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  1. @Rathmaskal I definitely understand the concern here. The activity level I've shown this game is definitely not in line with my usual play style. I attribute it somewhat to still recovering from a very bad illness and general business with work and life. In less than a month, I'm helping host a writer's retreat and have had to put together several extra presentations since one of our people just dropped out. It's made my life a bit more hectic. Also, I'm trying to play a little bit more reserved this game with voicing suspicion. At least until we find the Mistborn. That means I'll be making fewer posts with slightly more guarded content. Regarding Lum's apparent soothing, I think our best bet would be to lynch either Coop or Maill next turn to see how they flip. We can drastically narrow down a suspect pool of cohorts depending on who flips which way. If it's Coop and he's elim/Mistborn, then his companion was likely not among the several people on in the last hours. If it's Maill who's elim/Mistborn, it would likely be the opposite.
  2. Anyone have an updated vote count? I can't compile one since I'm grocery shopping.
  3. So, logistically, Rath would be the option since they already have a vote on them. However, I don't see any more reason for a Rath lynch than a Rae lynch.
  4. I might be willing to change. What's the reasoning for Rath or HH?
  5. Why exactly are so many trusting Lum's word of what the voice in the mist claimed? I don't quite get it. While Coop may be evil in some way, there's really no valid argument against him. Here's the scenarios of what I think we might learn from a Coop lynch: Village flip: Lum was lying (hard to verify) Voice made a bad guess, since they're not likely omniscient Voice was just making a ploy to see what would happen if Lum and Coop were set against each other Elim flip: Voice made a good guess (again, not likely omniscient, otherwise it could easily break the game) Either way, trusting the voice outright seems like a bad idea. Taking their claims and investigating might be good, especially if they have a connection to the dead, but trusting it outright seems like a recipe for disaster. It's part of why I think letting Lum leave her vote there to at least gain a role would be beneficial. Regarding the lynch against CadCom, it's good to see him a bit more active. That seems to be the basis for a lot of the suspicion against him, so I have a difficult time just joining in on that bandwagon. I'm most curious about the possibility of Steel's claims that Rae might be one of the Mistborn. Maill (1) - STINK Rae (3) - Steel, CadCom, Ela Coop (3) - Lum, Rath, Straw CadCom (4) - Maill, Fura, Coop, HH Rath (1) - Stick
  6. I was one of those, but that's not really a secret. There is, after all, a reason I voted on him last cycle. It turned out to be faulty, but such is usually the way with D1 suspicions. Concerning why Bard was killed, it probably has to do with how many people were suspicious of him. The Mistborn are out to kill the elims, and for a D1 kill, he was probably the best suspect they had to go on. It's probably more likely that the Mistborn who killed him was among those who didn't express outright suspicion as to not draw too much attention to themselves.
  7. I find this part of the write up most interesting. @Mailliw73, what say you? I believe this is probably correct. If so, @A Joe in the BushBushBushBushBushBBBushBushBushBushBushB (Joe, I believe you've infected my phone... I can't delete any of that...) is there anything the dead want us to know about how they died?
  8. I wouldn't say I was a fan of the claim. I actually stated I disagree with her tendency to play so open about claims. My support (if it can be called that) of Lum was more stating that the claim was in line with her play style. I disagreed that lynching her over the claim was a good idea, so I responded with my own vote. Anyway, can't post more. Time for dinner.
  9. Hello! It's been a while since I've been in this part of the forum. I'm requesting a bit of help and a few ideas. This summer, a company I work with (we help people with the process of self-publishing) is holding a writers' retreat. I've been tasked with instructing the segment on worldbuilding. I'm pretty well-versed in the topic, but I'd like to get other opinions as I put together my plan. What advice would you give to someone who's just getting into writing? What do you wish you would have known? Is there any particular part of worldbuilding you love to see in books you read? What authors (outside of Sanderson) do you think do a good job at worldbuilding? Why? Thanks! Also for a bit of background, I've already gone through Sanderson's videos about worldbuilding and plan to incorporate some of the ideas.
  10. Alright, time for me to actually do something... sort of. I've been lurking for most of the day, but haven't had time to catch up on what happened during the previous 48 hours. To start, Bard. (I'll explain in just a moment) Current vote count: Araris (5) - HH, Ark, Steel, Straw, Fura Bard (3) - CadCom, Rae, Elandera Lumgol (2) - Bard, Araris Rae (1) - Rand Joe (2) Lumgol, Mailliw CadCom (1) - Ada Most of the discussion seems to be centered around Araris at the moment. I don't really see the lynch against him. It seems to be simply because he's being a bit stubborn. I personally don't see that he's actively tried to shut down discussion. Some of it also hinges on his stated reason for voting on Ark, but he's since changed his vote. I'm more concerned about Bard, for wanting to vote on Lum simply for a roleclaim. That particular role would be highly valuable to keep around, and fairly easy to verify. It does put Lum as a high target for both the Mistborn and elims, but it shouldn't mean she's a target for a lynch. As for why she claimed, though I disagree, Lum is traditionally very open about her role and abilities.
  11. I was severely confused in what time this turn ended. I should have time to catch up tomorrow before the end and cast a meaningful vote, but for now, I've only been skimming. I'll need to read the rules again as well before I can comment on strategy. From what I understand, the lynch is a no-majority, so even if we vote on no one, someone will be lynched. Also, we need to find someone and give them a significant number of votes (I'd venture to say at least 6), so we don't end up with an elim hammer on the GM. So yes, somebody has to be lynched today.
  12. I've struggled a bit to keep up with the discussion this cycle, due to training. I should be on in the last half-hour before rollover, and will just join the bandwagon. After today, I should be much more involved.
  13. It was a long walk to the shop to buy her scissors. It almost felt like it took days. Age was not kind to Era. Her bones felt more frail, her muscles feeble. At least her mind was sharp. Something had obviously gone wrong at the shop before she'd arrived. Era shrugged off the strange feeling with a grumble. "None of my business what they do with their own business." Era saw a small child near the entrance of the shop. She sighed. Children. Who knew what kind of mischief the child would get into? Parents these days. They didn't watch their kids, nor did they care if they caused problems.
  14. I should probably inform everyone now that my activity in the first 48 hours will be limited. I'm being sent to an 8+ hour training both Thursday and Friday, with a 3-hour round trip drive each day. I probably won't have much time for much else than sleeping.
  15. Era hobbled slowly through a besieged Luthadel, grumbling quietly. Koloss outside the gates, and people inside we're going mad. And not the good kind of mad. Era considered herself the good kind. Just a little nutty to keep things from getting boring. But these people... "Kill each other," she muttered. "Yes, great idea. Kill that guy too. He won't be needed when the Koloss attack." Era endured the madness because her scissors had broken. Hopefully Executive's Scissors had what she needed.
  16. Those are amazing. I love the Voodoo Practitioner. It sounds wonderfully chaotic.
  17. I'll sign up as Brenna, a recently graduated pilot, call sign: Bad Wolf.
  18. I love role madness games. I think it gives everyone a little more incentive to stay involved. This sounds like role insanity. Do it.
  19. Thanks Bard! I really enjoyed the mechanics and seeing how people chose to use them. This has been a fun game to watch. To the rest of the village, sorry I suicided, but with how this week has been for me, I don't think I could have played more than maybe one more round.
  20. Sign me up as Era, a crotchety old Terris woman who was too stubborn to evacuate the city when it all went to pieces.
  21. Steel. Again. I'd rather have at least some lynch than none.
  22. Alright, to hopefully keep this game moving along (hopefully) without any locked lynches, Lumgol Steel.
  23. In that case, with vote manipulation not only possible, but already present, we need to create greater gaps in our lynches. Right now, without manipulation, I believe it stands at a three-way tie between Lum and myself. If Lum uses the strawman on Steel, then it's between the three of us. I expect, however, she'll use it on me for self preservation. @Cadmium Compounder, you've expressed suspicion of Lum, so I encourage you to act and vote. If no one else votes, I'll likely take my vote off Lum, just to not waste a turn with no information. Even if it means I die, something can be gained from it. I'd hope it would prompt people to look a little more closely at Lum. A pretty swift wagon appeared on me after voting for her.
  24. I still go back to when he was active. While it's probable he was on the Shard in PMs after his last post of the game, his choice to vote on Ark wouldn't be in defense of either CadCom or Sart. At the time, I was the only one with votes (Steel's poke vote and Ark's vote).
  25. @Young Bard, can items be used more than once, and if so, can the breath be recovered from it after use? I have so many problems with this idea. It partially depends on the answer from above, but you're saying you used a 6-breath item in exchange for 3 breaths. Now you're suspicious because he willingly agreed to the exchange? Why would an elim give up breaths to the village? Breaths that can easily be used against elims. Also, from what I remember, Mailliw wasn't around when the CadCom and Sart lynched became active. I can't see it as an attempt to save an elim teammate.