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  1. I think I got everything in the spreadsheet updated. Let me know if I missed anything.
  2. I'm working on this. @StrikerEZ, did you want to be unmarked as busy for the MR list as well, or just the LGs? Ignore this. Sorry for the ping. I just realized you ran the last MR, not Matrim...
  3. Matrim's Dice has been executed! They were an Elder Things Worshipper! Vote Count Matrim's Dice (3) - Azmine, Szeth, Jondesu Archer (1) - Matrim The Expeditioners have won the day! Player List I will add my thoughts about the game later, but thank you all for playing! A huge thanks to @The Unknown Order for coGMing, and @Devotary of Spontaneity for IMing. Doc Links Dead/Spec Doc Elim Doc Master Spreadsheet
  4. Time for some GM Thoughts! First of all, I wanted to give a shout out to the elim team. Despite so many odds stacked against you, your teamwork was incredible. You came within a cycle of winning multiple times, even if you didn't quite see it. I also want to apologize to you all. I probably shouldn't have run this game, considering how much time I had available (represented in my lack of RP writeups starting so near the beginning). I made it work (barely), but I couldn't pay that much attention to the elim doc or PMs in general. Especially in the last week or so. This is a very good point, and I would recommend this to any GM. I normally try to fill in the gaps after about the first 24 hours or so, but it would be so easy to list that information when creating the doc in the first place. This goes back to my available time over the course of the game. Now on to the rest. If you think this game was imbalanced, you should see the first run. I really like the insanity rule in general, but the amount of influence it has on the outcome of the game is staggering. One different roll and the game could have tipped a completely different way. So while I do believe the player actions had a much bigger influence on the endgame than in LG60, it still isn't where I wanted it. Anyways, I'll get to more of that in a bit. I'm basically going to go through all of the rules and comment on how I think it worked and what needs changed for a future run, because I do love the setting and the core mechanics of shades and insanity, but it all needs refinement. Professor William Dyer (Governor in LG60) Danforth (Founder in LG60) Silence Montane (Bodyguard in LG60) Surveyor (Archeologist in LG60) Scribe (Journalist in LG60) I don't think this role really needs adjusting. Please let me know if you disagree. It was a good change, though, to have it be an NA role, rather than a neutral. Shade Expert (Necromancer in LG60) Iron Will and Silver Bones These are two others I probably won't change. I would definitely do distribution of them differently, though. Discover the Hidden (i.e. My Biggest Regret) Listen at the Door I think I'd get rid of this as well. It was useful for the first couple of turns, but eventually people stopped PMing a whole lot, or just sharing what was in their PMs because they knew it'd get spied on. With Hidden Transcripts still in play, I don't think this would be very useful. Voice in the Crowd This was used once, I believe, and only so Matrim could try to vote on Szeth without being discovered. I don't think this is a bad action, but it's just not as appealing as the other actions. If I remove LaD and DtH, this would stay, I think. Mostly to help give Dyer plausible cover for their own manipulations. Spellbook Crossbow Insanity Unforgettable Horrors I think this triggered once the entire game. If I make it the only thing that causes insanity, I might bump the chance back up to 10% like it was in LG60. But overall, this is the least broken part of the insanity stuff. Wrath of Shades In LG60, I had a few more kill roles (see all of the neutral roles in LG60) that would help divert the Shades away from the elims. The mechanic itself works, I think, but the protections around it need adjusted. tl;dr This game was much better than LG60, but still needs some major work. It mostly worked out, but the elims were really hobbled the whole game. EDIT: Szeth also had Fenweed Poison. It would have been just as useful for village if it weren't for the rampant scans being used as the crutch for finding elims. Masks were passive though? There was just only one in the game.
  5. Alright, I am officially closing this cycle! And the game! I apologize, but the rollover is going to be a few hours. I'm unable to get to a computer right now.
  6. Archer was attacked but survived! They are now insane! Player List This turn will end Sunday, May 16 at 5 p.m. PDT (if the majority of living players agree, this can be shortened to Saturday).
  7. Journal of Thankful Dolittle Geology Graduate at Miskatonic University Forest Expedition Day 37 Never before have I witnessed something so grand and majestic as the mountain at which we arrived two afternoons ago. The snow blanketing its bare peak reflects enough light that it is nearly blinding to look upon for long in the brightness of midday. I have been so utterly consumed by my explorations and research that I have not had the time to write about what we’ve found. This whole place instills in me a sense of wonder and appreciation for the God Beyond. That feeling, though, never lasts long. Not when there are shades constantly haunting our journey through the forests. A homesteader brought along on the expedition, Silence as she’s called, admonishes any of us from the University when we call the forests hell, but that does not stop us. What else can this place be but a hell in this world? And what god would allow such creatures to exist still, stuck in a limbo between death and what waits beyond? At least in the days since we left Last Port, we have been kept safe from the creatures. No one has broken one of the Simple Rules, though thoughts of the shades coming for me haunt my dreams each night. All I see are eyes. Bright green and crimson. The colors of withering and death. Still, I have to think only of the mountain and what we discovered to help ease my fears and return that sense of wonder. For today we found the ruins of an ancient civilization. One that thrived and fell long before the first Forescouts ventured from the Homeland and away from the Evil there. Thinking of what we can discover about the ancient dwellers of these forests may help us learn more about how we can tame this land. I believe shades existed back then as well, for we found an abundance of silver among the exposed ruins. Unless, of course, silver was simply the easiest and most prevalent metal found in this mountain. If that is the case, this discovery will be a boon for Last Port and the other forts. With this much silver, civilization will be able to expand and tame the forests and its shades. There is a problem, though. Another reason for my appreciation for the God Beyond to wane. I have heard whispers among some few of the other members of this expedition that the ruins we discovered may not be entirely unoccupied. Talk of the Evil that consumed the Homeland has swelled as they postulate that the Evil first came from here, these ruins and this fallen city we discovered. That cannot be true, but there has been a change among some of my companions. They are darker. The shades at night grow more restless. Blood is on the horizon. Welcome to Long Game 76: At the Forests of Madness! I will be your GM. @The Unknown Order will co-GM, and @Devotary of Spontaneity will be the IM. This is a rerun of LG60, though this is a mash-up of Sanderson’s Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell and HP Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. Premise: You have been invited to join a geologic expedition to delve further into the Forest of Hell. Led by Professor William Dyer of Miskatonic University, the hope is to discover more about the forests and their potential resources for the growing fortress cities. You have found a snow-covered mountain that shows signs of an ancient civilization. The more you discover, the more you realize the civilization might not be entirely extinct. On top of the consistent danger from the shades, there is an evil lurking just beyond the view. An evil that drives men into madness with whispers in the night. An evil that tempts the hearts of men. An evil that ends only in death. Rules Here is a link to the full ruleset, though you can find it below as well. Miscellaneous PMs are open (no group PMs) Players can take one action during each Day and Night turn Day turns will be approximately 48 hours long, Night turns will be 24 hours long There is a two-vote minimum for the exe Tied votes will be decided at random If a player is removed by execution, their items will be distributed among their voters If a player is killed, their items will be destroyed Order of Actions: Sign-ups will end Tuesday, April 27 at 6 p.m. PDT. Day One will be posted hopefully within an hour after that. Players/Spectators/Pinch-hitters Rule Clarifications Quick Links
  8. Quinntessential has been executed! They were Danforth Vote Count Quintessential (3) - Matrim's Dice, Azmine_King, Archer, Szeth_Pancakes, Jondesu Szeth_Pancakes (2) - Quintessential Player List This turn will end Friday, May 14 at 5 p.m. PDT.
  9. Turn is over. Stay tuned for whatever comes next!
  10. Ashbringer has been killed! They were Silence Montane, an Expeditioner with Iron Will. Player List This turn ends Friday, May 14 Thursday, May 13 at 5 p.m. PDT (unless I also get agreement to end a day early from @Matrim's Dice, @Szeth_Pancakes, and @Jondesu).
  11. I figured, but I had to make sure.
  12. Please don't. (Rules and all that) Also, we've got a majority return, so This turn will end TOMORROW at 5 p.m. PDT.
  13. Turn's over! Stay tuned! Is it the end? Have the worshippers won?
  14. Flyingbooks was executed! They were a Surveyor and Expeditioner! They had a Hidden Transcript and Silver Dust! Vote Count Flyingbooks (5) - Matrim's Dice, Archer, Quintessential, Jondesu, Ashbringer Quinn (1) - Flyingbooks Player List This turn ends Wednesday, May 12 at 5 p.m. PDT.
  15. I would need agreement from all players before I halved a day no matter the situation.
  16. Time! It shouldn't be too long for rollover.
  17. Journal of Thankful Dolittle Geology Graduate at Miskatonic University Forest Expedition Day 46 (((writeup to be added later))) No one has died! Azmine_King has gone insane! Szeth_Pancakes has gone insane! Player List This turn will end Tuesday, May 11 at 5 p.m. PDT.
  18. About one hour left! This cycle will close at 5 p.m. PDT, even if I'm not around to close it (I should at least be able to hit it from mobile), but the rollover might take longer. I had a few things come up and will be away from my computer for a bit.
  19. That was poor wording on my part. The idol does not cause the mechanic of insanity. It just causes the vote to change. Danforth is immune to the condition.
  20. @Quintessential, if you do not post this turn, you will be replaced by a pinch-hitter! Also, general announcement! We are getting down to few enough players and the end of the game, I will no longer be calling up pinch-hitters after this cycle.
  21. That's time! Good luck!
  22. (((writeup to be added later))) Araris has been executed! They were an Elder Things Worshipper and Shade Expert! Vote Count Araris (7) - Azmine, Archer, Quinn, Szeth, Jondesu, Ashbringer, Flyingbooks Player List This turn will end Sunday, May 8 at 9 p.m. PDT. (I am delaying the rollover for Mother's Day stuffs)
  23. The turn is over!