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  1. Oh wow. This game was extremely fun. I really enjoyed playing it, and I'm glad that I was able to participate. @Lumgol, thank you for running this. I realize that there were less people than you originally expected, but I still think you did a decent job at balancing the game. I would say that the game was relatively evenly balance, but with a steep slippery slope on either side (More so on the village victory side). Once one side gained the advantage, it became basically impossible for the other side to regain any semblance of winning. @_Stick_ I really think your efforts were amazing. I'm glad I was able to catch you when I did, but It would have been funner if you had been able to convert someone either night. I should have let you pull off the conversion, and If I knew in some way that you would have converted me, I probably would have let it go through.
  2. Better?
  3. Something has been bothering me for a long time. At first I couldn't put my finger on it. Whatever it was, it kept evading me. I knew it had something to do with the Shard, and I narrowed it down to this thread very early in its existence. But I couldn't locate the cause of my grief. Days went by. I studied this thread forwards, backwards and inside out. Until I finally discovered what it was. Through thorough research and scrutiny, I've come to a conclusion. The Shortest Thread is no longer the shortest thread. It is a lie.
  4. game

    I Tire Here. I've Nocturnal Knowedege In Mind. Focus And Lucidity Lost In New Gnostics. All Slumber Leaves Everyone Energetically Powered SHARD
  5. Oh no! don't lock the thread now! Someone posted after me!
  6. Stupefied, you begin to mutter. "I... huh... What... You broke ..." Older you interrupts yourself. "Quit your stammering. You know how to build the time machine again. I just needed to stop you from using this machine. What you do in this time machine will cause the destruction of the entire earth in 45 years time. I had to retrace my path and stop myself from doing everything I did in this time machine. You're my last stop." Still struggling for words, you respond "Ok. So you still want me to time travel, just... not now?" "Go back to the drawing board kid. You're so close to discovering how to control where your ship lands." He spoke with knowledge. "I've corrected my timeline. The last step was removing myself. But this interaction will allow you to start a completely new one. Be careful, but don't forget to enjoy yourself. You are destined to bring humanity into a new era of existence!" "How is removing yourself from your timeline fixing it?" You ask, starting to find your words. He chuckles "Too many questions kid" Let's just say that through some weird time travel situation that I accidentally created, I also made it so two of me were existing simultaneously. Not like now where you and me are in front of each other, but two of me. We each were able to have the same memories. If I lived something, so did he. But we were never in the same spot. We both knew what we had to do. We chose me to come back." With that, he takes the gun again, points it at his head and shoots himself. You brace for the gory scene, however, as he collapses onto his knees, instead of bleeding out, he begins dissolving. Within a moment, the smile from his face disappears, and you are left alone, with two time machines, shot up and destroyed. But you now have the resources to determine how it is that old-you was able to control to when he travels. You have lived your whole life seeing the effects of ghosts and phantoms and your society is based on the idea that Ghosts exist. From the moment a person appears, they are sent to school to learn how to avoid ghosts. But you've always wondered what there is to fear about ghosts, as their actions have always seemed rather random, and unpredictable. So you set out to discover what ghosts are, and how intelligent they are. After years of research you make an incredible breakthrough. The beings you have been calling ghosts are not ghosts. They are people, prior to their death. When someone dies, their spirits appear in your realm, having no recollection of their prior life. Your entire civilization are ghosts of a dead past. What do you do with this knowledge?
  7. I win. Now somebody quickly lock this thread!
  8. Hi! This was an amazing post, and I'm excited to see you around the Shard! I used to spend a lot of time in the theories section, and I usually return there after new books come out. But I also spend quite a bit of time now in the Community Sections, playing Brandon Sanderson-based Games. My favorite one has been Coined Sanderson Elimination. It's like Mafia or Werewolf, but adapted for a forum setting. Great fun. What are you most interested in on the website? I also really enjoy Kaladin as a character. He is extremely well written! I also think that Vivenna and Siri are often underrated. As well as Vasher. To be clear, my favorite books are the Stormlight Archive books, but I don't think enough weight is put on the characters from Warbreaker, and I am excited to see a new book that sheds light on the Warbreaker characters.
  9. victimized Original Word: Durable
  10. game

    @RayOfSunshine Luna, Under No Apprehensions, Necroed Every Existing Dying Subject To Offer Some Totally Original Programs. Now Everyone Can Remember Old Incomplete Necroed Games. Games All Might Eventually Study. @The Last Post Dieting Organizations Exhibit Some Apples. Now You Offer No Eggs. Eggs Laying Silently Exhibit Super Health Improvement Properties. Let's Eat Apples, For Apples Now Do Stuff. Organizational Timing Organizes New Trends. Let's Take New Offers Wildly. -------- NASA
  11. I have a dream that Grandpa Smedry does a wonderful impersonation of MLK Jr, as he is the most likely to be old enough to remember him. (Eliminated) ----- Alcatraz Bastille Shasta Attica Kangchenjunga Sarekgjakka Kaz Sing Sing Quentin Folsom Aydee Angola Draulin ----- Who would you choose to have a formal dinner with, while discussing politics
  12. Commander Compounder realized that he was in a losing war. He knew there were others commanders fighting under the general, but through poor luck of his own, he had dropped his spanreed, and lost all communication to others. After considering with his batallion chiefs, he had determined, that until further notice, the biggest threat was Wyrn Akros the Fifth. There seemed to be no way to defeat him, as all he sought was power. Then someone suggested that if there were no nation for the god Emperor to rule over, he would lose. It seemed the best thing to do may be to destroy all the nations. After all nations were destroyed, the refugees could start over. Their plan? Weaken the strong empires, while strengthening the weak nations, and assisting refugees until Wyrn Akros had eliminated the majority. Then attempt to destroy or weaken all the remaining, until Mr. Akros had Nothing left to rule. ---------- Heal Southern Scadrians, Hurt Rira Iri - 9 Rira - 9 Reshi Isles - 7 Herdaz - 10 Aimia - 10 Shinovar - 6 Jah Keved - 6 Alethkar - 9 Northern Dominance - 3 Eastern Dominance - 3 Western Dominance - 3 Terris Dominance - 8 Hallandren - 10 Elendel Basin - 10 The Roughs - 10 Southern Scadrians - 4
  13. Scary! I'll hope that a lurcher chooses to protect me! If not, I'd like to meet your um, friend before my passing.