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  1. Dera studied the gowns and suits of the more elite attendants. In more than one occasion, she noticed fabric of her own design made up their skirts or accents. Yes, business was very good. Her own gown - a deep violet silk with delicate silver embroidery, swirling like the mists themselves - drew more than a few jealous glares and admiring stares. Probably because the dress had more slink than any others in the ballroom. It was quite a ball. Tekiels were always willing to invest a little more than they probably could afford into their balls. It would not, however, compare to those hosted by her own house. This would suffice, though. Dera set off into the party, mingling among the attendants with pleasant smiles and small compliments - not all of them sincere, but that was the way of Luthadel. --- @Abstrusity, did you have anyone in particular in mind for your RP? If not, I'm willing to do a bit of back and forth RP.
  2. Dera grinned when received an invitation to the Tekiel ball. It would be the perfect opportunity to begin her plans, and the perfect chance to show off her new dress. It was made of a new fabric she'd developed, then created in her house's factories. Nothing like a little murder and fashion to entertain.
  3. Well played Thugs. I wish I'd picked up on the suspicion of Lemonelon and Wonko earlier, but didn't have time to look at the past turns. I also wish I'd scanned the right people! Elims, you killed everyone I scanned (aside from DA. That was a poor decision on my part). Bard, I loved the mechanics. I laughed so hard when we figured out everyone was a tineye. Unfortunately, that became much of my focus, rather than finding elims. Sorry. I think I just underestimated how quickly this low player count + QF would move. Very good game, everyone.
  4. I don't have a ton of time today, but I do agree with the Lemonelon lynch. Striker's first vote may easily have been distancing, along with this statement from Striker in his last post: I'm also interested in why he included Wonko in this. The others in the list might be worth looking into a bit more, since they could have been included for distancing.
  5. Ha. Yeah, I guess it would. I should read who dies more closely. EDIT: Hit send too soon. The elims are making interesting kill choices. Snipexe and Lum might have been able to pull suspicion away from them for a turn or two if they'd lived.
  6. @Young Bard, is my vote intentionally missing? If not, then interesting. I'd be willing to vote Snipexe again if that were the case.
  7. I think I'll vote Snipexe. Like Wonko brought up with Devo's lynch, there's little to no opposition to DA's lynch. And though I feel off about them, I don't think it's worth a lynch at this point. @Darkness Ascendant (quoting isn't working for me right now), I don't think we need a full scale organization of the scans. Like you said, it would be too easy to lie about results, especially in a full scale thing like that. My point was more as a counter to your suggestion to stop submitting actions entirely. An individual player can scan people, and if enough of them die and their scan results match, they can be more certain any thug results in later game are accurate. That only works if people continue submitting actions now. Once they get a false reading, then they know for certain their scan isn't always reliable. I suggest people keep submitting actions, and if they are certain their results are reliable, to find a reasonable argument against someone you scan as thug. No, I don't think we should rely on scan results only, or trust anyone's supposed results, but if they can present a reasonable argument with is, just like any other lynch in any other game, we can gain an advantage. I also don't see why you'd say elims would push for more scans. No scans is great for them, as they'd never be accidentally caught. Even bad scans can help village narrow down targets to inspect further.
  8. I haven't taken much time to get reads yet, but I'm getting a bad gut read on DA. I'm going to hold of on voting on them though, since it may just be me disagreeing with their points and disliking how they're saying things. Style difference doesn't equal elim. I only have a few minutes right now, but I'll see if I can quickly sum up my thoughts on the living players so far. Snipexe - Standard level of activity from what I've seen/noticed. Mostly NAI, but Tess brought up an interesting point. Someone I'd like to look into more completely. Coda - Nothing much so far. I still disagree that scanning is useless. It's not completely useless, but should be taken with a grain of salt, just like scanning results in any game. There's always something that can mess up a scan. Why is this any different? Because everyone (?) has a scan? Wonko - Slight village read from the contributions I'e seen so far. Seem genuine in their protests of the Devotary lynch last turn. Darkness Ascendant - Slight elim read. Like I said on Coda's read, I don't think scanning is useless, and a lot of my read is coming from how vehemently they're opposed to even submitting the actions. Abstrusity - Slight village read at the moment, though difficult to say why. They seem sincere, I guess. Lemonelon - Probably strongest village read. I don't believe D1 was an elim vs elim lynch. Except... unless Striker decided to get himself lynched to save Lemon, a teammate who is new/ returning player. Sart - No read so far. Like DA, I think it's worth looking into them since they were scanned elim, even if we suspect some of those read may be bad. DeTess - Village. She's been active, pushing for people to get involved. Overall good village read. Elkanah - Neutral at the moment. Nothing has really stood out to me as one way or the other. That's all the time I have at the moment. I'll try to get back on later today to add a bit more.
  9. I feel like a very confused Tineye at the moment. Bard, this is positively the best trolling I've seen in a while. It means we actually have to do work at it and not just lynch every person that scans as evil. But I don't think we should give up scans entirely. There are probably a few of us at least who have reliable scans, and it could really help later in the game when things come down to just a few players. If a few people have been able to calibrate their scans (scanned several people who later died) and get all accurate results, then they can be statistically certain their results are going to be correct. Very good point about confirmation bias though. Lynches, early on at least, need to be determined by things other than scan results. I still stand by what I said last time though. There's a good possibility that at least one who was scanned as thug turn is actually a thug. That's down to Sart and DA, I believe, from last turn results. Anyone else get scanned as elim? EDIT: It might be worth scanning the same person two turns in a row to see if you get consistent results, though I do still believe there may be a redirect ability.
  10. True. Sorry. @Abstrusity, don't answer my question. I expect at least one of the evil scan results is correct. So far, that's DA, Sart, Devotary, and Lumgol. Of those, I'm still most suspicious of Devo. I'd like to lynch one of those targets, at least, to confirm they're elim or that someone good can scan as elim. Straw, Striker and Tess scanned student. Two are dead, one elim, so we know we can't fully trust results there. I have a good gut read on Tess, though. It's also possible the elim team is larger than expected to help balance so many scans.
  11. Village, or Student, specifically? I know it's a different word for the same thing, but I'm feeling particularly pedantic about the word use at the moment. I scanned Straw last night, and was told my target was a Student. When I asked if my action could be redirected, I was told PAFO (unsurprisingly). Devotary. I need to look over last turn, but for now, I'm pretty suspicious of Devotary for the vote.
  12. Just popping in for a moment. I might have some information that could help here, but I need some clarification first. I doubt this would be the case. More likely, with the apparent abundance of scanners, there's some kind of redirect or scan obfuscation. Otherwise, with the results we've apparently received, we'd have two more elims right now. That would be incredibly imbalanced. Question for those that scanned: Did it say the name of your target in the results?
  13. I figured, but your statement gave me a good launching point for my typical "don't roleclaim early" speech. Roleclaiming later isn't always a bad idea, by the way. My biggest issue is with roleclaiming super early, especially in a blackout game. Blackouts are usually designed to maintain mystery, and if everyone spoils the secrets by roleclaiming right away, it's just not as fun (just my opinion ). It also helps people with inclinations like Aman to make up elaborate stories behind their abilities, which is always entertaining to watch.
  14. Emeril was furious. He had spent hours on the documentation required to get into the Lord Mistborn's own allomantic school, and now he was being told to prove himself and hope for the best? Unbelievable. He had half a mind to pull rank and demand admittance despite the lost records. His mother, though, would never permit such pettiness. Emeril sighed. She'd inevitably hear about it and force school administrators to deny him on principle. It meant he would have to play their games. --- Hello! So many votes. Great to see a quick burst of activity. My guess is mostly allomantic abilities, though possibly some feruchemical ones thrown in. Mostly since the premise is an allomantic school. I'd also hazard a guess that all village players have an ability, again based on the premise of the RP. I am always hesitant about roleclaiming, and this is no different. Elims have some slight advantage, in that they're able to communicate and get an idea of abilities that are out there. However, basing guesses off the RP (people who shouldn't be admitted to an allomantic school), it's possible elims only have one ability: Thug. Or they have pewter feruchemy to imitate thugs. I think it would be much better to avoid roleclaiming at the moment, in order to preserve some secrets the elims wouldn't know.
  15. I will sign up as Dera Renault, now head of her family's textile trade.