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  1. (((I am officially giving up on write-ups, sorry!))) --- Araris Valerian has been arrested! They were an Heir of a First Citizen First Citizen and a Disputer. Kynedath has been killed! They were a member of the Defiant Defense Force. Vote Count: Araris Valerian (4) - Kynedath, Zillah, Rathmaskal, StrikerEZ!Coda Zillah (2) - Araris Valerian, Fifth Scholar, Abstrusity Player List Available at the Quartermaster This turn ends Wednesday, February 26 at 10 p.m. PST.
  2. (((Hopefully I'll actually get to an RP write-up this time... but not now))) --- Xinoehp512 has been lynched! They were an Engineer with the Defiant Defense Force. Elkanah has been killed! They were a member of the Defiant Defense Force. Sart has been killed! They were a member of the Defiant Defense Force. Vote Count: Xinoehp512 (5) - Araris Valerian, Fifth Scholar, Abstrusity, Sart Araris Valerian (4) - Kynedath, Zillah, Elkanah, Xinoehp512 Player List Available at the Quartermaster This turn will end Monday, February 24 at 10 p.m. PST.
  3. StrikerEZ has requested a pinch-hitter. @Coda has agreed to step in. Thank you!
  4. Go ahead and switch me from spec to player.
  5. (((RP to be written and added at some point, hopefully))) --- Kidpen was arrested! They were a First Citizen and a member of the Defiant Defense Force. The_God_King was killed! They were a Bountiful Gunner and a member of the Defiant Defense Force. Vote Count: Kidpen (6) - Elkanah, Rathmaskal, Araris Valerian, The_God_King, Xinoehp512, Fifth Scholar Elkanah (2) - Kidpen, Abstrusity, Sart Player List Available at the Quartermaster The next turn ends at 10 p.m. PST on Saturday, February 22nd!
  6. Yes, any attacks will be announced. The item count last round was 2 guns, 1 Hovercar.
  7. This cycle is closed! Next one will be posted soon-ish.
  8. "What do you mean there was an attack in the caverns?" Admiral "Ironsides" Ivans was furious. Not only that the Disputers had increased their dissensions to a level of violence, but at herself for not being able to stop it. Not that she was entirely to blame. The Assembly should have been doing more than arguing. "One person dead. A new member of the DDF, hadn't even been assigned yet." Ironsides threw the report down onto her desk. "What about the investigation? Any leads yet?" "We arrested someone this afternoon, but it appears they were not involved with the Disputers. They're still in custody, though, just in case." "Good." At least it will look like they were doing something. Though that wouldn't matter if they didn't stop the Disputers before they killed off her best people. "Ramp up the efforts. See what you can dig up on anyone. Someone had to have seen something." --- Coda was arrested! They were a member of the Defiant Defense Force. Shanerockes was killed! They were a member of the Defiant Defense Force. Vote Count: Coda (3) - Elkanah, Kidpen, Abstrusity StrikerEZ (1) - Rathmaskal Fifth Scholar (1) - StrikerEZ Xinoehp512 (1) - Araris Valerian Kidpen (1) - Fifth Scholar Shanerockes (1) - Sart Player List This turn will end Thursday, February 20 at 10 p.m. PST.
  9. Welcome to Mid-Range game 40! It takes place about five years before the events of Skyward. A group of Disputers have decided it is time to change the Defiant culture with a little defiance of their own. Rules doc, for better formatting Alignments: Defiant Defense Force - Your job is normally to aid in the effort of battling Krell, but a new threat has risen in the cavern depths that demands your attention. A small number of Disputers - an eccentric counter-culture movement - aim to cripple the DDF. You must stop them before it threatens the survival of the entire Defiant League. The DDF wins when all the Disputers have been arrested or killed. Disputers - Defiant culture has gone too far. The jingoistic teachings are indoctrinating the citizens, and often leading them straight to their deaths. You are members of the DDF who are tired of seeing your friends killed because they feel it is their obligation. While you understand and sympathize with the fight against the Krell, you believe there is a better way. You believe now is the time to start the change and stop the hero-worship of the DDF and First Citizens. The Disputers win when they reach parity with, or out number the DDF members. The Disputers have access to a kill every cycle. Any member can use their role action to submit the kill. General Rules: 48-hour cycles, day/night combined No vote minimum to make an arrest PMs are closed, unless player possesses a radio To create a PM, message the GM with the target. If it is a valid target, the GM will open the communication line at the end of the turn. (See Radio item for further) One role action and one item action per cycle Roles: Items: When a player is arrested or killed, all items are taken back to the quartermaster to be available for purchase. Chits will be distributed randomly among those involved in the arrest or death. Sign-ups will close at 10 p.m. PST on Sunday, February 16. @Devotary of Spontaneity is the IM this game! Player List Quick Links Rule Clarifications and Updates
  10. Once per gun. If the player who posseses a pistol does not use it prior to their death, it will be returned and available for purchase. Which reminds me, I need to add an item count to the write-up.
  11. This cycle has ended. The next one should be posted soon, though I'm not sure how soon.
  12. It was not a good day for Ironsides. She had more important things to focus on - like the constant battle with the Krell - than some petty uprising among Defiant elites. But instead, she was having to waste away an afternoon in the lower caverns pandering to the National Assembly Leaders. "Admiral, I'm sure you understand the implications of what we're dealing with." "Yes," she said, leveling her gaze at the man who'd addressed her. "While it may become a problem, I'm sure the leaders of this assembly are able to control a rebellion without needing to call me away from Alta." He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, clearly new in his position. Most other members had grown accustomed to her abrasiveness. "Well, we're not sure yet who's involved. We believe some, if not several, may be members of the DDF. Which would put the investigation under your jurisdiction." Ironsides sighed. Of course they'd claim the Disputers would be in the DDF. Anything to avoid doing their jobs. "Fine. I'll get some people working on the problem. Though don't count on it being a problem from inside the DDF. There are plenty of people in the caverns unhappy with your decisions. I'd appreciate if you kept some people of your own investigating this as well." With a curt nod, she turned and walked out of the assembly's meeting hall. Only an hour and she felt like she could go a whole year without more politicking. It made her wonder why she'd accepted the admiral position in the first place. --- Welcome to MR40: A Defiant Rebellion! IMPORTANT RULES ANNOUNCEMENT! Some of the item rules have been adjusted. See spoiler box for further information: This cycle will end at 10 P.M. PST on Tuesday, February 18th. Reminder: PMs are closed unless you have a radio. Those with a radio must still submit the request through the GM. Player List
  13. Sign me up for the spec doc please! I'd love to play, but just took on a large project for work.
  14. Buying an item will take your item action slot.
  15. It would cancel both, since it's technically one vote with the power of two. There is no limit to the number of radios available.
  16. Correct. No. They will both appear simply as attacks. Any Gunner's pistol is separate from the number available from the quartermaster. Another general rule announcement! Players can pass both items and requisition chits. Doing so will be the item action for that cycle. Any number of chits/items may be passed to one player in a single action. If you wish to pass to more than one player, it will require more than one action.
  17. Sign ups have closed. I'll get role PMs out soon, followed by the first cycle.
  18. There is one more day to sign up to play this game! If you're unable to participate, we'd still enjoy having you in the spec doc. Just let me know!
  19. Sunday the 16th. I'm on vacation currently, so dates don't matter to me.
  20. Only the gunner and attacker die if either the gunner or the protected are targeted.