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  1. Some other good ones by Miyazaki are Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky.
  2. The episode was slow in that it had so many flashbacks to things we had already seen. But it is setting up something with so much potential. I definitely loved Mobius as a therapist digging deep into who Loki really is. Tom Hiddleston has just absolutely knocked it out of the park with Loki’s character. I genuinely feel the biggest reason this show exists is because of how much fans love him and his performances. And I am so looking forward to it.
  3. So my husband and I took our kids to the zoo yesterday. I have a newborn baby so had to find places to nurse several times throughout the day. This weekend they had lots of artists doing a competition of sorts with chalk art all over the zoo paths. They also had an artist in residence of sorts doing some oil painting at a tiny amphitheater. Every place I sat to feed my baby ended up being next to some of the artists. I was the only one in the amphitheater for a while watching the oil painter work. We chatted about art, his work, and other random things while I fed my baby and gave her a minute to stretch out. I realized how much I felt like Lightsong or Siri in the Court of Gods just bringing in artists to watch for enjoyment. I never understood until now just how amazing it can actually be to watch a professional artist at work. Musicians performing I understood. I am a musician, but am not very well practiced and lack natural talent for most visual arts. Watching visual artists was totally new for me. And the more I watched the more fascinated I was. And the more I fell in love with the pieces that were being worked on. There are some seriously talented people out there. This totally changes how I see those parts in Warbreaker. I’m glad I had the chance for a new experience. I love it even more now. So, if you lived in the Court of Gods, what kind of artists would you most like to watch? (Including things like music, dance, visual arts, etc. Anything else I’m missing?) After watching the artists at the zoo, I’m not even sure I could pick one thing. Good thing I wouldn’t have to. I could enjoy something new every day. I actually really like watching cake and cookie artists. There is some neat stuff you can do with food. Some people use legitimate painting techniques. Makes it hard to believe anyone could eat what they created. And I have a history of watching artistic competition shows on Netflix. I’ve watched one on fashion design hosted by the wonderful Tan France. And one about plant design/floral arranging. Watching professionals in real life though rather than on a screen is a whole new level of appreciation. Also here are some pictures of the artists I watched most as I sat and fed my baby. Incredible stuff.
  4. Thanks for the input. I wonder if this is something where the show may actually be better than the books for me. I know if I give them a try I will constantly be reminding myself that they are ultimately YA books, and will probably not be pushing any boundaries or tropes.
  5. Anyone else watching/finished Shadow and Bone on Netflix? I have not read any of the books, but my husband and I just finished it and really enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed the characters and thought they were a highlight. Makes me interested in reading the books.
  6. marvel

    Apologies for the double post. But I can’t stop thinking about episode 4! Guys it’s killing me. My 4 year old wore a shirt the other day with the Captain America shield and I just hurt inside seeing it. Storm you John Walker! I just want to say the flashback scene at the beginning was absolutely beautiful. So well done. I felt every bit of Bucky’s fear, then relief. What an absolutely amazing piece of film. I agree with so much that Sam says in this episode. I actually really can get behind Karli and the Flag Smashers and what they are trying to accomplish. Just not how they are doing it. But I also get that they feel like there is no other way and that is just being made more apparent to them. Sam and his arc this episode were really good. I appreciate what he is trying to do. So much of this series, but particularly this episode, leaves me thinking about what it really means to be a hero. And how much we are impacted emotionally by storytelling and narrative as humans. Like the story is telling us that our heroes are Bucky and Sam. So we cheer for them and what they stand for. And John Walker was set up as something of an antagonist to them so we don’t like him. Which colors our perceptions of his actions this episode even more. So it just makes me wonder if we had been told from the beginning that this is John Walker’s story and he is the “hero” if we would find his actions more acceptable. We also have Zemo back in the story making us ask similar questions. He is not a good person. But he is currently doing some seemingly good things. I really just love how Phase 4 of the MCU is operating so much more in the grey. It really makes you think. All that being said, I come down on the side that what John Walker did compared to our other heroes was absolutely wrong. In general, while our past heroes have killed people, they are generally trying to see that justice is served, and that they are not the ones that get to be judge, jury, and executioner. They generally are trying to protect others and themselves. If they have a legitimate way to stop the villain without killing them, they take it. John Walker had a chance to take that Flag Smasher into custody. He chose violence instead. Brutal violence. That ultimately didn’t even serve a greater purpose. There was nothing gained in that man’s death. I want to give major props to all the actors in this show. They are portraying these characters so well. I love that I feel strong hatred for John Walker. That is so much better than apathy or disinterest. I love that Zemo makes me question who he is and what he is doing. I love Sam and Bucky trying their best to do what they feel is right. I don’t know how they wrap everything up in the last 2 episodes. It seems like there is still so much to resolve. And I still don’t quite know where this leads in the grand scheme of the MCU. Do some of the Wakandan threads stay unresolved and lead into Black Panther 2? Does this just stay a tv series with multiple seasons? Does it lead into a different movie that I know nothing about? (I’ve never read the comics, so I don’t know if these characters connect with some of the new heroes we are supposed to be introduced to in the next few years.)
  7. So excited for this one! I’ve liked both WandaVision and Falcon and Winter Soldier, but this one could seems like it could definitely by my favorite. Also, Owen Wilson! That was an exciting surprise for me.
  8. marvel

    Gah. Both this show and WandaVision clearly took Brandon’s advice on how to end a chapter leaving people wanting more. The whole “show who’s behind the door, not just the mystery of who’s behind the door.” It’s fine for a chapter in a book, but it’s killing me having to wait a week between episodes. And is this season really only 6 episodes? Halfway through already. I am enjoying this. Definitely not as flashy or fast paced as the movies, but I am okay with it.
  9. marvel

    I don’t yet either. Like I said in my post, I am really curious to see where he goes. It doesn’t seem like he will be completely content to be just government propaganda. But I could see him potentially trying too hard to live up to the “Captain America” idealized version and somehow missing the morals that Steve Rogers used to guide him. I know nothing of the comics so have no idea where his story goes in them. But it seems like the MCU is good at telling satisfying stories (for the most part) so I trust that however it goes they will be trying to do it well even if it differs from the source material.
  10. So umm... we just all decided to not talk about the finale of this show I guess. Well. I liked it. I cried. I thought it was well done. I am curious how this will connect to Dr Strange, but I think the setup was there enough that maybe Wanda will go to him with questions. Or maybe he’ll go to her looking for answers to problematic things. Also, I know this may be silly, but her Scarlet Witch costume was seriously awesome. I loved it.
  11. marvel

    I’m liking the show so far. It is more of a slow burn but I am fine with that. I am definitely liking the character explorations. And, even more so than in WandaVision, we are getting even more into the complications of returning half the population back after the Blip. I am loving seeing the fallout of how “saving the day” for our heroes doesn’t end up with a nice and tidy happily ever after. Some of my more specific thoughts so far:
  12. I’d check those ones out. Though if we’re being really honest, I’d like BotW 2 more than most remakes.
  13. Anyone else slightly disappointed that they are choosing to remake Skyward Sword for the Switch? It isn’t a terrible game. Just not my favorite. And it was originally released on the Wii, so not that long ago. (We have it still at our house.) I really wish we were getting some from my childhood like Majora’s Mask or Ocarina of Time. I have never played them, but heard good things about them. (I’ve heard good stuff about Wind Waker too, but that was just re-released for the WiiU which we don’t have, but I’d be more willing to wait for yet another re-release of that one if it meant getting the other games first.)
  14. So excited after this episode. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Do you guys think this will get a season 2 or is this basically a mini series leading into Dr Strange and other phase 4 stuff? I’m glad we have Disney+, but I hope for those who don’t and just like the movies that they won’t be left behind.
  15. So we just finished watching Treasure Planet at our house tonight. I love this movie so much. I think it is seriously one of the most underrated Disney movies. I don’t understand how it didn’t do well at the box office and why more people don’t talk about it. The animation is great to me and while the story is just a version of Treasure Island, I think the relationship between Jim and Silver is so good in this adaptation. Both of their character arcs are fantastic and the secondary characters add so much as well. Anyway, that is one of my favorites that I’d say is generally underrated. Anyone else like this one? What are some of your favorite underrated movies/books/shows/etc?