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  1. I mean, the only names I know are those revealed by Joe, and my own. So I don't know how good the name sounds compared to more names. I just think it was either an accurate name or a clever attempt at an accurate name.
  2. In this post, Chanarach suggests the idea that there might be some redirection going on. I don't believe that they can easily be replicated. But if Hoid can become an allomancer, I'm certain that anything is possible. I think that it is good to not immediately role claim, and this post does not make me believe that you are spammer any more than I already do. I'm still considering the possibility that the suggestion we've made to give you the option to prove your innocence will work and is worth it, but I'll get back to that. I hate having the full discussion today revolve around you and me, because that means we aren't discussing other possible leads as much, and at this point if you are a spammer, then the other spammers have already attempted to distance themselves from you in a way that makes them as un-suspicious as possible, so continuing to get feedback on our little discussion is not the best option for the villager. Now you say you have a self protect. Granted just last post you said that you don't typically do immediate role claims when you are brought under suspicion. but you seem to be contradicting the earlier suggestion you made that there were ample redirects. Based on what I know about role names, that is a very valid-looking name, especially suggesting the type of role you claim to have The fact alone that you would claim a name instead of just sticking to your argument that you prefer not to claim seems to suggest that you are more willing to cooperate than I would imagine a spammer would be. It also suggests that you are the slightly less powerful village version of Beirst1928, who build one of the best firewalls known to man. It's an interesting connection that would allow an explanation from Even though I also find this interesting, I don't find it alignment indicative, or at least spammer ai, because there have been a couple games I've participated in where everyone believes one thing, and I disagree with everyone, even though I'm also a villager, like most others. I'm actually leaning slight elim on Rath overall. But this may change depending on further evidence.
  3. For that we would need the village vigilante, and someone who also has some other type of non-kill night role to target you. I'm fairly certain that at least a couple people will be trying to get more information from you regarding your role, so I expect at least a couple non-kill roles will target you tonight. The only thing we would have to hope for is the village vigilante who targeted roadwalker to now target you tonight, since I was the other one, and I no longer have access to the kill I used. What I told you in the PM about my role is still true. It's important that what I claimed to you, I claimed during D1. not N1. I'll tell you the name of the role, using different letters from my first post. the number corresponds to the order of this letter. so for example, 1=H, because that was the first letter of my first message to you. Ignoring punctuation. 6 12 37 2 58 37 7 41 2 6. Do you know anyone else with this role? If so, perhaps they have also explained the mechanics of the role to you.. I was working on a vote count, but adavantos has provided one, so I'll just send this post now.
  4. Can we get an updated vote count? If we dont get one in 30 minutes, I'll try to put one together when I'm back at my desk.
  5. Nothing much that I haven't already shared. I think I'm beginning to believe that you have quite a bit more information than me. So, I suppose that I would be willing to share in some cryptic way an answer to the first question that you asked after you said that it raises some questions for you. But only if you would also be willing to share some information back, like if anyone else that you know of shares the same answer to that question. Yeah. I'm thinking if they were a Spammer, the result would be different, unless the Spammers have more roleless. Is this regarding Crimsn Chanarach, or someone else? Because if it's regarding crimsn, I would really appreciate if you shared more information. If it isn't about crimsn though, I would also very much appreciate that some more information is shared, so we can know who to possibly soft-clear. Fair enough. I am willing to give Devotary more benefit of doubt, but I would like to set up a surefire way to prove that. The way provided didn't seem valid enough.
  6. Wow. Did you come up with that on the spot? Or have you used that code before, because that's pretty genius. I just wish I understood. I should have PM'd more people, because I don't have a whole lot of information from others, mostly just info I've derived myself.
  7. Alright, I've allowed Aranduensis to put his vote first, so I'll add my vote back on Crimsn Chanarach. Edit: Now that We've discussed the possibility of crimsn being an elim, regardless of whether the vote remains on them, I do not want to focus discussion on them too much today, because we need to have in mind where we are going from here if my hunch is right, as well as where we should go if I'm wrong.
  8. Ok, I'll drop off for a few minutes, but I must have missed something, because that seems like a very odd ability. Crimsn Chanarach(devotary)
  9. This just doesn't sit right with me. I'm assuming that Crimsn was who the attacker was going to attack, and I find it odd that he trusts the attackers judgement that much. I don't think there's any real reason to be suspicious just because somebody survived an attack, especially considering that none of the spamsters get an extra life. I'd say that some other village role most likely interfered with it. If it is a role that Crimsn has, that seems to me like it makes him more village rather than less. I wouldn't be surprised if CadCom comes back with more explanation that makes me change my vote, but this is where I'm putting it for the moment. I would happily oblige. So the reason I trust the alignment of that said person so much is because said person was me. Last weekend I had a one time kill action that I would never get a chance to use again. I would rather not go into details of how I got that kill action, as it may implicate someone that I do not want to be implicated at this time. I chose to attack crimsn, because at the time, they were under heavy suspicion for their trying to change the lynch away from guest onto roadwalker.(if my memory serves me well) (At the time we still did not know that they were both eliminators). I derived my suspicion partially on my own, but this post primarily helped me confirm it. (Along with a couple of other posts from last weekend. I hope that I got the link to the right post. I'm too lazy to check. If not, it's close in proximity to the post i linked. Anyway, I also figured that if I was wrong about that suspicion, it would help us get information out. Now, the reason I voted on crimsn after they survived is because, while I can't guarantee anything based off the GM response, the response I got led me to believe that I believe that the action I sent didn't fail and wasn't necessarily redirected. So, I believe, as of now, that Crimsn is Bierst1928 I don't know whether babaji exists or not, but the three attacks don't necessarily indicate that at all, because the roadwalker attack/kill suggests to us that one attack was by a villager, and my attack was a rare-one time- attack that probably won't happen again. Then the third attack was most likely the spammer attack which banned Jondesu, crippling our ability to communicate. Thanks for that. *sarcasm* oops, I revealed the vigilante's identity. Hopefully it doesn't come back to bite them me. Sorry, RL weekends usually slow me down, and this one was a bit slower than normal. I should be back and running until the next RL weekend. (During normal business hours) EDIT: I wanted to reveal this information with enough time to generate discussion, but I also wanted to wait long enough to judge people's reactions to my original post that kidpen quoted. so that is the reason why i didn't post immediately everything I knew, and why i waited until now to post this information. I realize that if crimsn is a spammer, then unfortunately, I give the spammers a fair amount of time to come up with a response, but I want to be able to participate in the discussion for at least a little bit.
  10. I interrupt this missionary work for various false Sanderson religions. We all know that the church of the survivor is the only true church. Anyway, the interruption is that I want to share what I learned during rollover. Someone through PM told me that they were going to try to attack someone last night. It appears that that attack was not successful. So until the person who tried the attack let's me know what happened... somehow, I'll go ahead and put my vote on crimsn chanarach.
  11. yeah, but the next post on the discord screenshot also says that Joe only needs to get rid of the Botmasters, and Joe knows about all of them.
  12. I don't know why they seemingly hinted at me being me. I don't have access to any anonymous account, nor do I plan on it at any point. Huh. Really, I thought that Elandera's reason was a bit stronger than mine, even though I don't like the explanation Elandera gave, the way I understood it seemed more valid than "He voted third on someone."
  13. I'll sign up as Sonofa Gun. A guy who either really likes guns or really hates guns. It depends on the day.
  14. well, I've caught up. There isn't much to go on in terms of who to vote for, but I do know that the quicker we catch a spammer, the quicker it is to do real analysis on player trends, instead of just speculation on role analysis. I pretty much agree with the role analyses that I've read so far, but to be honest, I pretty much skimmed those parts I pretty much skimmed it all. I'm not exactly sure who to vote on though. While I somewhat agree with the reklawdaoR lynch, they haven't been on since the first vote was placed on them. They got on 10 hours ago(when I checked), and the first vote was placed 7 hours ago, so they haven't even had a chance to get on to either defend themselves or continue lurking. My own hunch would lead me to vote for the second person who voted for them, for that reason, but that was elephant, who is confirmed good. So next, I guess, would be the third person. Itiah, Thank you for at least keeping your real name, It makes it much less confusing for me. But as we all know, that may be to avoid suspicion, since in reality you are a spambot. Oh, wait, I've kept my own name too!! Does that mean I';m a Spambot?! Oh no! What Have I done! I've revealed two of us!. Also, How could I have not realized I'm a spambot? I'm not really a spambot. Anyways, If anybody is interested, I've got a story I want to tell you about how the Keto Diet saved my life, and helped me to get a supermodel girlfriend, and how it can work for you too! If anyone wants to hear the story, I'll give you the link. After a 30 minute waste of your time, I'll send you to another link, where you can read a story for 20 minutes, then buy my book, which may or may not be a complete sham, that will never arrive.
  15. I would love to try the ketone diet. Also, I'm not elephant. I havent read the rest of the thread past page 2. But I will when I get a chance