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  1. For me it is current Dalinar. I really do just love him. I love how he really just sticks to what he believes is right, even when it is difficult. And I agree with Adolin as well. Just genuinely good person. (Thank you Evi for both of them.) And I think I may have to throw in Sazed because I love learning and he could teach me everything.
  2. I’d say Jasnah’s morals are questionable enough at times to get her in trouble with him. Her philosophy lesson with Shallan in Kharbranth for example may not have been completely legal. And we don’t have enough information on how she worked with assassins to know if she’s never done anything questionably against the law. Nor do we know how Nale always seems to get absolute authority to execute justice. Something about that seems weird to me. I guess my point was that if Nale really suspected Jasnah, she would be under a lot of Skybreaker surveillance and he would pull whatever strings necessary to mete “Justice”
  3. You could be correct. I assumed he meant the Parshendi because they were talking about them just before he gave it to Szeth. But listening again, it is rather vague and could mean someone different.
  4. These are the 2 thoughts I had regarding them as well. Trying to decide if the Parshendi were a threat is what I lean to most, though, perhaps they had heard rumors about what Gavilar and the Sons of Honor were up to. I think the last thing they’d want was people actively trying to get them back. I’m not sure about Nale hunting Jasnah though. I don’t think she’d be alive come the time of the books if that was the case.
  5. So I’m starting Stormlight again, but I decided to start by listening to all the prologues together to get a better sense of what was going on chronologically. So in doing that I noticed a few things and have a few questions. So I’ll summarize how I feel the timeline goes then ask my questions. The earliest thing we see in the evening is Eshonai helping the Listeners with drums then wandering off to explore. She accidentally stumbles across Gavilar meeting with others of the Sons of Honor (one being Amaram). Gavilar sends everyone out, tells Eshonai he plans to bring back her Gods and gives her a mysterious black sphere. Eshonai leaves and tells the Five what Gavilar said and they plan to kill him. After this, Gavilar shows up at the feast (or may have been at it previous to his meeting, I’m actually not sure about that part) Sometime in the middle of the feast, Jasnah leaves to meet with Liss the assassin. On her way out she notes Sadeas still there. She runs into her father talking to Amaram. She remarks that she didn’t notice her father leave the feast. After a short conversation, she continues on her way, has her first experience in Shadesmar, and meets Ivory. She is late but finally shows up to meet with Liss where she hires her to spy on Aesudan instead of killing her right away. After meeting with Liss she leaves, overhears the 2 “visiting dignitaries” (aka heralds) notes their odd conversation, then hears chaos break out. She follows the trail of destruction and witnesses Szeth’s final lashings on the balcony that result in her fathers death. Gavilar gives Szeth another black sphere and tells him to make sure the Parshendi don’t get it along with his last words to his brother. Meanwhile, before Szeth started killing people and after Jasnah left the feast, Sadeas gets to the Kings rooms and must have been meeting with Gavilar, thus making him available to pose as the decoy king. So now my observations and questions. Navani is not mentioned at all. Szeth wonders about where Elhokar and Jasnah are and makes note of Dalinar, but makes no mention of Navani. Jasnah’s POV doesn’t give us anything either. I know there is a recent WoB that the next prologue will probably be Navani, but what could she have been up to? Whay was Sadeas up to? Gavilar seems to have been having sketchy meetings all night, so what was he doing with Sadeas? Why are Nale and Kalak posing as dignitaries? Did they meet Elhokar on purpose or were they there for other reasons? I’ve already seen discussions on the black spheres (no need to get into that mess here) and speculation on who the unknown Sons of Honor were. And last question (as a joke): Where was Hoid for all of this? Alright. Any answers, thoughts, or things I’m missing? Edit to add one more question. What if Gavilar meant “brother” not as Dalinar, but as someone from the Sons of Honor? They have a cult like “brotherhood” feel.
  6. Hey! I was wondering if you would use one of my characters I sent in. That was fun to listen to. (And it is pronounced like regular Taylor, just spelled weird. Guess it was an appropriate podcast to be on. Oh... and I’m a girl... but no worries.) As for book pronunciations I have found myself defaulting to how things are said in the audiobooks. (Except Elantris because Sarene = Serene for me, not the silly Aonic pronunciation. Aons are weird.) I used to not like listening to audiobooks but since having kids, it is one of the only ways I can “read” now days.
  7. She’s a little young right now but if we say it will take time for this to become reality then I could see Arianna Greenblatt as Spensa.
  8. When casually scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across this picture post by NatGeo and thought “This looks like something right out of Stormlight Archives. What is going on?” Turns out it is a Thai tattoo form called Sak Yant done by monks with a lot of symbolism. Beautiful really. And they look just like glyphs. And then, since the Alethi have a lot of Asian influence, you wonder how much Brandon and the Dragonsteel team knew about this or may have been influenced by it when designing glyphs.
  9. Okay here’s a new one for me. I was just reading the coppermind article on Lopen and it said he was in his twenties. *mind blown* I don’t know how I missed that. I honestly pictured him as older. I basically thought he was like the one armed Latino version on either the pirate with no tongue from the first Pirates of the Caribbean or the “boo box” pirate from Hook. I have no idea why I thought of him that way, that’s just the way he appeared.
  10. Can Hoid jumping into a chasamfiend’s mouth count? Even though he wouldn’t die, to everyone else watching it would have seemed very Darwin Award worthy. Also the Alethi captain who abused Herdazian women, got caught, and agreed to wrestle the hog with the arrogance of not knowing anything about other countries and cultures.
  11. Kelsier always has black hair when I picture him. I know he’s blonde. I can picture Marsh blonde and I know they look a lot alike, but he still always has black hair. But I also have a hard time really visualizing characters so that’s the only one I can think of right now.
  12. Okay. Just have to say I am excited because I got both WtCCs before they did. And that never happens. But in all seriousness, another excellent episode. The Dalinar Kholin family is my favorite. I love them all. Following up from last time, Evi is the best. I am super grateful for her influence on all of them, but she deserved better for herself. I loved how you pointed out how Alethi society shaped them as a family. I actually think a podcast on Alethi culture and the Vorin church would be interesting. I also liked everything you said about their relationships with each other. And everything about Renarin. So basically I loved the whole thing.
  13. I grew up in Utah and currently live in Utah, but the only other place I have lived is Nebraska. It was a good place. I think it is cool that those are both places Brandon has lived too.
  14. I guess I’ll answer my own question now. I love how all of these have been about knowledge and learning so far. Things like that are my second choice. But if I were to pick right now an Intent it would be Compassion. I decided that if I were to invest in a world, the magic would manifest in ways that would be beneficial to helping others. And it would be a magic that anyone on the world could learn. Because what is more compassionate than teaching or giving someone the skills they need to take care of and better themselves? And if anyone in world created a religion based on me, its only tenant would be “Do Good.”
  15. So I was listening to a great NPR show the other day with guest Brene Brown. At one point she was talking about Core Values. That got me thinking about what my core values would be and I thought that they sounded a lot like Shardic Intents. So here is a list she has of different values. Some of them don’t really seem like Intents much and of course it isn’t a comprehensive list. But if you Ascended to a Shard, what Intent would you want to have? And if you want to add what it would look like if you invested in a planet that could be fun too.