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  1. This cycle closed 40 minutes ago. TUN should be around shortly
  2. Cycle should have closed 30 minutes ago.
  3. I believe the cycle closed 15 minutes ago. TUN should be around shortly.
  4. I believe the cycle ended an hour ago. I'll be locking the thread. TUN should be around shortly for rollover.
  5. Hey everyone! Just popping by to say that I am the IM for this game. If you have questions, concerns, or anything really, just send me a PM or hit me up in Discord. Good luck and have fun!
  6. Ah, the wonderful moment every SE player experiences at some point. The realization that no one is to be trusted.
  7. Aftermath: Unsightly Librarian-Controlled Dungeons Well, this is new. Someone out-broke me. The Lens Crafters are gone. The whole area has been annexed into the Hushlands. I'm pretty sure the librarians even made the old building a new Lens Crafters franchise location. There's always next time, I suppose. At least no sentient romance novels attacked us this time around. Luckspren has been killed! They were a Free Kingdomer! JNV has been killed! They were a Free Kingdomer! Vote Count Luckspren (3) - JNV, Archer, Devotary of Spontaneity Archer (1) - Luckspren Congratulations to the Evil Librarians, @Devotary of Spontaneity, @Fifth Scholar, @Kasimir, and @Archer! You have taken control over the lens crafting ability of the Free Kingdoms! An extra thanks to Archer for being willing to step in to take over for Kas. Also, thanks to @Araris Valerian for IMing! Player List Dead Doc Elim Doc Master Spreadsheet
  8. Cycle Six: Some Librarians are Instead Vengeful Undead No write-up again. Sorry. Conquestor has been killed! They were a Free Kingdomer! The_God_King has been killed! They were a Free Kingdomer! Vote Count Conquestor (2) - JNV, Archer JNV (2) - Devotary of Spontaneity, Luckspren Luckspren (1) - Conquestor Player List: This turn ends Monday, August 1 at 4:00 p.m. PDT.
  9. You have about 45 minutes to get votes and actions in! As a reminder, this rollover may be extended.
  10. Cycle Five: Cute for the Same Reasons Kittens are Cute Sorry, I'm in crunch time for a project and can't work on a write-up A Joe in the Bush has been killed! They were a Free Kingdomer! The Unknown Novel was killed! They were a Free Kingdomer! Vote Count: The Unknown Novel (4) - JVN, The_God_King, Devotary of Spontaneity, Luckspren Conquestor (2) - The Unknown Novel, Archer Luckspren (1) - Conquestor Player List This turn ends Saturday, June 30 at 4:00 p.m. PDT. As a warning, I will probably not be available at rollover, so it will be extended. The thread will automatically lock and any votes/actions after that will not be counted.
  11. That's time! The next turn should be up shortly.
  12. All forms of kill protection (Disguiser's, Windstormer's, and Truthfinder's) will show as "attacked but survived."