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  1. A great tower loomed in the distance. Nalizar had been falling for hours, and was almost out of Stormlight. As he reached the tower, he saw he wasn't the only one who had taken to the skies. A whole legion of men wearing blue were chasing each other around with various weapons. And one of them was dominating. He held a spear. I suppose I could take a little detour...
  2. Nalizar screamed in rage and swung in at Tevarah violently, hacking away through his swords raised to parry. He then kicked his opponent in the chest, knocking him down and back several feet. Healing the bleeding cuts, he vowed to retain the rest of the Stormlight. He charged at his fallen opponent, and formed Yd into a massive greatsword, plunging it down towards his opponent's chest.
  3. Nalizar fell up out of the perpendicularity in the Horneater peaks, paying no mind to the awestruck Horneaters gawking and bowing and generally worshipping him, though he did breathe in more Stormlight and lash himself towards Urithiru. He had a mission to accomplish.
  4. Hello @Allomancer! Have an upvote. Around here we like to say "My life to yours, my breath become yours," You try it first!
  5. Nalizar felt like... something. For some reason, he felt like nobody really knew what it felt like to go through a perpendicularity, and was too lazy to look it up in a WoB. Whatever that is. He felt confused.
  6. Yd was already in shield form in Nalizar's hand, before Tevarah even stood up. This was good, becuase Nalizar had no time to react to Tevarah's sudden assault. That throw would have killed most men, was all Nalizar had time to think. Batting away the first sword with Yd, he didn't even see the other one cut a shallow slice in his forearm. Burning pain. Nalizar didn't know which was worse, a normal sword wound or that of a Shardblade. He grimaced, then rage took over. The pain disappeared, and he continued the fight. Dancing around Tevarah, he formed Yd into a spear, blocking attack after attack. Finally, seeing an opening, he stabbed in through his opponent's defenses.
  7. Don't take it! Don't give away your Breath, either!
  8. Nalizar felt the presence behind him disappear, and he grinned. Now, I have a mission to accomplish. An couple of hours later, he arrived at the perpendicularity. And dove in headfirst.
  9. Nalizar, of course, noticed the darkened presence of Kane trailing after him, Pushing himself off coins in pursuit. He Lashed himself about nine more times, all forward, plummeting at a truly ridiculous speed. Let's see this fool follow me now, he thought.
  10. If your five-year-old self suddenly found themselves inhabiting your current body, what would your five-year-old self do first? What set of items could you buy that would make the cashier the most uncomfortable? What is the funniest joke you know by heart? What kind of cult would you like to start?
  11. I faint of confusion.
  12. Nalizar suddenly received a message in his head, a telepathic voice explaining something. Instructions. Suddenly abandoning Kane, he Lashed himself toward the nearest perpendicularity.
  13. As 'Rhazien' walked off, Nalizar suddenly sensed a huge influx of power from Kane. And... a darkness. He could sense it, from a corner of mind. He had no idea how, but he could. He dropped to the ground in a crouch, his eyes wide. Yd... he warned his spren telepathically. Something is not right here. Be prepared.