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  1. Uh... What? You don't feel like attacking when there's a lifebuster that could end the game?
  2. Bad Wolf fired up the acclivity ring on her ship and took off into the sky once again, responding to the call for a battle. On her way, she started to hear rumors. Rumors that chilled her to the bone. A lifebuster. "Bad Wolf reporting," she said as she turned her ship toward the incoming Krell. "Where do you want me?" Steel responded with coordinates and an order. "Get here fast. There's a lifebuster on the way. We need to take it down now." "On my way," she said, working to keep the quiver from her voice. She was Bad Wolf now, and Bad Wolf would not be afraid. She lifted into the air with a few other pilots who'd been given the same order. They all engaged afterburners. There was no time to lose with a lifebuster. "So, plannin' and stuff: I says we all just kinda swarm the thing an' hope for the best, the hell with doin' anythin' fancy," said over the comms. "Maybe take a potshot at a random one of the escort ships, if'n you arrive late to the party an' we've already exploded the piñata. Who's with me?" "I am," Bad Wolf responded. "Let's take this thing down now." She closed her transmission and whispered to herself. "Bad Wolf, defender of Detritus."
  3. I mean, I don't think there needs to be too much organization. Striker has already offered to launch an IMP missile, which means we only need three people to fire at the lifebuster to destroy it. If you're concerned there won't be enough attacks on it, fire away. If your attack wasn't needed, it'll be redirected to one of the surrounding Krell. I just don't think announcing every person who plans to attack the lifebuster is a good idea. Person A, B, C, and D all fire at the Lifebuster after announcing they would do so. Krell will then attack persons A-D, removing their shields. Gunners then know persons A-D will be vulnerable, and will have their pickings for whom to kill. Also, if the traitor is active, then announcing everyone would allow them to pick their roleblock or attack target in an effort to keep the Lifebuster alive.
  4. Welcome! We're glad to have you here, no matter what brought you in, threats or no. Though you may want to get used to the potential for death. There is quite a bit of murdering that happens in these parts.
  5. We should also be careful of having too many people target the Lifebuster, since the Krell fire back at those people specifically. Gunners might be opportunistic if they know who exactly will be targeting the lifebuster.
  6. One largo should use its IMP missile on the lifebuster. Then we'll need either a Gunner to hit it, or a few ships working together. More analysis to come later, on mobile and with family.
  7. Vote count: Drake (2) - Elandera, Ark Lumgol (2) - Bard, Fura Bard (1) - Lumgol I'm going to leave my vote on Drake. Though his explanations make sense, my gut is still telling me something is off there. Lumgol does seem suspicious though, so I'm okay with leaving things at a tie (now that the rules have changed.. thanks Steel!)
  8. Shhh.... it's not like I skimmed over the specifics of deaths... nope. Not at all. I definitely read the whole thing thoroughly.
  9. I'll be gone and without internet for about a week the second week into this game, but I'll take a spec doc.
  10. Bad Wolf was feeling more like a lone wolf. Their squad was falling apart... starting with betrayal from the inside. She had watched as Number 4 turned on Skinny Ship. And then as their wingmates took vengeance, letting themselves fall in the process. Their attacks and defenses had been so scattered, so ineffective that the base had taken damage. Brenna felt helpless against it. She sat alone in the mess hall, barely touching the food in front of her. So many people - friends - killed in one battle. All because of rebels. Anger started boiling inside her. Anger at the rebels. Anger at the disorganization of the DDF. Anger at the Krell and their relentless attacks. Anger at herself for not doing more. Brenna threw a barely-eaten roll down onto her tray and slammed her fist onto the table. "No more." --- Finally read the write-up, and it pretty well lays out how everyone was killed last night. It also says Joe targeted DA with an IMP, who was then hit by a gunner. That started the chain reaction. @Steeldancer, was Joe being in a ship just for flavor, or was he allowed in a ship because he was a Wingmate? I also realized the Base did 1 damage, which was probably the leftover damage from the attack on Joe. Based on the write-up, the last shot on him was a Krell. Part of this means at least one of the AA turrets was damaged, since Walin as DA's wingmate would have gone after the turret that ended him. I don't know if there's any way it can be repaired like a ship. While we do want to catch elims, I'd be cautious about roleblocking too many players in one night. We don't want to keep the good ones from actually being able to take down Krell ships. One light lance on a player will then take two people out of the fight on the Krell, meaning more Krell stay alive longer. I'd say only take action against a player if you're certain they're elim and plan to attack.
  11. Some GMs are pretty good about adding quick links to each new turn in the intro post of the main thread. If we could get all of them to do that, it would make things a lot easier. I agree with Joe. It would mechanically make things easier. Links wouldn't break, and we wouldn't have to keep going back to the main thread or have 50-ish windows open just to do analysis. That might also mean creating banners for new turns to help them stand out a bit more as you're scrolling. Or at least large, bolded font with the turn and name.
  12. Well, uh... hmmm... How strange. Joe probably attacked one of DA or Walin, got attacked in turn, killing both Joe and Snipexe. Looking back at Joe's interractions, he didn't do much D1 or N1 beyond talking about Krell. D2, he opted out of voting on either Bard or Stick when Bard was in the lead. Drake then subsequently voted on Joe, with only 30 minutes left in the turn and Bard in the lead with 3 votes. This could have been distancing, knowing the threat of lynch was minimal. Drake then removed the vote, voted on Stick to tie the vote again. N2, Joe started talking about MBot and the SK. Bard did initial analysis on the people who voted on him to start, rather than the people who voted on Stick, which I didn't realize was odd until now. I'm beginning to suspect a Joe-Bard-Drake team. Bard does a full analysis post later and gives a neutral read on Joe for minimal posts (probably true for most people) and possibly distancing analysis on Drake saying they want to trust him, but feel like he's pocketing. D3, Joe still seems focused on mechanics. Drake gives Bard a village read for the light lancing, which I'm starting to doubt. He also gives Joe a moderate elim read, despite also saying not enough activity to give solid read. I don't know how it became moderate instead of mild with little activity. Joe does vote on Drake with one vote already there, but it's early in the cycle and there were several votes on Sart already. Bard, once a bit of suspicion gets cast his way, said he was hard cleared by Drake, and then pointed out a very IKYK situation. At the end of the cycle, Sart gives Fura the option to lynch Joe. This leads me to somewhat clear Sart and be just a bit suspicious of Fura at how adamantly she avoided it, even voting on herself to keep things at a tie. Once Sart votes on himself, she removes her vote in favor of Joe. Sart never returned. I think I'm going to vote on Drake Marshall. If he's elim, Bard is likely too.
  13. Contact one if the moderators, including @Fifth Scholar and @Alvron (they're the only ones I can remember off the top of my head...) and get added to the GM PM. You'll pick what kind of game you want to run (LG, MR, or QF), then be added to the rotation.
  14. You don't necessarily have to be signed up to GM in order to create a game. You generally start with an idea of what kind of abilities you want to try and/or a world you want to put it in. You can also ask someone with GM experience to help as you build the ruleset. They can point out balance issues and such as you go. EDIT: The few I've created started because I wanted a game in that world. I figured out abilities later.
  15. Would you propose a better one? Lynching yourself is ineffective, as is a tie. Even if we don't like a lynch, it's better than no lynch.
  16. Are you trying to keep a tie in place? We really can't afford to keep not lynching anyone...
  17. Current vote count: Sart (3) - Striker, Elandera, Bard Bard (1) - Sart Fura (2) - Ark, Drake Drake (1) - Joe I have not had time today to do any real player analysis (sleep, though interrupted a few times, was more important). I'll be leaving my vote on Sart unless something changes. I will be occupied for the next few hours and will only be able to take cursory glances at the thread.
  18. Brenna was a little taken aback at the question. She'd thought, at least at first, it was obvious the Gunners took down Yaw(n). But apparently she'd not quite paid enough attention as a cadet. "That's because I'm still learning. Only flown two missions as a pilot after all. I, uh, must have zoned out during the lessons on our shields. I kinda thought the turrets could take out our ships in one hit, despite our shields. When I saw Yaw(n) shot down, I just kinda assumed it had to have been a rebel. I mean, Yaw(n) wouldn't have let the Krell take her down."
  19. D1 was me cowing to the opinion of others. A minimum of two votes are needed for a lynch, and a tie results in no lynch. Most of D1 discussion at the end was about whether or not to have a lynch. Sart and I were on the side of lynch. DA and Stick (maybe one more?) were against it. At the end of the turn, I was the only one actually advocating for a lynch, and no one else was voting. DA seemed like he'd keep it at a tie even if I left my vote in place for the two-vote minimum. So, I backed off. D2, we couldn't afford to not have a lynch again, otherwise we'd just be delaying when we started getting information. I did my normal of choosing to have any lynch over sticking to who I thought should be lynched.
  20. You're not wrong. I've been focusing mostly on mechanics of Krell battles because I feel there hasn't really been enough info on players to make a valid analysis. Most of my analysis comes around C3, when (usually) at least 4 or 5 people have died. Ideally, one of those people would be an elim. However, as you pointed out, we're at D3 with a total of two deaths and no apparent attack last night. No one is claiming to have light-lanced another player, so we have no leads there. It seems to have just been bad luck, not hitting a target hit by Krell. I have a reasonable trust of Bard, based on claims by Drake. It would be a dangerous connection to establish early in the game. I'm a bit suspicious of DA, but I think it's mostly play style. He seems super aggressive, which gives me a bad gut read. I'm ignoring it right now, though, because there hasn't been anything actually suspicious. Everyone else seems pretty... neutral. Either from lack of content or me just not remembering. EDIT: I'll try to do something a little more solid tomorrow. Work tonight has been... interesting.
  21. I'll see what I can do, but it's based on memory (except for votes) so it very well could be flawed. D1 Mostly RP. Some discussion about the worth of voting. In the end, no one was lynched and only 4 votes stuck. Fura voted on Ark Ela voted on CadCom Sart voted CadCom DA voted on Ark Ela switched from CadCom to Stick DA switched from Ark to Ela N1 Mostly RP, or questions and clarifications about space battles, and a largely failed attempt to coordinate any kind of attack. Devotary proposed probably one of the better plans, and was subsequently killed. D2 Votes got started early, mostly a standard D1 lynch, based on vague suspicions and possible information to be gained Sart votes on Stick Ark votes on Stick right after Bard votes on Fura Striker votes on Sart Stick votes on Bard Ela votes on Walin Ela switches to Bard Fura votes on Sart CadCom votes on Bard (putting him in lead) Drake votes on Joe Maill votes on Stick (tie) DA votes on Bard (lead) Drake votes on Stick (tie) Ela switches to Stick (getting rid of tie) N2 Talk about the SK with the rise of MBot, then attempts at coordination on attacking. Not many ideas were thrown out for coordinating beyond what the Largos could take out alone.
  22. The results seemed entirely based on chance. Two coins were flipped, both came up heads, which resulted on my vote being doubled. I'm curious what the other combos would do.
  23. @Darkness Ascendant, quoting is panicking at the moment, so I'm tagging. I didn't think Gunners could use IMPs, as they aren't in ships. I could very well be wrong though. I'm still working to sort out the ship rules. And yes, if a gunner targets a Krell, it can 1-shot it.