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      Huh. Must have been a mistake.

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  2. Hero, you’re amazing. Excellent music taste, by the way. @Paranoid King and @I think I am here., those roasts were incredible. That was an extremely hard choice... Because of both @Herowannabe and @John203, this thread has become the best it’s ever been. I can’t thank you guys enough for how much you’ve done— you’re the real champions here.
  3. Can someone Nahel bond multiple spren? If so, given that someone could bond with Kelsier, I really want Hoid to bond Kelsier, just as the biggest cosmic joke on each of them.
  4. Wow, thanks Ish.
  5. As a softball player, I appreciate this way too much.
  6. Not to mention, I kinda became a gossip columnist for a while... not something I would consider IRL, but on the Shard? Yes. Oh, yes.
  7. Because @Kidpen is the only one who submitted a name... congrats, Kid! ~~~ I have some important news. It’s sad, but it’s also a good thing— for everyone. IRL, a lot has been going on lately, and I won’t be able to spend much time on the Shard. Therefore, it is not ideal for anyone if I continue to run the tournament. Starting in this upcoming round, @Herowannabe and @John203 will be taking over! I’m so grateful for both of them. It’s been a lot of fun to run this, and I’m so glad that I got this opportunity. Hopefully I’ll be back soon... as a contestant.
  8. And the winner of this round is... @John203 with Hoid, and @ILuvHats with Frost! @Kidpen and @Arky-boi, go ahead and post your Returned names. I’ll send out the survey in advance. Also, I will be off the Shard for 1-2 weeks starting tomorrow. Good luck to everyone, and sorry again for the long waiting periods.
  9. I'm so sorry, everyone. Here's the link for this week: Recently, life has really picked up. I have a lot of time-consuming commitments that are stressing me out, and there are a few things going on with friends that I'm worried about. Starting now, I'm probably going to be on the Shard a lot less often, so having someone help me with this is a great idea. If anyone wants to volunteer, I can send them the document and form. @ILuvHats, @John203, @Kidpen, and whatever Ark is currently going by (I have no idea, sorry), I sincerely apologize for stretching out the voting for this long. And actually... that brings me to an announcement. After this tournament, I'm going to have someone else take over the Cosmere Character Roast Battle Tournament altogether. I am getting less and less time to make this work, and that's really unfair to everyone else involved. If anyone would be interested in doing so, please PM me and we can discuss the details.
  10. game

    Sure, go for it. Valley Pits of Eltania
  11. game

    Lastport @MistCLOAKed Mountains Let’s start with Patji, if that’s good with everyone.
  12. Sorry, I’ll get to that in at least 24 hours (I hope). Like I’ve said before, it’s been a busy time for me...
  13. game

    Let’s go with Reshi Isles.
  14. game

    My thoughts exactly... let’s go ahead and hold the Purelake for now. Purelake.
  15. Overall, this is great! I can totally see all of this happening at some point in the series. I think that Shallan's plot arc might be stretched out a bit more, and I think there's a possibility for a pregnancy, too, but we'll see what happens. Also, dustbringerspren = ashspren.