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  1. This is a good change. They are still specific enough that it wouldn't be impossible to glean some information out of it (like you're probably not going to get deathweed bark in a mansion), but not too specific that you can eliminate more than half of the results.
  2. It's a fairly common thing among writers to become hesitant or worried that their works will be too similar to other works. The thing is, though, there's a reason why there are tropes in writing and TV. There are certain things (plots, themes, etc.) that just work. No matter what genre it is written in, things like unrequited love, loss of loved ones, and redemption arcs are all things that are easy for the reader to connect with and understand. The difference is how you carry it out. Yes, there may be similarities, but the story can still be unique even if the idea was inspired by something else. I see people all the time compare LoTR with Harry Potter, and Harry Potter with Star Wars, but despite themes and character backgrounds that seemingly match, the stories are vastly different. Each one has a huge fan-base, with many people liking all three. As for my own idea that I'd like to share, I had the thought the other day about a detail in a fictional world where the people's eyes turned gray/silver as they aged instead of their hair. I changed it a bit to fit in with one of the books that I'm working on (a modern fantasy/action novel) as basically a mana indicator. Another world idea is one covered in watermelon snow.
  3. You might consider looking into how DMs create maps for different D&D style maps. One trick I've seen for that in particular is having a large grid paper (like what you'd see in a presentation), then throwing down a ton of dice or small objects. You use the shape they land in as an outline for the map basis. You could also look into what type of environments influence shorelines. Part of it depends on how similar your created world is to what we know in modern science, but things like temperature and precipitation all impact the geography of an area. I once created a map for a book I'm working on, but seem to have lost it. It wasn't the complete continent, just the section that mattered for the content of the book. I just started in one spot, and drew a somewhat jagged line in a general shape that I thought might consist of a shoreline. Then I placed mountains, plains, forests, rivers, etc. depending on where it would be needed in the story or would plausibly show up in an earth-like place.
  4. Perfect. Then I think that would be a good idea to shift things towards a better balance for the Assassin.
  5. One concern I have with this is it becoming too obvious if that's the only tile that never changes. It would be a pretty big clue to the investigators that one tile unchanged would be the false trail. I like the idea though, but it would mean restrictions on the Oracle only being able to change maybe one tile per round. I haven't played the original Deception game, so I don't know what kind of rules there are for changing those cards in the first place.
  6. As I read many of the arguments, that one stuck out to me as most likely to be accidental. Not in the sense that it accidentally led to a death, since we were very clearly talking about a murder, but more in the sense that the murder was random rather than targeted. That also kind of fit the "Despicable" card, as the murderer in that case wouldn't care who died. When I noticed booby trap had a corresponding Sel-link with what was left behind, I figured I'd either get it, or cross another thing off the list.
  7. I'll join again! Oyh isn't done yet. He still needs to figure out how to get home again.
  8. I think that would probably be a good idea. It really was the Sel clue that made it fairly easy to narrow down. Good game Investigators! Count me in for the next. I'll try not to make it end so early
  9. Oyh sat nervously, waiting for the end. He felt like he was buzzing as much as Veh. Had he been able to do enough? Would they fail despite it all? "Mmm. Numbers. Good odds," said Veh, like he could sense what worried Oyh. "But my odds were worse, and look what happened there," Oyh countered. "Mmm. It was an anomaly in statistics. Good clues, good help." It didn't help him feel any better. Selksi was so close to being captured. But would it be enough? Oyh and Veh sat. Waiting.
  10. Maybe I am... Maybe I'm not...
  11. Well, that was unexpected. My bad.
  12. Even if you die, if you were on the winning side (which I believe you were last game) you still win! So, you have a 100% win rate. Deaths are to be expected
  13. I think most people should hold until day 3, unless we're super confident in something. The reason I placed a guess today (aside from Paranoid's statement 1-2 should guess today), was because most of us seem pretty sure it might be booby trap. The Elantrian slime went well with the Sel hint. If it doesn't work, it might help us cross off one suspect.
  14. I am making an accusation! I accuse Metaspren (Selksi) of being the Assasin. I think he used a Booby Trap to commit the murder and the Key Evidence he left behind is Elantrian Slime. @Herowannabe
  15. "Sel. Where is that again?" Oyh was too new to worldhopping, especially considering it had been an accident in the first place. The idea of a whole Cosmere of worlds was... daunting, to say the least. "Mmm. Different powers there," said Veh in response. "No Highstorms. No Stormlight." "And they said it was an accident. So probably not any kind of sacrifice or ritual. Those tend to be pretty intentional." "Yes. Mmmm. Sacrifice not good." "What do you think about the sound, though." "No daggers. Mmmm. Assassin's weapons." "What about a gun, or whatever they're called?" "Mmmm. Mmaybe. Are there guns on Sel?" ---- So I'm slowly going through the list and crossing off things I don't think fit the categories. Pretty much any poison has been crossed off (blackbane, black frayn, metal poisoning, etc.), along with Highstorms since they are Roshar-exclusive, and disease. I also removed blood loss, and daggers (though the latter is less definite). I'm thinking along the lines now of an explosion, or Aon Ehe, as has been stated. It would fit an accident with a loud noise, both possible on Sel. I would consider Jeskeri Cult Ritual to fit with the Despicable category, but that really doesn't fit with an accident. As for evidence, I'm removing Fearspren, Rotspren, Gloryspren (since like Highstorms, those are Roshar-exclusive).
  16. Thanks!! That makes my life easier. And so much more entertaining to RP and keep it realistic. --RP-- Oyh looked around for his spren. He'd decided a while back to call it Veh, though he wasn't sure why. It just fit. He found the Cryptic on the leg of his pants. The ever-changing designs blended well with the dark fabric. "What do you think, Veh?" "Mmmm. Mmmurder. Fun!" "What? You and I have different ideas about fun. Do you know who it is?" "Mmm. Missing data. Need more information before mmurderer can be found. Yes."
  17. "Accidental worldhopping insurance, eh?" Oyh muttered to himself as he listened to the people around him. He wondered if the policy would apply retroactively. He'd keep it in mind to contact Larry later, once they solved the murder, of course. He couldn't trust "insurance" until then. Oyh just watched. He hadn't realized Investicon would be such a go-to place for such unusual people. No matter who it was though, he could observe. That's what he was good at doing: watching, hiding, learning. He suspected it was part of why he'd been chosen by a Cryptic. ----- On a side note, does anyone know if it's possible for a Lightweaver (or any order of Knight) to have their spren and powers off-world? I might just RP like I can do it either way, but it made me curious.
  18. Oyh stared at the man who just burst in, proclaiming a murder. What? This is a load of crem! Why does this always happen to me? I just want to go home. Oyh wasn't sure how he'd made it out of his own world of Roshar, but hoped someone at Investicon might know how he could get back. He figured not all world-hoppers were as coincidentally unlucky as him. Someone had to know how it worked. He started to grow nervous, however, as he comprehended the words. There was a murderer among them. He couldn't trust any of them to show him the way back to Roshar unless they found and revealed the murderer. Oyh straightened, trying to look resolute. If only he had Stormlight... I can do this. I've done this. "I will find them, storm it all. The cremling can't hide forever."
  19. Good game! Thanks to Fifth and Devotary for the amazing write-ups. Though I played for only a short time, it was fun to follow along. Congrats to village!
  20. This sounds like fun. I'll join as Oyh, a lightweaver-in-training who has accidentally found himself worldhopping.
  21. Ela was tired. It was too late for her old bones, and the matter at hand was too complicated. She needed sleep, but the future of her people could be at stake. She may not like most of them, or really any of them, but they were still Terris. Besides, she'd like to stick it to the Lord Ruler before she laid down to sleep for the last time. To do that, she needed to convince her fellows to be smart. "Let's not kill another ally, shall we?" she said in her standard almost angry tone. "We need to be smart about this. These things of the Lord Ruler, curse him, are tricky. It's good I don't like any of you anyways, since any of you could be working for that foul creature that ruined my beautiful garden. I'd happily stab you myself if I knew who you were." ---- I'm not so sure announcing who we plan to kill would be a good option. For one, it's way too easy to lie and say you're going to put in a kill vote on person A, while you actually put in an order on person B. It also opens up the way for some really good distancing tactics for elims, considering there's no way to verify their choice. They could just say their action wasn't the one that went through. It's also important to carefully consider all of your action options. The roleblocking could be key in stopping elims from filling their metalminds and/or making actions. The protect will also be useful if you're confident the one you're protecting may be targeted, and they're also village. It's important we get a few villagers voting on that one so the elims can't get a guarantee each one will go to protect themselves. The double-fill is another one village should consider using to help prevent elim from stocking up on charges. As (rand, araris? can't remember) said, getting more charges on certain types would be more helpful than others. It is very unfortunate Coop was a copper ferring, and I can only hope we have at least one more or a full feruchemist to help make up for it. (And don't forget the other two action options, kill and PM)
  22. Itiah. I haven't developed any real suspicion yet, so this is almost purely based on other people's reasoning. It's also motivated by not wanting to lynch the new person on the first day for something that's pretty neutral.
  23. Yes, thanks! I'm thinking I need more sleep because I'm struggling this game with following details Anyways, Xino since they've posted.
  24. Era squinted up toward the red sun, and made a rude gesture toward it. Yes, she knew the way the sun used to be was often too bright, but the colors under the red sun were all wrong. The world was wrong. The people around her blabbed on about Spiked nonsense. Her dislike of pretty much anything came in handy this time, as she didn't like or trust really anyone. Era mostly distrusted those who hadn't even arrived. Like Ereheman Tresni. Who's to say they weren't off getting Spiked as these people rambled? @xinoehp512
  25. Sorry! I suppose I should read a little more closely. I thought you said only one action total in your initial post.