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  1. I disagree, I think. While D1 lynches do seem cruel at times, SE is inevitably a game of information. As Kidpen pointed out, elims are probably in a few of the subsets, which means they start with a lot more information than the village. Gathering and then consolidating the information we could learn from roles will take time, especially in a game with no PMs. A lynch, even one with little reason can give us insight into the mechanics, which may help solve the game. There's also always a chance of hitting an elim by chance, as has happened in several recent games. Deciding now to not have a vote may also stymie discussion, which though not often useful on D1, can provide clues later when people begin to flip. However, since I haven't yet found even that little reason to lynch someone, I will pick a target at random. (RNG decided I would be the target first, but I'm going to ignore that. Selfish, I know). Elkanah, is there a reason we should not lynch you today?
  2. I exist! That's a lot of votes. Yay! --- Morrigan stepped into the streets of Elendel wishing that rather than the overbearing sun above her, she could be relishing in the misty nights. The nights had always been a comfort to her, cool and quiet, and away from people. Unfortunately, her current assignment mean the necessary evil of associating with lots of people. "Find the list." It started with a trip and a little acting at the Sixth Octant's constabulary.
  3. (((I am officially giving up on write-ups, sorry!))) --- Araris Valerian has been arrested! They were an Heir of a First Citizen First Citizen and a Disputer. Kynedath has been killed! They were a member of the Defiant Defense Force. Vote Count: Araris Valerian (4) - Kynedath, Zillah, Rathmaskal, StrikerEZ!Coda Zillah (2) - Araris Valerian, Fifth Scholar, Abstrusity Player List Available at the Quartermaster This turn ends Wednesday, February 26 at 10 p.m. PST.
  4. StrikerEZ has requested a pinch-hitter. @Coda has agreed to step in. Thank you!
  5. Go ahead and switch me from spec to player.
  6. (((Hopefully I'll actually get to an RP write-up this time... but not now))) --- Xinoehp512 has been lynched! They were an Engineer with the Defiant Defense Force. Elkanah has been killed! They were a member of the Defiant Defense Force. Sart has been killed! They were a member of the Defiant Defense Force. Vote Count: Xinoehp512 (5) - Araris Valerian, Fifth Scholar, Abstrusity, Sart Araris Valerian (4) - Kynedath, Zillah, Elkanah, Xinoehp512 Player List Available at the Quartermaster This turn will end Monday, February 24 at 10 p.m. PST.
  7. Yes, any attacks will be announced. The item count last round was 2 guns, 1 Hovercar.
  8. (((RP to be written and added at some point, hopefully))) --- Kidpen was arrested! They were a First Citizen and a member of the Defiant Defense Force. The_God_King was killed! They were a Bountiful Gunner and a member of the Defiant Defense Force. Vote Count: Kidpen (6) - Elkanah, Rathmaskal, Araris Valerian, The_God_King, Xinoehp512, Fifth Scholar Elkanah (2) - Kidpen, Abstrusity, Sart Player List Available at the Quartermaster The next turn ends at 10 p.m. PST on Saturday, February 22nd!
  9. This cycle is closed! Next one will be posted soon-ish.
  10. Once per gun. If the player who posseses a pistol does not use it prior to their death, it will be returned and available for purchase. Which reminds me, I need to add an item count to the write-up.
  11. "What do you mean there was an attack in the caverns?" Admiral "Ironsides" Ivans was furious. Not only that the Disputers had increased their dissensions to a level of violence, but at herself for not being able to stop it. Not that she was entirely to blame. The Assembly should have been doing more than arguing. "One person dead. A new member of the DDF, hadn't even been assigned yet." Ironsides threw the report down onto her desk. "What about the investigation? Any leads yet?" "We arrested someone this afternoon, but it appears they were not involved with the Disputers. They're still in custody, though, just in case." "Good." At least it will look like they were doing something. Though that wouldn't matter if they didn't stop the Disputers before they killed off her best people. "Ramp up the efforts. See what you can dig up on anyone. Someone had to have seen something." --- Coda was arrested! They were a member of the Defiant Defense Force. Shanerockes was killed! They were a member of the Defiant Defense Force. Vote Count: Coda (3) - Elkanah, Kidpen, Abstrusity StrikerEZ (1) - Rathmaskal Fifth Scholar (1) - StrikerEZ Xinoehp512 (1) - Araris Valerian Kidpen (1) - Fifth Scholar Shanerockes (1) - Sart Player List This turn will end Thursday, February 20 at 10 p.m. PST.