Hitter. I will not be available for the first week to week and a half, but after that I would be able to help as a pinch hitter if needed.
  6. This game was really fun. It was my first opportunity at being a neutral role, so it was really fun seeing how I would react with different win condiitons than everyone else. Unfortunately, I had a bit less time than I expected, so even though I tried to remain active, I definitely missed out on many rules, which caused confusion not only for me, but also for those associating with me. If I had paid a bit more attention the last cycle that I was alive, I may have noticed that someone else had already gone for the shadowblaze, and attempted to go for something else. Anyway, It was a fun game, while I was alive. Thanks for runnning it Sart.
  7. I've got this crazy paranoia that Alv and xino planned out that kill to get us to trust Alv, when in fact he is also an eliminator. It's a risky move to do, especially with probably only three eliminators. But its something I could see Alv doing. Shqueeves is usually quiet, so that isnt something I'm holding him for, and because he reached out to me asking if he should protect or if I should, I'm leaning more village on him, though that's not necessarily fact. I know that the bribing moves me closer to my goal, but the shadowblaze could be interesting, so I may go for that.
  8. I'm doing absolutely awful at reading my role rules. It turns out I steal a random item. For now, I'm planning on stealing something random from snip. But if I find out that he has a lot of items, I may switch to taking something from the middle. It would be a piece of chalk if I do that .
  9. I am not doing good at reading the rules. I can steal items, so I will probably do that. Edit: Originally I was going to go for chalk. I had put the action in and everything. Now I will be stealing a bribe.
  10. Well, now I'm further from my wincon, to collect 5 bribes/guns, as i used one to survive. So now i only have 1 bribe. At this point, I think the most helpful for the village to do is either lynch me when you dont k ow who else to lynch (making the chalking strength not go up or down), or keep me alive to help keep the voting power against the eliminators higher. We still need to worry about defending the camp. It's obviously best to defend it, but unless something is either coordinated in secret, or at least a couple people have announced someone's willingness to protect the camp, I would not reccommend putting in lone lines of warding, as if we dont protect the camp, it can become a waste of chalk. You should either completely defend or save your chalks for when you are better able to coordinate. The better option is always to better coordinate. ------- Elims, if you dont want to waste an action trying to kill someone who can leave the game in another way, keep submitting the kill, and have the other elims pass me bribes or guns. But beware, I will let the village know how many things I have. I'll be going for chalk tonight, since there isnt anything else I need. Available to me at this time, then in a future cycle, if there still isnt anything else available to me, I'll be able to help protect the camp.
  11. Sorry, devotary, and sorry Snip for moving your vote. I still had a chance to meet my wincon, so I had to take it. So here's what I know about Xino. They are one of the people that said that they would protect the camp N1. I told them what I told the thread, before i told the thread. I also said that if i die at night, Snipexe was the only other one who knew. Now everyone knows, so that's probably null and void. I'll see if I have a chance to read more into xino and determine who he associated with. I wont have time to coordinate another defense of camp, so someone will need to do that.
  12. Bummer. I have very little chance of survival but I think there's still at one vote on devotary so that's my best chance of survival
  13. Well, I tried to stop this from happening, but I have failed, which means my best chance of survival is to come out with the truth. I am a thief. My goal is to obtain five "important" items. When I complete my wincon, i am removed from the game, and the game continues. As far as I know at this point, the only "important" items are the gun and bribes, and I currently have two. D1 and N1 I took a bribe. It is in my best interest that the village survives long enough so that I can get these 5 items, yet it is also in my interest that they dont kill off the elims too quickly. My original plan was to pick up items in the day and help the village at night, since I have no idea who the eliminator are. thinking that I had a piece of chalk like everyone else. (I read the rules and saw that rithmatists and forgotten both started out with a piece of chalk, and so assumed that I also started with one. I was wrong, and found that out when I submitted an action early in the night turn to use a line if warding, and told it wouldn't work, because I have no chalk. But by this time, I had already revealed to xino that I would be protecting the camp that night. I then immediately set out to working on getting two other people to offer to protect to me, and I got two people to offer this, and a third who said if no one else came forward, then they would do it. So i revealed in the thread that i had gotten a second person to help, when really i had two. Then i wanted to make sure that i could stop any rumors getting out there, so as soon as I could, I posted "my version" of what happened, to hopefully answer all the remaining questions, before they had to be asked. I wasn't counting on Snip to have chosen to scan me on the first night. The way you asked the question sounded too accusatory to me. I was fairly certain that you had scanned me, due to I stated that I had claimed that I would be using a line of warding. Then you specifically stated that you wanted my confirmation whether or not I used a line of warding before you responded. --- At this point, everyone knows my role, my plan is to help the village while simultaneously attempting to get the items I need. This will allow the village to get extra help for a few cycles, and the elims wont have to worry about killing me because I'll disappear on my own.
  14. I'll go for the book of duelist
  15. I've had a short PM with Snip, which is causing me to reconsider my thoughts against him. I don't have a solid second person at this time, so I will wait before casting a vote, to see what comes up.