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  1. Bridge? Cross bridge or destroy bridge... thinking is hard with half brain. Brainsssss. Bridgesss. Save bridge. Then cross bridge. Tasty brains on other side maybe.
  2. Pear sound tasty. Remember like fruit. Maybe brains are tasty like memory
  3. Meta was tasty. Only pretended to be zombie. Blood smell too good to be zombie. Also, brains.
  4. Wait... Humans bad for zombie pyramid. leave him to zomchillas.
  5. Human is good. Good for eats. Cooked human gross. Cooked zombie bad.
  6. Mmm.. Brains. Fire pretty... I unsure if I set fire. Maybe old me. Now me want brains.
  7. Most of what they're saying, at least to me, sounds like typical elim speak. Especially in a conversion game. They want us to just accept the disease. Devotary's "pyramid" is the basis for conversion. It almost seems as if they can convert more than one person a game, but one person a turn. So you have this kind of structure: A pyramid scheme. If we don't stop them en masse tonight, we're done for. I don't think becoming a zombie is worth it. If there's anyone willing to help me, PM me. I have an idea.
  8. I'm going a little meta here, but if we look at this like a normal conversion game, we shouldn't be trying to be converted. We should be trying to stop the spread of the disease. Our win-con is still to stay alive and reach safety. It kind of breaks the game to just accept the zombie plague. Alv might have something planned for that (knowing Alv), but it will probably just end the game.
  9. O'Malley here. Sorry I got distracted. I had some writing to do. Books might still be needed in the zombie apocalypse, right? Hopefully, or all that work would be useless. Give me some time to figure out what's going on, and I should be able to do more than just stand around. Is there a reason we can't kill the zombies so they don't attack any more of us? Decapitation seems to work. At least from what I've noticed.
  10. Hi. I exist. I will try to do something in the next hour, but I need to catch up a bit.
  11. Nooooooooo. If it starts now, I'll be AFK for a good chunk of the game... don't start it yet
  12. It starts tomorrow! I'm super excited Feel free to expand still, even if you can't do it tonight. We're going to be starting up a podcast soon, where I can share more advice. Thank you!
  13. Well, if y'all don't want them shot, I guess decapitation would be the next best option. Do we have two people who can do it? Without guns, all I've got are my crochet needles, and I don't know how effective they'd be with decapitation. Maybe stabbing an eye socket.