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  1. It wasn't really a push from Drake that caused me to move votes. It was because Shane posted. Timing looks bad, yes, but Drake called me out before I even got on the Shard again after Shane's post. My vote on Stick was because though I'm not sold on the idea of her being elim, I had a tiny bit more suspicion than anyone else. I was hoping through the course of the day I'd find something more, which is why earlier I said I didn't think it was enough to pursue dismissal at the time. I also had only skimmed votes and thought two people were already voting on Xino, so I didn't think Stick would be in much danger. As it was one of the few votes on active players, I was more interested to see what the potential reaction might be than solidifying a lynch on an inactive.
  2. Shane was simply the last one who hadn't posted without a vote. Timing just worked out for when I could actually post. Speaking of which, Shane I think because of this, I'll go with my gut at vote Stick. I got an off vibe from some of their posts that seemed to downplay potential elim options that if ignored, could cause problems for village. Choosing the birds is the only one that specifically comes to mind.
  3. Now that I've read the rules and caught up on the thread so far, here are my comments. I don't think we should put too much stock in strict role distribution (doctors/trappers being more likely to be N- or SITC) simply because either alignment could have it, and it could be balanced either way. For all we know, there's one on each team. The chance of a WGG is suuuuper high in this game, so I wouldn't consider anyone hospitalized for certain good or evil. Also, the hospital doc could be a useful resource in passing information, especially with limited PMs. I could also see it being easily used by elims as an opportunity to pocket. Mostly what I'm getting at, is be just as suspicious of anyone in the hospital as you would be in the regular thread. I do think it's quite probable elims will go for birds, as they likely have at least one roleless and/or they have someone who doesn't have an action that would be more priority than possibly setting up a PM. Additionally, getting the twin birds would be helpful if they do send someone into the hospital, as that would keep communication open between the elim doc and the person going to the hospital. I'll try to get a vote in later, but at the moment I have a very slight suspicious read of Burnt and Stick. Burnt because they seemed to bring up, yet downplay the potential for a WGG, and Stick because of the part I quoted. Neither of these seem to be good reasons to dismiss someone active on D1.
  4. I probably won't be super active until tomorrow, as today is a bit busy. There's also that pesky problem of I haven't thoroughly read the rules yet. I'll get to that probably tonight.
  5. Welcome, Shqueeves. I'll leave it there for now. I don't have a ton of time at the moment to contribute.
  6. Since Snipexe posted, I'll remove my vote. That leaves Shqueeves.
  7. Less than 12 hours left in the turn, and we have a total of two votes down. At this point, especially with a smaller player base, I think I'd prefer a D1 lynch on an inactive player simply to help keep discussion alive longer. For that, Snipexe. Vote count: Butt (1) - CadCom CadCom (1) - Araris Snipexe (1) - Elandera
  8. It would be useful if I read things all the way through... Now that I look, there's no obvious need for it, but there may be some unknown roles that would find it useful.
  9. Brodie hated his sister. Her betrayal at Nebrask had meant a lot of trouble for him and his family. But especially for him. He hated Nebrask. The place and the chalklings were to blame for what happened to Tahree. And for him being stuck out in middle of nowhere. He hated his responsibility. His family was relying on him to repair the family reputation. Mostly his dad's. He sighed, knowing his hatred was for naught. Brodie was there, and he would fight. Because unlike his sister, he actually could. --- I like the new function of bribes. It also means we'll have a good idea of who has one. Be cautious if you're considering trying for the gun. We don't want a slaughter of villagers all trying. It's unlikely elims would go for it, as they may be few in number considering the size of the player pool. @Sart, are lines of warding permanent (at least until they're destroyed by an attack)? If so, grabbing chalk and going with camp defense early would be good, if you're unsure what else to do. Lines of making and crabs will be super useful. One reason I lasted so long in the last Rhithmatist game is because no one was scanning actions and I could bluff my way through everything. More thoughts to follow when I'm not trying to go to sleep. EDIT: @Araris Valerian, the lantern would be useful in conjunction with the crab, allowing the user to scan for a kill.
  10. Swapping back to my original plan to play. I'm making better progress on my project than expected, so I should have time to play.
  11. Alright, I'll play instead of spectate. I'm making pretty good progress on my other project, so SE shouldn't interfere.
  12. I had to. It was my first introduction to Sanderson and there's truth in Silva's meme about seeing SA too soon.
  13. And it's by no means comprehensive...
  14. Hmm... Now that I think about it, July will be a pretty busy month for me. Can you change my sign up to a spec doc instead. I need to focus on a few projects I've been procrastinating.
  15. Awww.. I'll miss you in games, but I understand the crazy life stuff.
  16. I'll reprise my role as Tahrie. Edit: Actually, Tahrie died as a forgotten. This time I'll be her younger brother, Brodie Fields.
  17. That would have been amazing...
  18. I noticed your name was still black on the player list, pointed it out to Alv, and all he said was "Interesting." When it never went red, I figured something was up.
  19. I'm so frustrated with myself. Yesterday was so insane, I didn't even think about the bridge. Overall, I didn't have nearly enough time to give this game the attention it deserved. I had a short stint of activity before turning into a zombie, and though I lost as a Zombie, I'd like to think my plan to burn as many living zombies as possible worked to help the refugees last long enough to survive. It was basically my only contribution to the game as a whole. Sorry about that. I really enjoyed the open action mechanic. Definitely something I'd expect to come from an Alv game. It was super fun to try to think of what I could do with the information I had on hand. Too bad I only had one cycle to do it in. RPing as a zombie was fun though. I wholeheartedly agree with this. It's why when I did show up, I was flabbergasted at how many people seemed to just be accepting the zombie plague. Maybe because of the recent Skyward MR, but I think it's important to focus on the win-con you currently have, not the one you might get. Even if it was thought inevitable that everyone would be a zombie, fighting to stay alive was the purpose of being a refugee. I'll accept my loss, knowing I did all I could when I had either win-con. One mechanical note: I think I stopped exploring action options once I became a Zombie, because I thought the only thing I could do was attack. I think that might have contributed to me not considering crossing the bridge.
  20. Bridge? Cross bridge or destroy bridge... thinking is hard with half brain. Brainsssss. Bridgesss. Save bridge. Then cross bridge. Tasty brains on other side maybe.
  21. Pear sound tasty. Remember like fruit. Maybe brains are tasty like memory
  22. Meta was tasty. Only pretended to be zombie. Blood smell too good to be zombie. Also, brains.
  23. Hello! It's been a while since I've been in this part of the forum. I'm requesting a bit of help and a few ideas. This summer, a company I work with (we help people with the process of self-publishing) is holding a writers' retreat. I've been tasked with instructing the segment on worldbuilding. I'm pretty well-versed in the topic, but I'd like to get other opinions as I put together my plan. What advice would you give to someone who's just getting into writing? What do you wish you would have known? Is there any particular part of worldbuilding you love to see in books you read? What authors (outside of Sanderson) do you think do a good job at worldbuilding? Why? Thanks! Also for a bit of background, I've already gone through Sanderson's videos about worldbuilding and plan to incorporate some of the ideas.