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  1. I have two ideas. 1- Maybe that is the Lumar name for the sorceress. Hoid obviously knows her as Riina, but she could have picked something else for this planet or the people named her or something in stories. 2- It is the name of a Lumarian boogeyman/woman. It would make sense that things associated with the midnight sea/moon would become creepy bedtime stories or something like that.
  2. Okay. I’ve been meaning to post a review for days now since I absolutely read the whole thing on Jan 1. I loved this book. I agree with those who have said it might be one of Brandon’s best. This was truly just a delightful read. I cannot wait to get my physical copy to see the art in person. Howard did incredible work that just added so much to the story. My only tiny complaints about the art is that it always showed Tress with her hair down instead of braided and that we didn’t get a picture of Fort. (In my head he looks like a bigger beefier version of the king from The Dragan Prince.) But honestly those are small beans that I can easily get over given how fantastic the rest of the art is. I can see how if you don’t love Hoid how you wouldn’t like this book. For me though, Hoid stories are some of my favorite things in the cosmere. And while Hoid is definitely manipulative and self serving, he also demonstrates a lot of compassion and empathy at times to people in situations that don’t seem to obviously bring him gain. There were so many times in this book that I took screen shots just to keep his quotes easier. As for the characters and plot, I loved them all. Tress and Charlie are so cute. Tress is so relatable as a character feeling like just a regular person doing their best to accomplish big things. I loved the supporting characters from the crew. Even all the Dougs. And the scene with her dad networking and calling in his favors (doing advanced parenting) was so good. As were just the few lines about the Doug who died, whose actual name I now can’t recall. (It’s those little throwaway lines by Hoid that really make me like him. He didn’t have to tell us he actually knew that man’s name or what a good person he was, but he did.) I think the character that could have been developed a little better was Crow. Mostly because I don’t think we got answers to what her condition actually was and how it works. Like it’s clear her motivation is not dying. But if she was always this manipulative and nasty, how did her crew stick around before? And why did she specifically want Hoid on board? I would love to eventually see more of the other seas though I know coming back to this world is unlikely. But maybe someday we will get a map and ars arcanum. I also want to understand how the seas work. Why can you only get to the midnight sea through the crimson? Does the crimson fully surround it? Are all the seas just circles surrounding each other with two poles? But that doesn’t make sense with how the moons are situated. Oh, I am really starting to not like Elantrians right now. At least not the Ire if Riina is still involved with them. They seem like a super sketchy organization and I have questions with no answers yet. Anyway, this was long. The book is great. I love it.
  3. I had similar thoughts about Crow at times as well. The true identity of the sorceress was much more exciting from a cosmere/Hoid perspective. I had suspicions about Huck/Charlie basically as soon as he was introduced. But I held space for different possibilities. I normally don’t catch twists like these so was pleased that I had “figured it out” even if I never felt 100% confident. While I suspected quickly, I still think it was a well written reveal.
  4. Oh yup. This is my bad for spelling it wrong and not catching it on my post up thread. I’ll edit it there too. Sorry everyone! Gotta love the irony of pointing out a “correct” written spelling and then messing it up…
  5. Oh I remember that WoB now. Thanks for bringing that up too.
  6. So I just re-read The Emperor’s Soul because it felt necessary to brush up on after The Lost Metal. I noticed something about the description of soul stone that felt similar to how Trellium is described. They both are described as having red spots or flecks in them. Now, I’m not a geologist, but I don’t think there is a real world analog for soul stone. So a part of me is now wondering if Autonomy seeded something on Sel which lead to some small co-opting of one of the magics there similarly to what they did on Scadrial. Which could possibly give Shai/Moonlight another possible reason to want to be a part of the Ghostbloods if she found Autonomy messing with both worlds.
  7. Thanks everyone! Sounds like I will have plenty to read eventually!
  8. Oh. I had never seen it before. Ha ha. Disregard then.
  9. Not a huge typo, but on my kindle ebook, the I for Isaac’s name is a 1 instead. And it is spelled 1zaac instead of Isaac. Unless he changed how he spelled his name…
  10. You summed up so well why I loved this book so much too. I can’t even say how many times I wanted to screenshot (or did) one of Hoid’s asides because they were so meaningful to me.
  11. Another possibility is that Autonomy just co-opted the aethers on this planet. That could explain why they are different from the core aethers. It seems similar to other things autonomy has done by investing not directly on a planet or people, but on the sun or moon causing the lichen, worms, and spores to be invested.
  12. Ooh. Can it be Enola Holmes style so we can occasionally get the witty interjections and 4th wall breaks by Hoid. That would be one way to preserve the idea that he is telling the story without using the frame story idea just like Brandon did. I do feel like this would indeed make a great movie. I think that this might be one of the easiest of Brandon’s books to actually condense to a 2 hour timeframe while still keeping the spirit of it and not having the characterization suffer.
  13. Okay, so I waited until now to get into secret project 1 stuff and so I’m just now hearing Brandon say he was inspired in some ways by Terry Pratchett and that he is a favorite author of Brandon’s. I am mildly ashamed to admit I have never read any Terry Pratchett, but have heard recommendations before. But I am highly interested in reading him now. So, do any of you have a good starting place for getting into reading his works?
  14. While I don’t think that is actually the case, I had the exact same thought when I read that part. Ha ha!
  15. I’m going to assume you mean the doctor? Ulaam is how you spell the name which would be tricky to know if you were listening so don’t worry. I’m going to spoiler my response because it is more cosmere aware.