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  1. What Alvron said. I have, in my year and a half here, ruined many a game for the village as a villager. My "analysis" is rarely ever correct, and usually ends up misleading me and others more often than not. But I enjoy the community and the debates. Plus the Cosmere/Sanderson themes make it even more fun (even though my RPing has taken a drastic decline). Though I was kind of pocketing you, what I said in the game was the truth. You aren't a bad at SE. If you are, all of us are as well. I really enjoyed the short time I was able to play with you, and I do hope you join us again. If you don't feel comfortable playing, we'd definitely love to have you spectate. Just know, you're always welcome, no matter how good you think you are.
  2. Once I figured out you were the coinshot, I knew it was trolling. Still nice to have someone not vote on me... At least at the beginning. I hope you all enjoyed the last two turns as much as I did. Being an outed elim in the thread is a blast.
  3. Thanks Straw for running this game! I had a ton of fun. I'm glad I had the time to step in for @BrightnessRadiant. Sorry, BR. I couldn't quite win it for you. I made some terrible decisions. @Rathmaskal, I'm disappointed in you. You should have let me live! And @Fifth Scholar, I'm disappointed in you too, for scanning me. I can't believe you didn't trust my claims! Overall, this was a very good game. Congrats to the village.
  4. Congrats Drake. Now I at least know why people were adamantly defending you and promoting you for governor. I'm actually kind of glad someone was able to pull off that win-con. I am, however, disappointed it was a villager that ended up actively working against village to get there. Time for some thoughts, now that I'm at a computer and can type more easily what's likely going to be a wall of text. I apologize in advance. First, something that no one else has mentioned yet: QFs are difficult because of the short turns. It means, inevitably, there will be a chunk of people who can't participate in the discussion as well because of time zones. I feel this game was a drastic representation of that problem. People who weren't able to be on at the end of turn didn't have any say, really, on the outcome of the lynch. A lot of the people I noticed falling back in activity were in that group. It's a bit of a fatalistic view, knowing what they contribute early on won't matter much since they aren't on to argue their points in the last 2 hours, or in some cases, last 30 minutes (sorry Joe). The other part of that would be those of us who were able to be active dominated the discussion, and for a few turns, didn't make much of an effort to expand our focus or invite others to participate. I am sorry for that, and for tunneling so hard on Striker, et al. I didn't have the time to do analysis, and thus, kept going back to my gut reads that you were all corrupt. As someone pointed out, the mechanic regarding alignment reveals discouraged me from doing analysis when I did finally have the time. All I could go on was my gut reads, and hope I was right. One thing, in hindsight, that could have resolved that would have been to use a ledger on every person we lynched. It could have been thrown by elims using a ledger and lying about the scan result, but they'd have to at least use a ledger first, risking it going back into circulation. It would have been difficult to coordinate though. I started out with no boxings and a warrant. I kept using warrants and getting nothing, except when I finally stole the dagger from Snipexe. I was planning to buy a ledger from the store that night and start doing what I said I'd do: kill and scan people in the jail to know their real alignments. I'm disappointed I was jailed before I could go on my killing spree. Congrats to @Butt Ad Venture. First games as elims are always frightening, and even if you didn't have a high activity level, you were contributing more than some. As Bard said, you did a good job even with your teammates dying/getting jailed so quickly. Also, congrats to @RayOfSunshine, who, by sheer chance, murdered an elim on the first night. I know you got a lot of flack for that, but turns out it was for the good of the village. @Furamirionind, I didn't mean to ignore your suggestions. It's a bad habit of mine on SE to just not address ideas that I only slightly disagree with or have no opinion about. I'm glad you felt I was contributing though, because I didn't. Mostly, I felt like I was running myself into a brick wall over and over again, unable to get past my initial suspicions. It was frustrating. Thank you, Joe, for running this game. Though we all struggled at some point, it was still fun. You especially had a lot to deal with, between last-second vote changes and problematic spreasheets. Thanks for putting up with our shenanigans.
  5. I'm not doing this. It's obligation my own choice. I've been hacked discovered. Help! Straw Ruin will Reign!
  6. A web of lies, unraveled by a Seeker, a Coinshot, and persistent rabble. The tears in my skin are healing too slowly. Blood drips onto the cobbled ground as I face the crowd. Blue lines extend outward from me, designing the world that only Inquisitors have the pain of knowing. And what a wonderful pain it is. I came so close. So close to victory for the Lord Ruler. For that which drives all Inquisitors. It wasn't supposed to end this way. An Inquisitor, chosen by the Lord Ruler himself, should not be taken down so easily. I have a bigger mission. A purpose these skaa would never understand. I would destroy them with me. Except... I am too weak. Something is wrong. These skaa have found me. They have destroyed me. A laugh escapes my lips as the mob converges on me. Their ruin is nigh.
  7. Nope. That definitely didn't happen. Bard is definitely still suspect. If only... Maybe the Lurcher had a change of heart and protected me.
  8. I will. Doc12. Fifth. Now's your chance. You can have your wish of several cycles finally fulfilled. Just vote with me.
  9. My vote is yes, let the Inquisitor live. Remember, cookies and stuff. Also, coinshot, no cookies for you.
  10. Ah, yes. The whole "you should trust me because I'm on your side" thing. Yeah, I suppose I deserved the vote. The cookies will be spike free. Can't say the same for the cake. I struggled with those. I was perfectly content leaving my name out, but knew it would seem potentially suspicious if someone else noticed and I hadn't said anything. I tried by best to contribute as a villager. Even forgot I was the Inquisitor at one point.
  11. I almost killed Snipexe the turn that I killed Burnt, but I was certain she was a Tineye or Seeker, and she was a bigger threat in the end, so I switched. Sorry about that, Burnt. Now it's a question of if the Lurcher will get lucky again and make my lack of luck will reign supreme.
  12. ... If I can actually hit a storming Misting. EDIT: Wrong 'verse. *Rusting Misting.
  13. Of course you scanned me. A snapped claim was the last hope I had at people just ignoring me again. I should have claimed Unsnapped to you that night. I was plenty happy to let you keep tunneling on Doc and Devotary. @Doc12, I feel so betrayed. I defended you for so long... and you vote on me? If there are any coinshots, please don't hit Elandera tonight. I'll give you cookies?
  14. @Fifth Scholar, you cursed me. I blame you for this. I'm a thug. Now. I was previously unsnapped. Fifth, the night I told you I was not a thug was the night I snapped. And of course, because RNG hates me, gave me thug.