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  1. joke

    *Considers voting for mestive, for helping to reopen the poll* *Decides to look at all options first* *Sees that multiple of the mods still frequently visit SE* *Has bias towards SE* *Feels obliged to vote for Mestiv because he is quoted in this post* *Enters existential crisis* *Doesn't vote yet*
  2. I don't know what I was trying to say, but it definitely wasn't bored. I was on mobile, and it must have tried to auto correct.
  3. May I actually be bored to the spec doc. I've been letting school slide due to work and other stuffand I need to focus on that for a few weeks. I'll edit my original post too.
  4. I'm willing to believe the devotary/venture claim for now. I think it's pretty much close to the end for me. Sart, I see you didnt believe my claim. That's okay, your loss. Not sure what the vote count is, but I'm pretty sure I'm still on top. You're all missing out on a valuable asset. But for the sake of me voting my conscience, devotary rathmaskal. adios everyone
  5. Adios! Have a good two years. This post may be 800 pages or more longer than it is now when you return. but I'll also tag you so you can see exactly how many. @Ethan_Sedai
  6. This is a pretty big role claim on someone else's behalf, though I guess it makes the most sense out of anyone else. This does make me want to definitely move my vote to someone else.
  7. Xinoehp512 Rathmaskal Fifth Scholar Insane Cadmium Compounder Araris Valerian Silver bones shanerockes Journalist Amanuensis Government Agent Butt Ad Venture Insane StrikerEZ Gravedigger Ventyl Insane ILuvHats Sart Criminal/Village (With the item I used to have) Ark1002 Devotary of Spontaneity Insane This is a list of people we know stuff about, that I can recall as of this point. That leaves the remaining people that could have been the Deep one or The Founder to Xino Rath, CadCom, ILuvHats, Ark. I guess Araris could technically be the founder, but to me that seems too powerful. I know for sure that I am not the Deep one. That narrows it down to the remaining 4, unless I'm missing something. So I'll focus a quick analysis on these four. Unfortunately, at least two of these have not been as active as I would have hoped. @xinoehp512: has has had only a few posts. Most of these are mostly RP. D2 they did vote for Sart, then later remove their vote. The reason they voted, as well as the reason they removed their vote were both pretty much on a whim. No one has counter claimed this claim. @ILuvHats are you able to confirm whether you were converted. (This may not be smart, so use your knowledge about your role prior to role claiming. Would it even be possible for you to be converted?) @Rathmaskal: Rath has definitely provided ample analysis. I don't have a whole lot of time to dig into it, but has anyone really cleared Rath, or are we just simply taking what he says at face value. I never really like it when someone flies under the radar so easily. @ILuvHats: The majority of their posts are RP, but they do have one post that offers a bit of substance. It shows a slight misunderstanding of the Gravedigger, as well as the Attack mechanics. Other than that, they've been relatively quiet, despite stating that they are following what is going on. Possibly recruited by Aman prior to his death @Ark1002: Relatively inactive. It seems like they have a lot going on. I understand, because I've had that happen before. Still we can't clear him. I really don't like how Rath has flown under the radar so easily. He might be the best bet of a possible elim from. I could be wrong about that. But when I flip, please, everyone remember, If you vote between these 4, you will have a 50/50 chance of hitting one of the more powerful elims. I think it's quite likely that the last elim has gone insane, in order to hide among the villagers. I was going to change my vote to Rath, but I'll keep it on devotary for a short time right now. I think Rath might be a more likely candidate though. Peace out everyone. I'll keep trying to watch, the game, but I can't guarantee I'll be active enough to respond. Once I get off work, I have a job interview for a -hopefully- better job.
  8. I dont think this works. There are definitely other better lynch options. Most of the villagers/neutrals will be upset if I am lynched. I'm going to try to do one more analysis style post, but I dont know if I'll have time to finish it. Im on lunch run, and work is busy today.
  9. Granted. However, these fluff are used, therefore, they cannot grant additional wishes. I wish for a genie's lamp, with a willing and understanding genie inside.
  10. hmmm I have no idea. Believe in yourself: Everything else will work out. ?
  11. I propose that a google doc be created and shared with the thread. This google doc will only contain necessary information regarding current rules, as they are in effect as well as any current proposals on the ballot. (I can make this once I have some more time if needed) I also propose a new thread be created for the revised, and restarted Nomic game be created. It is to have the link to the google doc in the original post, for easy locating. I also propose that for any player to win the game, that player must receive at least half of the active player's votes (50% included) as the winner of the game. For now, I also oppose the amendment, And for now, I will oppose the Rule of game state rule, as it has become very complicated, and I currently do not understand it. I support FT joining, and I also agree with the Rule Maximum rule amendment.
  12. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty frustrated that since my last post 16 hours ago, there has only been one(two) additional post(s). Araris should also be able to confirm that my guess was at least correct N1. I received the result that he did nothing. @Araris Valerian The reason I accuse Devotary, despite using her action as proof of mine D1, is because I know he scanned me. After she scanned me, she reached out, asking what I learned from scanning Araris. She is the one who brought it up to me *Ninja'd here by Devotary* Yet at the same time, there have been other things Devotary has done to cause suspicion. Additionally, Devotary was on Aman's list of elims. That is why, ultimately, my vote fell on her, however, prior to that, I did vote on Xino, who was also on Aman's list, as a way to guage their reaction. After xino claimed Aman's action, I eventually decided it was probably best to clear them. Despite running through multiple possibilities in my head, I eventually decided that the elims wouldn't have action scanned him if they were also planning on killing him. It would just seem like overkill to me. I'm also a bit confused why you are removing the three people Aman believes are elim in your analysis, and instead decided to focus on others, who you believe would have learned some information from him, as opposed to the actual people that decided to kill him. Perhaps you'd be able to better explain this jump in logic for me? I've noticed that, of the four votes that saved me N1, Striker is dead, and we've practically confirmed Sart is/was the criminal, who would now have village intentions. That leaves me and Venture. I feel like my vote on someone else should be considered NAI, as no one usually wants to die N1. So that just leaves Venture. That would just be possible elim out of the three people who voted on Shanerockes (other than me) This makes it look like it was hardly an elim swing. It seems like it could have simply just developed. The claimed reason for venture's vote was because he doesn't like lynching at all D1, but because a lynch was inevitable, he chose to swing the lynch toward an inactive player. This coherent with Venture's normal play style, IIRC, which makes it very NAI, in my opinion. Not village, just NAI. I wish I had a better explanation about this, because if there is one, it has to be Venture, but his vote falls along his normal playstyle. Although this post does make me lean a tiny bit less elim on you, I will leave my vote on you for now.
  13. I'm going to be moving my vote. Seeing as no one else so far has either confirmed or denied Xino's action claim, I will remove my vote from him for now. However. I have noticed that Devotary is considered to be on my team, and on the team that Aman suggested. This seems to make it more likely that Devotary is an elim, seeing as he has been considered on two different teams. Note, I do not think that xino is necessarily cleared, as it would be within the Elim's interests to see who Aman converts in case the conversion still goes through, or in case the kill failed.