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  1. So I couldn’t find if this has been brought up before. (And 119 pages to look through is just too much) So at the end of TFE after Vin has killed the Lord Ruler, she is trying to decide if she should go see Elend. She decides to leave but then remembers how Reen didn’t betray her. And then she hears in Reen’s voice, “Go back.” And as we learn in later books, most often when she hears Reen’s voice, it is actually Ruin. So... is this Ruin speaking to her? And if so, why would Ruin want her to go back to Elend?
  2. So I’m in the Kholinar part of my Oathbringer re-read and I was just wondering if Veil was just Veil and not Shallan, do you think Kaladin would like her? Would they actually be a good couple?
  3. Lirin does seem to embody all of the Windrunner ideals we have seen (and have suspicions about). And Kaladin’s whole life has been a struggle deciding whether to be a surgeon or a soldier. Maybe Lirin will end up being a Windrunner or perhaps one of Kaladin’s squires, but can be there to show how people can still interpret similar ideals in different ways. But like someone above said, it may just be a way to set Kaladin on the right path from the get go.
  4. But think of all the good stuff they are missing out on. I think Dalinar’s arc in OB alone makes this series worth it regardless of the ending. Not to mention all of the other fantastic parts. So while there may be frustration in wondering if you’ll live to see the end, there will also be so much joy in the journey for having started. Life before Death after all.
  5. It really does make a lot of sense. It is a really good theory and does feel really right for the story.
  6. This is actually something I feel very strongly about. It really was just the perfect storm of events that led to a horrible tragedy. And not just Evi’s death, but all of it. Though Dalinar technically directly killed Evi, it isn’t like he was trying to do that. Man, I can’t even adequately put how I feel about this into words. I keep typing and erasing. Basically, I think this is one of the most beautifully tragic stories I have ever read. And it is made even more perfect by where it led Dalinar in the future, ultimately coming to Dalinar’s actions at the end of Oathbringer which were absolutely magnificent. (If you can’t tell, Dalinar might be my favorite character ever.)
  7. I really enjoyed @Argent‘s ideas about what may have caused a first desolation so quickly. That was really fascinating. I was just wondering if we knew the people from Ashyn were the first people to come to Roshar? Don’t we know that humans on Roshar have come from different places at different times?
  8. This is awesome. I actually love decorating cakes and cookies and a few of my future ideas are me totally being a Sanderfan and having the design being inspired by his books and the artwork. When I do them, I’ll for sure post them in the Fan Art section.
  9. If he did, then there was a huge gap between the first one and the others because he went to the Nightwatcher before going to the Shattered Plains after Gavilar’s death which is 5-6 years before WoK. And in WoK I thought they mentioned he had had 12 or so visions total over the past few months. (This being said, I am doing an SA re-read and am at the beginning of OB so there may be a flashback I don’t remember.
  10. Without Cultivation’s influence, would Dalinar really have been in a place to start receiving Tanavast’s visions or bond the Stormfather at all? I’m not so sure. All the same, he would be a terrifying champion. But I agree with what the other’s have said. Whatever current Taravangian thinks the Diagram is, it is so much more.
  11. Okay I have a few. When your 5 year old puts an orange and some strawberries on his plate and says “I’m eating two types of berries, Mom.” I didn’t know my kid was Rosharan. (Picking oddly specific words to describe a broad variety of things) When you recommended Sanderson to a friend and she says she started Mistborn and has read the prologue and loved it so you continue to gush about how great it all is and how the first book is awesome but as a trilogy it is phenomenal. And then give yourself chills just thinking about the ending. (Then she went on to say she is a little nervous because she gets crazy attached to characters and still isn’t over Fred Weasley and already loves Kelsier and you think oh these books will crush you but in the best possible way.) When you are watching Jimmy Fallon with your husband and he points out that Jimmy Fallon has his own Wit.
  12. Agreed here. I was never opposed to the assault theory nor do I think it is a topic that should be avoided if it fits the story and character. But the fact that Jasnah views it as something wrong with her head does make external influences and events seem less likely. Do we know how old Jasnah was at the time of her “lunacy?” My best guess is around 10. I know Jasnah is like crazy intelligent and basically always has been, but I still think just being unusually intelligent would be a weird thing to call someone a lunatic for. Especially a child.
  13. All those endings are so good it is hard to choose. But ultimately, like most, I am torn between OB and WoK. I definitely want to see art of Dalinar facing down Odium armed only with a book, but that book is the most precious thing in the world to him. And “I am Unity” is epic. I agree that after that the ending of OB gets a little hectic, but it is fun to see all the different types of Radiants doing their thing. Like others have said, Bridge 4 going back to save Dalinar and co. in WoK, Kaladin going all Radiant, Dalinar giving up his shardblade. So awesome. And actually, while the battle of Narak is cool, my favorite part of the WoR ending is actually Kaladin swearing his 3rd ideal and saving Elhokar. Such a satisfying moment.
  14. There is just one thing I want to clarify about this. Mormons while we have our quirks, are typically not opposed to fantasy, vampires, witches, and the like. Brandon would most definitely not be under fire for writing well written characters with a variety of religious beliefs and differing levels of faith and questioning. In fact, he teaches at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (full name for the Mormon or LDS church) owned university and his books are sold and promoted there. As an active member myself, I can say that his approach to religion and truly questioning and seeking answers about God and religion is one of my favorite aspects of Brandon’s books. Dalinar and Sazed are 2 of my favorite characters. And Legion: Skin Deep spoilers I am sorry for experiences you have had and am fine with whatever decisions and choices you have made. I hope this comes across as respectful because I really am trying to be. I just wanted to clear up that I don’t think Brandon has had any personal religious problems because he is a phenomenal author.
  15. On how spren feel about fabrials. I think it would depend on the type of spren captured in the fabrial. Near the beginning of Oathbringer, Syl tells Kaladin about her “aunt” who likes to hunt gloomspren like the Alethi hunt chasamfiends. To me that implies that at least some of the more sapient spren consider lesser spren to be like animals. And might not care about them in that way.