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  1. Sorry, I should rephrase. They live on Sel.
  2. New round! This character appears on Sel.
  3. Perfect timing for me. I'll sign up as Ela, a Skaa thief that wants to one day scam each of the different Ministries in Luthadel.
  4. Both of those would be amazing! There are so many good moments in Oathbringer I wish I could draw out. That is pretty amazing artwork, but the scene I described in the spoiler tag had caught my attention while listening to the book. I had a pretty cool mental image of it and was wondering if anyone had decided to draw it out. I would, if I had any skill for art beyond basic Photoshop and stick figures.
  5. I've seen quite a lot of good art from Oathbringer, but as I've been going through the book again there's a particular scene that I wish someone would draw. If anyone has seen it, please let me know where. I'd love to see it and thank the artist. It's times like this I wish I'd spent more time learning art. Also, are there any scenes you'd like to see? (I apologise if I misspelled any words. I listen to the audiobooks, which means I don't always know the spelling of places/people.)
  6. 13 hours? I was wondering when that order was placed. And it was a perfect storm against me, with a roleblock, vote manipulation, and your Ciridae choice. @xinoehp512, why was it you chose to put Drought's vote on me? (And CadCom, I'm female . Don't worry about it, I've made that mistake plenty of times and you're not the first to have made it with me.)
  7. Congratulations to the Edema Rue and the Sithe! You had some helpful skill and a whole lot of luck on your side. It was fun for me while it lasted. I learned I am a terrible Elim , though it was only my first time and I was only given one cycle to test my abilities (thanks Orlok, I partially blame you). That answer will probably be in the Secret Rules doc (I haven't read it yet myself), but it was one of Encanis' secret abilities. They had an unblockable "kill" that banished someone from existence. Essentially, they became a spectator (even got sent to the spec doc instead of the dead doc). I want to congratulate @Devotary of Spontaneity for her excellent playing despite losing teammates so quickly. The odds really were stacked against you. It was fun reading your monologue in the elim doc. Sorry for creeping so much!
  8. Hopefully they won't be as discriminating to the bottom of the list as in the last game!
  9. Now that I've read through the docs, I have a bit more to say. First, @Mark IV, I honestly did think you were Mistborn in House Hasting. Your defense of Itiah supported that, and Elephant's vote on Itiah threw me away from suspecting him of being Hasting and the final Mistborn. We had hoped you were well connected and wanted to create a tie between you and Dalinar, but there was some last-minute scrambling and guessing that was clearly faulty. Also, it seems Elariel just got lucky in a lot of places. There were an unfortunate number of people who went inactive. And somehow Steel and I remained under the radar. Finally, how was Araris protected from the coinshot attack?! I'm not sure I found the answer in any of the docs. Thank you Straw for hosting. It was a great game! There were some hiccups, but it was still fun. Edit: Oh! I forgot I wanted to give a congrats to those in House Hasting. Being fairly new myself (3 games now under my belt, one of which I died D1), I don't know who's new and who are veteran SEers. Aside from being told Elephant and Snipexe were new, I had no idea the rest of you were new too. You all did a great job.
  10. Yup, I found them finally... Now that I'm in no SE games, I've slipped back into "Oblivious Ela" mode.
  11. Well played everyone! And especially good game to @Dalinar Kholin, who I thought for sure was going to lead to my death there at the end. And to my team, thanks for putting up with a good bit of monologuing in the doc when I was trying to work out theories (most of which turned out to be completely wrong). It was great to work with all of you! EDIT: And I second the call for a link to docs. I'm curious to see how other houses thought and planned.
  12. Yeah, sorry Shqueeves. My vote stays.
  13. Dera Renault stood proudly inside her manor inspecting a new shipment of cloth. A wicked grin spread across her face as she pondered the recent events in Luthadel. The House War wasn't so bad after all. At least not for her. The war was nearly over, and soon people would return to their balls and parties and normal political scheming. That would mean a boom in textile sales as people dashed to get new wardrobes once again. Most of that business would come to her. But one person stood in the way of her House's victory. He would be dealt with soon enough. She only hoped his would be the only death of the day and the final death of the war. _______________________ I got bored and decided this thread was too quiet, so here's one final RP.
  14. I'm really sad to say this, but I'm going to have to back out. I realized I have a family reunion about two weeks into the game. I'm running a risk of going inactive if I don't get lynched first. But I'll be a pinch-hitter if you need one after I return.
  15. Elephant was in Hasting? That I did not expect. Also, I'm guessing two coinshots attacked him. Anyways, throwing my vote down on Shqueeves.
  16. I never said I wasn't. I just said I wasn't as threatening as Dalinar. Also, sorry Mark. I saw an opportunity and had a theory you were Mistborn. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I should have let Dalinar die...
  17. Dalinar Mark
  18. I've made my arguments, and at this point I'm not sure how much it matters. Either it ends in a tie and we both die, or one is killed this lynch and the other during the anonymous lynch. It's been a fun game. I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have.
  19. Thanks Snipexe. In that case, Rae. And Arinian because I'd rather leave things at a tie, and not have a cycle with no vote because of what Scraelings can do later. EDIT: The rules do say C1 ties would be a no lynch. The only possibility of changing that (aside from other vote manipulation) is the Ciridae, who can decide who dies in a tie or no lynch. I don't know if that applies to C1. EDIT2: I just realized my math was off, so ties don't matter right now. Here's the vote count: Aonar(1): Wonko Elandera(2): Bort, Orlok Arraenae(2): Cadmium, Alvron Megasif(1): Xinoehp512 Droughtbringer(1): Arraenae Walin(1): Walin Fifth Scholar(1): Young Bard Cadmium(1): Steel Steel(3): Eternum, Fifth, Snipe Arinian(1): Elandera
  20. I've played with Steel in the past, and his nonchalance seemed pretty characteristic as Village. I was unsure about you, so I felt that would be the better option. I'm not so sure anymore, but retracting my vote would almost certainly ensure my lynch (though I really am considering it).
  21. @Orlok Tsubodai, I'll admit, I did jump on that vote pretty quickly. Part of it was because I'm not getting solid reads off anyone yet and I thought Alvron's statement was a good start, and part of it is I'd rather not die because of an off-hand statement I made in an RP. I don't know if Bort or Snipexe will be back to retract a vote. If they had true elim reads on me, I could understand. But what I think started as a joking statement turned into a possible lynch.
  22. I'm inclined to agree with Alvron. Though I haven't played with Rae, I'm getting a slight elim read with how aggressive they are in trying to appear village. Also, my intitial reason for voting Eternum is gone since they've participated. So, Rae.