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  1. Thanks. I have seen a little bit of Rebels but not the most recent stuff. I’ll have to look into it more.
  2. Finally was able to watch the finale last night. Oh my goodness that was fantastic! Season 2 needs to be a thing soon. Ha ha. I am really enjoying this show. And maybe this is a silly question but as someone who has only seen the movies and the Mandalorian (no tv shows yet), who is Bo Katan? I think one of the best things the Mandalorian has done is made me want to learn more Star Wars lore. I love the movies, but this series makes me want to know more.
  3. My thoughts are that I really enjoyed it. I’m glad we’re now tying it back to the beginning episodes though I loved the middle episodes too. I can’t wait to see the finale then hopefully not have to wait too long for season 2. And finally
  4. A new episode is up today. What are everyone’s thoughts on our main character’s Kaladin-esque journey? Anyone else waiting for more clues and answers to the many mysteries we have been presented with?
  5. I agree with this.
  6. How are we not discussing this yet? Has anyone else started watching this yet. My husband and I are loving it so far. The visuals are stunning (regardless what you think of how Disney has handled Star Wars, there is no denying they have all been beautiful from a visual artistic perspective). I am loving the character interactions. I love the mystery surrounding some of the characters. I am really just intrigued by all of it. And “I have spoken.”
  7. Hey all. I have a friend who is an English teacher at a high school. He is starting a fantasy/sci-fi lit class and is looking for more modern fantasy authors besides Brandon. Any length of work is okay. Anyone have recommendations?
  8. There were more than 16 people working to shatter Adonalsium. So when the shattering happened, it became a free for all among them to ascend to a shard. Hoid possibly started to ascend to one, but he was there with a loved one who was killed in the free for all. Hoid stops ascending or trying to and now his goal (as implied by The Traveller) is to bring that person back from the beyond.
  9. Okay. I just have to say that as a piece of artwork, I find this stunning. It has been a while since I’ve seen the star charts, (Not sure I’ve even seen the other ones in color) but I love this.
  10. That 5 letter one was tricky. My guess was Edgli. Edgli Odium Shard Color (And the last clue assumes Ian is right about her being a dragon) Human Thanks for another fun episode! I have fun playing along at home.
  11. Okay. I am a person who usually keeps my laughs inside and just grins when I find something funny. But this one made me burst out laughing.
  12. Maybe Honor+Preservation? I could see that as Courage or Valor or Protection.
  13. Those are some good possibilities. I have wondered who the main interlude character would be as well. It seems like each of the main interlude has been some sort of antagonist. Or generally misunderstood to most people. So Nale could be a good perspective. My other guesses would be Moash or Taravangian. Though both of them have had POVs outside of interludes so maybe not.
  14. I am a fan of nerd humor “You matter. Unless you multiply yourself by the speed of light squared. Then you energy.” Want to hear a potassium joke? ... K.
  15. I have a head cannon that Devotion+Dominion= Zeal. No one has speculated with Endowment yet. Endowment+Devotion= Grace or Condescension Endowment+Honor=Loyalty (though I like that one better as Devotion+Honor) or maybe Promise Endowment+Odium= Corruption, Infection, Virulence Endowment+Autonomy= Freedom, Salvation, Rebellion Endowment+Ambition= Glory? Pride? Ascension? Inspiration? Cultivation is a little hard to combine. Everything I think of combining it with just basically becomes... Cultivation. So a few slightly less than serious Cultivation options: Endowment+Cultivation= Teacher Cultivation+Dominion=Imperialism Cultivation+(hypothetical shard) Ingenuity= Industrialization, Mad Scientist