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  1. Audio from questions during the signing part of the stop is now uploaded but should be close to what we already had posted. I'm missing a few minutes of audio towards the beginning when someone grabbed my phone and walked to their car before realizing the mistake and returning it... Other than that the recording should be from the near/start to the very end and if you combine mine and the other one it should cover everything.
  2. Did it ever say dawns light was in the coma BEFORE receiving powers? What if that is what caused him to go into it, a child's body unable to cope with the power it received.
  3. And then type after the spoiler. All in one post though, I separated to two posts to prevent it from spoiler tagging.
  4. Video from the event is now up
  5. Here's another video from the front row. I was the guy in costume with the sphere (Which I gave him when I went up for my turn at the signing)
  6. I've got the front row video from the Q&A's and reading of that night compiling now, hope to have it up on youtube this weekend and will post a link when online... Wish I got a photo of my costume before I gave Brandon the sphere though ... Great complement for him to say that everyone should see the costume when he handed me my Szeth card though... I love wearing cosplays to his events, and conventions in general, but I also feel greatly unworthy of the honor of his praise of my costume!
  7. I recorded video of the Q&A session plus his reading, a little something he wrote about magic coming and going with sickness, which I'll post a link to once I upload it to youtube.
  8. I asked Brandon this and he RAFO'd it then went on to explain, without directly saying YES, that the character was in the original version by another name... So seems very likely that he is Vasher/Kalad the Userper (Think that was his other name).
  9. My guess is some cutouts have the codes and others do not but I'd appreciate confirmation on this if Peter sees the thread...
  10. Also of note, I asked Brandon to include something about world hopping and if Hoids methods were different than most other peoples and he answered me by pointing me to page ??? (It's 557 on my nook) where "A man with white hair steps out of the pools and asks what year it is". ??? - Will need to get the normal book page when I get home and look at the physical book but it's in the 500's.
  11. Thanks for the information, I called the store and they say that you can get a wristband by purchasing WoR from B&N but if you buy it from another B&N or their online store just bring the receipt... Which is good because I already ordered my copy from my local B&N and will be reading it the day before and on the drive down to the signing.
  12. There was a hard to find hardcover edition of the first Infinity Blade book but good luck finding a copy... Think it was a convention exclusive.