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  1. Apparently Alv's God's do not favor me as an elim. But yes, it was nice to last one cycle longer. In hindsight, I should have just died. Though, since part of the reason the lynch turned to me was hedging a bit about your lynch, you might have been in the same spot I was C2. Oh well. It was a good try anyway
  2. Thank you Young Bard for such a fun game! I apologise again to CadCom and Snipexe for bringing my bad luck with me. You both did great, especially Snip for staying alive so long after we flubbed it. And Fifth. If it weren't for you... But really, you did great! Congrats to the village!
  3. You'll be assigned at the start of a game which role you'll have. Your RP doesn't have to be (actually advised to not be) the same as your role. RP characters just add flavor, but aren't required. EDIT: Also, try to avoid double posting. If you need to add something and no one's posted (generally if not much time has passed), just click the edit button. Welcome to SE!
  4. Sorry for the double post. Walin's was never supposed to stay. I'm not sure this will do any good, unless some Debonair wants to come to my aid. I really don't know why CadCom voted the way he did. But the best clue I have is either trying to give me a different village target to make two villagers the top choices, or as a last-minute distancing effort from Roadwalker.
  5. No, I just like SE. I didn't think one day would make that big of a difference, since most of the time a villager is lynched the first day. Obviously I was wrong, since we got an elim.
  6. I'll sign up as well. I don't have an RP character in mind yet though.
  7. I'm baffled by CadCom's vote, because if I'd been in his position, I'd have voted on me. As I said in my PM to Fifth, I was working on a post when CadCom sent in his vote on Road. I was super confused. It was such a strange move. The best explanation I can come up with is he was hoping to give me a different target to vote on, removing himself from the top two options. Especially with the possibility of so much vote manipulation. But I really don't know. It makes no sense to me. For now, I'll place a poke vote on @Walin, who hasn't posted yet this turn. Walin
  8. I... have no response to this. That actually makes a lot of sense. I sat there a while after seeing CadCom's vote wondering why he wouldn't just vote on me.
  9. "Based on Duilin's hypothesis, there are either two traitors left, or only one," Declan, the Detailed said as he wrote numbers down on a paper. "The odds are not in our favor for finding Fourth Letir's comrades simply by luck." Declan, though, was starting to doubt the odds himself. It was not a statistical impossibility that they'd found a traitor so quickly, but it was a statistical improbability. What other improbable things would happen before they guided Alendi safely to his goal? He was slowly realizing there were other forces working in the world that did not care for the goals or desires of humanity. It wanted something, but what? Shaking his head, Declan put the thoughts out of his mind. If there was some greater force at work, it was not the biggest threat to the party at the moment. He turned back to his calculations, trying to find hard evidence that would lead them to routing out those who were proving to be willing to do anything to halt Alendi's progress. ---- I've realized choosing an RP based on a mathematically detailed person is a bit difficult for myself. I apologize now if anything there is statistically incorrect in any of my RPs. Sorry about that. I haven't had the time until now to sit and actually compose something worthwhile. I'm curious Fifth about your statements last cycle. I read one where you said 3/13 possibility of being hostile, and later likely 2-man elim team. I take it the 3 includes the Deepness? (As I typed out the question, I realized how dumb it sounds. Of course the Deepness is hostile, it wants everyone dead.) If that's correct, it's likely there's only one elim left. That feels a bit low to me, but all the games I've played usually have 15+ players. Only two deaths, while not great, is somewhat telling. With the potential for three kill roles (assuming one Defender role based on player count), at least one is showing restraint or is less active. Since everyone at least posted last cycle, I'm thinking the first option. I also would not doubt if either the Deepness or Defender was left out in order to help keep the game from ending in just a few cycles.
  10. See, there's something off about this post to me. I'd think Roadwalker (I have no idea why, but I keep wanting to type your name as Roadkiller ) would be experienced enough to get out of a lynch without having to fall back on that. So, in interest of self-preservation, Ca*Com.
  11. Refer again to my reasoning for not voting. I was relatively busy while trying to decide on a candidate, but thought lynching CadCom would be mean since he often dies early, and Roadwalker because they're just returning. Once I got off work, and had the time to actually put together what evidence I had, I landed on Drought. But with your confirmation, Droughtbringer. I was working off information that's several hours old. Sorry Drought!
  12. Sorry, that post was made while I was at work, and it was a relatively busy day so I didn't have a ton of time to commit to reading and posting. I agree, votes are definitely important. At the time, however, I couldn't decide on who to vote on. Most of the people are either returning, new-ish, or very frequently lynched early on. The two candidates as of my last post both fell into one of those categories. I honestly still don't know who to vote on, even as it comes to saving my own life. I wasn't supporting either lynch in principle, I actually opposed both of them (see above for better explanation). And yes, insufficient data because I have a really bad track record as an elim, for the few times I've been one. For now, I'll place a vote on Droughtbringer. I've heard through some PMs that they aren't responding to PMs, despite having seen them. That would likely place them as a Tin Feruchemist, and based on Fifth's analysis, likely elim.
  13. We're less than 5 hours left, and we've got a tied vote on CaCom and Roadwalker. @Young Bard, what happens in the event of a tie? I'm willing to have a lynch this turn, but I'd feel bad lynching Roadwalker round one of their return. At the same time, I can understand CaCom's logic, even if it is a bit circular. (I'm actually stuck in about the same kind of circle, since I want the game to last longer, but no information from a lynch is unhelpful in the long run).