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  1. I won't argue against the discount. Just chalk it up to Athdara's charm. At least it wasn't needed in the end, and having the extra talents (because affording a 60 talent bodyguard would have been basically impossible for me) wouldn't have made a big difference in my game play. Though the contract I threw up may have been for several more talents.
  2. Little Wilson, Elbereth, this was an amazing game! Hats off to both of you for organizing and running a game with such complicated rules. I completely take blame for misunderstanding the rules and totally messing up my chances at elevation. Also, I didn't realize how close I was to possibly making master until after someone had already snagged the spot. Thanks for being patient through my questioning and blundering. It really was a great game. Sorry about that... My reads were really off this game until it was too late. Also, sorry to Burnt. I'm glad none of my efforts to get you suspended/killed worked. Great game, elims. You all basically had me thoroughly fooled.
  3. Being expelled was unfortunate, but I'll still do what I can to help out and offer my two cents. On the upside, I'll have a little bit more money to spend in Imre. I have a feeling Fura's insanity was from Naming rather than a Skindancer attack, as they didn't have an agreement with a physicker as far as I know. Rover would have been killed, so that was likely an action insanity as well. Instead, I really do think the attack was roleblocked. The only Master I trust right now is Araris, and one of the others will have vote manipulation abilities.
  4. @Kynedath, I keep meaning to check this. I don't have time right now, but could you ping me if I haven't responded by tonight? EDIT: I did have time for a brief skim, so I'll add a few notes really quickly. Does this give someone the ability to kill a player? Or would they have to have a kill ability in order to fulfill the contract? The restrictive lynch is also somewhat concerning, as it really inhibits the village ability to do anything late in the game. Since there don't seem to be any village kill roles (outside of the potential of a Murder contract), they would just be systematically slaughtered by the elims with no reliable ability to stop them.
  5. Because I'm me and totally trustworthy? I get the hesitation, though. I've had terrible reads on people all game, but they're honest terrible reads. I'm still most suspicious of you, but can't actually do anything about it. I'm next most suspicious of Karnage or Fura, but I think I have more reason to trust Fura than Karnage, hence why I'm not voting on them. After that, it's Burnt or Experience. The latter I also can't do anything about. I can't take your word for trusting Burnt because, well, I suspect you. Since Devotary is also still not fully on board with the village!Burnt idea, I feel there may be something there. Yes, Straw didn't find any lies in her posts, but that's not an infallible alignment scan. Like I said in my prior post, the phrasing was ambiguous enough that it's quite possible it wouldn't trip the lie detector even as an elim. To that end, I'll vote again on Burnt, Burnt. I honestly can't think of a better target that would be effective, and we can't let the potential elim!Masters control the lynch.
  6. Hmm... It's not looking good for Rath right now. Vote Count: Rath (2) - Karnage, Karnage We don't have enough-non Masters to spread out votes and avoid harsh punishments unless we want to vote on insane players. It seems no one has any strong suspects outside of the Masters, so getting all of us to agree is going to be difficult. There's no way to get no one to vote, since that would make a hammer super easy. @little wilson and @Elbereth, does a Master who has gone insane still count as a Master for voting purposes? Ninja'd by Devotary. The language Burnt used in her read, especially regarding Hael, is ambiguous enough that I'm not sure it'd trip as a lie. "Seemed fine to me" wouldn't be a lie if they're teammates because of course Hael would be fine if they're both on the same side. It's also a trust/suspicion scale, not a village/elim scale. Burnt could easily put teammates under the trust category because it's not an indication of elim status, just her decision to trust or not. Maybe I'm being over-analytical here, but I'd be fine with a Burnt expulsion.
  7. Okay, maybe it wasn't so paranoid... You know that crazy theory? These two basically sum up the two possibilities with it. Either they intentionally made Straw insane because he'd be "cleared" (but that doesn't make a ton of sense, because then they'd lose the benefit of having a Master) or he went insane as a result of other abilities (but then that would mean elims didn't try to attack anyone). I keep reminding myself Occam's Razor, though. There are too many reasons for it to not be the case that I just have to trust Straw and Burnt. If I read the rules correctly, they don't actually need to place DP on students with votes, but you're right. If there are only three two, they can only get 10 DP on any student with no votes. So I have a crazy proposal. We vote on the masters anyways. Let me clarify a few things first. @little wilson and @Elbereth, when RNG DP is distributed, does it get placed on Masters with votes then dissolved, or can it not be placed on Masters at all? If the former, then we can all vote on Lopen/Karnage. Even if they can't be brought on the Horns, it keeps at least some of the RNG DP from getting placed on people we relatively trust because of elim!Master votes.
  8. It's in the write-up post that Rath was mistakenly expelled before and so has been allowed to return. @Araris Valerian, while I normally advocate for caution in sharing, this is the point where I will agree. I think it would be better for village to know what fields the Masters control. And you're probably right about Burnt. I'm probably being overly paranoid and frustrated that the people I really want to expel can't be expelled. Burnt Burnt
  9. I've been debating that point with myself since you brought it up. I trust Straw within reason, but what gets me is how calling yourself 100% suspicious is not a lie. With that same reasoning and phrasing, you could easily say a teammate is only 30% suspicious and have it be true, so long as they had remained mostly unsuspicious in public. And honestly, I'm not sure if I know of a better target. All the ones I really want to vote on are masters.
  10. I'll take a spec doc! Edit: And I think @Shard of Reading was also interested in joining. This is the sign-ups thread for the next game.
  11. Ah, that makes sense. I was starting to get a crazy paranoid theory of an elim!Straw, but that makes no sense for several other reasons, even if he were involved in DP spread. I'm going to give a quick reads list to help me sort my thoughts in a sensible manner. Furamirionind: True Neutral. I keep bouncing back and forth between trusting Fura and them being my top suspect. I don't like their interactions with Hael, but I also suspect Karnage of being elim. Fura and Karnage don't make a plausible team, though. I'd need one to flip to get a solid read on the other. Elkanah: Neutral. While their activity has been relatively high (excluding a few turns ago), there hasn't been a lot of AI content that I can remember. They don't have many interactions with Hael, other than Hael referencing them as low to inactive. Elkanah is usually more outspoken, but I can understand RL things getting in the way (just see my activity and contribution at the beginning of this game). Burnt Spaghetti: Elimy-Neutral. Same reasoning as Elkanah for being neutral, lack of AI content. With Burnt, that tends to be a little more standard for her style. Her interactions with Hael (and a piece of my mind saying her statements around the Bard lynch) are what make me lean slight Elim. Devotary of Spontaneity: Village. Hael tried to lynch them entirely too many times for that to have been distancing. Rathmaskal: Neutral. Not enough content, especially recently considering their mistaken expulsion. I'll have to re-look at their interactions with Hael, since I had been ignoring them previously. Araris Valerian: Village. Same reason as Devotary. Experience: Elimy-Neutral. Their last-minute vote on Straw and how they've basically gone without much scrutiny at all this game is suspect. I'd be okay if they were roleblocked or killed (since we can't expel them). Lopen: Elim. Their interactions with Hael and voting patterns have shown a lot of bias toward the elim team. I am not at all comfortable with them being a Master. Please kill or roleblock until they can be killed. Karnage: Elimy-neutral. Straw's untimely insanity does not present well for Karnage, as there is no one to verify his claims of last turn. It seems as if this could have been an attempt to save Karnage a little longer, or frame him. A roleblock wouldn't hurt. There are probably a total of 6 elims in the game, three of which I'm certain are Hael, Walin and Bard. That leaves three more. I'd put Lopen as most likely next teammate, followed by Karnage or Fura, then Burnt or Experience. Since I would rather see Karnage's flip before expelling Fura and I can't expel Lopen or Experience, I'll place my votes on Burnt, Burnt.
  12. Alive/Sane: Expelled: Insane: Expelled: This isn't good. My top two suspects are both now masters and can't be expelled. And as far as I remember, Rover only had one vote on him. It's possible Straw placed all of his DP onto Rover, since he's the one vote in that location, but it would have had to be pretty bad RNG for Rover to be the only one disciplined with Lopen and Karnage both had way more votes. They had to have had Straw and Experience on their sides with DP distribution and some Rhetoric and Logic assistance to keep them from getting hit with RNG DP.
  13. Congrats elims! And thanks for killing me early. Turns out I didn't have time to really focus on a game that moved so quickly. I'm pretty sure I was one of those Rae could impersonate due to inactivity in the dead doc.