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  1. I think I'm going to change my vote to Devotary striker I'd put more. But I'm on mobile. My trust group is mainly consists of zillah, elkanah, kynedath.
  2. You told me that Kynetath had instructions to go after me if you died, But all Kynedath knew was that you told them that you had given Rath instructions to go after them. You never told him to go after me. Then I believe you told Rath that you had given me instructions to go after him, which you also didn't do. I really want to chalk this up to trying to set a trap for the elims, so I'm looking for another reason to lynch someone else, but I really haven't found anything yet
  3. Yes, so I missed Elkanah's claim at first, Since Bastille is killed, my guess would be that Elkanah is actually Grandpa, since they survived the kill attempt. They have a 50% chance of dying this cycle if that's the case, (If I understand that one correctly) Or they have a disguiser's lense. I think my current strategy is to not lynch them, and then if they survive, I'll reconsider lynching them. The reason I claimed is because I no longer have any abilities, as I've used my abilities and haven't picked up any lenses, and I originally had a trackers lense that was destroyed last night. (Possibly by an elim) (Most likely, since I'm relatively trusted) Despite having an extensive discussion with Elkanah, I never actually claimed my role, and hinted that I didn't think I was a Smedry. That's because I didn't know aydee was a smedry. Either that or the elims tried a WGG after missing twice against me. But that doesn't seem very likely. I'm fully willing to vote on elkanah, but I'd rather see if they die this cycle first. But at the same time, it makes sense to lynch him so we don't lose grandpa, plus a possible mislynch plus an elim kill.
  4. Yeah, I don't know what Elkanah is up to. It's rather confusing to me, but I still get the vibe that they're village. Edit, But I'd also be fine with a lynch on Elkanah, as they're trying really hard to convince of the lie.
  5. Ok. I am going to start by putting my vote on Striker. This may change, but I have some hedgy information because they sent me a PM, along with Kynedath, and Rath that seemed like they were trying to set up a trap to catch an elim. But at the same time, it was set up in a triangular way such that the information informed to each of us was incorrect, but that through the right communication it could be discovered. Normally I would say that this a trap to catch an elim, done by a vilager but it also does well to keep the person in the middle out of the spotlight. Plus I also didn't like the reason they told me they voted for Tess. It didn't mesh with what I would have done. I also will reveal publicly, as I'm certain many people know I am Aydee. I used D1 to duplicate the Shaper's lense. It was successful? Then I duplicated the Tracker's lense. Then I duplicated the Translators lense. THat's all three of my actions.
  6. Nothing from the Lynch itself. I have a lead I'm following up on right now. I hope it leads me somewhere promising. For now I will say that I believe with relative confidence that the remaining eliminators are among Kynedath, TGK, Striker, Rath and Devotary. Of those, I find Kynedath least suspicious (At the moment) Followed by a tie for second between Devotary and TGK, then Striker and Rath tied for most suspicious. Like I said, I'm still following up on a lead, so hopefully this changes. Also, I've had multiple (which is kinda surprising) people express their frustration to me that there are way too many PMs or that they don't play as well through PM. And frankly I agree. Usually when I choose to use PMs actively- which isn't every game- I choose to kinda dangle PM safety out the window. This game I've kinda wadded it up in a ball and chucked it as far as I could. But now I'm trying to use a fishing line to reel it back in, because I may have bitten off more than I can chew. If any of you feel the same, let's try to bring discussion back to the thread, so those that don't play as well through PMs can continue enjoying the game. I also hope to do so by the end of the cycle.
  7. Gah. I hate that these cycles are so short. This game would suit me better if it were an MR or LG. As it is, I dont have time to do as much analysis as I would like. Or hardly any really. I dont really want my vote to go to waste by voting on someone else not currently up for the lynch, so I'll vote for De Tess I know I haven't said much about them, but I think they're one of the people that once gone, may help me clear my head. Them along with Rath and devotary, then Striker are all hiding too much in the shadows to me. This'll at least hopefully help me focus on ths others next cycle *cough* if I live
  8. So as many people know elkanah has claimed to be multiple roles to various people, running into a few hiccups. It's entirely possible that elkanah is an elim, but that seems dumb for an elim to do knowing that would probably be caught from people sharing in PMs. This, coupled with the unnecessary vote against kidpen D1 makes me still think they're village. So I've entirely thrown PM safety our the window, which is different than what I've done before, and I understand that you may be practicing PM safety, but if whoever Grandpa is feels comfortable, could you just send me a simple message "I am grandpa." If I remember right, anyone who uses that one lense will only know that the message was sent and not who sent it, so you shouldn't be risking too much, and it could significantly help me determine a few people's alignments.
  9. Hmmm. Fair enough. Kynedath may be a good alternative for the lynch then. Or maybe rath. The God King. The problem with this logic is that I'm fairly certain no one knew what role Venture had. There is a possibility that someone happened to scan his role, but if that were the case, they would have to be an elim, otherwise they wouldn't have wanted to lynch him. I like your fire! It's fresh and different than what I'm used to in SE, which makes me have to adapt how I play, which I love. Keep it up! I'm fairly certain Elkanah is not an eliminator, and the elims are just laughing at us targeting so viciously two fellow villagers. I wouldn't say that Striker's vote clears them, as I would be a perfect person for an elim to vote alongside in order to help clear them. Especially since the elim team would have known that Venture wasn't an elim, and if I'm right about Elkanah, that means the second place candidate was also not an elim.
  10. Oh, one more thing, based on my last post. If venture claimed to you, please let me know, either here in thread or the PM. If he didn't claim to anyone, then I would be more willing to believe that the votes on him are due to the reasons claimed in thread. I would also expect at least one of those players is an elim.
  11. Well, as you can all see, I'm immortal. As far as I know, I'm the only person Venture claimed to, thus why I was trying to protect him so hard. I also just want to clarify that while I dont feel great about Kynedath, i actually suspect him much less than I thought last cycle, i just thought that a lynch on him migh be the easiest to catch on. My vote for this cycoe will start on The God King for their comments that appeared to be protecting kidpen on D1. That and I had a PM get passed along to them through a third party suggesting I strongly suspected them. Then I was attacked again, so that strengthens my suspicions. (I'll double check now if the message actually got passed along.)
  12. So, I didnt vote Venture because through PMs with multiple people, I've been able to piece together significant evidence that the a ton claim venture claimed to me is true, which would mean they're most likely villager. I also don't want to vote elkanah, as they also claimed to me what could be a potentially important ability. Thus the reason I've voted Kynedath, and I haven't found anything by anyone resembling a counter claim I dont know if my vote will change anything but if you have any questions, I'd be happy to discuss in PM, after I work on clearing you first. Please consider changing your vote. It doesn't necessarily have to be kynedath or elkanah, but one of them would be easiest.
  13. I've given this more thought, and I dont think I'll have any more hard suspicions until next cycle at the earliest so for this cycle my vote will unfortunately only be gut. I'll split it up into three categories. Most comfortable voting for: Striker, Kynedath, God King. Kinda comfortable voting for: devotary, rath, DeTess Not comfortable as of right now: Elkanah, FeruSky, Zillah, Venture I'll leave my vote on Kynedath for now, but the people in the top two categories are very interchangeable, and I'd be willing to change it up.
  14. Ok. That's what I thought you might be referring to, but I wasnt sure if jokes would count as lies. Hmmm. I'm opposed to both the elkanah and venture lynch, which leaves Rath. (Of the current players with votes), and I've already expressed I feel I havent seen anything too alignment indicative with him yet. Hmm. My gut doesnt feel great about kynedath's posts, though I have no logical claim to back that up.
  15. Wow! I blatantly lied and didnt even realize it. Could you please clarify what portion, either here in the thread, or also in a PM would he wonderful. On another note, if you are the one who protected me, please reach out in PM to me. I have a lead I want to pursue, and I may need your help.