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  1. mafia championship

    Fura, I give you the shattered remnant of Devotion, that you may be able to protect your allies from suspicion and unnecessary deaths. Good luck! You'll do amazingly!
  2. It appears Sart was telling the truth. I'll give him a pass for now, but vote manipulation might be a high priority target for Sja. I will be driving for the majority of tomorrow, and will be with my family for the holiday weekend. My activity will be limited for about 4 days.
  3. Vote count: Coop (5) - Randuir, Lumgol, Rath, Devotary, Sart Lumgol (1) - Levitaph Fifth (2) - Squeeves, Fura Sart (5) - Elandera, CadCom, Drapper, Fifth, Coop Rath (1) - Lopen I'm content to leave it at a tie. I feel there are valid reasons for both lynches, especially for a D1 lynch. It would also allow for Sart's claim to be proved, with potential consequences if he's lying. It's also distant enough that if people wanted to just place a vote on someone random without a vote on them currently, it shouldn't cause a problem.
  4. It was the bolded sentence. It might have been facetious, but it gave me a bad vibe. I tend to not like comments that tell me to not analyse and just go along with a bandwagon. Especially when that bandwagon seems based on weird reasoning.
  5. This seems a harsh reaction to a post. CadCom said he'd be busy when he signed up, and he wasn't the only one to have such a post. My own was basically what CadCom said, but with some RP attached. Dr Drapper's first post was something to the order of he'd post more when he found something funny (and his second was "hmmmm"). In a game where activity matters for function, a simple checking in post is fine to me, especially that early on in the turn. It seems more village indicative that they want to at least get some progress toward bonding. There's also the matter of meta to consider here, where it's fairly common for poke votes to be placed on people who haven't submitted any post. Also, the bolded section seems very pushy and in many ways against what would be useful. Reviewing posts is always useful, and helps avoid unnecessary bandwagoning. Sart
  6. mafia championship

    I'm really sorry to do this, but I've had some stuff come up that would limit my time and availability to participate in the tournament. I'll have to withdraw. Thanks for the votes, though. Joe's vote can stay on Fura, if that's what he wishes.
  7. @Sart, can we get links to the docs?
  8. I'll be honest, while I see some justification for the votes on Lum, her posts seem more like conjecture and attempts at getting discussion going more than anything. Voting on her because she wasn't doing player analysis this early is a stretch to say the least. What was there to analyze? (At this point, there is more content, but the only analysis has been focused on Lum for not analyzing). This might not be the right reason, but Lum has also been lynched early on in a lot of her games for being relatively new. Last time, she deserved it, but the "elim behavior" being pointed out this time seem more similar to her style when she was lynched as village.
  9. There were a few points where I thought for sure I'd be discovered. Especially when I lied about using acid on CadCom. You should see my notes in the elim doc when that happened. My only saving grace was Sart's pre-determined mechanic. I still have no idea how none of you decided that was suspicious enough.
  10. Ugh! Soo close!! I can't believe it came down to a coin toss. Congratulations Steel (and the rest of the Soldiers)! I was really hoping you'd use acid on Snipexe, but figured you'd go with the contingency option. RNG was just not with us this game. To @Lumgol and @Cadmium Compounder, I'm sorry you both died so early. Especially CadCom for bussing you so early. This was such a fun game. Thanks @Sart for GMing!
  11. If we are relatively certain someone is Sja-anat, we should be focusing on them. If we can remove their lives, they will have fewer conversions, thus making it so we have fewer converts to find in the first place. But overall, I think we should just focus on finding the elims. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a particular role among many, but it is fairly easy to find people who are suspicious. I'd encourage people with some free actions to experiment with fusing essences, and if you come across something useful to share the combination.
  12. Mirena watched the shifting beads, any optimism retreating as quickly as a vine in the wilds of the physical realm. She found herself frozen, though. Rooted to the ground from fear or stupidity, she didn't know. Spren around her scattered, fleeing from the mass beneath the sea, but she stared. It was a day she dreaded. A day she feared beyond all else. A day when they would need more than what was available in their realm. It was time. --- Just saying hello. I'll admit I haven't looked in depth at the rules yet, so I'll be looking into that before I post much else and/or decide on a vote.
  13. Oh. Hmm. That makes things a bit different. I'm still hesitant of the claim though, but the same hesitancy I had before. The trouble is it seems everyone here has some reason to be cleared. Steel probably the most of the three of you. CadCom's vote on Snipexe doesn't really make sense for him to be elim, unless it was just a really risky distancing vote. That leaves me, still, on Devotary. I'm probably tunneling at this point, but I haven't been given sufficient proof to not vote on you.
  14. Wait a second. I used acid on CadCom, so he couldn't have gone for the crab that turn. I can't believe I didn't realize this before. That would mean Devotary's claim of having used the lantern to scan the crab is false.