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  1. I think it is interesting that Cultivation is trying to help the Nightwatcher (a spren) gain more understanding of humans not through a nahel bond, but by experience and interaction. A little trial and error. I wonder what the Nightwatcher would be like with a nahel bond. Or could she possibly gain the intelligence/understand that other nahel spren are gaining just by giving boons and curses. I really liked Grace’s Puuli speculation. That actually really works for me. I always wonder what greater significance each of the interludes could have beyond worldbuilding and that one in particular is odd. And one last thing I wanted to add because I’m not sure idea this was clarified in the discussion. Lift went to the Nightwatcher after Dalinar. She went 3ish years ago and he went 6 or so years ago. So it is possible for Cultivation to have been involved. But as of right now there isn’t enough evidence to know one way or the other.
  2. Ever since reading Warbreaker, I look at everyone as a potential alternative villain. Ha ha. I have trust issues in books now. (Yet I still love them.) I know that’s not entirely where you were going with that. As to what you were thinking: I wasn’t a particular fan of Frozen and I really like the idea of the Trolls being alternative villains who kidnapped Kristoff as a kid and then altered Hans’s memories to frame him as a villain to set Kristoff up with the princess. I also wish they had stuck with the original idea of keeping Elsa as the villain. Batman (or lots of superheroes really) could be considered villains in that they operate their own justice outside the rule of law.
  3. I’m with @thegatorgirl00 Grace on the Wisdom shard and the survival shard being 2 different shards still. The other way you guys interpreted that WoB works, it just wasn’t how I read it. @thejopen27 I agree that the ending of Oathbringer is a little ambiguous as to Shallan’s mental health and well-being. And there is a lot of good discussion about Shallan and her personas on the forums. My personal opinion is that the “Shallan” persona is the closest thing to core Shallan or Shallan prime we have. The other personas are splinters off that. And at the end of Oathbringer, I think Shallan chose to assert her dominance over the other personas. Doesn’t mean she’s all the way better or that things are going to be easy for her. But I think she chose to take a step forward such as it was. Lots of good WoBs in this episode. I can’t wait for more cosmere stories. Thanks for all you do guys! (PS, I really want to take on Ian on WTCC. I love those.)
  4. I think the arranged marriage thing goes along with how many royals/nobles there are. It’s part of the politics. Marriages help seal the deal for alliances, treaties, and the like. I will say that I’m not 100% sure Wax and Steris should count as an arranged marriage. Maybe it’s semantics, but they did arrange and agree to it themselves. No one else set it up for them. Sure it wasn’t about love at first and was absolutely a political move, but they were two grown ups who agreed to the union on their own.
  5. Jasnah would be one of my guesses as well. Especially since she is slated for Book 10. Lots to happen between now and then. But I also wouldn’t really like that. Because the only good character to currently pair her with is Shallan and I think we’ve had a lot of Shallan already. And because Jasnah is awesome. I think Szeth dies before the end of the series but probably not before his book. Maybe during his book. I’d be okay with something like that.
  6. Okay. I don’t know how to insert WoBs (I’m on mobile) but there is a WoB out there talking about when Brandon decided to kill Eshonai and focus on Venli instead in the current timeline. And he said it wasn’t originally planned but he saw it working better this way early on. He then also said that he had warned from the beginning that some flashback characters might not live to their flashback book. So all this together makes me think at least one other besides Eshonai is a goner. But I can’t decide who I think it will be. Eshonai/Venli are just a really good pair for all the parallels they will have and I don’t see any other flashback characters having a good contemporary pairing yet. So who do you all think it could be? And who is the character you could see them pairing up with as a parallel?
  7. I have learned that most of the time I am a sucker for redemption arcs. But I am not sure I want Moash to get one. I feel like his character really works as the one who is given every opportunity to get one, but can’t bring himself to take it. Digging himself deeper and deeper every time. It contrasts well with the many other characters in SA who each have made the choice to rise up and be better. Though if Moash does get a redemption arc, I agree with you that it needs to be a slow and painful process. And if anyone can sell me on that being a better storyline for him than a continual downward spiral it will be Brandon.
  8. I’ve posted another thread in regards to how I think the Eshonai flashbacks/Venli main story will work. I think they will be mirrors of each other while both following the same theme of “shaping” into who you need to become. Eshonai starts out as an explorer leaving home. Venli starts as a scholar staying home. Eshonai’s flashbacks illustrate her reluctantly growing to becoming a general for her dying people meaning she has to leave her comfort zone by putting aside the explorer and staying home. Venli’s arc will have her reluctantly growing to be a leader for Singers who break from Odium/the Fused meaning she has to leave her comfort zone of safety/ambition among her people and leaving everything she has ever known/thought she wanted.
  9. I’d also point out that sometimes Rosharan vocabulary is incredibly lacking in diversity. Chickens, spren, wine, etc are all a single word that they would apply to a large array of things. So lumping all odd, mysterious, irregular swords under the category “shardblade” isn’t too much of a stretch for me.
  10. This week and last week’s episodes have made me really excited to learn more about the Listeners/Singers in Stormlight 4. I can’t wait. Thanks for all the hard work you all do to make fun content for us fans. (Also just have to add that I totally guessed the second WTCC on the first clue. I love that part of the show.)
  11. Oh I have a love/hate relationship with this theory. It seems so perfectly logical. It would actually work really well and seem satisfying for me. But I love Dalinar so much! I want the best for him! Leading into the back half I think I’ve heard that it is more focused on the Heralds. I would then suspect that our remaining heroes start going about trying to unsplinter Honor as a way to either help balance Dalinar/Odium (I know lots of people think holding 2 Shards causes extra problems, but our heroes won’t know that) or have someone else ascend to potentially counter/trap him. (This could also play well with some people’s idea that Kaladin might somehow bond the Stormfather as well given their odd relationship and his instances of having glory spren hanging out with him at times.) But back to my point about the back half being Herald centric. Who else knew Honor better and may know more about Shards and cosmere wide things than the Heralds. Their history, knowledge, and past connection to Honor would seem really valuable.
  12. So we know Kelsier has found a way to get himself a new body and get back to the physical realm. Do we know how that affected his status as a cognitive shadow? If this body of his dies, would he be forced to move Beyond without Shardic intervention? Or does being a cognitive shadow once keep him that way? Another question along these lines: Could Sazed
  13. I didn’t hear the exact quote about the Lord Ruler and hemalurgy being what made his most dramatic effects, but is it possible it didn’t mean effects from him, but his literal creations of 2 different species from humans? Changing all feruchemists into mistwraiths which then are hemalurgically changed into Kandra is a pretty dramatic effect.
  14. So I just finished another re-read of Hero of Ages. And again I am blown away by how much I love the conclusion of Era 1. But this time I also really came to appreciate Yomen as a character. I think he is underrated. I really like how he remained faithful to his beliefs, but was still willing to accept new information. His beliefs colored how he saw the world, but he ultimately let people and their actions speak for themselves. He was able to change his opinions of Elend after truly getting to know him better and earned Elend’s respect in return. I just think he was a really neat character.
  15. Comparing Endgame to Infinity War is tricky. They are both great movies for different reasons. My personal feeling is that IW felt a little more disjointed. But that is to be expected given the large spread out cast. Endgame told a more cohesive story in my opinion but that is easier to do when most of said cast got dusted in IW. There is only one thing I have decided I want changed about Endgame.