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  1. My son proudly told any/all of my family we talked to today that he beat Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity this morning. Some people more than once. Ha ha. (He’s 7. It’s a very big deal for him.) He did have a bit of help from my husband. But he had a blast playing. And each new character you earned to play led to even more surprise and excitement for him which was absolutely hilarious at times. Seeing kids experience things is the best. On Age of Calamity: Does anyone know if it is canon alternate timeline or just a for fun little bonus adventure? And also, is there anyone who even likes Revali? What’s his problem!?! Ha ha.
  2. Yes to all ten of your moments! So much mind blowing madness. I’m really hoping that since book 5 is already outlined that it won’t take a full 3 years to get it. Probably wishful thinking but oh well. I am still just trying to absorb it all so I can’t wait to do a re-read and see how I feel after. Every time I re read Brandon’s books I grow to love them even more.
  3. So back in Oathbringer we are left a little nugget of a mystery with Dalinar feeling a mysterious warmth and light. During the climax of Rhythm of War, we see him feel that again and he feels that he can connect Kaladin to something. I feel like that is him seeing the spiritual realm. But the following Kaladin scene in some ways felt similar to Dalinar’s weird Nohadon dream back in OB where I believe the warmth/light is vaguely mentioned again. I wonder if Dalinar was able to connect himself to Nohadon in some way. Most likely due to his respect for the Way of Kings and practical idolizing of Nohadon. This would clearly have happened unconsciously for Dalinar. But in both his case and Kaladin’s, they experience something with someone important to them that helps them take the next step forward on their journeys. (This could be completely unrelated of course, but I really love the Nohadon stuff and if it isn’t some spiritual connection thing, I would love to think there is a mysterious Nohadon cognitive shadow hanging out somewhere influencing people when they need it.)
  4. I have generally really enjoyed all of Brandon’s books even in first read throughs. But for me, Warbreaker and Oathbringer get better and better each time. The first time I read Warbreaker it was probably the most “adult” book I had read (now I realize that isn’t actually saying much...) but some of the heavy themes made me a little uncomfortable. But now it feels less shocking and the world/characters/growth in that book feel fantastic. Oathbringer was kind of similar for me. Some of those Dalinar flashbacks are brutal. But seeing his arc from start to finish and being able to truly enjoy that on rereads instead of just being shocked a first time through is so good. I just finished a reread of OB in prep for RoW and I found myself in tears during parts of the Battle of Theylen City. Definitely more meaningful and powerful on rereads to me.
  5. I want to say I wish this episode had been longer, but it was just so well done that I can’t complain. Why add filler/fluff just for a specific length. I’m so glad this episode picked up right where the last one left off. While I enjoyed the last episode, I was ready for them to start feeling more connected and I am definitely getting the feeling that that will be happening more now. I am still pretty new to lots of Star Wars lore and this episode definitely got me excited to learn more.
  6. Okay I’ve never read fanfic before but I was curious what this was about. I’m only a few chapters in, but very excited to see where this goes. So thanks for adding one more thing to my reading list!
  7. Thank you for this review. I just got even more excited. I am scrambling to finish my re-read before jumping into preview chapters. Halfway done with Oathbringer. I can’t wait!
  8. Episode 2.2 was fun. I thought about people like this while watching. There was a warning for flashing light sequences at the beginning, but not for common phobias...
  9. I guess my opinion differs a bit from others here. I actually don’t mind the new cast. I don’t follow them as much as I did a few years ago, but back when the original cast was doing a lot of stuff out of the studio, (right before they switched) I felt like they had lost their way or were running out of ideas. Things felt predictable and in a not good way. The new cast seems to have simplified things at times and has some genuine good new sketch ideas. I do like a lot of what the original cast has done with JK studios. I think it was good for them to be able to mix up their format a bit. Adam always wrote my favorite sketches. Crayon Song is my all time favorite. I apparently love his sarcastic humor. Shoulder Angel is a reoccurring one that always managed to surprise me and bring out a laugh.
  10. Have you guys checked out Steve Argyle’s shardplate art? It’s part of the WoK Leatherbound Kickstarter package and on his website. That shardplate is pretty awesome looking. Wonder Woman’s seems like shardplate to me especially in the shoulders.
  11. Controversial opinion relevant to this time around Halloween: Halloween candy is the worst candy. I don’t like most candy in general, but the few I do like taste the worst at Halloween. All the flavors seem to blend together with osmosis or something and ruins it all.
  12. I became a Zelda fan as an adult. I grew up casually playing my family’s PlayStation so it wasn’t ever an option. As an adult I have a Wii and Switch so I have played Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and BotW. I really love BotW and TLP. I’m more meh about SS. Zelda is about the most violent I can stand and some of the “monsters” in SS just seemed too beautiful/real of creatures to actually be killing. I also didn’t love the controls for it... I do tend to watch my husband play and he played SS way more than TLP so I got tired of it quick. I love the bigger worlds of BotW and TLP. SS felt small with only 3 real areas that only mildly change in the second half. And the robots, kikwis and mogmas weren’t as interesting as the other Zelda races. I have also watched him play ALttP. Haven’t tried playing myself yet though. I’d love to have a chance to play/watch Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask someday. Some previous commenters reminded me that I really need to put the encyclopedias and art books on my Christmas list. Also, we have a Zelda cookbook at our house that we bought off Etsy. It is seriously worth it. We’ve only tried a few recipes so far and they have been delicious, but the humor throughout the book is fantastic.
  13. I actually agree with this a bit. I have thoroughly enjoyed the show, but I do look forward to a bit more connection between each episode.
  14. He had a cameo in The Good Place which I just binged and is the only time I have seen/heard of him.
  15. Just watched. So excited for it to be back. I thought it was a pretty good way to start off the season. Definitely looking forward to more.