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  1. Hello everyone, and welcome to the Cosmere Character Roast Battle Tournament! Here’s a rough outline of how this is gonna work… Up to 16 people sign up. I will RANDOMLY choose four characters to go against each other. The people who are representing these characters will write a rap, roasting the other characters– every character for themselves. They will have 48 hours, otherwise they will forfeit. If all people forfeit, they are all out. Votes for the best rap will be using a link to a survey. The person with the most votes after 24 hours wins! I will announce the winner, then announce the next people. More In-Depth Tournament Structure: In the first round, there will be 4 people participating per competition (ex- Sarene, Kaladin, Vin, Vasher) and they will all be going against each other. There will be one winner out of the four. That will narrow things down to 4 people left in the tournament. These competitions will be in pairs (ex- Vin vs Hoid, Kelsier vs Dalinar). The final two will go head-to-head in the Roast Finale. Fillers: If you are too late to sign up for this round, you might still be able to compete! You will be put on a waiting list, so if anyone is unable to participate, you can step in and represent their character. However, this is only for the primary round. In the semifinals and championships, if someone is unable to compete, the second place winner from their previous match will step in. They will also have to represent the previous person's character. If you are a filler person, you are allowed to be on the reserved list for the next tournament. However, if you are pulled into the current tournament, you will be taken off the reserved list. Ties: If we are in the face of a tie, the two people who tied will have up to 8 lines to roast the other person. These mini-roasts, plus the actual raps themselves, will determine the winner of that round. If you’re interested in writing raps to roast other characters, comment which character you would like to represent. No duplicates, please! There can be up to 16 people participating, because this is the Cosmere, and 16 is important. I will start the competitions once 16 people have commented. Tag anyone who you think might be interested! IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not have to actually rap! Just think of it more as writing poetry, but “roasting with poetry” just didn’t have the right ring to it... Archive of Roasts (Last updated: Tournament Two) People signed up for Round 5... People signed up for Round 4... People signed up for Round 3... People signed up for Round 2... People signed up for Round 1...
  2. I’m so sorry, but I haven’t been active on the Shard that much recently, and I really don’t want to let anyone down. Good luck to everyone, though! And happy almost-two-year anniversary to this thread.
  3. ONE MORE TIME FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK. For Shallan/Kaladin/Adolin, I really don’t think Shallan and Kaladin are at a place in their lives where they could manage a relationship without sacrificing their personal health. Part of figuring out your own issues is doing that by yourself, and both of them have a lot to unpack before forming any sort of attachment. Adolin has a lot less to sort out, and—even though I absolutely love him—he’s a little oblivious at times. Sure, Kaladin wears everything on his sleeve, so you can tell that he’s having some life problems at the moment. Shallan is a little more nuanced, and I’m not sure Adolin sees the multiple personalities thing as an issue or trauma. TLDR, my addition to the S/K/A discourse is “none of the above.” At least, for now. We’ll see how things pan out in the future. Also in the world of Stormlight, I’ve seen people ship Vivenna/Azure and Jasnah. Not gonna lie, I kinda see it, even if it does have a huge lack of evidence. A good number of us noticed the romantic tension between Vivenna and Vasher during Warbreaker but, obviously, something happened between the two of them between Warbreaker and Oathbringer. After reading Oathbringer, I can’t imagine any sort of scenario in which Vivenna/Azure and Vasher/Zahel are a good fit for one another. Meanwhile, Jasnah and Azure are both women who have defied Alethi societal standards by taking on roles in male-dominated spaces. They both use Investiture, and they’ve both been raised as royalty—not to mention, both of their fathers tried to arrange marriages for them. Of course, there is literally no evidence that this could be a thing. Jasnah and Vivenna/Azure haven’t had any screen time together, so there’s really nothing to base this on. It’s just wild fan speculation that I happen to like. Click spoiler tag for non-Stormlight ships... I just started writing and didn’t realize this was under the Stormlight Archive topic: I’m going to cut myself off here because there’s so much more I could get into. In short, I have opinions, we all do, Zutara sucks, and hopefully we’ll find out more in Stormlight 4.
  4. So, let's talk about Hoid. Wow Ashspren, I hear you say. We've never heard that one before. But now let me make this a bit more intriguing: let's talk about Hoid and the Stonewards. At first, this seems like a strange combination. Hoid, given his Yolish abilities, seems to be more compatible with the Lightweavers–– storms, he even bonded a cryptic. However, there are two main facets to Hoid's relationship with the Stonewards that I wanted to explore. The first idea is the Ten Essences. I'm going to start with the role of gems, especially within the plot of the Stormlight Archive. As we all know, stones and gems play a huge part on Roshar. They power fabrials, reside in the hilts of blades, and are the cause for Greatshell hunts. Thus, whenever a gem is mentioned, it's generally a good idea to take a closer look. Take a look at the following table of the Ten Essences, spoilered for size (because it's a lot bigger than I expected, wow). I'm associating each row of the column with its respective order of the Knights Radiant, which I believe is a pretty safe assumption: The stones all seem pretty generic. Sapphire, a blue stone, goes to the sky-centric Windrunners. The Dustbringers are associated with rubies, as they invoke an image of heat and sparks. But, Number 9 on the table really caught my eye. The gemstone of the Stonewards is Topaz... where else is that stone used? The answer: that was one of Hoid's aliases, possibly even his given name. Spoilered for length, here's the WOB to back it up: (We could get into a whole other discussion about the "words on a page" deal, but let's not for right now.) So we already have this connection between the stone and one of Hoid's names. On top of that, though, let's examine the body focuses of Hoid's Radiant associations. Hoid is most prominently mentioned with regards to the Lightweavers, so the body focus there is blood. For the Stonewards, the body focus is bones. To demonstrate a prominent connection with both, I looked at The Traveler and specific imagery in that scene. For a color scheme, we're given lots of white, accentuated by red. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but there is an overwhelming amount of the colors of bones and blood shown in the scene. Additionally, the surrounding trees are described as "skeletal," and the juice from the pomegranate is "like blood." So, let's review before we move on: in accordance with the Ten Essences, we have determined that one of Hoid's aliases and the Stoneward gemstone are both named Topaz, and imagery from The Traveler reflects blood and bones, which are the body focuses of the Lightweavers and Stonewards, respectively. Next, we move onto human-to-human relationships. What is the significance of Taln, the Herald of the Stonewards, with respect to Hoid? An important thing to note is that Taln is introduced during the epilogue to The Way of Kings. Thus, Hoid is the among the first to hear that Taln has succumbed to the pain on Braize, and the Desolation is soon to arrive. However, it's clear that Hoid knows what is about to happen. We know why Taln is the one to announce the dawn of the Desolation; the other Heralds left him to suffer on Braize alone, as he was the only one who had not failed in enduring Damnation. However, why is it Hoid that receives him at the gates? Personally, I think that this was Brandon's way of alluding to a deeper connection between their characters. Specifically, I see many ways in which Hoid and Taln are painted as opposites. In the aforementioned epilogue, the differences are mostly superficial. To condense the key parts of the passages: Eye color: Hoid has blue eyes and is therefore high-class, while Taln has brown eyes and appears to be low-class Positioning: Hoid is comfortably perched on boxes, while Taln is cannot walk straight and is tripping over himself Material objects: Hoid carries an instrument, while Taln carries a giant Shardblade Beyond this, though, there are major points of contrast within Hoid and Taln's personalities. If we assume Taln to be like his fellow Stonewards, he is "dependable" and "resourceful," according to the chart of the Ten Essences. This is further affirmed by his long years of pain on Braize and how he was able to stand firm to protect Roshar. Therefore, the argument is not if Taln is dependable and resourceful, but rather if Hoid is the opposite of at least one of those qualities. We all know that Hoid is very resourceful, and this is virtually inarguable–– as someone who operates alone, going any way the wind blows, he has to be. But as to the question if Hoid is dependable, the answer is a resolute no. Here's why... Reading back through The Traveler, we witness a conversation between Hoid and Frost the dragon, who reminds him of his past wishes. Hoid and Frost reflect on the former's change over thousands of years, and why his involvement in universal affairs is an issue. Through this passage, it can be inferred that Hoid has changed his mind from an earlier conviction. This means that he is not sticking to what he has previously said, whether or not that statement was a true promise or just passionate words. Additionally, Frost describes what Hoid wants as "dangerous," and Hoid's response–– or lack thereof–– demonstrates that he knows that his behavior can cause harm, yet he continues to do it. I'm not arguing that Hoid is a villain. What I am trying to say, though, is that you wouldn't be able to ask him for a favor and reliably assume that he would follow through. Again, this isn't a good or bad thing, it's just the way he is. Couple his lack of dependability with surface-level differences, and you've cracked the mystery of Hoid's relationships with the Knights Radiant. He essentially twins with the Lightweavers and heavily contrasts with the Stonewards. TLDR: Brandon's given us one of Hoid's aliases, Topaz, to imply a deeper connection between Hoid and the Stonewards. Through the body focuses of the Ten Essences chart, we can conclude that Hoid has connections to both the Lightweavers–– as we already knew–– and the Stonewards. After an analysis of Hoid and Taln's characters, it's clear that they are basically opposites, so Hoid's strongest relationships within the Knights Radiant must be the Lightweavers (similar) and the Stonewards (different). I know this had a lot of explanation and less of an actual theory, but I wanted to open up the theorizing to everyone else. What are your thoughts? Just saw a connection and ran with it, so I want to know what everyone else thinks about Hoid, his relationship with the Knights Radiant, Taln, the Stonewards, and anything involving all of them.
  5. WHAT ENE WHAT YOU’VE READ IT?! I can’t believe we haven’t talked about this yet! It’s incredible, and I had sooo much fun reading it! PM or @ mention me when you’re done, and I’d love to talk about it.
  6. Happy Pride Month, everyone! I’m straight and cis, but 100% an ally. Love is love, and just seeing other people happy makes me happy. I think it’s so incredibly bigoted and stupid to see other people spread hate, especially when supporting one another makes the world a better place. Make other people feel loved, because at the core, we’re all human beings. If you’re looking for queer characters in fantasy books, here are a few suggestions... The Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima. It’s preceded by The Shattered Realms series, which does not have much LGBTQ+ representation (as far as I can remember), but there’s a prominent queer relationship in the second series. The Shades of Magic series, by V.E. Schwab. There’s a queer relationship between two main characters with a great plot and conflict. Also, the whole premise is just super compelling, so it keeps you hooked the entire time. Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell. It’s the queer-and-improved Harry Potter, and I adore it with my entire being. The magic system is incredible and unique, so definitely give this one a try! The Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo. At least three out of the six main characters are queer, and there’s lots of queer representation in the whole universe of books, called the Grishaverse. In addition, there are multiple (both implied and canon) female/female relationships. Some of my friends have told me that they find lesbians to be underrepresented in fantasy books, which I’ve found to be true, so I’m glad that Bardugo writes about them. This isn’t completely fantasy, but The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller is an incredible book that never fails to make me emotionally break down. It’s a retelling of the Iliad from the viewpoint of Patroclus, who is popularly thought to have been Achilles’s lover. 10/10, completely recommend... I’ve reread it hundreds of times. I also have plenty of suggestions that aren’t fantasy novels, so just PM me or something if you want to take a break from magic and worldbuilding for a while!
  7. Given that I based Ash off of myself, too true... *checks nervously for hidden cameras*
  8. Thanks for tagging me, Ene! Unfortunately, doing something timed would probably not be the best option for me right now, but best of luck (not that you’ll need it, Shipping Queen ).
  9. Hi everyone, 

    Please take some time to check out this post. I’m trying to raise awareness about the lack of funding for food banks due to the recent situation regarding COVID-19. 


  10. In these unprecedented times, it is absolutely vital that we come together to support those in need. Among some of the hardest hit are those with food insecurity. As a result of COVID-19, food banks around the world have been struggling to help those who require their services. These essential services would greatly benefit from financial donations. The 17th Shard has such a huge influence, with thousands of people interacting daily. Let's use this platform to spread awareness and give back to the institutions that aid so many people. For more information and ideas on how to give back, see this document. I have put together a few challenges, encouraging people to donate. (They're just ideas, so please feel free to challenge yourself in any way you want to!) For further questions, DM me or email [email protected] We have the power to make a difference in the world. Let's start making a change together. (For U.S. Sharders, click on this link to donate to Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund.)
  11. So here’s how this works… I’m going to post a list of characters. Beneath that list, I am going to say a question or a criteria. The next person copies and pastes the list, but eliminates one character based off of the criteria that the previous person gave. Then, they give their own set of criteria. The next person copies and pastes the list from the previous person’s post, and it continues until there’s only one character left. Hope this doesn’t crash and burn straight from the start… Before this starts, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE mention who you are eliminating before you copy and paste the revised list! Here’s the initial list (MB Era 1, MB Era 2, Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker, Elantris): Vin Elend Kelsier Sazed Rashek Spook Beldre Ham Breeze Dockson Tindwyl Clubs Demoux Wax Wayne Steris Marasi MeLaan Kaladin Syl Shallan Teft The Lopen Rock Moash Pattern Dalinar Stormfather Adolin Renarin Jasnah Lift Wyndle Szeth Eshonai Tien Navani Gavilar Wit Vivenna Vasher Siri Nightblood Susebron Lightsong Blushweaver Bluefingers Sarene Raoden Hrathen Dilaf Galladon Karata Ashe Roial Ahan Shuden Kaise Daorn Kiin Lukel Jalla Adien Wyrn First elimination criteria: Which character would be your best friend?
  12. “If you can’t find Sanderfans, make your own!” —Ishar at some point, probably
  13. So I guess it was my Shardiversary yesterday... huh. 

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  14. All right... so this is a thing, apparently. So, I guess, ask me anything! Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse to answer any questions. However, most questions I do not want to answer will indeed be answered sarcastically.
  15. I’ve been enlightened.
  16. It intrigues me, but Donut Earth reigns supreme.
  17. Thanks for clarifying
  18. Hi Archer! Well then... um. I guess that's just a societal thing, then? And I would probably be deemed crazy? Granted, though, hearing about people's insane dreams definitely makes my day, so kudos to peer pressure.
  19. Why, shave his belly with a rusty razor, of course.
  20. Spent an hour scrolling through memes on Instagram. Not all potatoes are brown. That’s a potato stereotype, and frankly, the Yukon golden potatoes are furious about that. It’s a government conspiracy. Don’t worry about it. Red! I feel like it has a lot of emotional depth and dimension. Nope. Whatever is fastest to type is superior. Honestly? Depends on my mood. Again, mood-dependent. Also a matter of formality. I mean, I wouldn’t call them better. Depends. How unstable are they? There’s the wide-based ones, and then there are the sketchy ones... Seventeen-legged tables? Let’s do it. 17. Less typing. Me, nothing, home, now, because global epidemics, and books. Social distancing. Seven ate (eight) nine because you need three square meals a day. Half full. Optimism. Best case scenario? Blood orange soda. Worst case scenario? My shattered hopes and dreams. Ah, yes. The magic number of the Cosmere.
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  22. Right. And while the Nightwatcher might also give him a bane, he’s also getting a boon out of it... so, unless Hoid was actually an old flame on Yolen, it should balance out. Additionally, Hoid and Cultivation have the same goal: stop Rayse. That makes a deal a bit more palatable.
  23. Must have forgotten... it’s been a little while since I’ve read Stormlight. Thanks for the clarification!
  24. As much as this idea appeals to me, I think Rayse is going to stick around for a little while. Rayse himself–– and not just Odium–– is shaping up to be the main antagonist of the Stormlight Archive, so I would be surprised if he was gone before Book 10. I think this is more likely. Given that an Unmade isn't quite at the same level as a Shard, this leaves more plausibility for Hoid being able to outplay them. Granted, I'm still kind of hooked onto the idea of Nightblood being used to threaten Hoid's life. We know that Nightblood could potentially kill him, and now that Vasher-as-Zahel has brought it to Roshar, I'm looking forward to an interaction between the two.
  25. Yes, exactly. As the only unshattered, anti-Odium Shard left in the Rosharan system, this aligns with her motivations perfectly. Of course, she couldn't have made the Diagram herself–– she had to act through a human agent–– so she gave Taravangian that one genius day to further her own agenda. She's definitely pulling the strings. While not-so-genius Taravangian may think that he's working with Odium, he's been the human actor for Cultivation the entire time.