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  1. Time for my overall thoughts on the game! Department of Protective Services I don't regret having four elims to start. It was a bit of a debate when we started (and especially when we rerolled), but I think three would have been too few when the conversion was not a confirmed thing. Also, I know I gave you all a hard time in the doc about the bussing and killing Straw, but it worked and that's what matters. Some of the actions didn't make sense, but I was also seeing it from the bird's-eye perspective, not with the veil of a player. I do wish I'd taken more time to make sure the players were better balanced in the elim team (at least one more person with experience as an elim), but it worked out in the end. In the end, you all did a fantastic job despite all of the challenges. Detritus Spy This is one I regret. Straw basically had no chance from the beginning of achieving his primary win-con of getting all of the clues. It didn't help that RNG was really against him. It should have been no more than three clues with the number of players we had, and I would have made it at least a 75% chance of success instead of a 50% chance. As he pointed out himself, the survival win-con is problematic on its own because it actually encourages less activity. If I were to rerun this, I'd made some major adjustments to the role. I do like, both in application and flavor, having the spy's death trigger a conversion. Exe Rules If I rerun this, I will definitely not be having a "everyone dies in a tie" rule. That dramatically shifted things against the village when it was already balanced a little elim-heavy with the conversion mechanic. And it was particularly dangerous with the amount of vote manipulation I had in play. DPS Win-Con This was a little iffy. The rule was worded as specifically as it was because of the vote manipulation that village had on hand. It worked well enough, but it did cause some confusion, especially with the offer from the spy to align with the elims. In a rerun, I'd put some more consideration into the specific win-con. Roles I think the distribution was fine. It was unfortunate we didn't get to see the Tenasi or Figment in play for long, but I think having one of each of those was enough, even if there were more players. The vote manipulation roles were also good in application as well, so I wouldn't make adjustments there. Varvax This role would need some adjusting in a rerun. I think either allowing them to protect themselves, or having another one in the game would make a difference, especially if a Tenasi doesn't die early or there are a larger number of players. Heklo Use of this role died pretty quickly. Village Heklos were killed early (sorry Araris, for giving you a PM role ) and Snipexe wasn't super active. It would have been useful in the potential alliance with Straw, but Quinn was justified in her concerns about that. I would adjust the PMs to last as long as the Heklo is alive, or maybe open the PMs permanently and allow only one to be created per turn. Fun fact about the Figment role. I did a coin flip at the beginning of each distribution to determine if it would be an elim or village role. RNG was determined to make it village, though I think it would have been a ton of fun to have as an elim role.
  2. This was an interesting game. The bussing actually nearly cost them the game, especially with TJ's reads. The village still had a chance to win if they'd taken the right actions. Striker, unfortunately, trusted the wrong people. I think he protected a villager once? Balance is a hard thing to achieve, especially with a potential conversion and inactivity involved. But you're right, it is rarely given a 50/50 split, mostly because there are too many factors to influence those numbers. I'll share more thoughts on that maybe tomorrow when I have some time to review at my computer.
  3. Thank you for volunteering! Your work almost helped the village win. Imagine what would have happened if you'd been around the whole game! And it was Gears that remembered Grute. They deserve all the appreciation for the fantastic write-ups.
  4. Yeah. I think I fixed it? I missed closing one of the bold code boxes, and when that happens, it throws all of the other formatting off for the rest of the post. All hail the great basilisk!
  5. This was it. The assembly gathered in less than an hour’s time for the vote. The final vote to decide the future of the Delver Resistance Project. A project which, if left to the DPS, would likely lead to more death than already had occurred. Too many missing. Too many attacked. He’d been able to stop one, but that turned out to be a human in disguise. That still surprised him. A human civilized enough to blend into the world of Starsight. To blend in with beings of primary intelligence. Maybe things were different than the Superiority suggested. Different than the DPS wanted them to know. Striker knew that if he could not stop the DPS, nothing could. If only he knew whom he could trust. There was a hunch, though. Someone he expected had survived only because no one expected a heklo of all things, to be that influential. Wonderful communicators, though this one was quieter than most. Then again, he’d met so few. If the DPS was after anyone, it would be them. So Striker searched. He’d gone to where he knew the heklo waited before assembly. A small park just a few blocks from the hall. It would be deserted at this early hour, which is why the heklo enjoyed going before and not after. Others would know that schedule, too, if they wished harm. He found them sitting and watching the dancing balls of water above the fountain. Cautiously, Striker approached. It was difficult to be quiet while having to navigate the mechanical structure that made up the varvax’s suit. But it was better than being stuck in a ball of liquin not unlike the fountain’s display. “I figured you come to me,” the heklo said without even turning to look at Striker. “Much easier this way.” Striker clicked his claws quietly in discomfort. “To protect you, yes.” The heklo turned then, displaying its teeth. Humans might have though it a smile, but to Striker and on a heklo, it was a sign of aggression. Striker took the smallest step backwards. He was a protector. But he had not yet faced such aggression directed towards him. “You’re one of them?” The heklo just grinned wider. “But, not you. Snip, we were supposed to be friends.” “This is more important. It’s the fate of the Superiority in balance. The humans grow stronger. Something must stop them, and the DSI isn’t doing enough.” Striker stood his ground, but felt an incomprehensible sadness at what he knew was about to happen. “Were you with them from the beginning?” Snip just nodded, then struck forward with a speed Striker could never expect. The glass that held his true body was shattered. The liquid spilled out, carrying him along with it. The mechanical suit stopped abruptly, then tipped to the side. Now defenseless, Striker could only swing at Snip with his claws, but it was no use. With a careful delicateness Striker hadn’t expected, Snip picked him up. Then carried him all the way to the nowhere. *** Kaviq couldn’t help but feel satisfied. They made a subtle gesture to represent that emotion as Ghanderflaffle was escorted out of the assembly. The dione should have known better. They should have known it would be futile to act against the DPS. They had insisted on their innocence as they’d been accused of taking part of the disappearances. Ghanderflaffle wasn’t wrong, but they were in the way. While the High Minister suspected the DPS was involved, there had been no proof. And the lack of evidence—tossed into the nowhere—had helped keep direct accusations away from Kaviq and their crew. The discovery of the human, as distasteful as it was to find one hiding among them so well, had been a wonderful boost. They could tell the High Minister was even more willing to turn a blind eye to their actions. They clacked their claws together in discomfort at the thought of the human. Humans were wretched things. And finally, nothing else stood in their way to wipe them from the galaxy. Kaviq looked to Winzik for approval before stepping forward to speak. “You have all seen how disastrous this farcical argument has been. How many of our numbers have lost because the DSI has driven them to a debasing aggressive behavior?” They looked pointedly at Keras, who knew what Kaviq themself had been doing behind the scenes. It knew they’d been directing the removal of several DSI supporters. What it didn’t know, though, was their secret weapon. The one who had been convinced to switch sides. It might even think it could win today. It would be wrong. Kaviq gestured satisfaction again as they turned back to the rest of the assembly. “Let us finally be done with this travesty.” They turned to the minister’s assistant. “I move for a final vote on the project. As Keras wishes, let us decide whether they should be given control.” It brought much satisfaction to Kaviq when Liranil voted. Keras bared its teeth when Liranil was called, and voiced in support of the DPS. Its closest dione supporter now turned to Kaviq’s side. That was all they’d needed. *** Keras sat alone in its office, holding a small metal contraption of twisting light and spinning gears. Everything had tumbled out of its control. There was a moment of hope, once, but that was long gone. Any and all fortune came far too late. There was no light, no hope, no saving grace, just the cold void that lurked beyond thin walls and atmospheres. The DPS were in control, fully integrated into the upper echelons of command. There was a knock at the door. “Sir,” a voice said. Liranil’s voice, the traitor. “By democratic vote, you have been removed from your position as head of the Department of Species Integration.” It pressed a silver button, and a second door, this one reinforced by several layers of metal, slammed down. These measures wouldn’t hold them off forever, but Keras didn’t need forever. It just needed a little more time. It opened the contraption it had spent so long working on, revealing its inner workings. A small holographic screen appeared, asking a final question in a language Keras had learned in agonising hours of the night. It gave the affirmative, and the soft whirring noise that the contraption emitted increased in volume. The light brightened, nearly blinding Keras with its intensity. The pounding at the door grew more frantic as the people outside heard the grinding of gears and saw the blinding light, but the steel held. Abruptly, everything ceased. The whirring stopped for the first time since Keras had repaired the machine, the light faded save for the gleaming of lamplight off of the metal, and the door buckled, admitting Liranil, Snip, and Kaviq. “You’re too late,” Keras snarled. “It is done.” And with that, Keras fell to the floor, body limp, still, dead. “That was surprisingly anticlimactic,” Kaviq remarked as they dragged Keras’s body to the morgue. Even as the rest of the DPS followed them, none of them noticed the dropped contraption, or the faint holographic screen it was emitting, or the words on the hologram, shining bright in a language no living person knew. [INTEGRATION COMPLETE] Aftermath Ghanderflaffle was deposed! They were a Dione Leader with the Department of Species Integration! StrikerEZ was killed! They were a Varvax Leader with the Department of Species Integration! Vote Count Ghanderflaffle (2) - Snipexe, Liranil, StrikerEZ Snipexe (0) - Ghanderflaffle The Department of Protective Services has won! Congratulations to Quinn0928, Somebody from Sel, Dannex, Snipexe, and Liranil! Player List Doc links: Master Spreadsheet DPS Doc Detritus Spy Doc Dead/Spec Doc (Original DPS Doc) Thanks to my amazing co-GM, @Gears, especially for doing most of the write-up RP! You’ll make a great GM. Also, thanks to @Devotary of Spontaneity for IMing and helping me sort out the disaster I made of the first round and keeping me from forgetting other, important details through the rest of the game. Everyone is free to talk about the original distribution now, including any woe at having lost a fun role. You’ll find the full original distribution on the fourth sheet of the spreadsheet.
  6. The turn is closed! Next should be posted soon!
  7. Four hours left! Don't forget your actions! Vote count: Ghanderflaffle (3) - Snipexe, Liranil, StrikerEZ Snipexe (1) - Ghanderflaffle
  8. “And so we are agreed,” Keras drawled, holding a tally of the votes. “Quinn shall be removed from office.” Quinn struggled against the guards, shouting her reasoning to the stars, but to no avail. Her badge was stripped from her, and she was tossed callously to the side. The gathered workers quickly cross-referenced her badge with the employee lists, and breathed a sigh of relief. Despite the knife’s edge they danced upon, they had found another one. Kaviq maintained composure but internally snarled in anger. Yet another one of their pawns had been found and removed. They were at the cusp of victory, of a successful coup, but everything was crumbling right at the end. They’d rooted out the spy, they’d gotten a new recruit, they’d removed so many DSI members, and yet their near-certain victory kept faltering in the last heartbeat. They left the room in a swirl of feigned indifference and concealed rage, waiting for the DPS members to join him. “You have failed me,” they said without turning. “Indeed, sir,” their lieutenant said. “However, everything is still going as planned. It’s all fine, rea–” “Fine?” they bit. “Fine? 3 of your coworkers are gone, and you call it fine?” “I know, sir, but if we just–” “Silence,” they growled, not even wanting to hear their pawn’s voice any longer. “Just… go kill someone. And I don’t want another survival. Actual death.” “Yes, sir!” Kaviq was left alone to stew in their anger. In sooth, things were not so bad. Nothing was unsalvageable, after all. Except for humans, of course. Those uncivilised barbarians couldn’t be trusted. But the situation was… passable. They could save this. *** Grute had not meant to stumble across a secret meeting between the people that were picking off the DSI slowly. He’d just been out on a walk, wanting to clear his head after the recent deposement, when he’d overheard raised voices. This was an oddity at the worst of times, so he’d quickly rushed over to see if anyone was hurt. That had not paid off. Now he had a knife in his chest and a ruined uniform. Bloodstains were ever so difficult to wash off, and… Oh. He was dying. It hadn’t hit him until now. He wouldn’t have a chance to wash off his uniform, or even give it to the tailors to sew up. He’d be dead. His killer stood above him, breathing heavily from their sudden chase. Blood was everywhere, and Grute’s head was spinning. Probably the blood loss. “Thank you for dying easily,” his killer remarked, but Grute couldn’t muster the energy to respond. His eyes drooped shut, and he didn’t open them again. Cycle Seven Quinn0928 has been deposed! They were a member of the Department of Protective Services! TJ Shade has been killed! They were a Cambric with the Department of Species Integration! Vote Count: Quinn0928 (3) - TJ Shade, Liranil, StrikerEZ TJ Shade (0) - Quinn0928 Player List This turn ends January 5, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. PST. If Snipexe does not post this turn, they will be removed from the game. No pinch-hitters remain.
  9. This turn is officially over. The next will be posted shortly.
  10. A little over 6 hours left in the turn! Don't forget your votes and actions! Vote Count: Quinn0928 (3) - TJ Shade, Liranil, StrikerEZ TJ Shade (1) - Quinn0928
  11. Sale Conim was a person of shadows and quiet. He said little and tended to loom. Part of that was to blame on technological problems. No one talked to him much, so he wandered the ship in isolation, watching everyone pass by. Being overlooked left a bitter tang in his mouth, but it was useful for scouting out the Department of Species Integration. Unfortunately, his precautions had started to fail. Others were starting to notice. Many suspected he’d been the one to go direct to the High Minister to whisper lies and influence the decisions made by the whole. They weren’t wrong, but it was nonetheless an annoyance. A hindrance to the goal of the DPS. He stood in front of the assembly after being called forward by the High Minister. Others had come out with accusations. And Kaviq would not come to his defense. “Conim,” said the assistant after clanging his gavel once again. “You are being accused of actions unbecoming of the Superiority. Actions such as these cannot be allowed to continue to taint the Superiority. Such aggression.” Sale Conim stayed quiet as the assistant continued to enumerate the accusations. Witnesses were called to explain his transgressions. It was all so civil. So disdainful. Aggression was not to be allowed—of that he was certain—but the consistent civility was only a mask hiding the gruesome truth. Species of primary intelligence were no less immune to subversive machinations. “It is decided, then. Conim, you are dismissed from duty within the assembly and DPS alike.” Sale Conim stayed in the shadows as he walked out of the hall and into the bright world of Starsight. It was all so fake, designed to keep the people under their control. The DPS was going to change that. With or without Sale Conim. *** Straw opened his eyes, blinking thim rapidly as bright lights hung overhead. How long had I been out? Where am I? His breath caught and panic rose in his chest as he realized he was in the medbay. He’d been stabbed. How much did they find? Straw knew he’d have much bigger problems if they suddenly discovered the ambassador from UrDail was actually a human from a quarantined planet. The holoprojector was, thankfully, still attached to his wrist, and his earpiece was still in place. The wound on his side was patched, though, so they’d at least taken care of that. He glanced around to make sure no one was nearby, then spoke quietly. “M-Bot? Are you there?” “Oh. You’re awake. Good.” M-Bot’s voice was a welcome comfort. Straw sighed in relief. “How good is this projector? Did they notice anything out of place with my disguise?” “I do not know, but no one seemed to be scared away by the sudden realization you are a barbaric human.” That sigh was from exasperation. “Not barbaric.” “All of you organic species seem barbaric to me.” “Any progress on the hyperdrive search while I’ve been out?” Straw doubted that would be the case. M-Bot had already searched all available public databases, and it wasn’t like he would be able to go interrogate anyone himself. “None yet. Mrs. Chadwick isn’t exactly the best conversationalist.” “Please tell me you haven’t tried to talk with her.” Straw put his hand to his face, closing his eyes. He doubted M-Bot would be so careless as to talk to someone else, but he could be unpredictable sometimes. “That is why she isn't a good conversationalist. I can’t talk to her, so she’s not good at conversation.” “Well, do—” Straw cut off as the door to the medbay started to open. It was someone he didn’t recognize. Probably one of the doctors. “You’ve been trouble for us,” the doctor said. Straw’s stomach knotted. Did they know, then? “My injury seems better.” The doctor pulled a syringe from a coat pocket and pulled the cap. “A tragedy, really.” What? “This would all have gone so much better if you’d just died. Now we have to do this all over again.” The doctor—or, maybe not doctor—stepped up to Straw’s beside with quick steps and shoved the needle into his skin. A hot pain spread through his arm and he cried out, reaching with his other arm to shove the not-doctor away. The creature grabbed at his wrist to maintain balance, but only caught the holoprojector bracelet. It snapped in half, the projection failing. Straw’s skin turned in an instant from purple to its normal tan. The not-doctor stepped back, barings its teeth. “A human. Even worse than we thought.” “Straw? Straw?” M-Bots voice was becoming faint in his ear. “M-Bot. I—I’m sorry.” The searing pain kept spreading, from his arm into his shoulder. Then to his chest. Each breath made his lungs expand into a wall of burning needles. Air stopped coming as the sensation overtook his body. *** Keras puckered its lips as it was called for an emergency meeting at the assembly. It was not the time for such nonsense, but the DPS had insisted they had an urgent matter that could not wait until the next day. This whole thing had already taken entirely too much time. The DPS was dragging out their opposition longer than Keras could ever have expected. And their move tonight did not bode well for the DSI. Not well at all. Once everyone—everyone that was left, that is—was gathered in the hall once more, Kaviq was called to the stage where a table had been set out with something rather large and bulky had been laid out under a sheet. The gavel clanged and Kaviq was officially given the floor. They did not speak at first. Only looked around to the gathered assembly. “The Department of Protective Services has had one goal for many years: To control the human infestation. We have been pushing for harsher measures as the humans, especially those on Detritus, grow closer to breaking free from their prison. Closer than you could even imagine. “We called you here tonight to make you see how real that threat really is. How close it is. And to show you why the DPS needs to continue control of the delver project.” With a sweeping gesture, Kaviq uncovered the object on the table. It was a body. A human body. The crowd broke out in shocked murmurs. Several of those near the front stepped away as if they might catch some kind of disease from the creature. Keras felt ill, but it kept its face stoic. “This human was discovered hiding among our own ranks. This is what we’re really fighting. He went undiscovered for how long among us? And no one knew the wiser. If we continue to let the DSI tie our hands, the humans will escape and put the entire Superiority in danger again. We all know why they are a threat to all of us. This must be stopped. And that starts with stopping the DSI.” No. This meeting had not ended well for them. Keras wondered how they’d ever get beyond this. Cycle Six Somebody from Sel has been deposed! They were a Cambric with the Department of Protective Services Straw was killed! They were the Detritus Spy! Someone has been converted to the DPS cause! Vote Count: Somebody from Sel (3) - TJ Shade, Snipexe, Liranil, StrikerEZ Player List This turn ends in about 48 hours, on January 3, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. PST.
  12. Don't forget your actions or votes! Seven and a half hours in the turn. Vote count: Somebody from Sel (4) - TJ Shade, Snipexe, Liranil, StrikerEZ
  13. As for now, we will continue this turn as if nothing has changed. I'll start looking for a pinch-hitter, just in case. Also, @Quinn0928, you had asked a question earlier about parity. While the answer to your specific question is still PAFO, I will restate the win conditions. The game ends when either all of the DPS are removed from the game, or when there is no chance for the DSI to win.