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  2. ok but really does anyone else ship Kaladin and Jasnah? or is it just me, I NEED to know. other than that i think this topics intent (see what i did there) is clear... who do you ship and why do you ship them?
  3. From sel to Scadrial shardians love Brandon's works, but what do they like even more? correcting misinformation about his books! how to play: 1. Make a statement about something in Brandon's books that is incorrect 2. people correct the incorrect part of that statement (starting with the words um, Actually...) 3. The first person to get it correct makes the next incorrect statement Let's begin Melishi an ancient edgedancer is mentioned to be a big part of the plan to deny voidbringers their forms of power in the gem From drawer 30-20, the third emerald
  4. This is so cool
  5. I would suggest Mistborn if you're looking for more fantasy novels
  6. Hi

    Hello and welcome to the 17th shard! Don't take cookies from any suspicious strangers and have fun!
  7. Oof friend you're gonna have a tough time of it lucky for you a lot of the posts with spoilers are tagged accordingly and if you're looking for specifically Stormlight or mistborn discussions you can try these areas under "cosmere"
  9. Um Actually the rift is the scene of a tragic "accident" The cosmere fandom is in no way salty about the fact that kelsier's name is pronounced kel-SEE-a
  10. I'm one of those people who will ship the same characters with different people and I am in full support of shallan√ójasnah
  11. Um, actually Wayne pretends to be wax's uncle It is shown throughout mistborn era 1 that a particular bureaucrat has a fondness for champagne and often "convinces" people to get him a cup of it
  12. Omg I've heard of the game not this please
  13. No I'm winning HA
  14. So in TWOK when Kal is on the shattered Plains he sees the kholin glyph stylized as a sword so I thought I would replicate that Orginal Glyph-Kholin.svg My stylization
  15. granted but it will always be pineapple i wish i always had enough time to sleep when i want to
  16. I've seen references to it all over the forum and i just want know what it is and if i can join
  17. I AM A STICK
  18. Granted but now you can only reply to posts when you're the 5,000 reply I wish I had a New cosmere Meme that fit my day perfectly everyday
  19. i personally love everything Brandon Sanderson writes but going though amazon reviews for fun i noticed some themes 1. his books are to long 2. tells more than shows 3. bizarre even for fantasy 4. unoriginal 5. to complex 6. no plot 7. characters are not written well now what i want to talk about is which of these are justified and which are not and why Ex. "no plot" just because it does not follow the heroes journey exactly and focuses on internal conflict as much as external does not mean it has no plot
  20. Hello and welcome to the cosmere symbology / anthropology Department of the 17th Shard forum I am the founder and director of this Department and I would like to encourage you to join! We here at the symbology Department like to study the culture and symbols of the wide variety of Nations and religions in the cosmere, not to mention the underlying themes in Brandon sanderson's literature. Here are just a few examples of topics we will discuss (and research) - why are mistcloaks (mistborn) and the burial clothing (elantris) so similar? - sand and cities, was Jasnah right? (She usually is) - what is origin of women's script? - the 17th Shard is looking for hoid but is there more?/what is the true purpose of the 17th shard? -what is godhood and its effects on Mortals in the cosmere? -what was Sunmakers effect on Alethkar and althi culture? -Blackthorn vs. Dalinar (the monster and the man) - just how many of Brandon's main characters exhibit signs of depression? Want to join, add/edit a topic, or choose/add an assignment? You can PM me or reply down below Assignments (your job in the department) Department director- @NoBrandonBookIsTooLong Head of general research- @AonEne General research team- (very open) Head of recruitment/recruitment team- (need volunteers) Official glyph, high imperial, women's script, and Thaylen translators- (open) scribes- (open) ( these are people who just generally keep track of who's working on what) ambassador- (open) ( this is the person who most often interact with other guilds I prefer it to be someone who is not already a part of one of the more aggressive guilds (you know exactly what I mean by that)) World Specialists Assignments Roshar specialist- (open) Sel specialist- (open) Ashyn specialist- (open) Braize specialist- (open) Nalthis specialist- (open) First of the Sun specialist- (open) Scadrial era 1 specialist- (open) Scadrial era 2 specialist- (open) Taldain specialist- (open) Threnody specialist- (open) undecided - want a different assignment then what we offer? Tell me the assignment you want and I'll make it happen!
  21. 1 877 kandra kids, k-a-n-d-r-a kandra kids, 1-877 kandra kids, donate your bones today
  22. But what if we're incorrect?
  23. Um, Actually it's the MISTED Mountains (Well done)
  24. Correct! Your turn!