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  1. Nothing recently has given me that weird tone read. Aside from that first conversation, most of your posts seem fairly village motivated. I'm comfortable putting you in a neutral-village category. I'm also inclined to agree with Rae here, and say the Striker lynch was probably villagers, which is another reason I'd slide my read on you to the village side. A little paranoia of Alv is always healthy. I'm not sure I understand her reasoning from this turn, though. It feels like it might be more tunneling than anything. She did at least acknowledge it was an IKYK, which might be why she didn't vote on him. I'm not as aware of her past play style, so I can't really comment on her being more or less assertive. As for Alv, I intend to keep a close eye on him as always, but I don't think his posts have warranted a vote as of yet. Most have been RP or RP-related, and his vote on DeTess seems very Alv-ish, wishing to keep a perceived tie. This post from Itiah is interesting. He includes a strong defense of Striker, but ends up voting on Elbereth, who had no votes at the time. I can't really argue much, since he did vote on his stated suspicion, but there's something about the general tone that strikes me as odd. Maybe it's just that he used me as a reasoning for voting. @I think I am here., what say you? I'd love to hear your thoughts now that Striker has flipped. Are you still suspicious of El?
  2. No one has been lynched! Vote Count Rathmaskal (1) - Xinoehp512, Elbereth Elbereth (1) - Player List Reminders: Two votes are needed for a lynch. In interest of time, day turns will only last 24 hours This turn will end Sunday, October 20 at 6 p.m. PDT.
  3. And that's the turn. The next should be posted shortly.
  4. Marzia pressed the cloth down onto the wounds, desperately trying to ignore the somersaults her stomach insisted on doing at the sight of blood. She had her eyes firmly closed. There was a reason she did not travel with the army as one of their smiths. There was too much blood involved in war. "How long do I need to hold this?" Her voice was unsteady - a stark change from her usual quiet, but steady tones. --- I wanted to write more in RP, but I lost my train of thought with no hope of recovering it since I'm at work. Wishy-washy is a good way to phrase it. C1 lynches always feel like a necessary evil to me. I try to be involved and vote, but second guess myself a lot for meta-game reasons. It's more than halfway through the turn (I think? I still don't know when exactly rollover happens, since I'm always asleep) and there's no vote yet. I guess I'll start it off. I'd still like Venture (@Butt Ad Venture) to respond. Was there any particular reason for your vote on Rath? What do you think of your vote being manipulated?
  5. That's fair. The better way for me to have phrased my thoughts was that I didn't find the contents of the conversation to be suspicious enough for a vote yet. It may come into play later, but as of now, it's not enough for me to want to lynch two of the more active players/RPers. Rather, the tone I picked up is something that will prompt me to keep an eye on both of you.
  6. Definitely. I have gone back and read the turn a little more closely, and I think it's just the general tone of your conversation with Striker. However, the content of the conversation is pretty NAI, so I'm settling you both back into the neutral category along with everyone else. I'll give you this one. Alv is usually enough reason alone. I think I'll place a vote on Lawrence(@Butt Ad Venture). Any other particular reason for your vote on Rath? The vote seems a little bit like you're trying to distance yourself from the main vote volley. What are your thoughts on Striker, Alv, and STINK?
  7. (((write-up to be added))) No one has been killed! Devotary of Spontaneity has gone insane! Player List This turn will end Saturday, October 19 at 6 p.m. PDT. Announcement: Any days turns which may or may not occur will only be 24 hours long! Please plan accordingly.
  8. This cycle has ended. The next post should be up soon.
  9. Five hours before the clandestine meeting at Frozen Moon: Clang, clang, ping. Clang, clang, ping. Marzia fell into a steady rhythm as she hammered the glowing metal plate against the anvil. The sound resonated deep within her, creating a salve for her soul. More than ever before, she needed to feel grounded - safe. The world was an unsteady place. Clang, clang, ping. Darela dead. A strange note. Unfinished blueprints. Clang, clang, ping. The plating she was working against the anvil was just a piece revealed by the schematics. It was incredible. Intricate. Beautiful. It would solidify her place as the finest armorer in the Rose Empire. Marzia shoved the metal back into the pile of red coals, then slowly worked the bellows. The coals grew brighter as a wave of heat washed over her. It would be useless without the rest of the blueprints. She would go to that meeting. Nothing would stop her from finishing that armor. --- Writing that RP took longer than expected, and now I'm running short on time. I'll try to place a vote later tonight, once I get the chance to more thoroughly read what's happened so far. Thoughts from my skimmed read: I find Striker vaguely suspicious, but I think I tend to find him suspicious no matter his alignment (I think I've tried to lynch him early in every game I've played with him ). The other people with votes currently don't seem to have warranted them, at least that I've found. They seem to be more stabs in the dark, which for D1, isn't terrible but it's also not ideal. I want to keep an eye on El, though I can't articulate why at the moment. Something seems off.
  10. (((write-up to be added))) Elbereth survived the lynch! Vote Count Rathmaskal (2) - Xinoehp512, Elbereth, Devotary Elbereth (3) - Rathmaskal Player List This turn will end Friday, October 18 at 6 p.m. PDT. Announcement: Any days turns which may or may not occur will only be 24 hours long! Please plan accordingly.