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  1. @Snipexe I'll respond to the RP later, I just dont have time right now. rand I was also going to vote bard [/color for similar reasons, but got ninjad by rae.
  2. I'll sign up, because I don't want to miss the final Steel game for over 2 years. (You will be coming back to SE after your mission, I hope?) I hope to be able to play actively, but for now, I won't sign up with an RP name, so I don't commit too much time, just in case I don't have as much time as I hope.
  3. Oh, I also wanted to say that I suspect Joe is kelsier, since he's not showing up anywhere. Or he could be Hoid. In that case we have no idea what his intentions are
  4. I mean, I can't really disagree with the reasoning, just the conclusion. Unfortunately, there's nothing that I can do on D1 to disprove it. However, I can add that the reason I voted on Rand was only partially due to his first post, and partially that it was just a gut feeling. A gut feeling that his further posts seem to help me alleviate. At this point, I won't remove my vote, but when I have time to do an additional read-through, I will most likely remove my vote from him at that time
  5. Oh Good, "Cadmium, CadCom, and Cadmium Compounder" All have M's So That's one person who won't vote for me. Unless they just vote for Cad, or CadCo Anyway, The main thought I have on the game right now is that of the voting mechanic where, if Elend is Lynched, the Elims win. It's already been discussed that a fair amount of voting activity is needed to prevent that. However, I also believe that an elim hammer would be a risky strategy, unless they can confirm that all of them will be able to be on at X:59, the minute before rollover, because when I'm able to be online at rollover time, I've noticed that there are usually also a few villagers, so pulling an elim hammer could potentially put them all at risk. This is also a call out to anyone who is available, please be online near the end of the cycle, to help prevent an elim hammer. Anyway, we're about 12 hours in, and We have an interesting vote count so far. HemHead(1) Steel Ark (1) Araris Randuir (1) Ark Lumgol (1) Fura CadCom (1) Bard Straw (1) HemHead Straw (1) Stick Xinoehp (1) Stick Sidenote, Either I missed it, or it's not there, @Fifth Scholar, Could you confirm when rollover will occur? I don't want to have 10 votes sperad across everyone, then have the elims march in and have a d1 hammer, so I think it's about time to start voting on people already on the list. If the list gets much bigger, it will be spread very thin across many people, instead of converging on just a few. I also don't have any suspicions about really anyone at this point. Randuir. Call it a gut feeling.
  6. I'm going to make a prediction When the game actually starts, most people will ignore the fact that they were all trying to kill you before the game started, and will only kill people they find suspicious
  7. Meanwhile, Cadoxi finished mounting the wooden portion onto the 15th breastplate. If there were no coin shots or lurches, metal would be much better. But that thought didn't so much as cross Cadoxi's mind because he never knew anything of life outside Scadrial.
  8. @Alvron if we all get multiple roles, will we be able to perform multiple actions in one turn? Also, it looks like I'll avoid using six lettered words.
  9. As Cadoxi took a late night stroll back to the armory, he happened to glance down an alley, and saw what appeared to be a crazed mistborn jump at another man with a spike. Perhaps that man is actually using hemalurgy. Cadoxi thought. Best not to get involved. And he continued his stroll. When he arrived back at the armory, he noticed that while he was gone, he had received a new order of breastplates and spears from Elend Venture himself. 55 new breastplates, and 100 new spears. A typical order size, however, the deadline was only 10 days away, significantly quicker than the typical 15. "I'm not going to have much time to scavenge for spare obsidian this week, Snip will have to suffice with a smaller shipment than normal next week." Cadoxi mumbled under his breath as he began to gather the supplies for the breastplates and spears.
  10. The potential for this is endless. You could literally just make it completely random, and if it's unbalanced, oh well, a new game will eventually be run. Or you could spend some time actually trying to balance roles, or choose between 3 randomly generated role assignments to determine which is the most balanced.
  11. Cadoxi followed Snip's directions and found himself in a small back office, waiting for the shopowner to arrive. Cadoxi knew that he would need a new wardrobe. Despite being of noble descent, he did not dress the part, having associated with more Skaa throughout his life than actual Noblemen. He preferred his more rugged look of a well-to-do Skaa than the look of a lower-class nobleman. It just fit his personality a bit better. After a few minutes, Snip arrived and sat down at his desk. Cadoxi began, while Snip was still organizing a few papers. "As you know, Snip, Elend does not know that I have this side business, and I believe if we want to profit from this for any extended period of time, we must keep it that way." He paused, "but I feel it only fair to inform you that you are protected under Elend's new laws of privacy for businesses. As long as you do not make it look like you are doing anything illegal, you can sell these shears at your will. I am running into problems with supply though, so you shouldn't expect more than about 40 pairs per size each week. At least not for the next few months. Does that make sense?" Cadoxi finished.
  12. "Exceptional," Cadoxi responded. "Shall we head to a private room in the back and get those measurements then?" Cadoxi responded.
  13. It had been nearly a week since a deal had been struck with the fabric shop, and Cadoxi's first shipment of scissors should have been available for sale today. It was time to formally introduce himself in person to his business associate. Walking up to the shop, he saw what looked like good news. There were crowds of people on the street. It seemed like a busy day in this part of Luthadel. That was good. More people to spread the word. As he entered, he had the pleasant greeting of a few quiet shoppers spread around the store, and another person leaving with a package that appeared to carry a pair of 14-inch long obsidian Shears. Almost certainly the Omega-large. He didn't understand the purpose of that size personally. But people sure liked to buy large, so he agreed to make them. Personally, he preferred the 10-inch, Medium. The shears were all easily detachable, to be used as daggers, or atachable to be used as simple shears. Turing his attention back to the store, he noticed that there was an unusual amount of satin available for sale. Are times really that bad? Cadoxi wondered to himself. It was a good thing Cadoxi always made his own clothing out of the scrap leather at the armory. He always had leather outfits, and most of the time, his outfits could have passed for fine leather. At last, there was a break at the front counter, so he approached the man that must have been Snip. "Mighty fine shop you've got here" He began. Does any of your apparel have hidden pockets capable of holding a medium sized self-defense weapon?" That was the code phrase. As long as the man was Snip, and Snip recognized the code phrase, they would be able to more freely discuss the more...questionable... parts of their business. @Snipexe
  14. Oh. Bummer. I shouldn't have made a strawman then and kept trying to be first heightening instead.