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  1. Okay, not directly related to Legend of Zelda. But I just started listening to a book on Audible that makes me think of it. It’s called How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps. It takes place in a fantasy world that seems very video game-esque. People in the world gain classes, level up, get experience, fight monsters, find compasses in dungeons… It’s basically a Zelda game in book form. Unfortunately it is an audible original, but if anyone here doesn’t hate audiobooks you should check it out. *Also I haven’t finished it yet, so if anyone has read it already, no spoilers please.
  2. This episode was so much better than the zombie episode. I actually want a follow up to this one. Killmonger is a great villain in either story. Anyone else noticing how The Watcher is becoming more detailed and noticeable? I’m wondering if it is setting up for something big where something forced him to become involved somehow.
  3. This applies to the second scenario as well. I thought this was an inconsistency at first as well, but then remembered that Brigan’s watch broke which was why he couldn’t get himself back.
  4. I kind of agree with you guys about episode 5 not being the strongest. I feel like this was one What If that no one was really asking. They just did it to fit a pop culture zeitgeist of zombies/horror. The other episodes may not have been things people considered, but they were still interesting stories. This one just felt campy. There were some good parts. I think Peter Parker’s how to survive a zombie apocalypse video was great. Makes sense the Gen Z kid would survive. That generation has been planning for a zombie apocalypse their whole lives. The train station scene was fun. Zombie Wanda is terrifying. My other problem with the episode is it felt unfinished. Like yeah they made it to Wakanda, but will they actually cure everyone? And what is Zombie Thanos’ goal? It’s almost like it needs a follow-up but I don’t actually want it. Also I am now questioning the logic of zombies in general. Like, they eat humans, but also humans turn into zombies when bitten so do they actually get eaten? It seems like it just creates more mouths to feed. Do zombies actually need food or do they just have the urge to spread zombie-ism? If zombies do need food, will they eat other zombies? And if they did that, then I feel like it would be easier for humans to survive. I am not well versed in zombie lore…
  5. I’m a little late to the game on this. But I’m enjoying the show for the most part so far. The first episode wasn’t my absolute favorite. But it was still fun. I really enjoyed episodes 2 and 3 though. Thought T’Challa as Starlord was awesome. That episode was just fun. I also enjoyed the mystery/darker feel of episode 3. Pretty sure Agent Coulson is (head)canon bisexual now. Is there a way to see which characters will be focused on in the following episodes? How many episodes are there? And is there any character you all want to see a What If story for?
  6. I’ve beat Calamity Ganon and all the shrines and still am too scared to fight a Lynel. Maybe soon. Guess I’ll never learn if I don’t try but…
  7. I thought they had some good points even though I seemed to enjoy the movie more than them. I think it was important that Dan pointed out that there indeed may be a difference between men and women’s opinions. As a woman, this movie felt important. Despite Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel coming first, I feel like this is the first female super hero that was truly female centered. Not only was a woman the main character, nearly all the side characters were women as well. And it called out objectification of women in many ways. So while I agree with some of the things that bugged them, I’m glad they acknowledged that for some people it might hit differently.
  8. Oh that could be fun. The triforce is kind of on purpose too though. But this is definitely something to consider.
  9. Hey Sanderfans. I’m looking for some advice on a way to add a nod to Sanderson’s works to a tattoo idea I have. I really like some geometric designs I’ve seen in some tattoos. I’m thinking one of the Mistborn symbols kind of going around the triangle, but am open for suggestions. The picture is a really rough design. I’m not much of an artist myself. But that’s the general idea so far.
  10. Okay. Being honest here. I thought this was a good episode, but terrible finale. And I can’t quite put my finger on why exactly. I think it is because I still don’t quite see how this fits in the MCU moving forward. Like yes it seems that this is essentially the backstory for how the multiverse is possible, but what’s next? Especially what’s next for Loki? I’m glad there will be a season 2, because it definitely needs it. Anyone have any ideas to help me make more sense of things? I really do want to like this episode more. That being said, I just want to give major props to the cast of this show. Everyone did so well with their roles.
  11. I loved this movie so much. I thought it was so well done. I loved Nat’s relationship with Yelena. Scarlett and Florence played them so well. While there aren’t too many movies in this list, Black Widow easily became my favorite superhero movie with a female lead. All the themes and emotional moments really worked for me. Nothing felt really forced (except maybe Alexei’s story about “you know, fathers…” ha ha). Ugh. It was just so good.
  12. Another great episode. Though really I am just glad that they called him Alligator Loki. My biggest pet peeve this last week were all the articles calling it a crocodile! Ha ha. Can’t believe we only have one episode left. Can’t wait.
  13. Ah! I’m just so glad there was a mid-credits scene for this one. I think that was my favorite episode so far. Editing to add
  14. I just read some more about it. It was written just for the show. And it is planned to be on the show’s soundtrack. So I’ll definitely be looking into that.
  15. I am enjoying the show so far. But I must admit part of me finished every episode just feeling confused. I am still wondering where this is ultimately going especially since we are apparently already halfway through the series. Can’t wait to see Loki in action more. And does anyone know if the song he sang in Ep. 3 is a real Norwegian song I could find a recording of or was it just written for the show? I enjoyed that part.