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  1. Just a reminder, there's an hour left to get in your votes and actions.
  2. Fifth mentioned it in the write-up. He had a conflict on Wednesday night, and with the delayed posting of this turn, he extended it. As a reminder, the rollover time has changed (this will be a permanent change, unless other extenuating circumstances arise). There are about 9 hours left in this turn.
  3. Not at the moment, but there should be some in a few weeks. Two games just started, and that's the most we have running at one time. Also, welcome to SE! We hope you join us for a game soon.
  4. Hey, I'm just checking. You're Gancho Libre, correct? What will your name be when Ookla Season finishes?
  5. There's definitely room! We want at least 20, but we won't say no if more than that sign up.
  6. Padan Fain will not be able to self-protect. That adjustment will be made in the rules shortly. Any abilities/actions that do not require an action to trigger would be considered Passive in this case. Actions/abilities such as Last Stand, Power of Mashadar, Joy for Battle, Warder, and Hardy are among the possible passive actions that can be blocked by Padan Fain. EDIT: Doc access will not be included in the passive abilities.
  7. No problem! I associate people with their picture most often, so since I was changing that along with my name, I figured a title would be best so people know who I am still. I've been wanting to change my picture for a while now. This game helped inspire the change (since it reminded me of my first Pathfinder character, a rogue with a forgetfulness flaw).
  8. New members right now...
  9. This brings up a little bit of that discussion about the metagame between Fifth and Orlok the cycle after you died, which I think is useful to return to now the game is over. In my opinion, finding a new style of play is not inherently bad, so thus should not be discouraged. However, part of the game is attempting to read people. In general, a drastic shift in play style can be a big red flag for a possible new eliminator. It's unfortunate that we jumped on CadCom for trying to expand his style, but I think it was in part how he went about the change that sparked suspicion. A lot of people (myself included) saw it as a style that was anti-village. From that perspective, there are a lot of styles that can be anti-village, including consistent inactivity. This particular game could have been very different had there been better overall activity levels. (Don't get me wrong, I understand life can happen, and I sure didn't help with activity by letting myself die from forgetfulness. The game actually inspired me to change my pic to a d20 nat 1, since I feel that's what happened to me this game ) In that same vein, I understand lurking is a style, but unless that lurking also includes at least offering an opinion once in a while, it could easily be considered against the village goal. I've also seen a few games where players are able to hide as "inactives" while they really aren't totally inactive, just not active in the thread. Some have brought up Alvron's "Zunn the Mad" character. I think part of why that is accepted is because it's something we can go into the game expecting, knowing there won't be much alignment information there unless you can somehow crack his code. He's also usually consistent with posting and responses, and though they're incoherent, they can be entertaining. The biggest thing though, is to make sure we're all having fun. Zunn the Mad is entertaining, but if we all suddenly chose "mad" characters, games would be won by chance rather than strategy, which would take the fun out of the whole experience.
  10. It shouldn't be too much longer for the next MR sign ups to get posted (hopefully within the week). Sign-ups are usually up for about 2 weeks before the game starts.
  11. I'm glad you felt challenged by me at all. I felt I didn't contribute as much as I would have liked to before I died, since I found myself in a fairly busy situation. And yes, another Pewter game. I feel resigned to my fate of Pewter-related powers on Scadrial games. Hopefully if this burn pewter mechanic lives on in future games, I'll be less forgetful (but reminders would always be welcome)!
  12. That was a great game, thanks Wyrmhero. Thank you Orlok for trying to keep me alive with that message. It's really unfortunate I didn't see it until two minutes after the cycle ended. That's probably the biggest reason I would argue against a WGG with that kind of Thug mechanic. I'm incredibly forgetful! Despite being on and active pretty much that whole night turn, I still forgot my action Once again, though, I'm reminded I need to stick with my gut reads. I had one on Jondesu, but couldn't quantify it, so I let it pass. And congrats to Araris, the new Lord Heron. Good job to the elims. You almost had the game! I think if players had been a bit more active, it would have been a little easier for you to stay hidden and made some of your bussing a bit more effective.
  13. Perfect! He would do amazingly with the mushroom obsession.