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  1. I hadn’t thought about the Fifth heightening basically granting immortality and then living together forever. I kind of like that. I do think Susebron would ask her if she wanted it instead of just giving it to her. That being said, I’m not sure he’d know exactly how to do that yet, unless it falls under instinctive awakening. He might need to learn from Vasher. I actually think she might come to want at least some breath. Not necessarily for awakening, but for the benefits that come from holding more breath. It might take a little time, but I can see it.
  2. So Siri seemed to take fairly well to certain things in Hallandren culture. She actually loves color. And always tended to be her own individual. She is married to the God King. The man who has more Breath than anyone can possibly imagine. And they love each other and trust each other. They work to understand each other. Do you think she could ever come to want Breaths for herself? And if so what heightening might she want to reach?
  3. You guys are fantastic. I am seriously impressed at the Overlady’s reading speed, ability to predict story elements, and her theories. I am terrible at coming up with theories. I tend to just read through the story fast to enjoy it, then miss all the smaller things until later reads.
  4. I generally end up avoiding things that get overhyped in my opinion. So I hadn’t even listened to the soundtrack to Hamilton before it was released on Disney plus. But I like history, politics, and musicals so I was excited to have a chance to see it although nervous given my tendency to not like things if they were too popular too quickly. (Looking at you Frozen.) Thankfully I was so wrong this time. Fantastic acting and music. It was quite an emotional journey. Lots of laughs and definitely tears at the end.
  5. Everything about this show has been said before better than I can say it, but I’m chiming I’m anyway. I had heard good things about this show and was really excited to see it. My husband and I watched it together and I think it is my new favorite thing. We have now started our 7 year old on it and he just started season three. He loves it too. He says it is “epic!” And he’s not wrong. I’ve been recommending it to just about everyone I know. I have heard the mixed reviews about LoK but will be giving it a chance in a few weeks. To answer some questions: Iroh is probably my favorite. Everyone needs Iroh in their life. And I am now collecting all his quotes to inspire me. Then maybe Zuko and Sokka. But I really love them all. It is a hard choice. The character development is absolutely phenomenal! I actually don’t really ship any of them. Mostly because the realist in me is bothered by the fact that most of them are younger than 16 and I just can’t buy that 12/13 year old kids can really fall in love for life at that age or that time wouldn’t lead them to eventually meet other people as they got older... but if they have to be in relationships that is fine. I think it is impossible to pick a favorite episode, but I do think each season gets better and better. Which is saying a lot, because it started out strong. I am a sucker for visually appealing shows and movies and boy did this deliver. Any time Aang went into the avatar state I thought looked incredible. His final showdown along with were absolutely breathtaking in my book. Actually the whole final battle. The art is just so good. All in all the storyline was nearly perfect, the characters and their development were flawless, the themes are absolutely on point throughout and it is somehow all packaged and delivered in a way that appeals and connects with people of all ages. 10/5 stars from me.
  6. I’m guessing only the ebook will be out before RoW? The easiest way for me to read these days are audiobooks so I’ll probably be waiting... maybe I’ll have to find a preferred way to read ebooks before November.
  7. This was great! Can’t wait for more. Though I am a little crushed that she doesn’t like Sazed since he is one of my favorite characters in any of Brandon’s books.
  8. oathbringer

    Oh that’s right. I had forgotten about that reading. That makes me really excited. And now I want to see how Lift and Kaladin get along. And Lift meet Hoid.
  9. oathbringer

    My minor question is what happened to Hoid’s flute he gave Kaladin? And will it be important? These are questions I also have. Knowing Tarah is in Urithiru, I wonder if she will show up more. Will we learn more about Shallan’s brothers? And what will her relationship with them be like? Lirin might not want to leave Hearthstone, but would he let Kaladin take Hesina and Oroden to Urithiru?
  10. I think there is a good chance all or nearly all of our main characters do say the 5th oath. Was it rare among the old Knights Radiant? I don’t remember. If there are any who don’t, my money is on Szeth. I think he’s likely to die (again). Maybe while trying to do his 4th ideal or just after it. I don’t know. He just seems even more likely to die than Kaladin. Especially since he has already basically come to terms with dying. There is a WoB somewhere saying Shallan is one further oath than Kaladin. So she is on her 4th. I actually think she’ll swear her 5th oath before Kaladin does his as well.
  11. I just learned that one big reason I get Windrunner over Edgedancer is because I love camping. I love traveling in general and if a hotel is what works best, fine. But I’d prefer camping any day. I feel like the description of Edgedancer fits me better and it is my preferred order. Windrunner is close but a little too aggressive and combat related for me. I’m apparently something of a pacifist. Since they were close in percentage I think I’ll just claim Edgedancer and be slightly weird like Lift. Kind of crazy how one question can be the thing that switches it up. It also seems like most people who get Windrunner or Edgedancer first have the other as a close second. There must be quite some overlap between the values of the two orders. One other thing for me. I actually loved the format of this quiz. It was different that other “sorting” tests I’ve taken, but I thought this allowed for a lot more nuance. And I also think that each question really does work for determining each order. Sure some of them lean a little obviously to one sure thing (Spirit vs Letter of the law will definitely affect your Skybreaker score), but each order would and does have an opinion somewhere on that spectrum. I’ve loved seeing people’s results and seeing how two people can have the same top order but then everything else different. To me that really captures the individuality of people and I like it.
  12. I loved getting all of the new information about the Radiant orders. One of the things that was most exciting was starting to understand the focus of the oaths first each order. I think the most surprising one for me was the Elsecallers. I think it was generally assumed they would be a scholarly focused order. Especially since that is one of Jasnah’s most dominant traits. Jasnah has always been interesting to me and I know there have been some great threads discussing her character. This new info about Elsecallers takes her to a whole new level for me. I think understanding that Elsecallers are focused on reaching their full potential makes Jasnah’s motivations much deeper. Her scholarship isn’t just in the interest of knowledge, it is about helping herself be her best self. How can one improve if one doesn’t know enough? The more you learn and understand, the better you can be. For yourself and for others. I think it also explains why she is willing to go to extreme measures to reach her goals. She wants to protect those she loves. So in order to do that to her full potential and the best of her abilities, she hires spies and assassins to watch and take out threats. She wants to stop the desolation. So she considers finding and killing the heralds as a better alternative to genocide of all Listeners/Singers. I think this might also lead to a fear of failure. Doesn’t mean they can’t grow to accept failure, but people who strive to be their best selves seem to struggle with that idea. This is evidenced in Jasnah and Shallan’s conversation when Jasnah first returned to Urithiru. She is incredibly competent, but she was still bothered by how much she missed while in Shadesmar and she did not like feeling like her work was for nothing and that she was “left behind” in a sense. I like Jasnah. I can’t wait to see more from her perspective and see her character growth. And this new info on Elsecallers makes her even more intriguing to me.
  13. Yeah that was my biggest problem with using gravity as an example. But you could argue that the combinations of lashings have the effect of an increase or decrease from the perspective of whatever the object is. I’m sort of picturing the force diagrams from my physics classes from long ago.
  14. I’ve definitely thought that Abrasion should allow for increased friction though it hasn’t yet been seen in the books. And your thought of that being how they actually go across the thinnest of wires/ropes is excellent. I imagine some instances of increased friction might look similar to some uses of Adhesion. (Considering Kaladin’s use of Adhesion to climb chasm walls.) But the fundamental science/mechanisms of how they work is different. I’m not sure how many surges we can look at yet to see if you can affect things in multiple ways. But Gravitation is one we can look at. Though it is all referred to as lashings, they are technically used to increase or decrease gravitational pull in a given direction. It may just depend on what fundamental force each surge represents.
  15. I love this description so much. Everything about it is just awesome. Squires. People saying paths and living up to them even without spren simply because they believe in them. Unity... It is great. One more interesting aspect of it for me are the “anyone can be a Bondsmith if they can persuade one of the spren.” That could have really interesting impacts on the story depending on who could persuade the Nightwatcher or Sibling. I will be watching out for this. It also makes Dalinar bonding the Stormfather kind of hilarious in my mind. In my head it is now: Dalinar: I need to become Radiant to lead this group and I’m not waiting for a spren to choose me. Stormfather, I am saying the paths and you will accept them and me. Stormfather: Ugh... fine. But I don’t have to like it. I also am intrigued by how Bondsmith powers will differ from each other and also slightly from the adjacent orders of Radiants with the same surges. I think this helps explain Dalinar’s rebuilding of the temple in Thaylen City. I feel like they will still be related to the general surge properties, but be “flavored” by their particular spren.