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  1. game

    Going for it. Mayalaran Clubs
  2. game

    @Totally_Not_A_Worldhopper @Ookla the boombox @Ookla the Indefatigable Mayalaran?
  3. Awww! @Ookla the Zath, Spook is storming adorable. ~~~ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire spoilers:
  4. game

    Vin, Clubs and Allrianne are for sure. As for Reen vs Brettin, your guys’ call.
  5. Hopefully he comes back soon... more gossip articles on the way. Yes, "x" is the proper way to ship. I envy your patience to change all of those... Raoden x SareneBreeze x AllrianneShan Elariel x ElendSiri x SusebronKiin x DaoraJalla x LukelGeneral Khal x Brightness TeshavDalinar x NavaniElhokar x AesudanAhan x SeadenWaxillium x SterisRanette x MiraDrehy x DruKelsier x MareDavid x MeganSebarial x PalonaTorol Sadeas x IalaiVasher x ShasharaDemoux x AsyldinQueen Fen x Kmakl Eliminated Prof x Tia, because of Epic corruption. Who would be the "Golden Couple" in a cliche high school movie?
  6. I'm probably not going to start this for two weeks, just because everything is so busy right now. Don't worry about it.
  7. And the winner of Tournament 4 is... @Paranoid King, with Tillaume! Well done! All of your roasts captured his evil elegance perfectly, and I absolutely loved reading them. ~~~ I’ll write the introduction post to Tournament 5 soon!
  8. Well done, Jebus. Well done.
  9. It’s time to vote for the winner of the Fourth Cosmere Character Roast Battle Tournament! 

    Awesome job to @Herowannabe and @Paranoid King on their raps.

  10. Awesome job, both of you! Here’s the link: VOTE VOTE VOTE!
  11. The #1 Reason I Don’t Ship Shadolin: I want Adolin all to myself.
  12. @Paranoid King @Herowannabe 24 hours left! Looking forward to seeing your roasts.
  13. My friends and I have an acronym which we live by: FBAB, or Fictional Boys Are Better. So this might take a while... Adolin Kholin all the way! He’s adorable, and to be completely honest, he’s really, really handsome (according to the fan art, at least). Most importantly, he tries so hard to make sure that everyone he loves is happy. What more could you ask for? Of course, I also love Raoden and Elend. They’re both huge book lovers, and inherently good people. Plus, they’re both huge nerds (for Aon Dor and political relations, respectively) and I just love that about them. I love all of them equally, so don’t ask me to choose between them.
  14. And the two people moving on to the championships are... @Paranoid King, representing everyone’s least favorite failure of a butler... TILLAUME! @Herowannabe, representing the Horneater plagued with an extreme case of altitude sickness... ROCK! ~~~ I’ve decided to give some extra time for this round; you’ll have 96 hours to get your raps in! I will send out the voting link at 96 hours, or once both raps are in. Good luck, both of you!