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  1. I also have no kills, as I've been in the same boat as Joe when it comes to paranoia.
  2. I was just thinking the same thing. EDIT: It seems strange to let Joe keep directing our possible actions. However, it seems he's willing to keep with an agreement for now, so killing him this round won't likely help me.
  3. Is anyone left that had a code with CadCom?
  4. Eh, why not. I'll join the allies.
  5. That's true, and likely. But not very helpful if both of your attacks happen to flip to me. Ah, well. 'Tis the way of things I suppose.
  6. I'm not a fan of this decision, as it means I get attacked. Also, three of my 'allies' are all dead. Ballantain, eh?
  7. xinoehp512: Rogiv Elandera: Tahrie Field Snipexe: Snip A Joe in the Bush: Joseph Watson Rathmaskal: Notath Reat Droughtbringer: Matist Rist Devotary of Spontaneity: Slavista Norman I think I am here: Pete Gazon Lumgol: Logmul of Sdrawkcab MrakeDarshall: Drake Marshall Kidpen: Newt Scamander Shqueeves: Jeeves Removed Devotary.
  8. Not enough gerunds, but I had a similar thought. EDIT: Also, regarding Maill's code, I suspect it's a letter replacement code where each letter has been assigned a number. It would account for the repetition of the number 1. I also suspect the 0s are spaces. It doesn't seem he's used a straight a=1 code, or the first two words in his most recent post would be decif ece, which doesn't make sense.
  9. It took me a minute, but I was able to solve it. I'm rather proud, since I'm usually terrible at these kinds of things.
  10. Tahrie knelt, her hand trembling as she placed her chalk to the arena floor. "Not good," she muttered as she began to frantically draw her defense. She hesitated, trying to remember the design she'd seen so often in her books. "Is this right?" Her brother's words came to her mind. No second-guessing. You can do this. She took a deep breath and just kept drawing.
  11. "Tahrie! Why aren't you out there already?" She tore her eyes away at the sound of her name. "Oh no. It's starting? Already?" "Not quite, but pretty much everyone is out in the arena." Her brother appeared in front of her, and picked up one of the stray books. "You'd better go." "Can I --" "No. No books," he chided. Tahrie sighed and hesitantly closed the book she'd been reading. "Fine. Not like I'm going to win." "Not if you don't try. You'll do fine! I'll take care of these." Tahrie shrugged, but stood and made her way to the arena. This was going to be terrible.
  12. "No, no, no. That won't work," Tahrie grumbled. She flipped frantically through the pages of a book. More books were scattered haphazardly around her, most of them open and showing charts of various Rithmatic strategies. "Maybe..." She grabbed another book and found the section about the Sumsion Defense. "No. Not enough. So many people. Why so many?" The melee had come much faster than she expected. She'd spent weeks upon weeks studying, preparing, but she still didn't feel ready. She knew what defense she wanted, but kept second-guessing herself. If only things were as easy as exams.
  13. If it's any consolation, I believe the clock is broken again. It's shown six days for a few days now.
  14. Oooh. A Rithmatist game! Count me in. I'll be Tahrie Field, a quiet Rithmatist student who prefers books to lectures.
  15. Lanrielis smiled. It was good to know, though she still wasn't totally sure what a Koloss was. This one seemed affable enough. "So when are you leaving for the docks?"