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  1. You're somewhere around 14th on the list, so it's probably going to take until after December depending on the availability of the others.
  2. I take it this is an LG? I can add you to the spreadsheet, but just need to know the category of game.
  3. Hmm. That was phrased poorly (my initial statement, not yours). It wasn't really that it was the wrong name, but that I didn't mean to vote Matrim because of my earlier thinking. Let's see if I can recall my logic there. My options were Vapor, Mist, Mint, Kynedath, Matrim, and Sart. I knew I didn't want to vote Vapor or Kynedath. I saw the reasoning and didn't really agree. I'd just removed my vote from Mint since she'd arrived. I didn't have any strong feelings one way or the other about Mist and Sart, and hadn't remembered seeing any reasoning for either. In the moment, that left me with Matrim, but I'd forgotten earlier that I'd specifically said I didn't want to lynch someone that active (those thought processes are difficult for me to remember while I'm at work and have a lot of other things distracting me). That ended with me placing and then removing the vote. I didn't vote on anyone because someone else tied it and I didn't have any particular motivation or reason to change it. Sorry about the confusion. Again, I tend to have less logical progressions of thought while at work, and I type what comes to mind first rather than what's necessarily accurate.
  4. (Anyone else find it slightly ironic the top two candidates are Vapor and Mist?)
  5. Shoot.. I typed the wrong name! Matrim. I said specifically earlier I didn't want to lynch you because you were active. Ninja'd by Frozen. Now that there's a second two-vote candidate. I'm going to leave it as is.
  6. Panic, really. Welcome. Frozen Mint. No point in killing you now. Contribution Crusades are always a difficult topic, but when there is no real discussion happening, it's better than killing off one of the few actually talkative ones. With how much has been discussed during this cycle, a lynch on someone like Mint (especially with the immediate and strong defense after my vote), would actually tell us a lot. However, since they've arrived, I won't push the issue any further at this moment. It's just a common occurrence that explains why I'm not shy about bandwagoning a poke vote. It just wasn't my reasoning at the time, as I'm not really that suspicious of Vapor this cycle. I was more suspicious of the lurking, and still am in some ways, but I don't know Mint well enough to know if that's AI or not. Several players come to mind that were lurkers no matter which alignment they played. I believe the votes stand with Vapor in the lead (two votes), with Mint, Mist, Matrim, Sart, and Kynedath following. Let's make things interesting. Matrim.
  7. *movie trailer voice* In ancient times, before you or I were even aware of this world, there was a cause. Many took up arms to fight for this cause. They fought for activity and participation, culling the ranks of the lurkers and inactives. They came to be known as the... Contribution Crusade *Normal voice* It's because I see them lurking, yet still not posting. I'm pretty sure someone else made that observation before, though I could be wrong. I also believe in there being real consequences to poke votes. If you didn't want them lynched at all, don't vote on them at all. Too often elims will "poke vote" their allies early in a game for distancing.
  8. I'm not good at this. But I don't like the reasoning on Kynedath or Vapor. D1 is rough when it comes to finding something to say. It's almost always just trying to get other people to say something in order to get a read, or throwing out analysis of something we actually know (which is pretty much only rules on D1). Neither behavior I think is worth a D1 lynch. I'm a bit more sus of Matrim at this point, but don't really want to lynch someone who is really pushing for activity on D1. I'd almost rather go for the contribution lynch at this point (especially after last game's definite struggle with activity that killed the village at the end). Thus, Frozen Mint.
  9. Hello, hello, fine folk. Sorry it's taken me so long to check in. I've glanced at things but have been generally too busy to post or read thoroughly. Most role analysis can be somewhat indicative later if the player doing the breakdown is elim. They'll sometimes downplay the importance of some of their teammates roles. As a counterpoint, this game doesn't really have traditional roles. Kynedath's analysis to me, actually seems a little village. It directly calls out certain actions elims may use to hide behind in claiming. I wouldn't say it's enough to clear him, but it's enough for me to counter a D1 lynch attempt. @Zillah or anyone, do you have a vote count available? I'd put one down myself but I'm on mobile and that's a pain.
  10. I'm getting closer to finishing everything, so go ahead an sign me up
  11. If you don't get enough people by 24hrs before the game, ping me. I should be able to join, so long as I've finished my short story and video project by then.
  12. Great game! That first cycle was a blast, and it was definitely satisfying to find out my gut read on Vapor C1 was right. Thank you, Straw, for running the game. I look forward to the next I'll be able to join when my hiatus 2.0 is over.
  13. That was me. You should have seen my elim doc as soon as I realized my action claim was directly counter to what happened. I thought for sure that was the end of it. Elim docs are great for that purpose. Was this your first time as an elim? This is correct. It's why I wasn't voting, because it didn't count anyways and I didn't want to muddy the vote manipulation waters.
  14. Good game everyone, and especially to you, Matrim. I would definitely have voted on you (if my vote mattered at all, and work hadn't been totally busy in the last few hours) with that last claim. But I loved it! It reminded me of my own last-second panic claims as an elim. Overall, I think the village win was almost sheer luck.