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  1. Ok, in that case, I will try to let the people who i was attempting to cooperate with know not attack you. I will not tag them, so that their identities will not be released. utBay I illway rytay otay etlay emthay nowkay otnay otay attackay hattay ersonpay. My fellow rithmatist, I have once again inlaid the code in this post. You may follow it if you choose, but I will not be following my own code this turn, any longer. Just so you know, I sure hope you can get this on time. Devotary, I am deeply sorry if I can't get everyone to remove their vote on time this cycle. I was told via a PM with someone right before the preparation stage ended that you were planning on attacking me, and it sent me into a craze. I have hopefully controlled it now.
  2. Seeing as the discussion has died down, Why not? I have word, from a considerably reliable source that Devotary was planning on attacking me. Nothing in any of their posts has convinced me that this is not the case, or that they have reconsidered, so I plan to attack back, because I believe that they will also have others helping them with that attack. Also, I had informed the people I'm in communication with of that plan. I hope they all got the message, if not, I'm sure they have now. I do not have a strong central alliance, but I do have various people, who have expressed willingness to work with me, provided that they remain safe from other threats, which was essentially the same promise I made to them.
  3. Just to clarify, I don't have a strong alliance. I have people, that if I survive the first cycle, who i would be personally feel obligated to help back, if they helped me. Its up to them to help me or not. But by this time, i believe that they all know who i believe is attacking me.
  4. So this is a quick analysis for said person who plans. I know that you probably have some alliances set up, because you're usually pretty devoted to Sanderson elimination. So I can probably expect multiple attacks, just in case I choose to defend myself this round. But guess what? I also have alliances. Killing me will only result in your own death, because I have the capability to get at least 3 other people to know who you are, and hopefully attack you. Owney 'mIay itingwray niay odecay. Nlyoay neoay foay uoyay illway nderstanduay.
  5. So, I believe that someone plans to attack me. If that belief is correct, then I know who it is. If you don't want to die, please find some way to communicate with me to tell me you'll not attack me, or else I will try to get all of my allies to plan to attack you as well. Killing me is not the best course of action, or I will send my allies on you. And I believe that unless you have the code, it is uncrackable, because it is unrecognizable as a code.
  6. So...has the thread conversation just died down until we begin the rest of the game? Will it stay active then?
  7. Maybe because no one will want to take time to actually figure it out. That was too hard.
  8. Does anyone want to use pig latin to secretly communicate in code after we are no longer to communicate via PM?
  9. So building my own thoughts on top of Elenion's analysis. If we were to assume that there was no discussion prior to making the decisions of our own defense, I would venture to guess that the distribution of defense would look something like this Ballantain: maximum of 2-3 players. Most of these people would be people who won't necessarily care if they win, but want to cause a bit of chaos, or have more action and discussion Matson: maximum of 6-9 players. Most of these players will be ones who are looking to find a way to keep themselves safe by putting many friends around them. They will bank on the fact that their allies might continue to want information, and therefore won't attack them until late in the game. Taylor: 9-13 players. I think that most people, without having the opportunity to discuss plans and strategies would choose the Taylor defense. The promise in this game of having more than one life is relatively attractive. It will help you survive until later in the game. If most players happen to choose the Taylor defense, that means that by the middle of the game, there will be lots of people running around with extra lives, and the game will slow down for a couple of rounds. Then after the time passes with few deaths, deaths will speed up a bit again, maybe.
  10. I was so planning on pinch hitting the next LG, but I started playing SE right after the last Shard game, and was disappointed I missed it, so I will arrange my schedule to be able to play. Please sign me up as Bo Ring
  11. Just for the sake of entertainment, I pulled out a coin, and assumed that the game was down to a coin flip, like it almost was. I said "heads-Karn is lynched, tails- I am lynched." It was heads. Then I assumed the other elim sent in a kill action leaving it down to 1 on 1. I said heads-elim is lynched, tails-villager is lynched. It was heads. Of course I'm not the GM. So even if the flip of a coin scenario did take place, it would have meant nothing. @Straw, for the sake of entertainment, could you do an "official coin flip" to let us know how the game would have turned out.
  12. Good game! I've expressed my thoughts in the game thread, bit I'll try to put more in tomorrow.
  13. Well, in that case, Congratulations to Karn, and possibly Maill and in the interest of resolving the game quicker, CadCom, Congratulations on a game well played, and avoiding suspicion by getting trusted so early, and using that to accuse others. Thank you Straw for GMing, I wish I could have been more active, but alas, life came in the way.
  14. Other than I was the second to vote on Itiah his first set of lynches, and was the first to agree with Alvron's idea for the coinshot to hit Itiah here Granted I didn't vote on him the second time, but I didn't like Maill's posts. Something seemed off, and personally, that same something still seems off, but, before anyone really knew that there was no coinshot, I wanted the coinshot to hit Itiah. I wouldn''t want that if I was the only other Elim. I would still want at least one team mate. Of course, there's the possibility that there was a Lurcher Elim that would simply protect him. But that would have just made him more suspicious, as well as any lurchers. Plus, me being roleless, Karn being Seeker, Maill being Smoker, and Lumgol being Tineye, then there isn't another lurcher other than Stink, who was inactive and was confirmed village. The last piece of argument I have is that if it was just us 2, It wouldn't have been smart for me to vote for him at all, and it would have been less smart for me to advocate a coinshot kill against him to finish him off. That was still early in the game, and being a lone wolf, with no conversion would have been a very bold move, one that elim!CadCom probbably wouldn't take. I will keep searching for something to convince you, but I really don't think there's that much more evidence I can present.
  15. So, what evidence do you have to suggest that Karn isn't an elim Seeker that's just been messing with us the whole time.