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  1. K I'm not feeling the Drake lynch right now. I might be up for it after u have some time to think about it. It's a busy weekend, so I wont have much time to do analysis. But were one cycoe away from lylo. So we need to get someone soon. Regarding my attack and survival, I would like any info on that please. If anyone claims to have attacked me I think they would most likely he cleared and also whoever protected me might also he cleared, or they're teammates and i am being scapegoated into a wgg
  2. Sorry guys, I woke up later than I wanted, so I didn't have time to research. I'll just put my vote on Karnage who I've been more suspicious of of the two. Sorry if you're village.
  3. I'll try to wake up early and look at the lynch and perhaps reevaluate my vote, but could someone post a vote count overnight?
  4. Well, I was wrong about walin, I'll have to look back into Bard, and I'm rather upset I've been expelled.
  5. Sounds like a miserable chore. I understood sheeping. It made perfect sense to me.
  6. So I've looked a bit into Kidpen, Elkanah and Karnage, as they're the three I'm most suspicious of. I'm only suspicious of Elkanah, because of what fura pointed out about elkanah, and it piqued my interest, so I decided to look at it a bit closer. I disagree with fura in that I don't like that post or the one where they voted on Mist. I also don't like the following post It feels too much like trying to validate a villager in order to maybe pocket them. Originally I was a bit suspect of Karnage, and I still am, but someone pointed out that their vote seemed almost too suspicious, and I have to say I ...kindof agree... Kidpen is probably my second most suspicious, but for now I'll vote for Elkanah. But I'd be willing to vote for Kidpen or Karnage in that order.
  7. I don't expect the RP to change your vote, just want the tuition reduction, and thought it would be fun to play off of. Cadici was walking to Archives for an elective class he had decided to take. It wasn't even a full month into the term, and he already began regretting his decision. Archives was definitely not the field he wanted to go into. He was leaning more towards physicking or Rhetorics. Maybe Naming, but that field just seemed too ambiguous for Cadici. "Hi Leo. I'm Cadici" Cadaci responded. After a brief pause he added "You're the one with complaints on me, right? Ehh no biggie, I've been a bit of a dumb kid at times I was just on my way to a class in Archives. Where you headed?" In his mind, Cadici began trying to figure out why Lopen would file two complaints against Cadici. Sure, I was stupid for skipping classes and throwing random people under the bus, but that was last term. It's a new term now. Why can't people just let me turn over a new leaf. Start over. His grades had been suffering for the first three terms, and even though Cadici was just a Ruh, it would be more than embarrassing to return home with out a diploma. He was the first person from his part of the Ruh village who had gone to college in 4 generations. (I've never actually read KKC, so I don't know if my Ruh village made any sense)
  8. Updated vote count (Not official) Zillah(10): Haelbarde, CadCom, CadCom, Haelbarde, Elkanah, Elkanah, Experience, Experience, Karnage, Karnage Rathmaskal(3) Straw, Straw, Stink Stink(2): Xino, Xino Cadcom(2): Lopen, Lopen
  9. So we all agree that we're all surprised I'm alive. That's good to know. I'm not aman, I think the logic is that since we know BR was village, we know they weren't trying to protect a teammate. If they had been trying to protect a teammate with that vote, then Karnage would have been the elim. I'm not saying I agree with the logic, but that's what I think the logic is.
  10. Hold on... I thought there were 4 or 5 votes for me... I'm going to have to go back and look at that again.
  11. Updated vote count (Not official) Zillah(8): Haelbarde, CadCom, CadCom, Haelbarde, Elkanah, Elkanah, Experience, Experience. Stink(2): Xino, Xino Cadcom(2): Lopen, Lopen I'm going to leave my vote on Zillah for now, but I also want to express how I hate that we seem to be doing this thing where we want to have people get expelled, so we just jump on the first available lynch just because it's someone we are mildly suspicious of or know very little about. I'd much rather have some other discussion about other possible elims. Along the same lines, the idea that we just assume everyone we've expelled is elim is also very dangerous. It's exactly what we've done with Bard, and I don't like it. I've also decided within the last few minutes that it makes me suspicious of Lopen. Ninja'd by Burnt and Straw. Thank you Straw for suggesting another new candidate, and not just voting for Zillah just for the purposes of expelling anyone.
  12. I hope you dont mind but I'm gonna try to steal this. It looks better than the sheet I had, though mine does specifically state one or two fields that I've gathered information on. Also if you would like, you could include what Rath said, meaning that thei likely have elevations in at least 2 fields. Edit:also why are you separate from all 9 fields?
  13. What's with this post? It doesnt feel like your typical style of playing to leave such a short post like that. I see it as NAI, but very much not what I was expecting. What I find interesting about Sart's post is how the inactive people all have different reads. Sart read me as elim, but Aman as village and other inactives as neutral. I hardly think this is fair treatment, but then again, in a game where biases and suspicions run amok, it's very difficult to be completely fair unless theres undisputed evidence of an elim. Let's see. The most suspicious of the votes on mist were definitely karnage and kidpen in my opinion. So that makes them top on my list. (Maybe that's where fura's gut elim read came from) @The_God_King, I'm interested why you find fura suspicious? As for myself, my suspicions lie with karnage, kidpen, drake OR megasif (but not both), and not necessarily in that order. The longer I think about kidpen, the more I lean back toward village, but still on the elim side of the scale. (Mainly because of their post this cycle about shades) Anyway for now I'll put my vote on karnage but I will try to take a second look before I finalize that. Edit:vote count Cadcom 3 Karnage 2
  14. While they arent necessary, it did bother me as it originally seemed impossible. But it did do one thing, it distracted us from looking for elims. I've been thinking more about the votes being placed, and while on the one hand, voting for El'the seems like a good idea overall, on the other, elevations happen before the Horns, so it does become possible that complaints are filed and then the player becomes elevated, then votes on them are dissolved. Maybe voting for Re'Lars isnt a terrible choice either. Doing quick estimated math, I wouldn't be surprised to get 3 or 4 more masters this turn. @Elbereth @little wilson do DPs from masters show up at the same time as Complaint votes from the lynch? And does elevation to master happen at the same time as other elevations? Other things: 1. Maybe this will make me more sus to all of you, but I think it needs to he said. You are still all assuming Bard is elim, when we still have no proof of that. You're voting on me or making me a suspect because I didnt vote on Bard. Well guess what? It's entirely possible still that Bard is village. In fact from their few posts after expulsion, I personally had a more village lean on them. 2. I've decided now that I have at least one elevation, its better than nothing. If worse comes to worse, I suppose expulsion wouldn't be the worst option available. 3. With that, the matter of my own vote comes into play. I think I will leave my vote amont those with existing complaints this time, despite being to my own detriment by not opening new votes. But for anyone out there I would also be interested on voting for Haelbarde or devotary, so if any of you can muster up a reason to vote on either of them, that would be good, and I would probably join you in that lynch. For now I'll put my votes on zillah, zillah because of the mysteriousness enshrouding them as well as the fact that they're not E'lir, like the other two. Though I am afraid till go to waste and they might be elevated. Also if @Zillah wants to chime in and say anything, my vote being moved isnt totally out of the picture. Edit:just realized that I'm voting alongside Hael despite finding them more suspicious than others. I think I'll take a second look at Hael.