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  1. This is so cool
  2. I would suggest Mistborn if you're looking for more fantasy novels
  3. Hi

    Hello and welcome to the 17th shard! Don't take cookies from any suspicious strangers and have fun!
  4. Oof friend you're gonna have a tough time of it lucky for you a lot of the posts with spoilers are tagged accordingly and if you're looking for specifically Stormlight or mistborn discussions you can try these areas under "cosmere"
  6. Um Actually the rift is the scene of a tragic "accident" The cosmere fandom is in no way salty about the fact that kelsier's name is pronounced kel-SEE-a
  7. I'm one of those people who will ship the same characters with different people and I am in full support of shallan√ójasnah
  8. Um, actually Wayne pretends to be wax's uncle It is shown throughout mistborn era 1 that a particular bureaucrat has a fondness for champagne and often "convinces" people to get him a cup of it
  9. Omg I've heard of the game not this please
  10. No I'm winning HA
  11. So in TWOK when Kal is on the shattered Plains he sees the kholin glyph stylized as a sword so I thought I would replicate that Orginal Glyph-Kholin.svg My stylization
  12. granted but it will always be pineapple i wish i always had enough time to sleep when i want to
  13. I AM A STICK
  14. Granted but now you can only reply to posts when you're the 5,000 reply I wish I had a New cosmere Meme that fit my day perfectly everyday