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  1. game

    Let’s go with Reshi Isles.
  2. game

    My thoughts exactly... let’s go ahead and hold the Purelake for now. Purelake.
  3. Overall, this is great! I can totally see all of this happening at some point in the series. I think that Shallan's plot arc might be stretched out a bit more, and I think there's a possibility for a pregnancy, too, but we'll see what happens. Also, dustbringerspren = ashspren.
  4. @ILuvHats @John203 @Kidpen @Ark1002 24 hours left!
  5. sOdium was far more dangerous than Odium. He appeared when Odium was salty.
  6. game

    Same here, should I bold them?
  7. This is finally back guys... I'd like to apologize for the extremely long wait. Life has been crazy right now, but that's really no excuse for me being so inconsiderate. That being said, let the next round begin... Team 1: @ILuvHats, with Frost! @John203, with Hoid! Team 2: @Kidpen, with Dilaf! @Ark1002, with Venli! Theme: Your roast must be based around bad metaphors... or similes, for that matter. Twist: Your entire roast must be composed of limericks. Good luck!
  8. This might take a break for a while... but definitely!
  9. Okay, so I can explain Adolin's character development (however slight it might be), but I have my own ideas as to what is going to happen with the SKA love triangle. OB spoilers below. I know it's past the spoiler period, but I still don't want to ruin anything for anyone. Okay, so after all that, I should probably make a meme.
  10. For the second time, you’re a lifesaver. Thanks so much to everyone for putting up with sleep-deprived-can’t-think-straight Ash as of the moment.
  11. Um... okay, so. I'm very sleep deprived, and I just realized that I accidentally added one more person. Lovely. @Turtle373 and @ILuvHats, would one of you be willing to step down and become a filler person? I'm so, so sorry about this... life IRL has just been really hectic and I haven't been able to think straight.
  12. Great! Which character?